Bridlington parish:


Bridlington, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The A Squadron (see also Photo)

A SQUADRON Sgt E Wilson Tpr T Worsley
Tpr W Seasman Cpl G E Newell Tpr S Flynn
Tpr P Sharpe Lt R G H Unwin Sgt J Littlewood
Tpr G Sheppard Tpr E Peterson Tpr A H Goss
Tpr G Pollard Tpr H Richardson Tpr T Gregory
Tpr T Hollis Cpl R Clegg Tpr J Leroux
Tpr G Slack Lcpl F Moss Tpr A H Randles
Tpr S Walton Tpr F Sibbring Sgt D Hemming
Tpr H Tingle Tpr R Slocombe Cpl P Roach
Sgt R Cotterall Sgt E Oldham Tpr D J Clark
Tpr D Dean Lcpl T Hunter Tpr J Eyres
Lt L Cotterell Tpr J Stock Tpr P Parkinson
Lcpl R Williams Tpr A Withers Tpr L Larcombe
Tpr R Collins Capt R Hart Tpr W Pope
Tpr C Smith Tpr C V Jolliffe Tpr B Sacco
Tpr R J Cheshire Sgt T K Roberts Sgt C Patrick
Tpr J E Stenner Lcpl J Gearing Tpr R Hutchinson
Sgt B Drysdale Tpr T S Mather Cpl G E Hoggart
Tpr P Jordan Tpr J Roche Lcpl B Taylor
Tpr J Marwood Tpr S Wassall Tpr G Pugh
    Lcpl P Wheway

B Squadron and HQ Squadron (see also Photo)

Maj H LeGrand D.S.O. Tpr J H Insley Sgt L Scott
Cpl J Adams Tpr K W Lane Cpl P T Clancy
Lcpl L W Ball Sgt A McConnell Sgt C Dale
Sgt G Bateman Tpr L W Malbon Tpr P Lloyd
Tpr J Brown Tpr D G Manders Tpr E Foulkes
Tpr T Boal Cpl A P Packman Sgt H Lowis
Tpr K P Chaney Tpr G Pearce Cpl E Edwards
Capt R G Clark Tpr G Plant Cpl G Peekie
Tpr R E Cutting Lcpl J Raper Lt J B Cornwall
Cpl H J Edkins Tpr B Richardson Tpr G T Baker
Tpr J M Forbes Tpr P Richardson Tpr J Weston
Lcpl C Franklin Tpr F L Robinson Tpr P Whittaker
Tpr F Gibbons Tpr J Sawyer Cpl F Greenwood
Tpr G Hanson Tpr J Stebbings Tpr G J Epathite
Lieut P G Helyar Sgt W White Tpr H Arne
Tpr L Hiscock   Tpr H Haigh
    Lcpl G Hayes
    Tpr G Balding
    Tpr A Bristoll
    Tpr A Phillips
    Rev G Taylor A.I.C.

(see also Photo)

1944 1945

26.6.44L/CHogg, E. P.K.I.A.
27.6.44TprChestney, W. P.K.I.A.
TprGlanville, W.L. K.I.A.
TprThorpe, R.J.M. K.I.A.
TprRedding, C. P.K.I.A.
18.7.44TprAshley, S. K.I.A.
TprBlundell, T.A. K.I.A.
TprBurrows, R. K.I.A.
TprCallender, T. K.I.A.
TprDegg, H. K.I.A.
TprHillier, B. K.I.A.
SgtHorrobin, B. P.K.I.A.
TprMarsden, H. P.K.I.A.
SgtMcIntosh, D. K.I.A.
LtPratt, M.A. P.K.I.A.
L/CRoberts, J. K.I.A.
MajorShebbeare, W.C.S. P.K.I.A.
TprStevens, W. K.I.A.
TprWood, J. K.I.A.
19.7.44SgtWebster, J.R. K.I.A.
4.8.44SgtBeresford, G.H. K.I.A.
TprCooper, A.E.T. K.I.A.
TprCull, S.M. K.I.A.
TprSives, R.M. K.I.A.
6.8.44TprBeazley, S. K.I.A.
TprDanks, C. K.I.A.
TprHarrison, A.R. K.I.A.
LtRobson, P.J.W. K.I.A.
14.8.44TprMoore, C. K.I.A.
TprTerry, A.E. K.I.A.
16.8.44LtTreanor, P.M. K.I.A.
4.9.44TprBushnell, J.K. K.I.A.
TprCook, R. K.I.A.
LtEvans, R.H. K.I.A.
TprWatts, A.E. K.I.A.
9.9.44TprSarson, C.T. K.I.A.
19.10.44LtTurner, F.M. K.I.A.
22.10.44TprGeorge, T. K.I.A.
4.11.44TprNewton, E.C. K.I.A.
TprWinster, M.R. K.I.A.

The above links to the Commonwealth War Grave Commission site
were researched by Lewis Wood in 2010. Lewis points out that
there are a few discrepancies between this memorial plaque and
the CWGC web-site.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson