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BLACKTOFT: Transcription of the Blacktoft Marriages - Marriages 1700-1812.

Transcription of the Blacktoft Marriages - Marriages 1700-1812.

DateName(s) and relationship
Marriages, 1700.
02/04/1700John Hicks and Margaret Taylour,
28/07/1700Simon Holms and Frances Audus,
20/01/1700Thomas Holms and Anne Tindal,
Marriages, 1701.
12/01/1701Robert Gibson & Catharine Cotham,
16/06/1701John Creaser & Mary Walkington,
27/11/1701John Thompson & Elizabeth Andrew,
20/01/1701William Hotham & Gilian Nelson,
Marriages, 1702.
26/04/1702Thomas Blithe and Mary Sawer,
12/11/1702Robert Freeman and Mary Archer,
26/11/1702Will Porris & Elizabeth Peart,
Marriages, 1703.
03/04/1703Robert Coggrave & Anne Rotheram,
08/04/1703John Watson & Frances Nelson,
17/08/1703William Jennings and Anne Bradley,
28/02/1703Timothy Goldwell and Anne Onion,
Marriages, 1704.
02/05/1704Thomas Blackbourn & Elizabeth Bovile, married
28/11/1704Josias Bayley & Mary Ayre, married
19/02/1704John Watson & Ellenour Stephenson, married
Marriage, 1706.
26/11/1706Thomas Brigham & Anne Ellyson, married
Will Harris, Curate
Marriages, 1707.
13/07/1707William Ellyson & Mary Jewinson, married
18/09/1707Gervase Copley & Deborah Gates, married
16/12/1707William Holms & Alice Caley, married
30/12/1707William Brewer & Anne Holms, married
Marriages, 1709.
20/06/1709William Hotham & Elizabeth Wright, married
29/11/1709Will Ellyson & Dorothy Francis, married
Marriages, 1710.
04/05/1710Samuel Goodall & Ellenour Peart, married
John Dawson, Senr. gent. of Newbald, married about Martinmas
Marriages, 1711.
17/05/1711John Hewet & Mary Freeman, married
24/11/1711John Lawn & Anne Dolphin, married
Marriages, 1712.
07/11/1712John Webster & Peace Hebdon, married
09/01/1712Mathew Ashton & Alice Gyles, married
Marriage, 1713.
16/04/1713John Threrilkard & Ellin Mason, married
Marriages, 1714.
10/06/1714Robert Cambell & Alice Holmes, married
13/11/1714John Smyth & Mary Bouthby, married
13/11/1714Robt Guildyard & Ann Drabb married,
25/11/1714John Cnapton & Eliz Barker,
21/12/1714Richard Colber & Anna Simson, married
19/06/1714Lennard Arlinge & Ellen Car,
Marriages, 1715.
23/06/1715Wm Holmes of Thornton Lands, Farmer & Mary Pinder of Blacktoft, spinster
24/11/1715Robert Smith of Blacktoft Labr & Mary Bellamy spr,
Marriages, 1716.
02/08/1716Joseph Thomson of North Cave & Mary Bellamy, married
27/12/1716Robt Buttle of Clemathorp & Martha Bradforth of Stadlethorp,
Marriages, 1717.
19/05/1717Robert Wollas & Mary Norse both of Eastrington,
26/12/1717Wm Collower & Rose Bregs both of Scalby, mard
26/12/1717John Enddick & Ellen Watsen both of Scalby,
Marriages. 1719
04/02/1719Antony Gye & Ann Houchon (? Hodgson), married
27/11/1719John Watson & Mary Adamson, married
Marriages. 1720
04/08/1720Thomas Leister & Elizabeth Whithead, married
07/08/1720Robert Wolles (Cavell Hall) & Anne Hivveson
Marriages, 1722.
04/06/1722Page Torn ......of Gowthorp were married
12/10/1722Mary Forth (both of this parish) married
13/12/1722son & Mary Hurdsman (both of this parish) married
18/04/1723Richd Hemlock & Alice Cammell (both of this parish) married
23/04/1724Ralph Ruston of North Dalton & Mary Barker of Blacktoft, married
24/08/1724John Elathorp (par Houlden) & Ann Walcker of Scolby, married
12/11/1724Jarves Belamy & Ann Dodsworth, married
24/11/1724Thos Patrick of Blacktoft & Ann Thorp of Scalby, married
Marriages, 1725.
18/05/1725Henry Nutbrown of Spaldington par Buburth & Ann Cralkerd of Scalby,
29/06/1725John Morley of Eastrington & Alis Henlock of Scalby,
16/11/1725Robert Stevenson of Marcet Weton & Elizabeth Taler of Stadelthorpe,
10/04/1726James Longbone & Mary Hanson,
02/06/1726Henry Nutbrown &
01/12/1728Thomas Cetel (? Cattle) & Sarah Servinton,
29/04/1729Robart Prose & Ann Foster,
21/06/1729John Coulson & Mary Bowembrouth (? Bambrough),
05/08/1729John Thorp & Mary Blanchard,
05/11/1729George Thorp & Frances Grasbe,
29/11/1730William Peck & Ann Huntsman,
20/03/1731James Borton & Jane Coulby,
25/06/1732Robart Leavans & Jane Crease,
27/08/1732Nicklas Waltan & Ann Tompson,
18/10/1733John Windell & Mary Keader,
15/11/1733Edward Tune & Rebecka Ryley,
27/11/1733Willm Hochisson & Ann bomebrouth (? Bambrough),
Rd Boase, parish clerk
23/04/1734William Colver & Ann Kemp,
07/07/1734Willm Young par Howden & Mary Mason Blacktoft,
25/12/1734Thos Smith par Howden & Elizabeth Cots this Par,
Marriages, 1735. None.
Marriages, 1736.
20/07/1736Robart Skin & Elizabeth Fish was marrd
25/12/1736Thomas Jesep & Mary Blackborn
15/06/1737Anne da of Wm Laborn
13/07/1737Mary Willson,
12/09/1737Robert Buttle,
06/10/1737Henry son of Henry Ward of Blacktoft,
06/12/1737Mary da of Wm Holmes of Blacktoft,
06/01/1737Abraham Hurst of Blacktoft,
12/02/1737John Tuke of Staddlethorp,
Marriages, 1738.
06/08/1738Richard Taylor & Ann Cressy, Blacktoft,
25/12/1738Paul Watkin & Mary Smith, Do.
18/02/1738John Johnson & Ann Hart, Do.
05/02/1739Thomas Lepor & Hannah Boase, Blacktoft,
Marriages, 1740.
23/04/1740John Borton, Eastrington & Sarah Awdos (par Howden),
18/08/1740William Thompson & Margrit Danel (Blacktoft),
16/10/1740John Scolan & Frances Varley (both Scalby),
12/11/1741Robart Holdenby & Elizabeth Mastarman, Blacktoft,
1742 none.
Marriages in the year 1743.
20/12/1743Wm Tate & Mary Watson both of Blacktoft,
27/12/1743Wm Aldam & Ann Peycock boath of Blacktoft,
08/01/1744Anthony Haldenby & Hannah Leaper boath of Blacktoft,
10/09/1745John Skin & Mary Lee both of Blacktoft
12/11/1745Robert Bossel & Sarah Kitchen both of Blacktoft,
02/05/1749Robt Ramzay & Hannah Coggrave,
12/03/1749Robt Thompson & Jane Bilbrouh both of Blacktoft,
11/12/1750Robt Bouthby & Ann Leavens both of Blacktoft,
Marriages, 1751.
02/05/1751Edward Blanchard, Par So : Cave & Isabell Seamor, par Howden,
02/07/1753Robert Bossel & Ann Willson, Boath of this parish,
02/07/1753Barnard Banks & Ann Jepherson both of this parish was married with licence,
08/10/1754Marmaduke Landale, Labourer & Ann Taylor, widow, both
of Blacktoft, by Banns. Matthew Witaker, Minister.
Richard Boase & Thomas Guy, witnesses
Banns published by J. Godmond between Richard Stather & Elis : Holsey
29/01/1756Jeremiah Holmes, Labourer & Ellin Goodall of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Jas Godmond, Vicar of Howden. Jacob Danser, Richd Thorp, witnesses
23/01/1758John Lyon & Elizabeth Watson of Blacktoft, by licence.
Jas Godmond, Richard Boase, John Lyon, witnesses
13/06/1758William Atkinson & Troth Hodgson Blacktoft, by licence,
Tho Bowman, Vicar. John Tuke, Richd Boase, witnesses
21/12/1758John Hall P : of So : Cave, Husbandman, and Joan Leavens
of Blacktoft, by Banns. Jas Godmond Richd Boase & Thos Leavens, witnesses
20/02/1759John Watson & Ann Hodgson, Par of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Bowman, Vicar. Richd Hodgson, Richd Boase, witnesses
23/10/1759William Stephenson, par Eastrington & Catharine Colston
(par Blacktoft) by Banns. Thos Bowman, Vicar.
William Parrott, Thos Leavens, witnesses
Banns published between William Smith p. Eastrington & Elizabeth Cartridge p. Blacktoft
23/06/1761Thomas Brown (par So : Cave) & Sarah Boase (par Blacktoft, by Banns).
Geo. H. Paul, Curate of Welton.
Matthew Kirkman, Anthony Haldenby, witnesses
Banns published between Joseph Watson of Blacktoft and Mary Sparrow (par Eastrington)
02/12/1761John Cemp & Ann Langdale of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Richd Boase, Marmaduke Langdale, witnesses
28/12/1762William Thompson & Jane Goforth of Blacktoft, by Banns
Willm Leaper & Wm Atkinson, witnesses
06/01/1763William Dove par Howden & Mary Hodgson par Blacktoft, by licence.
John Tuke, Richd Boase, witnesses
11/03/1764George Rood & Mary Mell par Blacktoft, by Banns.
Richd Boase, Robart Wollas, witnesses
30/05/1764Stephen Clark (par Whitgift) & Elianor Reader (par Blacktoft) by Banns
11/12/1764George Cross (par Whitgift) & Ann Reader (par Blacktoft) by licence.
William Smith, Robert Reader, witnesses
20/03/1765Joseph Reader & Ryall Bayliff of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm. Leaper, Thos Leavens, witnesses
25/07/1765Robert Leavens of Blacktoft & Ann Horberry of Campsall, by licence.
Abraham Eland, Richard Boase, witnesses
25/12/1765William Dickinson & Amelia Newham of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Marmaduke Langdale & Chass Emmerson, witnesses
09/12/1766Thomas Smart & Elizabeth Kirby of Blacktoft, by Banns.
John King, John Kirby, witnesses
01/10/1767Robert Reader & Grace Brigham of Blacktoft, by Banns.
J. Mallis, Minister of Laxton, Rd Boase, Richd Brigham, witnesses
22/11/1767Joseph Coats & Ellen Jessop of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Richd Boase, Richd Hodgson, witnesses
17/01/1768John Mell & Sarah Lumb of Blacktoft, by Banns.
William Stathe, Richard Dudding, Witnesses
19/01/1769Robert Brown (par Howden) & Mary Waud (par Blacktoft) by licence.
Richd Boase & Rd Dudding, Witnesses
26/02/1769Richard Nichols & Hannah Wiley of Blacktoft, by licence.
Thos Bowman, Vicar. Richd Boase, Abm Eland, Witnesses
06/03/1770William Bristow & Joyce Johnson of Blacktoft, by Banns.
James Forster, Vicar. Richd Boase, Thos Leavens, Witnesses
11/02/1772Eli Russam (par Bubwith) & Jane Langdale of Cheapside, by Banns.
T. Dawson, Minister. Sarah Langdale, Benjamin Vidas, Witnesses
25/02/1772George Massey of Bubwith, Widower, & Hannah Stather
of Blacktoft, Widow, by Banns. The Leavens, John Haldenby, Witnesses
09/08/1772John Woaks par Eastrington & Ann Belt of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Christ Chester, Abraham Eland, Witnesses
24/05/1773Jonathan Baul & Mary Penrose of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Richd Boase, Ann Leavens, John Williamson, Witnesses
29/06/1773John Smith & Elizabeth Haldenby of Blacktoft, by licence.
T. Dawson, Minister. John Haldenby, Frances Shores, Jonn Sissons, Witnesses
10/01/1775Richard Hessay & Lucy Knapton of Blacktoft, by licence.
Jas Forster, Vicar of Brantingham and Blacktoft.
Matthew Knappy, Rd Boase, Jno Haldenby, and John Sargantson, Witnesses
29/08/1775John Haldenby & Ann Leavens of Blacktoft, by licence.
Thos Leavens, Wm Leaper, John Smith, Witnesses
02/07/1778John Monks par Hemingbrough & Elisabeth Jewitt par
Blacktoft, by licence. Rd Boase, Jonan Sissons, Witnesses
16/02/1779Thomas Mitchell par Skipwith & Barbara Watson par Blacktoft,
by licence. Jas Forster, Vicar.
John Watson, David Craven, Eliza Blyth, & Jane Howdle, Witnesses
01/06/1779Richard Robinson & Margaret Hessey of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Ann Nicholson, Richd Boase, William Robinson, Hardy Robinson, Witnesses
03/10/1780Richard Clark of Blacktoft & Hannah Long of Howden, by Banns
24/04/1781Francis North of Howden and Tabitha Jackson of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Rudd, Vicar of Eastrington.
Marmaduke Langdale, George Featon, Witnesses
29/11/1781James Creasey & Mary Forster of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Rudd. Mary Nicholson, Ann Sissons, Witnesses
04/07/1782Robert Soul, Husbandman, & Elizabeth Featherstone,
Spinster, of Blacktoft, by Banns. Geo Cumpstone, Curate of Howden.
John Grainger, John Best, Wm Gardam, Witnesses
11/07/1782Robert Snarr & Agatha Turner of Blacktoft, by licence.
The Rudd, Eastrington. A. Nicholson, M. Nicholson, Hardy Robinson, Witnesses
04/08/1782John Newham & Mary Lambert of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Rudd. Wm Nicholson, A. Nicholson, Witnesses
06/05/1783Robert Garton, Blacktoft & Ann Wilberfoss, by Banns.
Jas Forster, Vicar. Mary Eland, John Eland, Witnesses
The following were registered after the Act took place
01/12/1783John Dudding, Widower, & Barbara Fielder, Spinster,
Blacktoft, by licence. Thos Brown, Minister,
Jonn Sissons, Richd Hodgson, Witnesses
05/01/1784Thomas Haldenby & Ann Jefferson, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Richd Boase & John Haldanby, Witnesses
12/07/1784William Dallby, Farmer, Howden, and Mary Nicholson,
Spinster, Blacktoft, by licence. Jonn Sissons,
John Haldanby, Witnesses
18/04/1785William Lund, Howden, & Mary White, Spinster, Blacktoft, by Banns.
William Blanchard, Thos Haldenby, Witnesses
10/07/1785Joseph Stevenson, Howden, & Ann Featon, Spinster,
Blacktoft, by Banns. Rd Boase, Wm Leaper (Witnesses)
24/10/1785George Featon, Bachelor, Blacktoft, & Margaret Jackson,
Spinster, Do., by Banns. Richd Boase & Wm Dallby, Witnesses
25/07/1786John Ramsdale, Yeoman, Holme on Spalding Moor, &
Mary Eland of Thornton House, Spinster, by licence.
Wm Clarkson, John Eland, Wm Clark, Witnesses
05/10/1786John Freeman, Farmer, Bellasize, & Sarah Jewitt, Spinster,
Clementhorpe, by licence. John Simpson, Elizth
Freeman, William Whaplate, Witnesses
03/12/1786John Levitt & Susannah Clarke of Blacktoft by Banns.
Rd Boase, Thos Haldenby (Witnesses)
08/01/1787Edman Latham, of Thorpe, Barnby Dun, & Ann Nicholson,
Spinster, Blacktoft, by licence. Jonathan Sissons,
Jno Whitteron, Ann Sissons, Witnesses
27/05/1787Joseph Garsides & Ann Burnett, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Haldenby, Richd Sampson (Witnesses)
15/10/1787John Haynes of Cheapside & Jane Levitt, Do. (extra parochial),
by Banns. D. Gamon (Priest). Thos Brown, Saml Seger (Witnesses)
10/12/1787George Clough & Elizabeth Hurd, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thos Brown (Minister). Rd Boase, Thos Brown, Ann Sissons, Witnesses
24/12/1788Thomas Jackson & Hannah Cook of Blacktoft, by Banns.
Rd Boase, Wm Glew, Witnesses
19/04/1789John Epworth & Ann Smith, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Jas Tuke, George Epworth (Witnesses)
09/06/1789Robert Giddins, Eastrington, & Ann Norman, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Jno Reynolds, John Horst, Witnesses
25/11/1790Jonathan Wilson (So. Cave) & Mary Hunter (Blacktoft), by Banns.
Jas Tuke, John Hunter, Witnesses
21/12/1790John Hayhurst & Sarah Stockdale, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Francis Turner, Robt Snarr, Witnesses
10/01/1791Robert Brown & Thomasin Wilson, Blacktoft, by licence.
Robart Snarr, George Fowler, Witnesses
03/03/1791Joseph Clemitt, Howden, & Elizabeth Hobson, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm Leaper, Thos Haldenby, Robt Parrot, Witnesses
07/03/1791Jonathan Sissons, Farmer, Howden, & Mary Jewitt, Spinster,
Blacktoft, by licence. Thos Thorp, John Haldenby (Witnesses)
30/05/1791George Gelder & Ann Ainlay, Blacktoft, by Banns.
John Ainlay, John Anelay, Witnesses
22/12/1791Robert White, Blacktoft, & Mary Gillyot (Howden), by Banns.
Wm Leaper, Wm Jewitt, Witnesses
15/04/1792William Taylor & Hannah Handsome, Blacktoft by Banns
John Reynolds, The Haldenby, witnesses
25/04/1792Richard Hessey, widower, & Elizabeth Clough, widow,
Blacktoft, by Banns. Wm Hewett, John Sissons, W. Dallby, witnesses
15/05/1792Thomas Leaper (Howden), & Ann Sissons, spinster,
Blacktoft, by licence. Richd Boase, W. Dallby, Jno Haldenby (witnesses)
03/07/1792James Miller & Elizabeth Haldenby, Blacktoft, by Banns
W. Dallby, John Sissons, John Haldenby, (witnesses)
30/07/1792John Jarvis & Sarah Cook, Blacktoft, by licence.
Jno Reynolds, Solomon Scott, (Clerk), Witnesses
30/10/1792William Hewson & Mary Dudding, Blacktoft, by Banns.
W. Dallby, John Haldenby, witnesses
18/12/1792Rober Snarr & Ann Pears, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm Carr, Jon Bryan, witnesses
24/12/1792Benjamin Widdows (Eastrington), & Rebecca Stephenson,
Blacktoft, by Banns. Jno Bryan, Solomon Scott, (witnesses)
15/04/1794John Leaper (Howden) & Sarah Haldenby, Blacktoft by Banns.
Rd Boase, Wm Green, (witnesses)
27/04/1794Richard Goadby, Blacktoft, & Ann Savage, Eastrington, by Banns
10/08/1794John Sissons & Ann Eland, Blacktoft, by licence.
Elizabeth Jaques, W. Dallby, Robt Sissons, (witnesses)
15/09/1795William Willson & Ann Smith, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm Atkinson, The Haldenby, (witnesses)
21/10/1795Richard Boase, Batchelor, & Margret Hodgson, Widow,
Blacktoft, by licence. The Thorp, John Haldenby, witnesses
11/04/1796Samuel Booth, (So Cave), & Ann Throssle (Blacktoft), by Banns.
John Reynolds, Robert Sissons, (witnesses)
29/05/1797John Scaum & Margaret Elliss, Blacktoft, by Banns.
George Nill, Richard Hessey (Witnesses
15/03/1798John Batty & Elizabeth Thompson, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm Johnson, Leonard Bramman, Witnesses
25/02/1799Thomas Bains (Blacktoft) & Ann Hessey, of Holme, on
Spalding Moor, by Licence. Rd Robinson, John Hessey (Witnesses)
24/06/1799William Johnson (Shipton) & Mary Jackson (Blacktoft), by Banns.
Isabella Wilson, Thos Haldenby, Witnesses
09/07/1799Joseph Smith (Luddington) & Mary Jobson (Blacktoft), by Banns.
Joanna Leavens, Jonn Mitchell, The Haldenby, Witnesses
03/03/1800John Haigh & Mary Jackson, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Wm Haigh, Sarah Haigh, Thos Underwood, Witnesses
02/06/1800John Parrot & Eleanor Todd, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Thomas Haldenby, G. Chapman, Witnesses
05/11/1800Cornelius Gillyott, Batchelor, & Mary Newham, Widow,
Blacktoft, by Licence. Robt White & Solomon Scott, Witnesses.
09/03/1802John Sharp, West Alton, Lincoln, & Mary Haldenby,
of Blacktoft, by Licence.
Rd Boase, Christopher Blackburn, John Haldenby & Mary Wilson (Witnesses)
10/05/1803Robert Wells & Margaret Batty, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Solomon Scott, Geo. Chapman (Witnesses)
16/06/1803Thomas Mell (Eastrington) & Elizabeth Hopkinson
(Blacktoft), by Banns.
Geo. Chapman, John Leaper, Solomon Scott (Witnesses)
04/06/1804Charles Bell, South Cave, & Mary Newham, Blacktoft, by Banns
04/06/1804John Heailey & Hannah Ella, both of this parish, by Banns
29/11/1804John Scott & Ann Tindale, Blacktoft, by Banns.
George Scott, Richard Scott, Witnesses
08/01/1805William Waterhouse, Blacktoft & Catharine Oliver, Cheapside,
by Banns. Edwd Hodgson, Robert Brown, Witnesses
23/07/1806William Leak & Ann Lawton, Blacktoft by Banns.
Thos Brown, Minister. Wm Atkinson, Thos Leak, Witnesses
08/12/1806William Wawner & Hannah Benson, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Robert Poole, Curate. Wm Atkinson, Robert Nurse, Witnesses
31/03/1807Matthew Precious & Anne Guy, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Robert Poole, Curate. Richard Scruton, Robert Brown, Witnesses.
19/05/1808John Lister, Blacktoft, Innkeeper & Fanny Young, Blacktoft,
Spinster, by licence. William Jewitt, Saml Dunn, Witnesses
07/10/1809Joseph Sharp & Jane Milner, Cheapside, by Banns.
Robert Poole, Curate. Edwd Hodgson, Rt Hagyard, Witnesses
27/02/1810John Woad and Sarah Stainton, Blacktoft, by Banns.
Robt Poole, Curate. Sarah Hurst, Edwd Hodgson, Jno Watson, Witnesses
1812/06/1810Richard Levitt, North Cave & Mary Wressle, Blacktoft by Banns.
Thomas Allynson, Curate. Robert Brown, John Everatt, Witnesses

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson
© 2018