Barmston parish:


Barmston, Rectors transcription:

The list of Barmston Rectors and Patrons, 1240 to 1898 in the Church.

List Of Rectors Of Barmston & Patrons
About 1240?Thomas de Barnby 1st On Record
1255Nicholas Hogg
1292Sir John de BottesfordSir Ingram de Monseaux Knt
1294Sir Robert de AskebySir John Monseaux Knt
1301Sir John BaconThomas de Monseaux
1304Sir Amandus de RouthLady Emma de Monseaux
1349Sir John de CottinghamSir John de Monseaux
1349Sir Walter DangelSame
1351Sir William de EmlySame
1353Sir Stephen de LangtoftSame
1355Sir William de CotesSame
1364Sir William LovelJohn de Monseaux Esqr
1375Sir William de WiltonSame
1375Sir John de ArdenSame
Sir Robert de FangfossSame
1391Sir Thomas de BernestonSame
1419Sir Richard de Carethorpelady Johan de Monseaux his wife
1421Sir John WadeJohn Monseaux
1456Sir Thomas de MerringtonMonseaux Guardians
1456Sir Edward de RouthSame
1486Sir John Natur.Sir Martin de la See Knt
1499Sir Ralph de BulmerLady Margaret de Boynton
1503Sir William de Frothingham.Same
1506Master Cuthbert Tunstall L.L.D
afterwards Lord Bishop of London
1507Sir John de HarsleySame
1514Sir John CroftsSame
1516Sir Richard HildyardSame
1534Sir Richard Wade. A.MSame
1559William MidgleySame
John MatthisonSame
1612Martin Briggs M.A.Sir F Boynton Knt
1638Robert Ridson. M.A.Assigns of Sir Matthew Boynton 1st Bart
1670Henry Boynton. A.M.Sir Francis Boynton 2nd Bart
1719John GarnetSir Griffith Boynton 3rd Bart
1735Thomas Dade A.M.Sir Griffith Boynton 4th Bart
1760John Holme, D.B.Sir Griffith Boynton 5th Bart
1776William Dade S.A.S.Sir Griffith Boynton 6th Bart
1790John Gilby B.C.L.Sir Griffith Boynton 7th Bart
1829John William Bower A.B.Sir Francis Boynton 8th Bart
1859Griffith Boynton M.A.Sir Henry Boynton 10th Bart
1898Charles IngramWilliam Boynton M/A
 Sir Henry Somerville Boynton 11th Bart

Data transcribed by
Lucie Hinson
from photography by Colin Hinson