Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BARMBY MOOR in Post Office Directory of 1857.


Private Residents:

  • Thomas Hornby Esq
  • Rev Robert Taylor MA Vicarage


  • John Atkinson farmer
  • Mark Beal farmer
  • Mrs Catherine Blanchard farmer
  • John Cook farmer
  • Walter Hudson Cook farmer Grange Farm
  • Robert Cussons Boot and Slipper and blacksmith
  • Thomas Dennison farmer
  • George Elston farmer
  • Robert Harper farmer Greenland Farm
  • Thomas Hornby surgeon
  • Thomas Houldon farmer
  • William Houldon farmer Manor House
  • George Hudson joiner
  • Thomas Jackson farmer
  • George Johnson farmer
  • Benjamin Lund farmer
  • John Quarton farmer Barmby Field House
  • Welburn Ringrose boot and shoemaker
  • Richard Robinson schoolmaster and postmaster
  • William Siddell farmer
  • Daniel Smith farmer
  • James Smith farmer and shopkeeper
  • John Smith farmer
  • Edward Smitheson Barmby Moor Inn farmer
  • John Snowden farmer
  • Robert Stephenson shopkeeper
  • George Taylor Parish Clerk
  • James Taylor farmer
  • Isaac Wilkinson farmer

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006