Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for BROOMFLEET in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Letters via Brough. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office, Newport (three miles). Wall Box cleared at 4 p.m. No Sunday collection.

Miscellany of trades

  • Baitson Henry, grocer
  • Dennis Thomas, cowkeeper, Humber lock
  • Dudding Chas., steam thrashing-mach. propr.
  • Dudding John
  • Glegge Rev. William, B.A., vicar
  • Leafe Benjamin, lock keeper and inspector of canal boats, Humber lock, via Newport, Brough
  • Mainprize Mrs. Ann
  • Nicholls Richard, master, Board school
  • Nottingham Mrs. Mary Ann, vict., Red Lion Inn
  • Reed Mr. George
  • Sawden Mrs. Lydia, shopkeeper
  • School Board; Robert Bruce, clerk, South Cave, Brough
  • Wilson Frank, cowkeeper


  • Andrew John Joseph Purdon, Laxton grange
  • Barker William, Walling fen
  • Bateson John
  • Emmanuel George
  • Kitching Thomas
  • Leaper John
  • Patchitt George
  • Purdon Joseph
  • Reed William (and Sheffield)
  • Rudd John, North Field house
  • Scutt John
  • Scutt Jonathan
  • Tindle George
  • Tindle Robert, Broomficet house
  • Tindle William
  • Underwood Tom George, Thorpe grange


Miscellany of trades
Marked thus * receive their letters via Brough, and thus †via Howden.

  • †Fordham Henry, fisherman, Humber lock
  • Kitching Asa, manager (Hy. Williamson & Co.), brickyard, Broomfleet landing
  • *Leaf Benjamin, lock keeper and inspector of canal boats, Humber lock
  • †Spencer John, cowkeeper
  • Williamson Henry & Co., brick and tile manufacturers, Broomfleet landing; Asa Kitching, manager


  • †Cawood John
  • *Coultons John (owner), Oxmerdyke
  • Haigh John, Oxmerdyke
  • †Hutchinson George
  • *Johnson George, Oxmerdyke and Newbald
  • Leaper William, Oxmerdyke marr
  • †Oliver Edward & Son, Faxfleet grange
  • Oliver Thomas Blossom, North hall, Brough
  • †Reed John
  • †Shaw John, Faxfleet hall
  • *Underwood John, Marr house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.