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The List of Vicars in All Saints Church, Bishop Burton.

Vicars of South or Bishop Burton
The Parish Church of Bishop Burton was consecrated by S. John of Balerley, Archbishop of York, at some date between 705-when he was translated to the See of York-and 721 when he died. The consecration was the occasion of a miracle; the wife of the squire was healed from a serious illness. An account is given by the Venerable Bede, who was alive at the time, in his Church History of the English People. Book V. Chapter 4.

Bishop Burton belonged originally to the Church of York, and the Archbishop was Lord of the Manor until 1535 when Archbishop Lea surrendered it to the Crown. The parish church became early a possession of the Dean and Chapter of York by a Bull of Pope Coelestine III in 1194.

The Dean and Chapter also became Rectors of the church, it is said in 1264, and it was thenceforward served by a Vicar appointed by them. This arrangement continued until 1888 when the right of appointing the Vicar was transferred from the Dean and Chapter to Ernest Richard Bradley Hall Watt of Bishop Burton, Esquire, and to his heirs for ever.

No Name of a Rector of Bishop Burton nor any Vicar before 1349 has been recovered.

InstitutionVicarCause of VacancyReigning Sovereign when
the Vicar was instituted
23 September 1349Robert of HamertonResigned 1353Edward III
14 December 1353Ralph Kaspur of Fangfoss ChaplainResigned 1354Edward III
October 1354John of Sandall DeaconResigned 1354Edward III
21 November 1354Robert of Allay ChaplainResigned 1358Edward III
21 March 1358Richard Webster ChaplainResigned 1362Edward III
6 December 1362Philip of Malaby Senderby Chaplain Edward III
John ClareburghDied 1415Henry V
13 March 1415Peter Burton [otherwise Johnson]
He became Master of a Domus Dei at Hull and on his death in 1460
was buried in the chancel here where a brass marks his grave.
Resigned 1447Henry V
3 June 1447Thomas Crosse ChaplainResigned 1451Henry VI
31 January 1451Robert Galtres PriestResigned 1467Henry VI
14 July 1467William Webster ChaplainResigned 1477Edward IV
25 April 1477Richard More PriestDied 1512Edward IV
25 February 1512Gamin Edmundson PriestDied 1521Henry VIII
25 July 1521John Smith [or Walkar] PriestDied 1521Henry VIII
7 January 1521Alexander Kettlewell PriestResigned 1530Henry VIII
23 November 1530Thomas Donne PriestDied 1546Henry VIII
11 March 1546Thomas Leyther Clerk Henry VIII
No RecordRobert Barker
A will of 1548 shows that he was Vicar in that year
Resigned 22 September 1553Edward VI
2 December 1553Edmund Hessey [or Hessay]Clerk Mary I
9 April 1564Edward Allford ClerkDied Ascension Day 12 May 1613Elizabeth
16 July 1613Nicolas Byrche M.A. Cantab.Resigned 1618James I
13 October 1618George Hodgson
Died Vicar of Kilnwick and Walton 1669 Clerk, B.A.
Resigned at some date after 1638James I
In 1649Jeremiah Garthwaite
Also Vicar of Carnaby, Rector of Kirby Underdale 1662 till death, 1671 B.A. Cantab.
ResignedThe Commonwealth
1652John Johnson
Mr. Johnson was ordained Deacon and Priest by Thomas, Bishop of
Ardfert and Agbadee 6 July 1658.
He was licensed to preach by the Archbishop 15 August 1662. Rector of
Cherry Burton 1681 till death 1703. M.A. Cantab.
Resigned 1689The Commonwealth
13 June 1689Robert WelburneDied 1719William III and Mary II
30 September 1719William Anderson B.C.L. Oxon.Died 1729George I
30 June 1729Robert Hewitt
Died Vicar of Calstor and Rector of Rothwell, Tilnes, 1775 B.A. Cantab.
Resigned 1730George II
8 May 1730Thomas Leake
Also Lecturer at Cottingham Church 1730 till death M.A. Cantab.
Died 1787George II
29 March 1787Robert Riaby
Also Vicar of S. Mary's Beverley from 1791 till death.
Died 1823George III
20 December 1823Henry KellyDied 1825George IV
23 January 1826William TaylorResigned 1841George IV
14 December 1841William Proctor S.C.L. Oxon.Died 1853Victoria
19 July 1853Charles Robinson M.A. Oxon.Resigned 1872Victoria
21 October 1872Robert Birtwhistle M.A. Oxon.Resigned 1873Victoria
12 March 1874Edward George Codrington Parr B.A. Oxon.Resigned 1877Victoria
17 September 1877John Hugh DaviesDied 1887Victoria
21 January 1888William Allwright Pearman M.A. Oxon.Resigned 1923Victoria
18 February 1924AElfric Charles Ruthven-Murray B.A. Oxon and B.A. Cape of Good Hope.Died 1949George V
10 March 1959Arthur Edwin Twidle, Canon of York L.Th. Dunelm.Resigned 1963Elizabeth II
3 January 1964Frederic Burton BrassResigned 1966Elizabeth II
18 November 1966Frederick Naylor S.A.C. Canterbury. Dunelm.Resigned 1977Elizabeth II
7 May 1978Vernsy Austin Harkness B.A. LondonResigned 1984Elizabeth II
27 June 1985Richard Peter Burton B.A. NottinghamResigned 1992Elizabeth II
8 September 1992David Graham Kirby B.A. Wales, M.A. Oxon. Elizabeth II

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson