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Boynton parish:

Boynton, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars on the wall in the Church.

Vicars of Boynton

30 Sep. 1268StephenBy P & C 5 Jun. 1667Peter Levett
11 Aug. 1275Hugh de PokethorpBy P & C 2 Jun. 1673Thomas Collinson
11 Dec. 1287John de FolketonBy P & C 24 Dec. 1683William Kennion
17 Dec. 1306Robert de BurtonBy P & C 15 Oct. 1703Thomas Hodgson
?Thomas WylesBy P & C (He & successors also Vicars of Carnaby.)
10 Apr. 1361Adam de KylvyngtonBy P & C 22 Aug. 1728Nicholas Woffe
5 Sep. 1364Stephen ColmanBy P & C 12 Feb. 1751 John Knowsley
14 Jun. 1399Ralph de BottelomBy P & C 14 May. 1776Thomas Simpson
6 Jun. 1420John Osborn (Tantilyon)By P & C 29 Oct.1832Francis Simpson
11 Jan. 1441John KetyllBy P & C 1 Jan. 1841Francis Simpson
27 Dec. 1470Thomas GreshamBy P & C 1856Francis Simpson *3
31 Mar. 1483William GreneBy P & C 1869Cecil Henry Legard
5. Apr. 1489William PensthorpBy P & C 1880Coleman Ivens
28 Dec. 1501Thomas Herrisonby Assigns of P & C 10 Apr. 1913Geoffrey Seynour Lucy
11 Aug. 1521Robert TowersBy P & C 12 Dec. 1917Frederick Vernan White
13 May 1535William Marwyn M.A.By P & C (sworn) May-29Henry Lawrance
23 Jul. 1564Anthony Kyngeby Queen Elizabeth I 6 Jul. 1946James Edmund Strickland
11 Apr. 1588Thomas Bartonby Queen Elizabeth I 1950John William Lamb *4
11 Sep. 1594George Browne *1Queen Elizabeth I 25 Jan.1962David Sewell Hawkins *5
20 Jan. 1602John Mannymge Queen Elizabeth I 6 Dec 1963David Sewell Hawkins
16 Mar. 1603Thomas Tessimondby King James I (He & successors Incumbents of Unitd Benefice
19 Mar. 1621Jeremiah Hazell *2Walter Strickland of Rudston, Grindale and Ergham with Boynton)
13 May.1625John Hepburn  9 Sep. 1968Eric Dancy
24 May 1628Peter Thompson  2 Apr. 1971Eric Dancy
1636?Simon Langthorne(intruded) Incumbent of United Benefice of Rudston with Boynton
1663John Smelt 
P & C signifies The Prior & Convent of Bridlington.

Data transcribed by
Lucie Hinson
from photography by Colin Hinson