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This project was started by Doreen Laycock and I on the spur of the moment while waiting for Burton Agnes Hall to open one morning in June 2013. A few more photos were taken in September of 2013 and about half a dozen (mostly re-takes - brass plaques can be very difficult to photograph) were taken in June 2014. The monumental inscriptions were transcribed by the East Yorkshire Family History Society in 1997, and in the years since then many of the stones have eroded further (see Wilson (William) in the Graves section where a large piece has fallen off the centre of stone since it was transcribed). It is impossible to say whether this is due to the quality of the stone, the degree of exposure to the elements or a combination both. There seems, however, to be no consistency between the age of a monument and its condition. And while transcriptions preserve the information given by an inscription, they cannot record the imagery, patterns or fonts, their associated symbolism and how these have changed with time. Even the inscriptions I photographed at Reighton five years ago have in that time become more difficult to read. We would therefore suggest that photographic records of gravestones in other churchyards are made as soon as possible, work which we are continuing to do. The photographs of Kilham, our next project, have already been taken.

Unlike at most churchyards, the gravestones at Burton Agnes, with a few exceptions, have been moved from their original locations and placed against the churchyard walls so that it is impossible in most cases to say exactly where a person is buried. Three have been so overgrown by the yew tree arch that they are very difficult, if not impossible, to photograph and transcribe. Some of the most eroded stones were only possible to identify by their position in relation to others.

The route taken begins at the village pond and then covers the War Memorial, the approach to the church, the church itself and its yard. We have tried to produce a 'virtual tour' of the interior of the church clockwise, its exterior clockwise and then the stones in the churchyard, always keeping, as far as possible, to the order in the EYFHS's "Burton Agnes and Ruston Parva Monumental Inscriptions" booklet. In a few cases we have been unable to find certain inscriptions. We have also followed our usual practice of simply giving the names of the people listed on the stones with a reference to the MI number in the EYFHS's booklet where a full (and, due to recent erosion, better) transcription will be found. However, these images can be used independently of the EYFHS's booklet.

For those who are, for some reason, interested in what we look like, and by way of 'signing' our work, we appear in some of the photos. I am the one with the long hair.

Lisa Blosfelds
26th June 2014

The links given below take you to the first photo of the grave of the relevant name.

The MI number in the EYFHS booklet is given in the titles where applicable.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

The list of photographs

The photographs:

Altar_rails_from_Gransmoor_church  Angel_on_the_chancel_ceiling  Ann_Cayley_(MI_28) 
Approaching_the_church  Back_of_the_plinth  Base_of_the_above 
Benchmark_at_the_foot_of_the_tower  Bible  Bishop's_chair 
Boynton_-_Griffith_(MI_15)  Boynton_-_Sir_Griffith_and_Ann_White,_his_wife_(MI_17)  Boynton_-_Sir_Griffith_and_Charlotte_Topham,_his_wife_(MI_16) 
Boynton_family_pew  Burghope_-_George,_Elizabeth,_and_Mary_(MI_18)  Burton_Agnes_pond 
Bushell_-_Sir_Henry1_(MI_9)  Bushell_-_Sir_Henry2_(MI_9)  Chancel 
Chancel_ceiling  Chancel_door  Chancel_door_-_note_the_beautiful_hinges 
Chancel_window  Choir_stalls  Church_door 
Church_from_the_south  Church_from_the_south_east  Church_from_the_south_west 
Church_gates  Church_history_(MI_4)_and_list_of_Rectors  Church_history_(MI_5)_and_photographs_of_rectors_(MI_6) 
Church_notice_board  Church_sign  Clock 
Coates_-_Charles_Hutton  Coates_-_Charles_Hutton_(MI_3)  Coates_-_Edward_Feetham(MI_25) 
Column_heads  Corbel_of_William_Wilberforce_(see_BA045)  Corbel_on_the_chancel_doorway 
Corbel_on_the_east_window  Corner_of_the_north_chapel  Cottage_next_to_the_church 
Dade_Thomas_(MI_26)  Davison_-_Ralph_and_Eleanor(MI_3a)  Denny_-_John 
Detail_of_the_choir_stalls  de_Somerville_-_Sir_Roger_and_Maud,_his_wife_(MI_11)  East_end 
East_window  Floor_of_the_nave_and_two_nice_old_jugs  Font 
Front_of_the_plinth  Fungus_on_the_yew_trees  Geese_at_Burton_Agnes_pond 
Griffin_under_Sir_Walter's_feet  Griffiths_-_Face_of_Sir_Walter  Griffiths_-_Foot_end_of_the_tomb_of_Sir_Walter_and_Jane_Nevill 
Griffiths_-_Head_end_of_the_tomb_of_Sir_Walter_and_Jane_Nevill  Griffiths_-_head_end_of_the_tomb_of_Sir_Walter_and_Jane_Nevill  Griffiths_-_Sir_Henry_and_wives_(MI_10) 
Griffiths_-_Sir_Walter_and_Jane_Nevill_(MI_14)  Griffiths_-_Sir_Walter_bottom_half  Griffiths_-_Sir_Walter_top_half 
Griffiths_-_The_foot_end_of_the_tomb_of_Sir_Walter_and_Jane_Nevill  Griffiths_-_Tomb_of_Sir_Walter_and_his_wife_Jane_Nevill  Griffith_-_Tomb_of_Sir_Henry_and_his_wife_Elizabeth_Throckmorton_(MI_7) 
Hanging_over_the_Boynton_pew  Harmonium  Harrison_-_David_and_Jane_Ellen_(MI_2a) 
Harrison_Joseph_and_Betsy_(MI_15a)  Hatchment_at_the_east_end_of_the_north_colonnade  Hatchment_at_the_west_end_of_the_north_colonnade 
Hatchment_on_the_wall_to_the_north_of_the_organ  Hatchment_on_the_wall_to_the_south_of_the_organ  Hordern_-_Joseph 
Inscription_in_the_Bible_from_John_Frewen_Moor,_curate  Lane_leading_to_the_church  Lectern 
Left_corbel_of_the_porch  Musham_-_Elizabeth_(MI_1)  Nevill_-_Face_of_Jane_Nevill 
Nevill_-_Jane_full_length  Nevill_-_Jane_top_half  Nice_oak_flower_stand 
Niche_in_chancel,_and_Arthur_Twidell_(MI_19)  North_colonnade  North_door 
North_east_chapel  North_east_corner_of_the_church  North_side_of_the_church 
North_side_of_the_tomb_of_Sir_Walter_Griffiths_and_Jane_Nevill  North_west_end_of_the_church  North_west_window_with_coats_of_arms 
Old_farm_buildings_near_the_church  Organ  Organ_-_detail 
Organ_-_embroidery_detail  Organ_rail_-_embroidery  Organ_rail_-_embroidery_detail 
Outram_Joseph_(MI_23)  Palmes_-_James  Plaque_on_the_above 
Porch_and_south_aisle_from_outside  Pray_for_Roger_de_Somerville_and_Maud,_his_wife  Pulpit 
Quatrefoil_window_to_the_left_of_the_door  Rectory  Right_corbel_of_the_porch 
Roll_of_Honour_for_the_1914_-_1918_War_(MI_2)  Roof_of_the_nave  Somerville_-_Sir_Roger_and_Sir_Philip_(MI_8) 
South_aisle  South_aisle_window  South_chapel 
South_west_part_of_the_church  Sunday_school_corner  Top_of_the_above 
Top_of_the_lectern  Top_of_the_tower_from_the_east  Tower_from_the_north_west 
Tower_from_the_south  Tower_from_the_south_west  Tower_from_the_west 
Tunnel_of_yew_trees  View_down_the_nave  War_Memorial 
War_Memorial_from_the_main_road  War_Memorial_plinth_from_the_east  War_Memorial_plinth_from_the_west 
West_end_of_the_church  West_end_of_the_north_aisle  Wickham-Boynton_-_Thomas_Lamplugh_and_Cycely_Mabel(MIs_12_and_13) 
Wilberforce_-_Robert(son_of_William_Wilberforce)  Window_in_memory_of_Charles_Hutton_Coates_(MI_24)  Window_in_the_memory_of_Charles_Hutton_Coates_(MI_27) 
Wood_-_Mary_and_Katherine_Maud_Mussenden  Wood_-_Mary_and_Katherine_Maud_Mussenden_(MIs_29,_30_and_31)     

Happy hunting!

Doreen Laycock and Lisa Blosfelds