Beeford, Rectors transcription


Beeford parish:

Beeford, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors of St. Leonard's Church, Beeford.

This church was originally one of two medieties, one in the patronage of the Priory of Bridlington
the other belonging to the Knights Templars. Afterwards they were consolidated and the patrons
presented in turns until the Dissolution when King Henry VIII gave the advowson to the Archbishop of York


Time    Time   
institutedNamePatronsHow vacatedinstitutedNamePatronsHow vacated
before 1244Dns Peter de Aerle  21 Dec 1549Cuthbert Scott STPAbp of York 
9 Kal June 1249Dns Will de CalverleyPriory of Bridlington Tho Redder by death
before 1280Dns John de BlebyreMaster of K Templars 29 Sep 1576Will BraythwayteRich Empringhamby renunciation
7 Id Apl 1291N Roger de Aseby subdeaconPriory of Bridlingtonby death17 Dec 1588Ric Reder d2 Elizabethby death
2 Non Apl 1292N Henry de HarenbyMaster of K Templars 21 June 1594Griffin Briskin prebr OsbaldwickAbp of Yorkby death
3 Non June 1317N Will de Otryngham pbrChapter of York by lapse 31 Mar 1608Thos Bell MA prebr NewbaldAbp of Yorkby death
14 Kal Dec 1320Dns Ric de Wath acolitePrior Hospitallers 3 Apl 1637Joh Keile MA aftwds Dean of RiponAbp of Yorkby cession
14 Kal Sept 1323Dns Roger de Pokelington pbrPriory of Bridlington where died 1675  
Ides July 1326Dns Will de WhitebyPrior Hospitallersby deathRichard Raikes  
19 Oct 1340Dns Will de Beadeley de Ottringham dPriory of Bridlingtonby resig27 Aug 1669Chris Stone STP chancr of YorkAbp of Yorkby death
28 July 1350Dns Roger de Bouden ChaplnPrior Hospitallersby death30 Jan 1686/7Samuel Brearey STPJames IIby death
29 Mar 1381N Raff de Selby prebr of DriffieldPriory of Bridlingtonby resig for subdeanery of York19 Apl 1704John Richardson MAAbp of Yorkby death
July 1386N Will de Holym subdean of YorkPrior Hospitallers 24 Nov 1735Samuel Dennis MA minor canon of DurhamAbp of Yorkby death
N Philip de StapiltonPriory of Bridlingtonby resig6 Feb 1776Robert Evans chapln AbpAbp of Yorkby death
17 June 1404Dns Joh Kylburne pbrPrior Hospitallersby resig28 Feb 1788George Markham MA (son of Abp)Abp of Yorkby cession
12 Jan 1405/6Dns Ric Ulverston clPriory of Bridlingtonby resig26 July 1791William Jackson BDAbp of Yorkby paraction to See of Oxford
7 Jan 1406/7Dns Joh KylburnePrior Hospitallersby death4 April 1812William Wallbanke Childers MAGeorge IIIby death
5 Aug 1408Dns Ric UlverstonPriory of Bridlingtonby death24 May 1833William TiffinAbp of Yorkby death
6 Nov 1431Dns Tho TongePrior Hospitallersby death30 Dec 1844Stephen Creyke MAAbp of Yorkby death
20 Feb 1472/3N Robert Cooke MAPriory of Bridlingtonby resig for Chantry at Beverley8 June 1865Chas Francis Smith MAAbp of Yorkby death
24 Aug 1481N Joh Wode LL BPrior Hospitallersby resig18 Nov 1871George Trevor DD Canon of YorkAbp of Yorkby death
10 Mar 1484/5Dns Edward Rowland chaplnPriory of Bridlingtonby resig8 Oct 1888William Meredith Lane MAAbp of Yorkby death
30 Oct 1491N Joh Reynald LL BPrior Hospitallersby death30 Apl 1901Henry Jemson Tebbutt MAAbp of Yorkby resig
7 May 1507N Leonard Eglesfeld MAAssignees Pr Bridlingtonby death20 Feb 1905Geo Wilberforce Trevor MA DurAbp of Yorkby resig
10 Sep 1549Dns Chris Carnaby pbrPrior Hospitallersby death10 Feb 1919George Henry Cobham MA CantabAbp of Yorkby resig
5 Feb 1536/7Dns Tho Teske LL DAssignees Pr Bridlingtonby death28 Sept 1936Frederick Richardson MA CantabAbp of Yorkby cession
29 July 1539M Joh Brandesby STP prebr OsbaldwickPrior Hospitallers 17 May 1943Rowland Newsam MA CantabAbp of Yorkby cession
1541M Joh Brandesby STP prebr KnaresbroAbp of Yorkby death15 July 1952John Marshall Raines MAAbp of Yorkby resig

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson