Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for BEEFORD in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.




  • Postal address, Beeford, Hull.

    Post, Money Order, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Office at F. R. Wharram's. Mails arrive, week days only, at 8-30 a.m., and are despatched at 4-30 p.m. The nearest Telegraph Office is at Leven.

Miscellany of trades

  • Arksey John, pig dealer and farmer
  • Atkinson, Fras., joiner, builder and wheelwright
  • Atkinson, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker
  • Baker George, blacksmith
  • Barr Robert Thomas, bricklayer (j.)
  • Barr Thomas, bricklayer and builder, &c.
  • Barr William
  • Bateson Thos. A., market gardener, Waterloo
  • Bayes John, cowkeeper
  • Bayes Thomas, builder & contractor & undertaker & vict., Tiger Inn
  • Beall Mrs. Ann, apartments
  • Beeford Friendly Society (established 1865) - T. Wilson, secretary; F. Atkinson, treasurer; meet monthly at the Tiger Inn (80 members)
  • Brown Rt. Kirby, cattle dealer, Waudale house
  • Clarkson Thos., 'bus proprietor; "Telegraph" to Driffield (Thurs.) and Beverley (Sat.)
  • Coates Miss Alice, infants' schoolmistress
  • County Councillor for Beeford Division of East Riding - Rev. W. H. Higgins, J.P.
  • Cowton Martin, corn miller & farmer, Beeford mill
  • Crozer Robert, hind
  • Danby Richard
  • Easby James, thrashing machine owner
  • Edwards Hy., vict. and grocer, Black Swan Inn
  • Ellis Henry, bootmaker and draper
  • Fowler John, carter
  • Fowler Rainey, cowkeeper
  • Garlick Matthew C., vict., Ship Inn
  • Geikie Rev. Charles James, curate
  • Glading Rev. Alfred (Cong.), The Manse
  • Grundy William, cowkeeper
  • Hall James Wm., bricklayer, builder & farmer
  • Holliday Robert, cattle dealer
  • Hopper Henry, carter and farmer
  • Hornby William, shopkeeper
  • Jefferson Fras. Hy., saddler and harness maker
  • Johnson Jarvis, cowkeeper
  • Johnson William, cowkeeper
  • Jordan Duke, grocer and butcher
  • Keld Mr. William
  • Lane Rev. Wm. Meredith, M.A., The Rectory
  • Lazenby Mrs. Julia, cowkeeper
  • Lister John, grocer and draper
  • Lownsbrough Mrs. Annie, dressmaker
  • Lownsbrough John, blacksmith
  • Maxwell Martin, cowkeeper
  • Medcalf Mr. William
  • Moore Geo., joiner, wheelwright, & undertaker
  • Morison, Donald, M.B., C.M., medical office and public vaccinator North Frodingham division, Great Driffield union, and fourth division Bridlington union; and surgeon and agent to H.M. coastguard
  • Morley George, cowkeeper
  • Myas Henry, cowkeeper
  • Nicholson George, sexton
  • Postill Edwin A., watchmaker
  • Potter Jeremiah, coal dealer
  • Prescott Richard, butcher and cattle dealer
  • Rafton John, hind, Wood house
  • Ransome George, grocer, and carrier to Hull (Mon.) and Bridlington (Sat.)
  • Scoltock Alfred, schoolmaster and parish clerk
  • Shawcross George, carrier to Hull (Thurs.) and Hornsea (Tues.)
  • Smith Francis, carrier to Beverley (Sat.) and Driffield (Mon. and Thurs.)
  • Smith James, cowkeeper
  • Speed Richard, cowkeeper, Moor heads
  • Staveley Henry, hind, Beeford grange
  • Stephenson Thomas, wheelwright
  • Twiddle Richard, cowkeeper
  • Twiddle Richard, junior, cowkeeper
  • Walker Miss Beatrice, dressmaker
  • Warkup John, bootmaker
  • Watts Matthew, cottage farmer
  • Wharram Francis Robt., tailor, draper, grocer and farmer, Post office
  • Wildman John, fellmonger
  • Wilkinson Miss Eliza, dressmaker
  • Wilkinson Frank, grocer, & carrier to Driffield (Thurs.) and Bridlington (Sat.)
  • Wilkinson James, jobbing gardener
  • Wilson Thomas, painter, &c., plumber & grocer
  • Wilson William M., huckster
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank - A. Scoltock, actuary


  • Barron Henry
  • Beckwith Mrs. Jane (and owner)
  • Broumpton John Ullyott, Moor grange and Ling moor
  • Brown Miss Fanny, Westfield
  • Brown Zachariah (yeo.), Breeze farm
  • Coleman Joseph
  • Cussons George, Rectory farm
  • Durham Peter, Sykes farm
  • Durham Richard (yeo.), Wisefield
  • Easby John, Inghams
  • Jordan Miss Sarah Ann, Bremar
  • Oxtoby Robert, Crow grange
  • Reed Miss Elizabeth
  • Reed Thomas, Beeford grange and Wood house
  • Simpson Ombler, Manor house
  • Warley Henry, Pasture house


  • Letters via Seaton, Hull. The nearest Money Order Office is at Beeford, and Telegraph at Hornsea.

Miscellany of trades

  • Robinson Frederick James, farm bailiff
  • Smith George, freeholder


  • Ansley Mrs. Sarah (& owner), Dunnington house
  • Dixon Robert, Dunnington manor
  • Foster John, Lodge farm
  • Hill Thomas, Dunnington grange


  • Postal address, Lissett, Lowthorpe, Hull.

    Mails arrive at 8-50 a.m., and are despatched at 3-40 p.m. Nearest Money Order Office, Beeford, and Telegraph, Bridlington. Leonard Bell, postmaster, also post messenger to Barmston.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allison Robert, grocer
  • Allman Thomas, tailor
  • Kidd Thomas, joiner
  • Sawdon Clara, schoolmistress


  • Milner John, Manor house
  • Ushaw William
  • Wressell John

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.