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Burton Agnes parish:

Burton Agnes, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in St. Agnes's Church, Burton Agnes.

Burton Agnes Church of St. Martin
This Church and tithes were given by Gosfred Baynard to the Abbey of St.Mary's, York
to which it was appropriated and a Vicarage ordained therein 4 Nones September 1235.
King Henry VIII granted the advowson of the Church to the see of York. In 1619 the Crown
presented by lapse and the Patronage afterwards went into the Bridgewater family, and
subsequently the St. Quintins.

Succession of Rectors

When InstitutedRectorsPatronsHow Vacated When InstitutedRectorsPatronsHow Vacated
 Abbot and Convent of  Timothy Welfit by death
 St. Marys Abbey York  16 Aug. 1702John Richardson, M.A.Archbishop of Yorkby resignation
M Michael de Clavillditto  8 June 1703George Burghope, M.A.Ann, Dowager Countess
of Bridgewater
by death
4 Nones Sep.1235M Michael Beletditto  5 July 1727Richard Hill, L.L.BAssigness of
Sir Wm. De Quintin, Bart.
by death
4 Ides Mar.1255[6]M Richard de Harphamditto  2 Aug. 1734Thomas Dade, B.A.Sir John Thompson of
London, Kt. & Aldn.
by death
3 Kal Sep 1271M John de Breteville,
became priest 20 Sept. 1274 deacon,
ditto  26 Feby. 1760William Cayley, M.A.Wm.St.Quintin, death
1293M Ponthore, priestditto  30 Oct. 1784Thomas Dade, M.A.Sir Wm. De Quintin, death
30 May 1309M William de Waltondittoby death 20 Decr. 1806Thomas Milnes, M.A.Rev. James A. Milnesby death
9 May 1336M John de Walton, a poor clerk
of Winchester Diocese
Archbishop of Yorkby resig. for Church
of Normanton on Sea
21 Jany. 1833Charles Hy. Lutwidge, M.A.Robert Raikes, resignation
26 June 1350M Robert de Shirburn, chaplain,Abbot and Convent of
St. Marys
  22 July 1840Robert Isaac Wilberforce, M.A.Rev. C.H. Lutwidge & wifeby resignation
Dns Roger de Scardeclyffdittoby resig. for Church
of Sessay
4 Jany. 1855Joseph Horden, M.A.Hon. L. Rev. Aug.Duncombeby death
30 June 1360[1]Dns William de Mapylton, chaplainditto  8 Feby. 1877John Denney, M.A.John Denney, resignation
16 Oct. 1362Dns John de Penereth, chaplaindittoby resig. for Church
of Southwark
6 April 1894James Palmes, D.D.
Archdeacon of E. Riding
Matthew James
Denney, Esq.
by death
16 May 1363Dns Thomas Hasthorpditto  17 Oct. 1898Chas. Hutton Coates, M.A.Major Edw. F. Coatesby death
Dns Henry Nayleton, priestdittoby resignation 17 June 1922Francis Oswald Poole, M.A.Sir Edw. Clive Coatesby resignation
16 July 1417M John Selowe, priestdittoby resignation 1 May 1926Francis Wrangham, M.A.H.M.King George Vby death
9 Oct. 1423Dns John Bryane, priestdittoby resig. for Church
of Kirby Lonsdale
12 Aug. 1941Basil F.W. Relton, M.A.H.M.King George VIby cession
29 May 1437M William Suthwell, died 1439dittoby death 6 Oct. 1946Arthur Edwin Twidle, LTh.H.M.King George VIby cession
Dns John Martyn, priestdittoby death 10 July 1959Geoffrey Dibbs, B.A.[Th]F PhSH.M.Queen Elizabeth IIby cession
17 Jany. 1460[1]Dns William Griffith, priestdittoby resignation 3 Feby. 1967William Alan Clayton, BSc. B.D.H.M.Queen Elizabeth IIby cession
20 Oct. 1493M John Crisse, priestdittoby death 14 Nov. 1969George SimpsonH.M.Queen Elizabeth IIby death
2 Sept. 1514Dns William Webster, priestditto  6 July 1971Jack FisherH.M.Queen Elizabeth IIby resignation
Dns Richard Grene, priestdittoby death 19 Decr. 1977David B. HawkinsH.M.Queen Elizabeth IIby resignation
16 June 1565Dns Robert PalaRobert E Benedict Chalmley
by grant from Adrian Stokes &
Frances Duchess of Suffolk.
by death 10 Feby. 1999Cyril John Astill Dip.Theol [P-in-C]  
11 June 1575William Grype, cl.Adrian Stokes, death 30 Mar. 2004Anthony J.E. Kidd ( Solicitor  
2 May 1600William Crawshawe, M.A.Archbishop of Yorkby cession     
27 May 1619George Stanhope, S.T.B.
King's Chaplain
James I, by lapse      

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson