SPEETON: Hearth Tax Payers 1672, Reighton and Speeton


Hearth Tax Payers 1672, Reighton and Speeton

Hearth tax was levied from 1662 to 1689 to cover a shortfall in the royal coffers caused by the Civil War. It was paid by the occupiers of a building rather than its owners and was charged at a rate of 2 shillings a year payable in two instalments due at Lady Day (25 March) and Michaelmas. In effect it gives an idea of the number of households in a settlement together with the names of the heads of household. There were, however, exemptions to the tax.

Mrs CarreingtonM112Reighton
William CarryM112Reighton
Thomas CockeM112(?)Reighton
Michael CollinsonM112Reighton
Mary CookeM112Reighton
William CookeM112Reighton
John GrundillM112Reighton
Elizabeth HarrisonM112Reighton
William HesselwoodM111dReighton
William JeffersonM112Reighton
Joseph JordayM112Reighton
Richard JordayM112Reighton
William JordayM112Reighton
Richard JordenM112Reighton
William KingeM112Reighton
John KnaggsM112Reighton
William LeppingtonM112Reighton
John MaultbieM112Reighton
John MoultbieM112Reighton
Gyles OustonM112Reighton
Robert PuckeringM112Reighton
Isabell RookesbieM112Reighton
John RoxbieM112Reighton
Robert SinpsonM112Reighton
Marmaduke SmithM112Reighton
Thomas SmithM112Reighton
William SmithM112Reighton
Roger StoreyM112Reighton
Roger StorrieM112Reighton
Robert ThompsonM112Reighton
Francis VickermanM112Reighton
Robert VickermanM112Reighton
Thomas VickermanM112Reighton
William VickermanM112Reighton
William WrenchM112Reighton
Richard WrightM112Reighton

Jon Browne,M107Speeton
Widdow ChildeM107Speeton
John DobsonM107Speeton
William DursdaleM106dSpeeton
Robert HodgsonM107Speeton
Bartholomew JohnsonM107Speeton
Gabriall JohnsonM107Speeton
Widdow JohnsonM107Speeton
Robert MowthorpM107Speeton
Robert RobinsonM107Speeton
Thomas SimpsonM107Speeton
Robert SmithM107Speeton
Elizabeth ToddM107Speeton
Edward VickermanM107Speeton
John VickermanM107Speeton
John VickermanM107Speeton
Widdow VickermanM107Speeton

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