1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Beeford


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
2100Alman, RobertBeefordFreehold houseBeeford; himself.
2101Blenking, WilliamDrypoolFreehold houseBeeford; Robert Stephenson
2102Blenking, MatthewBeeford100 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; Matthew Blenkin, tenant
2103Dargavel, WilliamBeverleyFreehold land and houseBeeford; William Tennison, tenant
2104Dunn, John, sen.BeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself
2105Durham, PeterBeefordFreehold housesBeeford; himself and others
2106Fox, RichardBeeford100 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; Richard Fox, tenant
2107Harland, WilliamScarbro', Newbro' Street, No. 10Freehold landBeeford; Francis Watson, tenant
2108Hornby, WilliamSkipseaFreehold landBeeford; himself
2109Hought, WilliamBeeford100 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; William Hought, tenant
2110Harper, WilliamBeefordFreehold land and houseBeeford; himself
2111Jordan, ThomasBeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself
2112Knapton, WilliamBeeford100 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; William Knapton, tenant
2113Kirby, RobertBeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself
2114Kilvington, WilliamLevenFreehold cottage and landBeeford; William Welburn
2115Maulson, A. RobertBeefordFreehold housesBeeford; John Kemp and others
2116Miller, GeorgeSculcoates, Pryme StreetFreehold landBeeford; Thomas Whiting and others
2117Nicholson, RybyBeeford90 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; Ryby Nicholson, tenant
2118Nordass, Thomas, sen.BeefordFreehold cottage and landBeeford; himself and others
2119Nordass, Thomas, jun.BeefordFreehold housesBeeford; himself and others
2120Robinson, ThomasBeefordFreehold housesBeeford; himself and others
2121Roebuck, BenjaminBeefordCopyhold housesBeeford; himself and others
2122Stocks, JohnBeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself and others
2123Stephenson, JohnBeefordFreehold housesBeeford; himself and others
2124Shaw, JohnBeefordFreehold houseBeeford; himself
2125Stork, JamesSkipseaFreehold landBeeford; William Robson
2126Tennison, WilliamBeeford90 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; William Tennison, tenant
2127Watson, ThomasBeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself
2128Watson, FrancisBeeford60 acres of land, as occupierBeeford; Francis Watson, tenant
2129Whiting, ThomasBeefordfreehold cottageBeeford; George Dunn and others
2130Walker, TommyBeefordFreehold landBeeford; himself
2131Wood, RobertHempholmeFreehold landBeeford; himself

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..