Bishop Burton parish:


Bishop Burton, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church for RAF personnel accidently killed.

To The Memory of Those of The
Who Were Accidentally Killed
When Flying At The Beverley
Aerodrome During 1917-1918
Of The Great War

Lieut. C.H. Howell 2nd Lieut. T. Jowett
Lieut. N. Scott 2nd Lieut. H.F. Barlow
Lieut. Inst'r. H.E. Robinson 2nd Lieut. F.R. Young
2nd Lieut. Inst'r. C.A.C. Fullerton 2nd Lieut. H. Isherwood
2nd Lieut. Inst'r. J.H. Blount 2nd Lieut. H.N.S. Anderson
2nd Lieut. J.D. Wollaston 2nd Lieut. R.D. Grossart
2nd Lieut. J.A. Clayton 2nd Lieut. H.D. Teetzel
2nd Lieut. C.C. Bevington 2nd Lieut. H.J. Vick
Sergt. L. Richardson

This Memorial Was Erected By
The Women of This District Who
Were Organized by The Vicar
Bishop Burton For Service At The
Canteen of The Young Men's Christian
Association In The Camp The Greatest
Part of Which Lay Within The Parish.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson