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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BRIDLINGTON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, High Street, Bridlington, Ann Thompson, Post mistress.

Miscellany of trades

  • B.Q. at the end of an address signify Bridlington Quay.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy,

  • Agars Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Agars Mr. George, High st
  • Atkinson Miss Ann, Market place
  • Beavais Mr. Jos. Thos. Kirk green
  • Benson Rev. Joseph, Quay road
  • Blackburn Mrs. Bridlington quay
  • Bosville Alex. Wm. esq. Thorp hall
  • Boyes Mr. Francis, High st
  • Boynton Sir Henry, bart. Burton Agnes
  • Bramley Mr. Rd. West parade, B.Q.
  • Champion Mrs. Ann, Prospect row
  • Clubley Mr. Robert, Westgate
  • Coates Mrs. Mary, Cliff house, B.Q.
  • Coverley Mrs. Ellen, High st
  • Coverley Francis, esq. Market place
  • Coverley Mr. John, Prospect row
  • Coverley Samuel, esq. High st
  • Davison Mr. Robt. West parade, B.Q.
  • Dorrington Mr. Richard, Westgate
  • Greame John, esq. Sewerby house
  • Greame Yarburgh, esq. (magistrate) Sewerby house
  • Harding John, esq. Field house, B.Q.
  • Harland Mrs. Margaret, Westgate
  • Harness Rev. Robert, Westgate
  • Hobson Miss Sarah, Baylegate
  • Hodgson Mr. John, Church green
  • Kendall Rev. William, Kirkgate
  • Lawrey Mr. Robert, High st
  • Lawrey Mr. William, High st
  • Lonsdale Mr. Francis, King st, B.Q
  • Major Mr. Francis, High st
  • Major Mrs. Mary, High st
  • Milne Mrs. Elizbh. Queen st, B.Q.
  • Milner Mrs. Mary, High st
  • Nicholson Mr ---, Quay road
  • Nixon Mr. John, St. John st
  • Ogle Mrs. Elizabeth, Prospect row
  • Plummer Mr. Christopher, High st
  • Porter Mr. Robert, Prospect row
  • Preston Robt. esq. Prospect st, B.Q.
  • Rickaby Charles, esq. Prince st, B.Q.
  • Savage Mr. James, Prospect row
  • Savage Mr. William, Cliff, B.Q.
  • Sedman Mr. William, Prospect row
  • Smith Rev. George, Kirkgate
  • Strickland Sir Geo. bart. M.P. Boynton
  • Taylor Mr. Bryan, Westgate
  • Wade Mr. Henry, St. John st
  • Walmsley John, esq. Flamborough
  • Walmsley Miss, Prospect row
  • Ward Mrs. Ruth, Quay road
  • White Misses Sarah & Jane, High st
  • Whitfield Mr. Thos. Harbour road

Academies and Schools,

  • Coates James, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Frankish Grace, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Grammar School --- John Linskill, master
  • Hodgson Ann (knitting) Kirkgate
  • Hogg James (classical & mathematical) Chapel row, B.Q.
  • Holliday & Jacks (boarding) Prospect row
  • Infants' School, Baylegate --- Robert Winteringham, master ; Rachael Winteringham, mistress
  • Infants' School, Cliff st, Bridlington Quay --- Jn. Crane, master ; Mary Crane, mistress
  • Lamplough Mary, Prospect row
  • Langdale John (boarding) Market place
  • Maw John, Flamborough
  • National Schools --- Geo. Beswick, master ; Elizabeth Anderson, mistress
  • Stokell Ann, Back street
  • Traves Sarah, Flamborough


  • Harland Bryan Taylor, Westgate
  • Prickett Marmaduke & Son, Westgate
  • Smith William, Westgate
  • Taylor David, High st
  • Taylor Sidney, Westgate
  • Walker William, Market place
  • Wetwan George (and notary) High st and Prospect row, B.Q.


  • Allison & Milner, Market place
  • Furby & Forth, Market place
  • Hayzen Peter, King st, B.Q.

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Bullock Robert, King st, B.Q.
  • Elliott Joseph, Baylegate
  • Hobson Edward, High st
  • Leeson Samuel Knowles, King st, B.Q.
  • Machen John, Westgate
  • Mackerell Thomas (& biscuit) High st
  • Newton George, Flamborough
  • Speck John, King st, B.Q.


  • Harding John & Co. (Bridlington bank) Market place --- (draw on Sir John Lubbock & Co. London)
  • York Union Banking Company, Baylegate --- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London) --- Robert Davison, agent


  • Bell Peter, Westgate
  • Butterwick Wm. Promenade, B.Q.
  • Coates John, St. John st
  • Furby John, Back lane
  • Mainprize William, South Back lane
  • Traves Benton, Flamborough

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Forth William, High st
  • Furby & Pearson, High st

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Barnett Robert, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Bielby William, St. John st
  • Binning Francis, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Bullock Harland, King st, B.Q.
  • Coates John, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Coopland Francis, Westgate
  • Dixon George, Sewerby st
  • Dixon Thomas, High st
  • Fletcher James, High st
  • Harrington Thomas, Flamborough
  • Hewson William, Flamborough
  • Kidd Thomas, Market place
  • Lund William, High st
  • Nichols Charles, Bellgate
  • Nichols Thomas, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Nicholson Francis, Market place
  • Nicholson Robert, Flamborough
  • Pinder William, High st
  • Robson William, Flamborough
  • Tarbottom John, Westgate
  • Watson Robert, High st
  • Westerman Christopher, King st, B.Q.
  • Wild William, Flamborough
  • Wilkinson Isaac, Quay road

Braziers and Tin-Men,

  • Dale William, High st
  • Doeg James Henry, High st
  • Forth Benjamin, High st

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Bell William, St. John st
  • Furness Robert Hopwood, High st
  • Haggitt John, High st
  • Jewison John, New buildings, B.Q.
  • Nightingale Hannah, Kirkgate
  • Sawden and Rex, King street, B.Q.

Bricklayers & Stone Masons,

  • Barr Robert, Hunmanby road
  • Bishop William, St. John st
  • Colley John, Church green
  • Gray George, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Grundell Robison, St. John st
  • Hardy Patrick & Son, High st
  • Holderness William, High st


  • Barrett George, High st
  • Brambles Thomas, Bridlington Quay
  • Cape George, High st
  • Coates John, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Davison Vickerman, St. John st
  • Frost Henry & Geo. King st, B.Q.
  • Frost Sawdon, Pinfold st
  • Hardy John, High st
  • Harrison George, Baylegate
  • Headley Matthew, Flamborough
  • Hodgson William, King st, B.Q.
  • Hoggarth Anthony, Flamborough
  • Kay John, High st
  • Loadman George, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Owston Robert, Prospect row
  • Pool William, St. John st
  • Raywood Constable, St. John st
  • Speek Richard, King st, B.Q.
  • Taylor Geo. Queen st, B.Q,
  • Watson John, St. John st
  • Wormleighton William, Market place

Cabinet Makers,

  • Bielby Matthew, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Bielby William, St. John st
  • Ellis Burton, Market place
  • Forth Thomas, Market place
  • Seller William, Market place
  • Wardill Jonathan, King st, B.Q.

China, Glass, & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Chapman Ann, King st, B.Q.
  • Shields Robert, Market place

Coal Merchants,

  • Bullock Harland, King st, B.Q.
  • Lamplough Benjamin, King st, B.Q.
  • Lundy David, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Marshall Stephen, King st, B.Q.


  • Bullock Robert, King st, B.Q.
  • Holliday Ann, Market place
  • Leeson Samuel Knowles, King st, B.Q.
  • Pinkney Simon, St. John st
  • Speck John, King st, B.Q.


  • Allison Brown, Market place
  • Danby George, St. John st

Corn Merchants,

  • Jewison John (& seed) King st, B.Q.
  • Marshall Stephen, King st, B.Q.
  • Sawden Benjamin (& seed) King st, B.Q.
  • Wetwan George, Prospect row

Curriers & Leather Sellers,

  • Bielby Matthew, High st
  • Gilling Henry, High st


  • Fairgray John, High st
  • Headley Morris, King st, B.Q.
  • Rayner John, High st
  • Ross John, Market place


  • Bowland John, Westgate
  • D'Lyon Frederick, St. John st


  • Garton Thomas, South back lane
  • Heselton William (& glover) St. John st

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, George Furby, High st
  • County, Robert Davison, Baylegate
  • Crown (life) & Protection (fire) William K. Chambers, Quay road
  • Leeds & Yorkshire, George Wetwan, High st
  • Norwich Union, William Walker, Market place
  • Phoenix, John Bellard, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Sun, John Landale, Market place
  • Yorkshire, Jno. Thompson, High st

Fish Curers & Dealers,
Marked # are Dealers only.

  • # Bayes George, Flamborough
  • # Bayes Richard, Flamborough
  • # Duke John, Flamborough
  • Fell Edward, Flamborough
  • Robinson Cockroft, Flamborough
  • # Savage William, Flamborough
  • # Simpson James, Flamborough
  • Woodhouse Jas. & Son, Flamborough
  • Wright & Tranmer, Flamborough
  • # Wright John, Flamborough


  • Bateman William, St. John st
  • Cawton William, Quay road
  • Mann Hugh, St. John st
  • Wilkinson Isaac, Quay road

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers)

  • Allerston Francis, King st, B.Q.
  • Allerston John, High st
  • Collins William, High st
  • Craven Craven, High st
  • Davison Robert, Baylegate
  • Fairgray John, High st
  • Fell John, King st, B.Q.
  • Hayzer Peter, King st, B.Q.
  • Johnson William, Market place
  • Mackley Patrick, Market place
  • Porter Daniel, Westgate
  • Richardson George, King st, B.Q.
  • Stephenson Jas. & Son, King st, B.Q.
  • Thompson John, High st
  • Topham Michael, Westgate
  • Weightman Berry, High st

Hair Dressers & Perfumers,

  • Milner Thomas, High st
  • Preston Francis, King st, B.Q.
  • Richardson Luke, Prince st, B.Q.
  • Westerman John Salmon, High st

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Baron James, High st
  • Forth Abraham, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Forth William, Market place

Horse Dealers,

  • Fleck Andrew, Market place
  • Nicholson Riby, Bridlington


  • Black Lion, Ann Harrison, High st
  • Britannia, William Allerston, King st, B.Q.
  • Green Dragon, Matthew Cranswick, Westgate
  • Nelson, Richard Johnson, High st
  • New Inn, Robert Grange, King st, B.Q.
  • Star, Jno. Egglestn Hopper, Westgate
  • Stirling Castle, George Chambers, Queen st, B.Q.


  • Crunswick John, High st
  • Dale William, High st
  • Doeg James Henry, High st
  • Forth Benjamin, High st

Joiners & Wheelwrights,

  • Baron Robert, King st, B.Q.
  • Breekon William, Cliff St, B.Q.
  • Davison Vickerman, Flamborough
  • Ellis Burton, Market place
  • Furby John, Market place
  • Heseltine Joseph, Market place
  • Heseltine Thomas, Back lane
  • Seller William, Market place
  • Tranmer James, Flamborough
  • Tranmer Robert, Flamborough
  • Wardill Jonathan, King st, B.Q.
  • Wilson William, High st

Lapidaries & Jewellers,

  • Cowton & Sons (and jet turners) King st, B.Q.
  • Eggleston Francis, Prospect row
  • Gardner Wm. Kennedy (and jet turner) King st, B.Q.
  • Wilson Walter (& bird, &c. preserver) Prospect row

Lime Burners,

  • Harrison John, Sea breezes, B.Q.
  • Walker John, Garrison st, B.Q.

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Allerston John, High st
  • Bailey John, Flamborough
  • Brown Robert Thomas, High st
  • Chapman William, King st, B.Q.
  • Croft Mary, Flamborough
  • Cross Robert, King st, B.Q.
  • Davison Robert, Bullgate
  • Greenaway Benjamin, High st
  • Knowles Gabriel, High st
  • Morris William, Market place
  • Pitts Charles, High st
  • Topham Michael, Westgate
  • Vickerman John, High st
  • Wrangham George, High st

Lodging House Keepers,

  • At Bridlington Quay.
  • Bellard John, Promenade
  • Blackburn Margaret, Queen st
  • Brambles Walter, Promenade
  • Cock John, Quay row
  • Forth Abraham, Garrison st
  • Frost John, New buildings
  • Lundy David, Quay row
  • Sedman Mary, King st
  • Thompson Alicia, Commercial place
  • Witty Ann, Promenade


  • Dodgson George, Market place
  • Hodgson George, High st
  • Lamplough Matthew, Flamborough
  • Smith Matthew, Flamborough
  • Spink Francis, High st
  • Wetwan George, Prospect row, B.Q.
  • Winteringham John, High st

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Archer Elizabeth, St. John st
  • Archer Rebecca, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Coates Elizabeth, Chapel row, B.Q.
  • Coates Mary, St. John st
  • Croft Mary, Flamborough
  • Gibson Mary, High st
  • Greenaway Elizabeth, High st
  • Johnson Mary, Westgate
  • Medd Ann, King st, B.Q.
  • Nicholson Elizabeth, King st, B.Q.
  • Nightingale Maria, Chapel row, B.Q.
  • Thompson & Fawcett, High st
  • Ward Mary, St. John st
  • Williamson Ann, King st, B.Q.

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Arnell Watson, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Cameron John, High st
  • Dale Edward, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Headley John, Flamborough
  • Hopper Francis, High st
  • Milner Ann, Garrison st, B.Q.


  • Mavo William Paggon, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Oxley Thomas, King st, B.Q.

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Smith William, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Story William, High st

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Hall Robert, High st
  • Harwood Robert, High st
  • Morrell Thomas, Sewerby st
  • Pattison John, King st, B.Q.
  • Rhodes Thomas, High st

Sail Makers,

  • Addy George, Wharf, B.Q.
  • Scrivener Thomas, Wharf, B.Q.


  • Bateman William, St. John st
  • Innes James, High st
  • Jewison John, King st, B.Q.
  • Jewison John, New buildings, B.Q.
  • Mann Hugh, St. John st

Ship Owners,

  • Bullock Harland, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Lamplough Benjamin, King st, B.Q.
  • Marshall Stephen, King st, B.Q.
  • Scrivener Thomas, King st, B.Q.
  • Ward John, Quay road

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,
(See also Grocers)

  • Bland Sarah, Market place
  • Chambers Margaret, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Clark Samuel, Church green
  • Frankish Richard, High st
  • Hardy Patrick, High st
  • Hick William, Market place
  • Hobson George, Westgate
  • Holmes Leonard (& bacon dealer) St. John st
  • Lamplough Thomas, Flamborough
  • Laycock Ralph, St. John st
  • Leaf Hannah, Back st
  • Meek William, Market place
  • Pearson Thomas, St. John st
  • Snowball Christopher, Market place
  • Vickerman John, High st
  • Walker Mary, Flamborough
  • Walkinton Sarah, St. John st
  • Ward Henry, St. John st
  • Wharton Jane, High st
  • Winteringham John, High st
  • Wormleighton John, Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Dickenson Elizabeth, St. John st
  • Garton Thomas, High st

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Archer Ruth, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Baker Sarah, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Baron Mary, King st, B.Q.
  • Burrell Jane, Prospect row
  • Chadwick Ellen, Flamborough
  • Dixon Ellen, High st
  • Dixon Sarah, Westgate
  • Harris Charlotte, High st
  • Headley Ann, Flamborough
  • Loadman Hannah, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Major Ann, Flamborough
  • Thompson & Fawcett, High st
  • Turner Harriet, Flamborough
  • Wilkinson Ann, Prospect row
  • Wintringham Rebecca & Ann, Westgate
  • Young Jane, Queen st, B.Q.


  • Dawson George, Baylegate
  • Morris John, Market place
  • Myers William Shepherd, Prospect place, B.Q.
  • Sandwith Humphrey, High st & B.Q.


  • Bailey John, Flamborough
  • Bailey John, jun. Flamborough
  • Barnet Smith, Market place
  • Coates Thomas, St. John st
  • Cowing Holder, St. John st
  • Dixon William, King st, B.Q.
  • Draper Robert, Bellgate
  • Dukes George, Westgate
  • Elliott John, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Head Thomas, High st
  • Kirby William, Flamborough
  • Loadman George, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Maltby Thomas, Flamborough
  • Moore William, High st
  • Pickering Henry, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Pickering Samuel, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Pickering William, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Postill William, King st, B.Q.
  • Shaw Robert, Westgate
  • Stephenson Matthew, Westgate
  • Vickerman John, King st, B.Q.
  • Winteringham George, Market place

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Bell Peter, High st
  • Coates Benjamin, Back st
  • Lamplugh & Bellard (& soap boilers) High st
  • Weightman Berry, High st

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Admiral Parker, Dorothy Hutchinson, King st, B.Q.
  • Buck, Elizabeth Collins, High st
  • Bull & Sun, Thomas Wilson, Church green
  • Cock & Lion, Francis Allerston, King st, B.Q.
  • Cross Keys, Mary Bryan, High st
  • Dog & Duck, Benton Traves, Flamborough
  • Freemasons' Arms, Henry Livingston, St. John st
  • George & Dragon, John Colley, Church green
  • King's Head, William Barnet, Market place
  • Letters, George Pick, Flamborough
  • Light Horseman, Thomas Moody, Market place
  • Nag's Head, Abel Smith, Market place
  • North Star, Elizabeth Harrington, Flamborough
  • Pack Horse, John Tate, Market place
  • Plough, William Wilson, High st
  • Rose & Crown, Milcah Pockley, Flamborough
  • Scarborough Castle, Matthew Sinkler, Bellgate
  • Ship, Hannah Coates, St. John st
  • Ship, James Woodhouse, Flamborough
  • Sportsman's Arms, Valentine Draper, Garrison St, B.Q.
  • Strickland's Arms, Thomas Stork, Flamborough
  • Sunderland Bridge, John Taylor, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Tiger, John Leng, King st, B.Q.
  • Wellington, Richard Gray, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • White Swan, John Holland, Market place

Retailers of Beer,

  • Burrell Francis, Hunmanby road
  • Clark Richard, High st
  • Cruddas William, Sewerby st
  • Dunning Robert, Queen st, B.Q.
  • Good Joseph, St. John st
  • Laycock Ralph, St. John st
  • Milner Thomas, High st
  • Puckering Mary, Flamborough
  • Rennard George, Quay road
  • Smith Robert, Sewerby st

Timber & Raff Merchants,

  • Marshall Henry, King st, B.Q.
  • Simpson John, Queen's place, B.Q.

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Heselton George, High st
  • Lyon Craven, High st


  • Coates Thomas, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Poole Mark, Baylegate
  • Popplewell Benjamin, High st

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Allerston Francis, King st, B.Q.
  • Cape Thomas, High st
  • Cranswick Matthew, Westgate
  • Craven Craven, High st
  • Hayzen Peter, King st, B.Q.
  • Jewison John, New buildings, B.Q.
  • Richardson George, King st, B.Q.
  • Stephenson Jas. & Son, King st, B.Q.
  • Thompson John, High st


  • Bell Anthony, livery stable keeper, Chapel row, B.Q.
  • Brambles Waters, agent to the ship owners' society, Promenade, B.Q.
  • Breekon William, bathing machine keeper, B.Q.
  • Brown John, nail maker, Garrison st, B.Q.
  • Brown Robert Thomas, music seller, High st
  • Bryan Mary, mattress maker, High st
  • Castell Thomas, stone mason, Flamborough
  • Chambers William, agent to the gas works, Quay road
  • Colton William, clog & patten maker, St. John st
  • Dobson George, basket maker, High st
  • Fletcher Absalom, pawnbroker, High st
  • Frost John, bone grinder, Quay road
  • Gardner William Kennedy, circulating library, King st, B.Q.
  • Hensworth John, boat builder, Queen's place, B.Q.
  • Heward William Nelson, harbour master, King st, B.Q.
  • Hodgson Robert, master of workhouse, Parish row
  • Knowles Gabriel, linen weaver & flax dresser, High st
  • Lamplough Thomas, agent for Lloyd's, King st, B.Q.
  • Langdale John, land surveyor, Market place
  • Lowther Geo. chair maker, Cliff st, B.Q.
  • Mackley John, worsted spinner, St. John st
  • Mordey Christopher Shields, light keeper, Flamborough
  • Pinkney Simon, spirit dealer, St. John st
  • Rowley Newyear, mealman, Kirkgate
  • Scrivener Thomas, wharfinger, Wharf, B.Q.
  • Shields Elizabeth, dealer in stamps, Market place
  • Stratton David, light keeper, Flamborough

Custom House,

  • Collector --- John Broadly Howard, esq. Custom house
  • Comptroller --- Wm. Colclough, esq. Quay road
  • Inspecting commander of the coast guard --- William Deane, esq. Chapel row, B.Q.
  • Chief Officer of the coast guard --- Mr. James Hoad, Flamborough


  • To Beverley & Hull, John Carr & John Coulson, from Bridlington Quay, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To Burton, George Ezard, Joel Hacknor, and Joseph Haynter, from Market place, Bridlington, every Wed. & Sat. -- and George Dixon, from the Black Lion, every Saturday.
  • To Driffield, John Leighton, from Bridlington quay, Mon. Thurs. & Sat.
  • To Foston, William Hall, from Market place, Bridlington, every Saturday.
  • To Hull, Mary Bayes and William Jefferson, from Flamborough & Bridlington, every Monday & thursday.
  • To Hunmanby & Scarborough, Robert Elliott, from Bridlington quay, every
  • Monday & Thursday -- and Robert Baker, from the Green Dragon, every Saturday.
  • To Rudston, William Taylor & Thomas Taylor, from Market place, Bridlington, every Wednesday & saturday.
  • To Skipsea, Francis Denton, from the Nelson Inn, every Wed. & Sat.
  • To York, Bayes & Pockley, from Bridlington & Flamborough, Tues. & Thurs.

Conveyance by Water,

  • To London, the Flora, Benjamin Cobb, master ; the Hope, William Young, the
  • Reliance, Edward Cousins ; and the Thomas and Ann, Jasper Fawcett, once a fortnight.
  • To Hull, the Good Intent ; and the Mary, Henry Wright, master.
  • To Newcastle & Sunderland, the Ann, Thomas Booth, master ; the Betsy, Harland Bullock ; the Lord Hill, William Pickering ; and the William & James, William Jarratt, weekly.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000