Bishop Wilton, War Memorial transcription


Bishop Wilton parish:

Bishop Wilton, War Memorial transcription:

Showing the setting of the memorial in the churchyard at Bishop Wilton. (see also Photo)

First side (see also Photo)

To the glory of God and in
undying memory of the men
of this parish who gave their
lives in the Great War
"Dulce et decorum est pro
patria mori"

Gerard Peters Sec Lt1917
G Wilfred Harrison1915
John Cundall1915
Harry Webster1915
Robert Cook1915
Albert J Loft1916
Robert Wales1916
Harry Gospel1917
Reginald Harrison1917
Hartley Slater1917
John C Walkington1918
John H Husband1918
Requiescant in pace

Second side (see also Photo)

In honour of the men of this
Parish who served their King
and Country in the Great War

Thomas C N BardwellMajor
Tatton B BardwellCapt
William S BardwellLieut R N
Clement A K PetersCapt
Noel DatesLieut R A F
Ernest Brown
J W Barker
Wilfrid Banks
C Cullum
Francis Cook
Charles Cook
Wilfred Cook
Herbert Douglas
Wm Foster
Arthur Foster
Thomas H Foster
Herbert W Foster
Albert W Foster
John Flint

Third side (see also Photo)

C Leyland Gibson
Eric Gospel
T Edwin Gray
George Husband
Herbert Harper
John Harper
Wm Harrison
Harold Harrison
John Johnson
Clarence C Keep
Fred Loft
Herbert Loft
W T Lawson
E Millgate
Abel Richmond
Bertie Richmond
John H Richmond
Fred Robinson
Tom Robinson
John Robinson
Richard Robson
Harry Robson
James Rudd
Richard Robinson

Fourth side (see also Photo)

Leonard Sampson
Harry Sampson
Herbert Slater
Jas W Slater
Herbert Sissons
Harry Sissons
Fred Sissons
Jas W Smith
George Tindale
Joseph Tindale
Wm P Triffity
J W Wales
Jos Willerton
Alfred Ware
Ernest West
Wm West
Richard West
Arthur West
Francis N Wilson
Wm Webster
Tom Webster
Richard Webster
Leonard Wadsworth

Data transcribed by
Lucie Hinson and Sandra Welburn
from photography by Colin Hinson