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BLACKTOFT: Transcription of the Blacktoft Registers - Burials 1700-1812.

Transcription of the Blacktoft Registers - Burials 1700-1812.

DateName(s) and relationship
Burials, 1700.
09/09/1700Richard White, bur
24/09/1700Annie da of Mary Steel, bur.
14/10/1700Susanna Plaxton, bur.
Burials 1701.
12/07/1701Frances da of Wm Harris bur
09/10/1701John Onion, bur
13/10/1701John son of Wm Calvert but
16/01/1701Alice da of Richard Binny buried
12/02/1701Mary Blithe buried
28/02/1701Jonathan Mowbray buried
Will Harris Curate.
Burials, 1702.
09/04/1702Alice da of John Brion, bur
03/05/1702Mary da of Nathaniel White,
24/08/1702Elizabeth Camp, buried
12/10/1702Richard Nelson, buried
06/12/1702Philip Etherington, buried
Burials, 1703.
09/07/1703George Plaxton, buried
06/08/1703Robert Twineham,
30/08/1703Anne Watson,
26/09/1703Thomas Blythe,
09/02/1703Richard son of Robert Cograve, buried
13/02/1703Richard son of Will Purdham,
28/02/1703John son of John Mason,
11/01/1703Anne da of Wm Leybourn,
Burials, 1704.
27/04/1704Samuel Ayre, buried
02/09/1704Mary da of Wm Bosvile,
15/11/1704Katharine Watkin of Youkfleet,
15/11/1704Ellenour da of Richd Bambrough,
22/01/1704Robert Woodmansey, buried
11/03/1704James Davison, buried
Burials, 1705.
11/04/1705Margaret Skin, buried
05/06/1705Margery da of Will Blansherd,
21/06/1705George son of Will Harris,
21/08/1705Anne da of Thomas Hotham,
17/09/1705Elizabeth Sissons, buried
22/09/1705John son of Will Hotham,
27/09/1705Gilian Hotham, buried
27/12/1705George Gibbons, buried
29/12/1705Richard son of David Belt,
30/09/1705Mary da of Willm Bosvile,
16/10/1705Robert Freeman, buried
15/01/1705Will son of John Bambrough,
19/01/1705John son of John Bambrough,
11/02/1705Josiah Bayley, buried
11/02/1705Margaret Rotheram, buried
Burials, 1706.
15/07/1706Margery Barker, buried
18/09/1706Mary Blyth, buried
19/09/1706Margaret da of Robt Skin, buried
26/10/1706Mrs Anne Ferryman, buried
09/12/1706Esther Holms,
22/12/1706Anne Otterbourn,
Burials, 1707.
03/04/1707William Skelton, buried
27/08/1707John son of Wm Bellamy, buried
02/02/1707John son of Will Harris,
Burial, 1708.
16/06/1708Anne da of Thos Forth, buried
Burials, 1709.
24/10/1709Sarah Stubbin, buried
??/11/1709Alice da of Rob Skin, buried
Burials, 1710.
Mary Graves, buried
James son of Will Harris, buried
Nath White, buried
Will Harris, Curate
29/09/1710Marthay & Mary twines ye Dowters of John Townsley of Youckfleet
in the Parish of Houlden, was buried
Burials, 1711,
23/06/1711Mary da of John Hewet, buried
15/06/1711Mary wife of John Hewet, buried
29/06/1711Thomas son of Will Calvert, buried
06/07/1711Elizabeth Calvert, buried
16/01/1711Will son of Will Bellamy,
??/08/1711Jane Ashton, buried
12/02/1711John Bambrough, buried
Burials, 1712,
07/06/1712Robt Gates, buried
11/03/1712Eliz : da of Wm Hotham,
Burials, 1713.
12/04/1713Elizabeth Skin was buried
08/05/1713Wm Homes of Staddlethorp, buried
21/08/1713Sarah da of Richd Bambrough of Thornton Land,
08/10/1713Michael & Martin sons of Robert Hurst of Thornton House,
17/11/1713Fortunatus Audas of Faxfleet buried
04/03/1713William Bosvile, buried
01/03/1713Mary White of Scalby,
??/05/1713Christopher Enlit, died
Wm Thomson Curate
Burials, 1714.
25/03/1714Tho : Hotham of Blacktoft, buried
07/04/1714Tho : Homes of Blacktoft, buried
09/04/1714Wm Calvert of Scalby,
17/04/1714Sarah wife of Wm Cook,
22/04/1714Thomas Pearts of W Blacktoft, freholdr,
24/04/1714Tho son of John Peart, buried
27/04/1714Thomas Forth of Blacktoft, buried
11/05/1714Mary da : of Robert Hurst, buried
19/08/1714Wm Stather, a dissenter,
22/09/1714Wm Bellamy, parish clerk,
16/01/1714David Belt in Scalby,
25/01/1714Robert Horst
03/02/1714Stephen Ferret of Faxlit,
03/02/1714Jane Goundrel of Stadlethorpe,
Burials, 1715.
06/09/1715Anthony Gylberton of Stadlethorpe, Farmer, burd
15/12/1715Rich Rotherham of Scaldby, Farmer, buried
22/02/1715Ann da of Wm Humble, buried
22/02/1715Wm son of Wm Hotham, Blacktoft, Farmer,
23/03/1715Ann Gylberdin of Stadlethorp, Farmer,
Burials, 1716.
22/05/1716Ann da of William Ellison of Scalby, Labourer, burd
22/05/1716Edward Bradley of Scalby, Labourer,
04/06/1716Ellin Gibbin, Scalby, spinster,
09/06/1716Thos Bradforth, Farmer, Stadelthorpe,
28/06/1716Mary da of Richard Wilson, Labourer, Stadelthorpe,
28/07/1716Mary Steel of Blacktoft spinster,
24/07/1716Margaret Hicks of Stadelthorpe, spinster,
22/10/1716Ann Thorp wife of Wm Thorp of Scaldby,
29/11/1716Tho Holmes son of Ellenor Holmes of Blacktoft,
Burials, 1717.
03/03/1717Mary da of John Bell of Scholby, buried
09/05/1717Thomas Corner, Milner Blacktoft, buried
14/05/1717William son of John Colleson Junr of Bellasids,
26/05/1717William Couk, Seaner,
22/07/1717Dorety da of Wm Frost of Blacktoft,
08/08/1717Anne the wife of Rd Colfver of Scalby,
01/09/1717Ruth Gren Blacktoft,
09/10/1717Robert Coggra, Scalby had a still born child buried about
17/11/1717Sarra the da of John Townslea, Youckfleet, buried
05/12/1717Ann da of Richard Collufer, Scalby, buried
22/12/1717Ruthe wife of Will Dent of Youckfleet with 2 twins, burd
01/01/1717Doritty da of Will Elleson of Scalby, buried
16/01/1717Mary da of Wm Wode Stadelthorp, buried
Burials, 1718
01/05/1718Robert Scen of Scalby, buried
23/09/1718Wm. son of John Townslea, Youckfleet, buried
29/09/1718Esabell Hotham of Blacktoft,
11/11/1718Elizabeth wife of Wm Frost buried
11/12/1718John son of Robart Cograve Scalby, buried
02/01/1718Fath the mother of Jan Goundrell Stadelthorpe,
15/02/1718Martha widow of John Bell Scalby, buried
Burials, 1718
12/06/1718The wife of Wm Blanshard, of Clemethorp,
Burials. 1719
18/11/1719Frances the wife of Simon Hollmes of Gowthropp, buried
14/12/1719Robert Belt of Newton, buried
09/01/1719John Hesse of Blacktoft, buried
16/01/1719James Adamson of Scalby, buried
24/01/1719Wm Garbott & Ann his wife was bured both in one grave,
both died in 2 hours time;
02/08/1719Mare da of Saml Borton, buried
Burials. 1720
04/05/1720Wm Frost, buried
16/05/1720William the son of Jonathan Ketson, He was baptized 7 Feby 1719-20, buried
31/10/1720John Frost, buried
07/11/1720Mary Hollmes buried
21/04/1720Marmaduke Ripon, buried
16/02/1720Jane Hollmes widow Thornton Land, buried
Burials. 1721
03/09/1721Thomas Watson, Scalby, buried
17/09/1721William Blanshard of Clemythrop, buried
29/12/1721Richard Hochon of Thornton Land, buried
Burials, 1722.
25/03/1722Rt White, Milner, was buried
02/04/1722John Ellar of Newton, buried
06/05/1722John Peartt Parish Clerk, buried
15/05/1722Isabel Holmes, bur
07/02/1722Willm son of Willm Hotham, bur
04/03/1722Anne wife of Saml Burton, bur
13/03/1722Anne wife of John Collinson, bu
26/03/1723Frances da of Saml Burton, bur
15/06/1723George son of Mary Whate, bur
17/06/1723John son of Wm Citshin (? Kitchin),
07/10/1723Elizabeth da of R.t Smith, bur
03/10/1723Sarah da of John Smith,
01/11/1723William Citshin of Gowthorp,
13/11/1723Ann Grene,
27/01/1723Ann Belte of Scalby,
02/03/1723Elizabeth da of Ann Belte,
22/03/1723Richard son of Richd Corlver (? Colber),
Burials, 1724.
29/06/1724Willm Hotham of Blacktoft,
30/07/1724Elinor Endick of Scalby,
05/08/1724Mary Stadre (?) late of Elarton,
19/08/1724John son of John Hustah (?) of Youckflet,
12/09/1724Mary da of John Watson of Scalby,
23/12/1724Mary Tomson of Blacktoft,
17/03/1724Mary da of Wm Blancherd,
Burials, 1725.
30/06/1725James son of John Watson of Scalby,
05/11/1725William Thorpe of Scalby,
17/11/1725Anna da of Wm Bowen,
08/01/1725Richard Frier of Stadelthorpe,
25/02/1725William son of Robart Tomson,
31/03/1726Matthew Ellison (?),
28/04/1726Rose da of Richd Colvard,
26/07/1726John Smith,
04/09/1726Robart son of Robart Smith,
17/10/1726Thomas son of Richd Farah,
27/10/1726Mary da of Thos Patrick,
14/11/1726Thomas son of John Watson,
22/03/1726Mary wife of Wm Tomson of Loftsom,
28/03/1727Anthony son of Rd Colvar,
04/04/1727Rose wife of Rd Colver,
08/04/1727Jane Watson,
22/10/1727Hanah da of Joseph Wadingham,
30/10/1727John Threlcell of Scalby
04/01/1727William Hodghson of Thornton House,
08/03/1727Elizabeth da of Thomas Hogson,
02/07/1728John Sunman of Scalby,
24/07/1728John son of Wm Laborn,
??/11/1728Anna da of Robert Smith,
Elnar wife of Robert Buril
03/12/1728Bartholomew son of George Cotes,
02/12/1728Richard Jobson,
06/12/1728John Watson,
24/12/1728John Ripan,
25/12/1728Jane Underwod,
02/01/1728John son of Richard Farlah, (? Farah)
02/01/1728Elenar Elard,
05/01/1728Thomas Oustaby,
12/02/1728Simon Hoelms,
27/03/1729William son of Garvis Belamy,
18/04/1729Elinar Welcard,
11/05/1729Sarah da of Thos Cetel, (? Cattle)
15/11/1729Lenard Frier,
15/11/1729Mary da of Joseph Wadinggam, buried
26/12/1729Alis Gill,
09/01/1729Elizabeth Hotham,
30/01/1729Anna da of Wm Holms,
03/02/1729Ev. wife of Wm Ellisson,
06/02/1729Anna da of Wm Marten,
14/02/1729Anthony Jobson,
18/02/1729Anna wife of Thomas Patrick,
Burials, 1730.
19/10/1730Alis Hanson, buried
15/10/1731Peter son of Peter Cofardel (? Coverdale)
28/11/1731Mary wife of Wm Holms,
08/01/1731Jane da of Wm Hoelms
12/01/1731Mary wife of Richd Bomebroth, (Bambrough)
19/02/1731Thomas Patrick,
15/04/1732Sarah da of Robart Thompson,
07/05/1732Joseph Wadingam,
27/11/1732Mary Wadingam,
26/12/1732Richard Bomebrouth,
05/01/1732Doraty da of Wm Wode,
08/02/1732George son of Jonathan Mewbere (? Mewbray)
09/02/1732William Laborn,
21/02/1732John son of Robart
22/02/1732Elizabeth wife of Thomas Windell, Parish Clerk,
07/04/1733Hanah Moweberey, (? Mowbray)
02/10/1733Thomas Bribham,
18/01/1733Mary Watson,
17/03/1733Jane Oxeby,
07/05/1734William Ellison of Scalby,
22/02/1734Richard Lamb of Fackflit,
08/04/1735Anne wife of Garves Belyme, of Fackflit, (? Bellamy)
04/05/1735Anne wife of Wm Colver of Scolby,
07/11/1735Elener da of Robart Thompson of Scalby,
04/01/1735Anna Hodgson of Thornton Land,
04/01/1735William Colver of Scalby
21/01/1735Grace York of Scalby,
23/01/1735William son of Wm Laborn
28/01/1735Margit wife of Robart Scinn of Scalby,
16/02/1735Mary wife of John Coulson of Fackflitt (S. Cave)
20/02/1735George Blancherd of Gilderdike Par Eastring :
04/03/1735Peter Coverdale of Scalby
17/04/1736Doriti da of Robert Leavens,
23/04/1736Marther wife of Robt Buttell
16/05/1736Elizabeth da of Wm Dent
12/08/1736Elizabeth Blackborn,
08/09/1736Richard son of John Colson of Fackflitt,
20/09/1736Elizabeth wife of Gervas Belimy,
28/09/1736Thomas, son of Henery Ward,
31/10/1736Elizabeth da of Daniel Stubin,
12/12/1736John, son of Danel Stuben,
14/12/1736Margit wif of Will Thompson,
15/03/1736John son of Heneary Ward,
Burials, 1738.
02/04/1738George Coats of Blacktoft, buried
02/04/1738Mary da of John Bingley of Rotheram
07/05/1738Mr John Dawson of Blacktoft,
18/05/1738William son of Richard Boase of Blacktoft,
31/05/1738Ann da of Mary Smith of Blacktoft,
10/06/1738Mary wife of Robert Smith of Blacktoft,
21/06/1738Hellen Bellamy of Blacktoft,
03/09/1738Grace da of Matthew York,
30/09/1738Peter son of William Holmes,
04/10/1738Dinah da of William Holmes,
14/11/1738John son of James Longbones of Blacktoft,
24/12/1738Richard Seaton of Blacktoft,
12/01/1738William Waud of Selby,
17/01/1738George son of Jane Coats of Blacktoft,
02/06/1739Ann da of Geo Charter of Faxfleet (S. Cave)
08/07/1739Amy Holms of Thornton Land,
??/09/1739John son of Tho : Woad of Scalby,
05/11/1739Jno Varley of Scalby,
12/12/1739Ann Pordon of Scalby,
13/01/1739Elizabeth da of William Mell of Clemathorp,
13/05/1737Thomas Waud & Mary Ramzer
27/12/1737Zachariah Gardam & Martha Story
08/01/1737Edwd Johnson of Eastrington & Rossamond Ellyson of Scalby,
31/01/1737Henry Wilson Par Wressle and Hannah Gylliot Par Blacktoft
Burials, 1739 (contd)
22/01/1739Margrit da of Jno Scholfield of Blacktoft,
28/01/1739Elizabeth Harison of Scalby,
04/02/1739James son of Robt Tompson of Scalby,
12/02/1739Anthony Jobson of Stadlethorp,
03/03/1739Gervis Bellamy of Gowthorp,
Burials, 1740.
10/06/1740John Plaster of Scalby,
24/12/1740Thomas Jesep of Newton,
03/01/1740William son of Robt Smith,
Mary Woad wife of Willm Woad, Jany i8
31/01/1740Mary da of John Varlay of Scalby,
09/02/1740John Bradford of Faxflitt,
Burials, 1741.
23/04/1741Elizabeth da of John Colson of Blacktoft,
09/05/1741Sarah da of Thos Leaper of Blacktoft,
25/06/1741Robt Smith of Blacktoft,
08/09/1741John son of Wm Thompson of Blacktoft,
13/09/1741Mary da of Henry Ward of Cheapside nr Scalby,
11/12/1741William Walker of Cheapside, nr Scalby,
Burials, 1742.
20/06/1742Mary wife of John Hessey of Staddelthorp,
27/08/1742Elener da of Robt Burel of Cheapsid ner Scalby,
20/09/1742George Charter of Faxfleet (p S. Cave)
11/05/1743John Mearbeck,
23/05/1743Mils son of Wm Hutchinson of Faxfleet,
27/09/1743Benjamin son of Benjamin Wolkigton of Scolby,
End of Book
No 2.
Burials in the year of our Lord 1743. Richard Boase Parish Clerk 1743.
11/05/1743John Mearbeck of Blacktoft,
23/05/1743Milles son of Wm Hutchinson of Fax fleet Par So Cave,
27/09/1743Benjamin son of Benjamin Wolkington of Scolby,
06/01/1743Mary wife of Benjamin Wolkington of Scalby,
13/01/1743Jane Coats of Blacktoft,
17/01/1743John son of Wm Holmes of Gowthorp,
22/01/1743Ann da of Benjn Walkington of Scalby,
27/01/1743Jewit (Atkingson) of Wm Atkingson of Gowthorp,
28/01/1743Thomas son of Thos Hodgson of Thornton House,
02/02/1743Thomas Leaper of Blacktoft,
Burials, 1744.
28/04/1744James Longbones of Blacktoft
11/10/1744Robert son of Robert Boughby of Blacktoft,
28/12/1744Edward son of Richd Terry of Blacktoft,
27/01/1744Mrs Anne Thorp of Stadelthorpe,
27/01/1744Sarah da of Wm Laybourn of Blacktoft,
23/03/1744Anne the wife of Wm Hutchinson of Faxfleet (S. Cave)
05/04/1745Jane da of Robt Dawson of Cheapsides nr Scalby,
08/07/1745Anne wife of Wm Layborn of Blacktoft,
Mary da of Thomas Waud of Scalby Augr 22
01/10/1745W William Blanshard of Clemberthorp,
20/01/1746William son of Thomas Hodgson of Thornton House,
20/02/1746Elisabeth da of John Camp of Clemberthorp,
21/02/1746Ann da of John Walkinton of Scalby,
12/03/1746Margret da of John Camp of Clemberthorp,
20/03/1746William Pearson of Thornton House
24/03/1746John Camp of Clemberthorp,
10/04/1747Ann da of John Ellit of Newton,
15/04/1747John Ellit of Newton
21/04/1747Milles son of Robert Leavens of Staddelthorp,
09/05/1747Richard son of John Tuke of Staddelthorpe
09/09/1747William son of Thomas Waud of Scalby
02/12/1747John son of John Scolah of Scalby
17/01/1747Ann Brigham of Blacktoft,
16/03/1747John Johnson of Blacktoft,
24/03/1747Rebecca Skin of Cheapsides,
29/04/1748Milles son of Robert Leavens of Clemberthorp,
26/07/1748John son of Richd Tayler of Blacktoft,
22/08/1748Richard son of Richd Tayler of Blacktoft,
23/11/1748John son of John Tuke of Staddelthorp,
13/01/1748William Pearson of Scalby
20/01/1748Mary da of Jonn Harrison of Blacktoft,
24/01/1748Robert Coggrave of Newton,
30/01/1748Elizabeth da of John Harrison of Blacktoft,
30/01/1748Emmanuel son of Robt Bossel of Staddelthorp,
15/02/1748William son Widdow Ellit of Newton,
10/05/1749John son of John Boys of Staddelthorp,
27/09/1749Sarah wife of John Boys of Staddelthorp,
16/11/1749Thomas son of Thomas Waud of Scalby,
15/12/1749Elizabeth da of George Massey of Clemberthorp
21/12/1749John son of Robt Burel of Cheapsides nr Scalby,
23/12/1749Ann wife of Robt Burel of Cheapsides,
04/01/1749Ellenour da of Widdow Ellit of Newton
20/01/1749Ann da of John Hessey of Staddelthorp,
26/01/1749Matthias Dixon of Clemberthorp,
28/01/1749Margret & Alice das of John Hessey of Staddelthorp,
31/01/1749Jane da of John Walkington of Scalby,
14/02/1749Charles son of John Dudding of Scalby,
02/03/1749William son of Wm Mell of Scalby,
12/03/1749Richard Terry of Blacktoft,
26/03/1750Moudy son of Ann Brown of Blacktoft,
28/03/1750Edward Willson of Blacktoft,
28/03/1750Mary da of Robt Bossel of Staddlethorpe,
30/03/1750David son of Ralph Scott of Blacktoft
15/08/1750Frances wife of John Scolah of Scalby,
03/09/1750Ruth wife of Robt Bouthby of Blacktoft,
11/09/1750Thomas son of Robt Bouthby of Blacktoft,
24/09/1750John Watson of Scalby
20/10/1750Ann wife of Wm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
26/01/1751Ann da of John Harrison of Blacktoft,
29/01/1751John son of Robt Bossell of Staddelthorpe,
28/02/1751Elizabeth da of John Tuke of Staddelthorp,
10/04/1751Mary Farr of Scalby,
06/07/1751Elizabeth da of John Tuke of Staddelthorpe
08/09/1751Mary da of John Dudding of Scalby,
23/09/1751Willm Mell of Scalby,
02/12/1751Richd Talor of Blacktoft,
25/12/1751Ann da of Richd Dudding of Scalby,
The date & Calendar altered-
24/09/1752Hannah Much of Cheapsides near Scalby
06/04/1753Sarah wife of Robt Bussel of Staddelthorp,
Burials, 1754.
19/01/1754Garvis Smith of Blacktoft,
19/01/1754Richd son of Widdow Taylor of Blacktoft,
18/02/1754Meriah da of Robt Thompson of Newton,
25/05/1754Margaret Dudding of Scalby,
13/10/1754Meriah da : of Richd Thorp of Blacktoft,
14/11/1754Mary da of John Boys of Newton,
01/03/1756Richd son of Richd Thorp of Blacktoft,
27/09/1756John Scolah of Scalby,
10/12/1756Sarah da of Saml Green of Blacktoft,
22/06/1757Ann Fairbank of Blacktoft,
10/05/1758Sarah da of Ralph Scott of Blacktoft,
28/09/1758Ellin wife of Robt Thompson of Scalby,
09/11/1758Robt Bouthby of Blacktoft,
28/01/1758Alice da of John Hessey of Staddelthorp,
21/02/1758John Bouthby of Blacktoft,
19/07/1759Thomas Seaton of Clemberthorp,
18/08/1759Margaret wife of Wm Reaby of Blacktoft,
30/11/1759Robert Bossell of Blacktoft,
23/01/1759Mary Watson of Gilberdike (par Eastrington),
15/02/1759Mary wife of Robert Reader of Blacktoft,
176/02/1759wife of Robert Reader of Blacktoft,
10/04/1759Richd Hodgson of Thornton Land,
13/05/1759Mary Grundhill of Scaulby,
08/06/1761Robert son of Mr Wm Tennison of Thornton House,
24/06/1761Philap Ellit of Par : of Carlton,
26/08/1761Troath da of Wm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
29/08/1761Troath wife of Wm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
25/10/1761Troath Hodgson of Thornton Land,
13/12/1761George son of John Hessey of Staddelthorp,
10/01/1761George son of John Lyon, Staddelthorp,
21/03/1761Robert Leavens of Owsthorp Par Eastrington,
Burials, 1762.
22/06/1762Joanna da of Thos Leavens of Staddelthorp,
01/10/1762John Watson of Clemberthorp,
10/11/1762John Seaton of Staddelthorp,
24/11/1762Willm son of Wm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
26/02/1762Isabel wife of John Walkington of Scaulby,
03/03/1762Joan wife of John Hall of Owsthorp par Eastrington,
10/04/1763Jane da of John Blackbourn of Blacktoft,
19/04/1763Jane Tayler of Blacktoft,
14/06/1763Sarah wife of Thomas Brown of South Cave,
21/06/1763John Tuke of Blacktoft,
28/06/1763Richard Skin of Cheapsides nere Scalby,
07/07/1763Mary da of Thos Brown of South Cave,
23/08/1763Jane wife of Robt Leavitt of Cheapsides nere Scaulby,
24/09/1763Ann wife of George Read of Newton,
28/12/1763Mary Bouthby of Blacktoft,
08/01/1763Meriah da of John Hessey of Staddlethorp,
29/04/1764George son of Mary Thompson of Cheapsides near Scalby,
24/06/1764Ann da of John Colston of Faxfleet par S. Cave,
22/10/1764Thomas son of Richd Thorp of Faxfleet, Par S. Cave,
06/11/1764Sarah wife of Thos Elliss of Faxfleet,
18/02/1764John Holmes of Thornton House,
31/03/1764Joseph Mell of Staddelthorp,
06/11/1765Hannah da of Wm Leaper of Gowthorp,
05/12/1765Elianor da of Wm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
23/01/1765Ann Bossell of Blacktoft,
23/04/1766Joseph son of Mr Wm Tennison of Thornton House,
25/06/1766Mary wife of John Colston of Faxfleet,
19/08/1766Willm Holmes of Blacktoft,
23/01/1766Mary Rood of Newton,
23/05/1767Willm Atkinson of Gowthorp,
29/05/1767Willm son of Jonathan Sissons of Staddelthorp,
19/10/1767Thos & Hannah son & da of Mr Abraham Eland of Thornton House,
31/01/1767Sarah da of Wm Leaper of Gowthorp,
30/03/1767Thos Tuke of Thornton Land,
Burials, 1768.
17/11/1768Thos Hodgson of Thornton Land,
20/11/1768Thos son of John Hessey of Staddelthorpe,
15/01/1768Margaret Empson of Scaulby,
21/06/1769John Colston of Faxfleet,
16/09/1769Elizabeth da of Wm Coplay of Dryfield,
19/09/1769Jane wife of Wm Thompson of Scaulby,
04/01/1769Jane wife of John Boys of Gilberdike,
07/05/1770Elizabeth da of John Blackburn of Blacktoft,
05/07/1770Wm Thompson of Scalby,
22/07/1770Colston son of James Lee of Faxfleet,
28/08/1770Mary Mell of Newton,
29/08/1770Sarah & Robert da & son of George Wise Nurse of Staddelthorp,
08/07/1771Robt Thompson of Newton nere Scalby,
23/08/1771Isaac son of George Wise Nurse of Staddlethorp,
07/11/1771Richd Boase of Blacktoft,
05/12/1771Willm Holmes of Blacktoft,
11/12/1771Mrs Barbara Hodgson of Scalby,
??/02/1771Susanna wife of Jonathan Sissons of Staddelthorp,
22/03/1771Robert Thompson of Scalby,
07/06/1772Thos Waud of Scalby,
15/12/1772Ralph Scott of Blacktoft,
12/04/1773John Dudding of Scalby,
28/09/1773Ann da of John Leavens of Blacktoft,
06/10/1773Abraham son of Mr Abraham Eland of Thornton House,
26/10/1773William son of Joseph Coats of Blacktoft,
28/06/1774Joseph son of Edward Jewit of Staddelthorp,
17/08/1774Willm Me11 of Newton,
22/09/1774Mary wife of Wm Haldenby of Gowthorp,
14/11/1774Joan Leavens of Blacktoft,
07/01/1774Mary wife of John Jackson of Blacktoft,
07/02/1774Zebulon son of John Jackson of Blacktoft,
21/03/1774John Parrat drown'd at the new river,
Burials, 1775.
06/04/1775James son of John Watson of Clemberthorpe,
28/02/1775Hannah da of John Haldenby of Blacktoft,
17/03/1775Mary Longbones of Blacktoft,
28/07/1776Jane da of Mr Jonn Sissons of Staddlethorpe,
??/08/1776Hannah da of Mr Jonn Sissons of Staddlethorpe,
23/03/1776Sarah Boase of Blacktoft,
17/04/1777John Walkington of Scalby,
03/06/1777Abraham son of Mr Abm Eland of Thornton House,
04/10/1777Edward Jewitt of Staddelthorp,
10/05/1778Ann wife of John Hessey of Staddelthorpe,
28/09/1778Joanna da of John Leavens of Blacktoft,
25/02/1778Thos son of Richd Hessey of Staddelthorp,
12/03/1778Mary Waud of Gilberdike,
23/04/1779Anthony Colver of Cheapsides near Scalby,
12/10/1779Reabecah the wife of George Bell of Scalby,
15/10/1779Ann the wife of John Duding of Scalby,
09/12/1779Charles son of John Duding of Scalby,
22/02/1780William son of Richard Robison, Blacktoft,
17/10/1780Dorothy da of Jane Holmes, Sandholme,
13/11/1780Ann da of George Macey, Faxflet,
Burials, 1781.
08/01/1781Thomas Chaplin, Faxflet,
08/03/1781John son of John Leavans, Blacktoft,
02/04/1781Elizabeth Haldenby, Blacktoft,
17/04/1781Elizabeth wife of Richard Duding, Scalby,
(End of Book 2.)
Burials in 1781.
16/05/1781Buried Samuel son of David Simpson of Scalby
20/05/1781Buried Benjamin son of Wm Pits of Scalby
16/06/1781Buried Barralla son of Samuel Ellah of Cheapside
22/06/1781Buried Peter son of Samuel Ella of Cheapside
09/08/1781Buried Anthony son of Anthony Steele of Scalby
09/08/1781Buried Mary da of Anthony Steele of Scalby
09/08/1781Buried James Mills of Scalby
Burials in 1782.
01/04/1782Buried Mary wife of Richard Robison of Blacktoft
13/06/1782Buried John Hessey of Staddlethorpe
30/06/1782Buried Robt son of John Leavens of Blacktoft
18/12/1782Buried John Dolanson of Blacktoft
Burials in 1783.
10/02/1783Burd John son of the above John Dolanson of Blacktoft
25/02/1783Burd Ann widow of John Dolanson
10/03/1783Burd Marmaduke Langden, Parish Clerk
31/08/1783Burd John son of John Leavens of Blacktoft
29/09/1783Burd Richard Robison brought from Laughton in Lincolnshire
26/10/1783Burd Margret wife of Richard Thorpe of Faxfleet
30/11/1783Burd Margaret da of Richard Hodgson of Thornton Land
10/12/1783Burd Richard Thorpe of Faxfleet
Burials in 1784.
08/01/1784Burd Robert son of Robert Snarr of Blacktoft
03/02/1784Burd Margret wife of William Briggs of Faxfleet
09/04/1784Burd John Tuke of Howden, died at Scalby
27/04/1784Burd David Scott of Blacktoft
21/09/1784Burd Sarah da of John Dudding of Scalby
28/11/1784Burd Thos son of Richard Hessey of Staddlethorpe
02/12/1784Burd Thos son of John Dudding of Scalby
29/12/1784Burd David son of David Cramby of Heyham Lodge
Buried in 1785.
16/03/1784Burd David Cramby of Heyham Lodge
16/09/1784Burd Richard son of Thos Haldenby of Blacktoft
Burials in 1786.
21/02/1786Burd John Batty of Yokefleet in the Par of Howden
09/05/1786Burd Lucy wife of Richard Hessey of Staddlethorpe
Burials in 1787.
07/06/1787Burd Robert Levitt of Cheapside a pauper (which place is extra parochial)
Burials in 1788.
12/02/1788Burd Mary Holmes of Blacktoft, a poor old widow
05/03/1788Burd Alice wife of Thomas Thorpe of Cheapside, a pauper
23/03/1788Mary Ann & Richard da & son of Richard Hodgson of
Thornton Land, were buried both in one grave
14/04/1788Mary da of Widow Dudding of Scalby
13/05/1788Ann Johnson of Blacktoft, widow, who commonly was called
Nanny Hart a pauper
12/09/1788Jane da of Abraham Eland of Thornton House
Burials in 1789.
08/01/1789Burd Mary da of William Jewitt of Staddlethorpe
20/03/1789Burd Ann Cramby, widow of the late David Cramby of Heyham
27/03/1789Hannah wife of George Massey of Faxfleet, a pauper
Burials in 1790.
25/01/1790Burd Elizabeth wife of George Massey of Faxfleet a Pauper
09/05/1790Burd Ann Langdale widow of Blacktoft, a Pauper
13/08/1790Burd Thos Wilson of Blacktoft, Shoemaker, died of a consumption
aged 31
21/08/1790Burd William son of Samuel Ellah of Cheapside
21/11/1790Burd Mr. Jonathan Sissons, Farmer, of Staddlethorpe
24/09/1790Burd Sarah Smith, Housekeeper to Mr. Richard Boase
Burials 1791.
05/01/1791Burd Mary da of Samuel Ellah of Cheapside
26/05/1791Burd Alathea da of Samuel Ellah of Cheapside
07/07/1791Burd Sarah Dudding of Scalby, widow
09/08/1791Burd Elizabeth wife of John Monks of Heyham Lodge
Burials in 1792.
06/02/1792Burd George Massey of Faxfleet, a Pauper
06/03/1792Burd Samuel Ellah of Cheapside, a Pauper
24/03/1792Burd Elizabeth da of Anthony Steele of Scalby
27/03/1792Burd William son of William Briggs of Faxfleet
14/05/1792Burd Solomon son of Solomon Scott of Blacktoft
19/05/1792Burl Mr. Richard Hodgson of Thornton Land
20/05/1792Burd Mary wife of James Creasey of Blacktoft
05/06/1792Burd John Beck of Staddlethorpe, Farmer, who died suddenly
upon the road as he was returning from Howden Market
Burials in 1793.
18/09/1793Burd Hannah Batty, widow of the late John Batty of Yokefleet
Burials in 1794.
06/04/1794Burd Mary da of John Thorpe of Scalby and servant to Mrs
Hodgson of Thornton Land
05/06/1794Robert son of John White of Thornton Land
05/06/1794John Magnus a Native of Denmark who was drowned on Sunday
7th Septr as he was passing Trent Mouth in his way from
York to Hull in the Bonny Boatman's Boat belonging to the
Trinity House at Hull: he was wash'd up near Thornton
Land and was buried at Blacktoft on Friday 26th Septr 1794
after the Coroner & his Jury had taken an inquest upon the body
N.B. He seemed to be about 25 years of age
21/11/1794Burd Mary infant da of John Leaper of Yokefleet
01/12/1794Burd Thomas son of John Newham of Blacktoft
Burials in 1795.
18/01/1795Burd The son of Thos Haldenby of Blacktoft
18/03/1795Burd Thos son of Richard Goadby of Blacktoft
07/06/1795Burd Mr Abraham Eland of Thornton House
30/08/1795Burd Nanny da of John Reynolds of Blacktoft
11/09/1795Burd Timothy Rymer, a sailor was drowned in the Humber and
was buried at Blacktoft after the Coroner had taken an inquest
Burials in 1796.
22/02/1796James Millers of Staddlethorpe aged 40
17/03/1796John son of Solomon Scott, Parish Clerk
24/03/1796Richard son of John Smith of Blacktoft aged 16
11/04/1796Ann da of Wm Lund of Faxfleet
10/05/1796Ann da of John White of Thornton Land
11/05/1796Mary & Hannah das of William Lund of Faxfleet, both buried in one grave
18/06/1796John Monks of Heyham Lodge aged 64
26/07/1796Harriot da of John Newham of Blacktoft
12/09/1796Bernard Lee died at Staddlethorpe and buried at Blacktoft. he was son of .... Lee of Bubwith
Burials in 1797.
01/05/1797John Thorpe of Scalby aged 61 years
01/05/1797Sarah wife of John Mell of Newton aged 63 years
08/05/1797William son of Richard Carlton of Newton
24/09/1797William White of Staddlethorpe aged 63 years
Burials in 1798.
25/01/1798Hannah Lambert of Fishlake, widow died and was buried at Blacktoft
05/02/1798William son of John White of Thornton Land
02/03/1798Ann wife of Thos Haldenby of Blacktoft aged 34 years
15/03/1798Nanny da of John Newham of Blacktoft
30/03/1798The Batty of Howden Dyke aged 32 years
02/04/1798Wm son of John Newham of Blacktoft
07/05/1798Elizabeth da of John Newham of Blacktoft
28/05/1798James son of Samuel Booth of Staddlethorpe
04/10/1798Hannah da of John Newham of Blacktoft
Burials in 1799.
03/05/1799Vincent Clarke of Blacktoft aged 52 years
03/05/1799Richard Dudding of Scalby aged 79 years
26/11/1799Elizabeth Massey, a pauper of Blacktoft aged 22 years
Burials in 1800.
30/03/1800Patience Jaaram of Cheapside died in childbed aged 27 years
09/06/1800John Newham of Blacktoft Labourer aged 45 years
18/08/1800James son of the late Thos Wilson of Blacktoft aged 14 yrs
Burials in 1801.
18/01/1801Mary White, widow, of Staddlethorpe aged 63 years
27/05/1801Richard son of Richard Boase of Thornton Land aged 4 years and 6 months
14/12/1801George Lee, who died at Staddlethorpe : he was brother to
Barnard Lee who was buried at Blacktoft Septr 12, 1796. vide Register
Burials in 1802.
08/02/1802John & James, Twin sons of William Smart of Eight and Forty
27/06/1802Jonathan son of Robert White of Staddlethorpe aged 3 years
11/08/1802Hannah Tuke, widow of the late John Tuke of Blacktoft aged 81 years
05/09/1802Isabella da of Solomon Scott, Parish Clerk
Burials in 1803.
10/07/1803Joseph Coates of Gowthorpe aged 63 years
10/08/1803Mary, widow of Jonathan Sissons of Staddlethorpe aged 69
07/11/1803Elizabeth da of Christopher Blackburn of Yokefleet aged s month
11/12/1803Hannah da of William Lund of Faxfleet
12/12/1803John MrKeaine, a Scotchman who died at Wm Hudson's at Nine and forty
Burials in 1804.
06/03/1804John Jarvis of Blacktoft aged 42 years
20/03/1804Elizabeth Millers of Staddlethorpe aged 61 years
08/05/1804Ann the wife of Richard Goatby of Staddlethorpe aged 45 years
26/05/1804Mark son of Francis Marshall of Blacktoft aged 1 year
28/05/1804Hannah da of Widow Jarvis of Blacktoft aged year
31/05/1804Wm son of Robert Brown of Blacktoft aged 1 year
24/06/1804Ann da of William Taylor of Blacktoft aged 2 years
15/07/1804Christopher Boothby of Blacktoft aged 62 years
20/10/1804Mr Richard Boase of Thornton Land aged 7o years
Burials in 1805
13/04/1805James son of John Parkin near Heyham Lodge aged 1 year
20/05/1805George son of William Bramman of Barlby aged 13 years
06/07/1805Frances Dudding of Scalby, a singlewoman aged 36 years
06/07/1805William son of Wm Leaper of Yokefleet aged 36 years
22/07/1805James son of Thos Parkin of Eight & Forty aged 3 months
28/10/1805John son of Sarah Scott of Yokefleet aged 3 weeks
29/10/1805Elizabeth widow of the late Robert Levett of Cheapsides aged 85 years
Burials in 1806
15/01/1806Samuel Wriglesworth of Hull Mariner drowned near Blacktoft
02/03/1806John son of Robert Wells of Eight & Forty aged 1 year
30/07/1806Charles son of Thos Wheldrake near Faxfleet aged near 3 years
17/12/1806Frances wife of John Lister Blacktoft aged 42
Burials, 1807.
10/03/1807Margaret widow of Richard Boase Thornton Land aged 54
02/12/1807Sarah Scott, widow, Yokefleet aged 85
Burials, 1808.
05/01/1808Anne wife of Thomas Leaper, Farmer, Yokefleet aged 43
01/06/1808Judas Hurst, Bachelor, Blacktoft aged 63
Burials in 1809.
08/05/1809Mr William Atkinson, Schoolmaster at Blacktoft aged 60
14/10/1809Ann Smith, widow, South Cave aged 82 years
14/10/1809William Taylor, Tailor, Blacktoft aged 69 years
Burial, 1810.
02/01/1810John Dudding, Farmer, Wholsey, P of Holme aged 63
Burials, 1811.
04/03/1811Nanny wife of Thomas Baines of Blacktoft aged 32
06/03/1811Ann wife of John Sissons of Scalby aged 39 years
03/05/1811William Thomas of Scalby aged 29 years
02/06/1811William son of William Lund, Faxfleet, aged 10 years
02/07/1811Elizabeth da of George Smith, Yokefleet, Infant
Burials, 1812.
15/03/1812Samuel Lea of Blacktoft aged 39 years
12/05/1812Sarah da of John & Sarah Hirst Blacktoft aged 12
09/06/1812Hannah da of late Wm Thomas Scalby aged
15/07/1812William Jewitt, Staddlethorpe, Farmer aged 49 years
17/07/1812Robert son of John & Sarah Hirst, Blacktoft aged 15 years
23/09/1812Robert son of Joseph & Sarah Carr Blacktoft aged 1 year

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson
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