Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: BEVERLEY SAINT JOHN.     Church dedication: ST JOHN WITH ST MARTIN.     Church type: Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 7,910 acres. Beverley Borough. -Population, 4,204 *1; Church-room, 700 *2; Net value, £128.

Beverley Minster is said to have been founded in the time of Lucius, about the year 185. This tradition is, however, now exploded, and the actual foundation appears to have been made by John of Harpham, about the year 700. The building was destroyed by the Danes, in the year 877, but it was soon rebuilt.

King Athelstan conferred many privileges upon the Church of Beverley *3, and endowed it with the King's thraves of corn throughout the East Riding.

In 1188, the monastery was entirely destroyed by fire, and the present stately Church rose from its ruins.

In the 1st Edward VI. the Collegiate Church was suppressed, and all its revenues came into the hands of the Crown, and a great portion of it was granted by Queen Elizabeth to the Corporation of Beverley, and the Church became parochial.

It is not distinctly known when the Church of St. Martin was united with St. John's, but it most likely occurred in the 37th Henry VIII.

The government of the Church was collegiate, under a provost. There were nine prebends (one of which was always held by the Archbishop of York), a precentor, chancellor, sacrist, and several chantries.

The Collegiate Church of Beverley, until the Dissolution in 1544, exercised jurisdiction over Beverley and several other parishes, viz. Brandsburton, Cherry Burton, Leckonfield, Leven, Middleton on the Wolds, Ottringham, Pattrington, Sigglesthorne, Scorbrough, South Dalton, and Welwick, to which Bacon, in his Liber Regis, adds Halsham and Rise. It is not known where the wills proved in the peculiar jurisdiction, if extant, are now deposited. Torre and Bacon both speak of a peculiar jurisdiction as existing in their days.

In Archbishop Sharp's time there was only £50 per annum paid out of lands which were settled upon the corporation of Beverley at the Dissolution, for the keeping the Church in repair, and finding a preaching minister to serve in it ; and £16 per annum was paid to a Curate for reading prayers.

Patron, the Archbishop, until the perpetual advowson can be sold under the provisions of the Municipal Act, the presentation having previously been in the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of Beverley, under a grant from Queen Elizabeth.

Impropriators, the representatives of Sir M. Wharton, and the Crown.

Valued in 1707 at £31. 6s. 8d.; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xvii. page 394, at £21. 6s. 8d. per annum.

Augmented in 1721 with £200, to meet benefaction of £200 from John Midgley, Esq. and others.

The glebe house is fit for residence, but the situation is very low and damp.

The Register Books commence in 1558. Chasm 1696 to 1702 inclusive.

The Grammar School.

The Commissioners report that there has existed a grammar school for a considerable length of time, but could not find any satisfactory account of its origin or foundation. The master's salary arises from an annuity of £10 by Dr. Metcalfe's will; £70 per annum from the corporation ; £20 per annum from the members, or, in case of non-payment, then by the corporation ; and 10s. per quarter from each scholar, subject to a right reserved by the mayor for fixing a smaller payment by the sons of poor freemen. Eight free scholars were taught at the time of the Report; the master has also other scholars.

Dr. Robert Metcalfe's gifts and exhibitions, by will, dated 9th October 1652. Rents of 137a. 3r. 29p. of land. To the preacher or lecturer and his successors, the sum of £10; to the schoolmaster, £10; to his sister, Prudence Metcalfe, £20 per annum, and after her decease, to pay the said sum of £20 to St. John's College, Cambridge, for three poor scholars, for their better support at the University ; the scholars to be appointed by the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses, and by the lecturer and schoolmaster and their successors ; the said maintenance to be continued till they should have taken the degree of master of arts ; but, in case of there not being three poor scholars, the money to be divided amongst the poorest people of Beverley; £20 per annum, on the 20th December, amongst the poorest people of the said town, and the remainder to be applied for taxes and rates due to the Commonwealth, for maintenance of soldiers. At the time of the Report, it appears there was only one exhibition, and the residue, therefore, was distributed amongst such poor as had not legal settlements. The residue of the rents of the estates given by the testator are applied to the common purposes of the corporation.

William Coates's exhibition, by will, dated 5th November 1681. Interest of £100 for a poor scholar, born in the parish of St. Mary, to be sent from the Grammar School to the University of Cambridge, and the payment to be continued until he takes the degree of master of arts. When there happens to be no scholars to receive the exhibition, the interest (£6) is distributed among poor people of the town, by the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses.

Dr. William Lacie's exhibition, by will, dated 7th September 1670. rent charge of £16 per annum, to two scholars as aforesaid, and entered students in St. John's College, £8 apiece. When there are no scholars, the money is distributed among the poor in November.

Bishop Green's exhibition. John Green, Bishop of Lincoln, by will, dated 17th August 1778. Dividends on £1,000 three per cent. consols, for the benefit of a scholar, the son of a freeman of Beverley, to be sent from thence to Bennet's, or St. John's, Cambridge. In case there is no scholar, the interest accumulates, and is paid to the next scholar.

Thwaites Fox's Hospital, founded by deed, dated 4th June 1636, for four poor widows, who are each paid 10s. a month; 8d. a week (out of Forster and Hall's benefaction) ; a gown each, once in two years, and one chaldron of coals each, once a year. Endowment : rent of three roods of land ; rent charge of £10 per annum; dividends on £284. 4s. new four per cents ; dividends on £199. 16s. 8d. three per cent. consols, and the interest of £100. There was a balance in hand in November 1821, of £27. 16s.

Margaret Ferrer's charity, by will and codicil, dated 18th August 1669, and 13th July 1671. Rents of sixteen acres and other lands (quantity not ascertained) purchased with £150, intermixed with estate of corporation, by whom £9 only was paid as a rent charge up to the time of the inquiry. The commissioners reported that the charity landswere about tobe ascertained, and full rent accounted for. 5s. apiece is distributed yearly to twelve poor women in St. Mary's Church, on the 22nd March ; 20s. per annum to a minister, to preach a sermon in the Church on the said day, and 40s. of the residue of the rents for schooling a poor boy of the town of Beverley, and, if capable and fit to send to the University, to have the same and the residue and rents as an exhibition for his better maintenance for seven years, in case he should not get any better preferment ; but if so, the money to be paid to some other scholar who shall have been educated at the grammar school ; and if there happens to be no such scholar, the residue is allowed to accumulate for the benefit of the one who is next appointed.

Anne Routh's Hospital, founded by will, dated 6th October 1721, for thirty-two poor old widows of the parish of St. John's and St. Martin's frequenting the Church ; the widows to have a weekly allowance of 5s. each, a gown each, of the value of 16s., (such gown to be of a purple colour, with a silver badge fixed to the same, with the testator's name and the day and year of her death engraven on it,) and thirty-two chaldrons of coals among them (but it appears there are forty-eight consumed on an average) ; to the matron, 3s. per week ; to two nurses, each 3s. per week ; to the surgeon for attending the hospital, £16 per annum ; and the receiver of the rents, £15 per annum. The remainder is applied to the payment of a fee-farm rent and the repairs of the hospital, &c. Endowment ; rent of 366a. 0r. 18p. of land ; two houses ; dividends on £234. 13s. 7d. three per cent. consols, and the interest of £30. 9s. 2d. being cash in the hands of the Accountant-General, besides arrears of dividends. The Commissioners reported that there was, 15th November 1821, a balance in hand of £515. 13s., but that a considerable expenditure would be shortly requisite; but taking into consideration the balance and money due from the Accountant-General, there was a considerable surplus in hand, and they thought that the hospital might be expected soon to bear a still further extension.

Said Anne Routh's charity. Rent charge of £16 per annum, payable on the 30th November. 40s. per annum to the minister of the parish of St. John's and St. Martin's, and his successors ; 30s. per annum to the boys at the charity school ; and the residue of the rents to the poor of St. John's parish frequenting the Church.

Benjamin Dalton's charity, by will, date unknown. Rent of 10a. 0r. 12p. of land, let at the time of the Report for £48. 6s. per annum : £4 per annum, for poor members of the Independent Chapel in Lairgate, about Michaelmas and Lady-day, in different sums from 1s. to 4s., and the remainder to poor persons of each of the nine wards, by the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses, at Christmas, in sums of 1s. each.

John Dymoke's gift, who died about 1687. Interest of £150 to the poor at Christmas.

Peregrine Buck's charity, by will, dated 20th February 1693. rent charge of £2. 10s. per annum to the poor, at the discretion of the Vicar of St. Mary's, the master of the grammar school, and the mayor.

Matthew Ashmole's charity, by will, dated 16th January 1724. rent charge of £3 per annum, to twenty-four poor burgesses in St. Mary's quire, on the 5th November, by the mayor and the two ministers..

The Rev. George Davies's and Mrs. Frances Pinckney's Charities, by their wills, respectively dated 13th March 1764, and 2nd February 1788. Interest of £200 in bread, to the poor of St. Mary's, at Christmas.

John Bradley's gift, by will, dated 21st September 1770. Interest of £100 in coals, to the poor of St. Mary's, on St. John's day.

The Rev. Thomas Leake's gift, by deed, dated 13th March 1784. Dividends on £200 three per cent. consols. Distributed about Christmas unto such ancient poor and necessitous widows and widowers of St. Martin's, as should have never received relief as paupers or parish poor, or had any benefit from an almshouse, hospital, workhouse, poor-house, or other public charity, in sums of 5s. each.

William Wilson's gift, by will, dated 25th June 1816. Dividends on £1,457 navy five per cents. to the corporation of Beverley, to be distributed in such charitable purposes as they think proper. Distribution at the time of the Report : £50 for medicines for the poor ; £10. 8d. to poor widows in Fox's Hospital, and £12. 9s., the residue, to the Lying-in charity.

Ann Hall's charity, by will, dated 17th February 1819. Dividends on £175 navy fives ; half thereof to the four poor widows residing in the bede-houses or almshouses, and the remainder to old and poor widows equally, in sums of 5s. each. At the time of the Report, the latter distribution had not been made.

The Corporation Almshouses. These consist of four tenements in the Backstreet, or Lairgate, called bede-houses, and of thirteen rooms near the south end of Lairgate, and nine similar rooms on the east side of Butcher-row, called Maison Dieus. They are kept in repair by the corporation, but there are no specific estates or funds appropriated to their support, except some benefactions to the poor, of which separate reports are given. The poor people are nominated by the mayor, and each are supplied with three bags of coals at Christmas, annually.

John Foster Gent's gift, by will, dated 17th September 1813. Dividends on £86 navy fives, to the poor of the four bede-houses in the Back-street, at Christmas.

James Nelthorpe, Esq's charity, by will, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 8th January 1700. rent charge of £10 per annum, for the use of the poor of the town of Beverley. The Commissioners reported that they bad not been able to ascertain whether an annuity of £10 was settled by the testator in his life time or afterwards purchased ; but they found that previously to the year 1805, when an estate at or near Beverley, belonging to Lord Yarborough, was sold, a yearly payment of £10 thereout used to be made in respect of Nelthorpe's charity, and that for thirty years preceding the sale Mr. Dickenson, Lord Yarborough's steward, paid the rent charge, in half-yearly sums of £5 at Lady-day and Michaelmas, for teaching poor children ; but that since 1805 payment had been refused, and that if it should be considered expedient to re-establish the charity, the assistance of a court of equity would be necessary for that purpose.

The Charity or Blue-coat School. This institution was established about the year 1709, by subscription of some of the principal inhabitants, for the maintenance, clothing, and education of poor children belonging to the town of Beverley. Endowment : dividends on £1,300 three per cent. consols, and £380. 14s. 6d. navy five per cents. Of which, £36. 18s., two shares out of twenty-one of rent, included in Minster estates, by the will of Sir Michael Warton in 1724 ; £20 from Bishop Green's charity, by will, dated 17th August 1778, and £100 by the will of John Bowman, with other benefactions and donations not known, except £50 under Ann Nelson's will, dated 20th July 1799, making in the whole the sum of £1,300 three per cent. consols ; £380. 14s. 6d. navy five per cents. by the will of William Wilson, in 1816; £1. 10s. rent charge, by Mrs. Ann Routh ; and £10 per annum, by the will of Henry Legard, dated 14th May 1819. Ten boys were, at the time of the Report, boarded, clothed, and educated, and taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, and a premium of £3 for each boy is paid on their being bound apprentices ; Master's salary, £12. 12s. per annum. There was a balance in hand, in 1821, of £39. 7s.4½d.

Robert Stephenson's charity, for Dissenters, by deed, dated 15th August 1711. Rent of 1a. 2r. of land, for the Non-conformist Protestant preaching minister or ministers of the Chapel in Lairgate. By a subsequent deed, dated 31st July 1800, it appears that new trustees were appointed, and the land let on lease for ninety-eight years, which will expire in 1898, and a fine, amounting to between £200 and £300, was taken for the renewal, which was expended in rebuilding the Chapel.

Charles Warton's Hospital and Charities, the former founded by will, dated 5th February 1712, for fourteen poor widows, nominated by the trustees, who receive 4s. each, weekly ; one chaldron and a half of coals each, yearly ; one gown each, yearly ; and 5s. each, in lieu of stays, once a year. Besides, there is 4s. a week paid to the nurse ; and to the preacher at St. Mary's, for an anniversary sermon on the day of the testator's death, one guinea. One-sixth part of the revenues is distributed among the poor in February, and all the remaining clear residue of the annual rents is applied in the putting out apprentices poor boys of Beverley. The sum of £4 is allowed as a premium with each apprentice, and he is presented with a Bible, a Prayer-book, the Whole Duty of Man, and the Preparation for the Sacrament. There is also a salary of £5. 5s. paid to a clerk for keeping the accounts. Endowment : rent of 201a. 1r. 39p. of land ; dividends on £200 consols ; mortgage for £800 and interest of £100 on turnpike tolls. There was a balance in hand in May 1822, of £264.

Sir Ralph Warton's gift, by will, date not given. Dividends on £300 three per cent. consols to the corporation of Beverley, to begin a manufacture of knitting of coarse stockings ; but it appears that the dividends are now paid to the overseers of the poor, and applied with the poor rates, for the respective parishes of St. Mary's, St. Martin's, and St. Nicholas's, in the respective proportions of eleven-twentieths, seven-twentieths, and two-twentieths.

Sir Michael Warton's Hospital, founded by will, dated 23rd May 1724, for six poor widows, nominated by the town's council, who have each paid them 3s. per week, one gown each yearly, and coals ; residue for repairs, &c. Endowment : £55. 8s. 3d.; three shares in 21 out of Minster estates.

The Minster estates and funds. These are regulated by an Act of Parliament, passed in the 6th Geo. III., intituled " An Act for vesting certain estates in the county of Lincoln in trustees, and to enable them to appropriate the rents and profits thereof, and also certain sums of money subject to the trusts declared by the will of Sir Michael Warton, knight, deceased, for the augmentation of the revenues of the curacies of the late Collegiate Church of St. John in Beverley, in the county of York, and for erecting an organ in the said Church, and for other purposes therein mentioned ;" and another Act, passed in the year 1806, intituled " An Act for appointing new trustees of certain estates in the county of Lincoln, and for authorizing the application of part of the rents and profits thereof, and of other estates, towards the augmentation of the stipends of the curates of the late Collegiate Church of St. John of Beverley, in the county of York, and for appointing another assistant curate of the said Church, and for other purposes therein mentioned."

The first Act recites that Queen Elizabeth, by letters patent under the Great Seal, dated 2nd July, in the 21st year of her reign, granted to the mayor, governors, and burgesses of Beverley, certain chantries, lands, tenements, and rents, for the maintenance and reparation of the late Collegiate Church, and that Sir Michael Warton, by will, dated 23rd May 1724, left £4,000 as a perpetual fund, to keep such Church in repair, to be under the direction of the Archbishop of York, the Dean and Chapter of York, and the mayor and recorder of Beverley, for the time being ; and that as the rents and accumulations were more than sufficient for the maintenance and reparation of the Church, that the minister should have an augmentation of £50 per an num, and his assistant £25 per annum ; that an organ should be purchased, and placed in the Minster, and a salary of £40 per annum paid to the organist; and by the second Act, the stipends are increased, and an additional assistant provided.

Income : rent of land (quantity not stated), let at the time of the Report for £725. 6s. 6d. per annum ; rents of about eighty houses, let for £704. 10s. 3d. per annum ; rent charge of £4. 13s. 4d. per annum ; dividends on £2,523. 15s. 10d. three per cent. consols, and £360 old south sea stock ; and interest of £750 (£250 thereof in the hands of the corporation, and the residue on turnpike tolls). The land tax is £45. 10s. per annum, and £92. 6s. 3d. is paid out of the income to the Blue Coat School and Sir Michael Warton's Hospital. The clear residue is applied to the repairs of the Minster, the expenses of the churchwardens, and salaries of the ministers, choir, organist, and receiver.

William Grayborn's gift, by will, dated 16th February 1726. rent charge of £5 per annum, amongst twenty poor decaged housekeepers, in sums of 5s. each, on Candlemas-day. Not paid since 1822, but expected by the Commissioners to be resumed.

Susannah Archer's charity, by deed, dated 24th June 1740. Rent of 71a. 2r. 11p. of land, and three houses ; dividends on £144. 0s. 3d. three per cent. consols, and interest of £167. 12s. distributed amongst distressed and decayed housekeepers and inhabitants of honest repute, men or women, not receiving alms of the parish, of and in the town of Beverley.

Ann Nelson's charity, by will, dated 20th July 1779. Interest of £100 amongst the four poor women inhabiting the bede houses in the Back-street or Lairgate in Beverley.

Tymperon's Hospital. Vide General Charities.


Bread Charities. -John Greaves's charity, by will, date not given. Interest of £50 in the hands of the corporation, for 1s. worth of bread to the poor of the parish of St. John's, who attend divine service in the Minster, every Sunday.

Popple's charity. rent charge of 2a. 3r. 4p. per annum, for the poor, which is added to Greaves's and the sacrament money, and distributed in bread.

William Wilson's charity, by will, in 1816. Dividends on £399 new four per cents. for 7s. worth of white bread weekly, to the most deserving and needy poor of St. John's, who attend divine service in the Minster.

James Nelthorpe's gift. rent charge of £1 per annum, added and applied with the poor rates.

Anne Routh's charity, by will, dated 6th October 1721. Rents-charge of £3. 10s. per annum. 40s. thereof to the minister of St. John's and St. Martin's, and his successors; 30s. to the boys of the charity school, and the residue amongst the poor of the parish of St. John and St. Martin.

Anna Maria Elliott's charity, by will, dated 9th March 1821. Interest of £300 for purchasing six brown stuff gowns, six black silk handkerchiefs, and six pairs of wash-leather gloves, for six poor widows of the parish of St. John or St. Martin, on Easter Monday, who are also to receive the residue of the interest in money. The legacy was not paid at the time of the Report, October 1822.

James Graves's charity, for education, by will, dated 4th June 1804. Rents of three houses, and dividends on £1,716 new four per cents. for teaching and instructing as many poor boys and girls of the parish of St. Martin as the trustees think proper. The boys are instructed upon the Lancasterian system in reading, writing, and arithmetic ; and the girls on the National system, reading, writing, and accounts, and likewise to knit and sew. They are each presented with a Bible. There are about 200 children of both sexes that attend the school; and each boy and girl pays 4s. per annum quarterage money. Balance in hand (December 1821,) £4. 4s. 6d. -Vide 10th Report, page 676.

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*1 Viz. Part of Aike, 39; Molscroft, 124 ; Stockhill and Sandholme, 34; Thearme, 67; Tickton and Hull Bridge, 110; Weel, 136; Woodmansey and Beverley Park, 360; Eske (north division of Holderness wapentake), 17 -Total of St. John's parish, 887; St. Martin's, 3,334. In 1834, the Population was returned at 4,202.

*2 In 1818, the Church-room was returned at 750.

*3 Amongst others, the right of sanctuary, or the freed stole, respecting which Mr. Coltman judiciously observes, "Though at the first view, we may be disposed to consider this privilege as pregnant only with mischief; shocked, too, as we must be, at the abuses to which it gave rise, yet, on more mature consideration, perhaps, we shall see reason to think that in times of turbulence and imperfect civilization, it might be not without its benefit, and prove a not unimportant barrier, where almost every other barrier was wanting, against the oppressions of power, or the attacks of private animosity and revenge."

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