Burstwick Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for BURSTWICK in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank at W. Hardwick's. Letters via Hull arrive, weekdays, 7-25 am., Sundays, 8-50 a.m.; and are 1 despatched, week-days, 6-25 p.m,, Sundays, 5-30 p.m.

Burstwick-cum-Skeckling School Board
  • Chairman, William Reynolds; R. W. Burnham, F. Blenkin, T. Blenkin, and R. Wells.
  • Clerk to the Board, - A. Iveson, Solicior, Hedon.
Miscellany of trades
  • Biglin Henry, pork butcher
  • Brocklebank John, farm foreman, Nuttles farm
  • Burnham Mr. George, Terrace house
  • Burnham Mrs. Maria
  • Burstwick-cum-Skeckling Board School - Mr. Webb, master
  • Day Mrs. Mary Lydia, The Villa
  • Duffill George, blacksmith
  • Fisher Mrs. Dorothy Ann
  • Fisher Grice, & Edmund, corn and flour dlrs
  • Hardwick William, grocer and postmaster
  • Harness Jesse & Sons, engineers, agricultural implement makers, proprietors of steam thrashing & reaping machines - (See Advt.)
  • Harrison Mrs. Jane, joiner and wheelwright
  • Holmes Mrs. Sarah
  • Hosdell Mrs. Rebecca, Kelsey hill
  • Leak Mr. John
  • Leonard Miss Mary, Burstwick house
  • Leonard Miss Sarah, Burstwick grange
  • Longman Suddaby, parish clerk
  • Maynard Rev. John, Vicarage
  • Norman Elisha, carrier and shopkeeper
  • Pinkney Harland, joiner and wheelwright
  • Robinson Mrs., Nuthill
  • Smith John, farm foreman, North park
  • Speck William Johnson, millwright
  • Spink Miss Eliza
  • Vickerman Mrs. Hannah, vict., and farmer, Hare and Hounds
  • Wilson Miss Elizabeth

  • Blenkin Frederick, Old hall
  • Blenkin Thomas, South park and Hallfield
  • Burnham Robert Wright, Hill farm
  • Chariton Locking, Kelsey houseDucker James
  • Goundrill David (yeo.), New Bridge house
  • Hart John, Stockholm
  • Hart Tom Gedney, Dale house
  • Hosdell Robert John, Kelsey hill
  • Leonard Wm., Burstwick grange & Wadworth hill; h Paull
  • Quinton Robert
  • Reynolds William, Ridgmont
  • Riggall William, New York
  • Robinson Thomas Ford and William Joseph, Nuthill and North park
  • Sowerby David Rowbottom (and vet, surgeon), stud farm
  • Spafford Robert
  • Stephenson William Edward (yeo.), Elm Tree cottage
  • Stickney Walter M., Nuttles farm; h Danthorpe
  • Thompson Wildon, Forkerleys
  • Walker Wm. Bailey (carrier and horse dealer), Skeckling
  • Wells Richard (and blacksmith)

  • Norman E., to Hull, Friday
  • Walker - W. Bailey, to Hull, Tuesday & Friday

  • Letters via Burstwick and Hull.

  • M. H. Goundrill, chairman; W. Wallgate, vice-chairman; S. Fisher, J. Hart, R. J. Horsdell, J. Leonard, C. H. Johnson; A. Iveson, solicitor, Hedon, clerk to the Board.
Miscellany of trades
  • Blenkin John, cowkeeper
  • Blenkin Thomas, blacksmith, Camerton
  • Cheesman John Roberts, corn miller, Rye Hill mills
  • Goundrill Mr. Edward, Rose cottage
  • Haggitt Miss Esther Ann, private school
  • Harris Chas., vict. & butcher, Crooked Billet
  • Holmes William, pig dealer
  • McFarlane John Edward, station master, Rye Hill station
  • Rhimes Robert, traveller
  • Rhoades, Mrs. Sarah Ellen, grocer and draper
  • Robinson Thomas, wheelwright and joiner, Camerton
  • Smith Thomas, tailor, &c.
  • Snaith Mr. Mark, Woodbine cottage
  • Spafford Mr. Wilfred
  • Spink William, shopkeeper
  • Stabler Charles Wm., carrier to Hull, Tuesday and Friday
  • Stabler Edward James, farm foreman to R. J. Hosdell
  • Sutton Mrs. Mary, vict., Nag's Head
  • Thorngumbald United District Board School - John Wright, master

  • Goundrill Matthew Hy., Broadley house
  • Hosdell Rt. John (& corn factor), Camerton hall
  • King Robert Brigham, Ryhill house
  • Leonard John (yeo.), Manor house, Ryecroft and Glebe
  • Marriott Samuel, Rye Hill villa

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.