Cherry Burton Registers - Miscellaneous.


Transcription of the Cherry Burton Registers - Miscellaneous.


Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

THE REGISTERS of the Parish Church of Cherry Burton are con- tained in several books. The present volume contains the first and second books.

The first book contains entries dating from 1561, copied from an older Register (which unfortunately seems to have been lost), as appears from the following heading at the beginning of the book :- "The Register Booke of North Burton, Alias Cherry Burton. "Transcribed according to the olde Booke, Anno Dorn. 1647, Regis "Caroli xxiii."

On the last page we read : "This Register booke was belonging "to Mr. Thomas Micclethwayt, & was most of it transcribed out of "ye old Register by Nicholas Pearson," &c. &c., but it is evident, by the various styles of handwriting, that Nicholas Pearson transcribed only part. The book measures 12 by 7 inches, and is bound in rough leather and stamped:-

It consists of 52 parchment leaves, numbered ; about six and a half pages are blank, and part of the last leaf has been removed. Three pages are in a very dilapidated condition, the ink having almost disappeared, hut the impression of the ink has remaincd, and with the aid of a magnifying glass much has been deciphered. It will be noticed that the Baptisms bctween 160.1-1612 are missing. This Register contains some interesting notes, a list of those who "tooke the Scottish Covenant under Mr. Micethwayte," in 1686, and a list of the " Ancicnt Familyes of Cherryburton," compiled by the Rector in 1683.

The transcribed entries of Births, Marriages, and Burials are continued respectively to 1688, 1705, and 1683, but as these are in duplicate, and contained in the sccond book, it was considered unnecessary to print them, but any material difference between the two entries is contained in brackets.

The second book measures 15 by 6 inches, and is bound in rough leather, stiff covers, and consists of 34 paper pages and 44 parchment pages, several of which are blank. The book is closed with tape tags in the place of clasps, and on the outside of the cover is a red label, embossed in gilt letters:-

and is in an excellent state of preservation, but the writing in places is very bad. It gives the impression that the book originally belonged either to the " Register" appointed by the Parish, or to some person appointed to collect the taxes, &c., as the paper leaves contain an account of the collections made for different objects, various payments made, and also all the burials in woollen. On one leaf at the beginning of the book is written, " Henry Gayton his Hooke." The parchment leaves (which are slightly smaller than the paper leaves) are bound at the end of the book, a few paper leaves remaining.

This Register has been exhibited several times in Court (vide notes at the end of the book), and is an example of the value of these parish records as evidence in legal proceedings.

The thanks of the Society are due to the Vicar (the Reverend Bramwell Burton) for his kindness in allowing the transcription to be made and printed.


A TERRIOR of all the Glebe Lands Tyths fees and profits belonging to the Rectory of Cherry Burton in the Diocese of York.

One Dwelling House and one other out House three Barns two Stables and one Dove Coat and one Hogsty, one Garden and Orchard one little Close call'd Well Close and three Oxgangs of arable in the Field. Three.

All manner of Tyths great and small without any Exception Modus or Composition.
The Customary Offerings at Easter, for every Communicant two pence, for a Plow one penny, for a Drape one penny, for a Dove Coat one shilling.

Surplice fees, for a Wedding with Licence ten Shillings, by publication of Banns three Shillings & four pence, for Burial one Shilling and two pence, for churching Eightpence.
June ye Tenth 1765

Thomas Barker Rector
Joseph Constable
Robert Wardil his mark
George Seller
Thomas Willson
Principal Inhabitants:-
John Ellerington
Lawrence Stephenson the younger
Robert Constable
Robert Constable
Stephen Day
William Stevhenson
Edward Johnson
Lawrence Stephenson

[VOL. I.]
A TERRIER of the Rectory of Cherry burton as it was delivered into the Court au St Maryes in Beverley, Fryday Octob. 9th 1685.
(1) There belongeth to the Rectory one dwelling house, consisting of two parlours wh chambers over them. One Hall wthout a Chamber, One Kitchin, one brew (2) house, & one hayhouse. Also there belongeth to the said Rectory one garden plott, & one orchard, & one grasse close called the well Close. And there (3) bath antiently belonged to the Rectory one Dovecoate sited neere the pond. (4) There belongeth also to the Rectory two barnes, a lcsser & a bigger, the lesser joyning upon the streete, the bigger joyning upon the Chantry Orchard. (5) Northward. The Parsonage fenced all round about the orchard, close, (6) and streeteward, & on all quarters. There belong also to ye said Rectory three oxgangs of glebeland, lying in the East field, in severall falls of the said Field. Some of which glebe is bounded with proper balks appendane (7) parting them from adjacent lands. There belong also to the said glebeland certaine pious of Medow abutting upon the glebe & bearing the same latitude wh the lands, which Medowes are comonly called the East marshedales, & west (8) marshdales, being in the said East field of Cherry burton. There belongeth to the Rectory one plott of grasse ground, reaching from the fieldgate to the glebelands ends & the parsonage balke abutting in which plott is containcd a pitt (9) belonging also to the said Rcctory. Gartholme and Newton payeth all manner of Tythes to the Rectory, as the rest of the parishioners of Cherry (10) burton pay. There is no parcel of arable ground, nor meadow within the precincts of the whole Lordship or parish, that pleadeth prescription for composition, or total) exemption from Tythes. One close belonging to Dr. Johnson in Raventhorp, containing about two Acres of ground. Which close is said to bee Tythe free when it is in the owners occupation, or otherwise it pays tythe. Witnesse our hands:- Robert Barker Rector of Cherry Burton. John Johnson Rector of Cherryburton. Churchwardens. Willim Mutch Robert Barker Richard Robinson
1561 All these tooke the Scottish Covenant; under Mr Tho: Micclethwayte. Thomas Micklethwayt; Wilt Gouldsbrough; Willm Johnson; Tho. Coale; Tho : Wilson; John Burne; Thomas Bourne; Thomas Marre; Wilt marre; William Willson; George Marr; Peter Marr; Will Ruston Bartho : Lowthropp; John Matte; Arey: Thompson; Robert Johnson; Robt Browne; George Pickering John Leadam John Willson; Witt : Cocke Ralph Burne; Timothy Lundye John Clitherow John Raper William Loft; Will: Smithson Thomas Pattinson; John Swaby Richard Marr John Burn senior; Thomas Southerne; Robt Woodmansey; William Rayley; John Ruston; Thomas Wilson Laurence Lothropp; Roger Johnson; Matthew Pattinson; Timothy Loft; henry Gouldsbrough; Robt Peacock Thomas Marr; Robt Wetwand; John Raley; John Wallis; Thomas Grime; John wallis; Martin Wetwand; Ralph Wauker Rich: Cunstable; Steven Pattinson; Rich .....; Steven .....
All of them did Febr. 19, 1686, except three, viz.-
1 Will Smythson; now in Hull.
2 Matthew Pattinson
3 Roger Johnson of Arras.

MEMORANDM July 31, 1685. That ye Tythe hay of ye Kirkeleys & Canoncroft belonging to Dr Johnson, was sold for Ten shillings this year, & the last year 1684 for eight shillings, & In 1683 for tenne shillings, & in 1682 for Ten shillings, so the price being altered excludes of composition or prescription.
Ita testor John John Rector of Cherryburton.
And in 1695 it was sold for Ten shillings.
1682 sold for 10s.
83 for 10s.
84 for eight shillings.
85 for 10s-& so was to 98 for 10s.
And in 1698 the same Crofts were first tythed by Benjamin
Bowser, then sold for ten shillings two pence.
Witnesse Will Pearson.

Cherry Burton Glebe in the East Field
1 & ½ Acre at North Side
2 Acres at Kirk Close Nouk
2 & ½ , at Long Balks
2, at Hourn
1, at Stintins 1
1, at Stone Pitt Heads
1, at Butt-hills
1 & ½ , at West Masstills
1 & ½ , at Raintrop Hill
3 , at Little Street
Copied from a paper of T. B. the late Rr by Robt Darley Waddilove Rr 1775 M.A. Vicar of Topcliffe in this County Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of this Province and to Lord Grantham Ambasr at the Court of Spain.
Memorandm. The tythe hay of the canon crofts & Kirke leyes, belonging to Dr Hodgson Johnsons House, were sold for Ten shillings and Two pence being first legally Tythed by Benjamin Bowser servant to the then Rectr John Johnson-the moneys pd by William Pearson,
witnesse his hand
John Johnson Rectr ibid.
Will: Peirson.
Esther Johnson.
Elizabeth Ringrose her marke

The Ancient Familyes of Cherryburton living Priority of yeares. or extinct or removed to other townes : collected 1683 by J. J. Rectr.

TaylorDonne'3 Ashton
Wilson'4 WalkerHogge
Swabie'5 GibsonRusholme
'4 Nares'6 Heslewood'36 Lilly
Marshall'7 Langdale of Gartholme'37 Clitherow
Barker '38 Presst
Foster'8 Goodlad'39 Kelsy
'6 BellBurdon'42 Fisher
Hugginson1598'44 Coale
HarrisonCocke'46 Stockdale
'8 LawtyWetwangSmyth
CocksLeng'47 Ledham
Bomer1600 Hew'48 Eland
'9 ClarkeGowld'49 Cole
LancasterSingleton'50 Williams
PattinsonHickington'51 Collison
'70 Butler1601 Botterell'53 Billops
Sikes'3 Elliott'55 rosier
'3 BarranMiddletonMoon
Bower'4 TompsonHaliday, Garth :
'4 LondyeThornton'57 Jennison
Harrarowe'5 Richmond'58 Mutch
'5 DixonRigge'59 Baker
Robinson'7 Collham'62 Ayre
'6 SparksLoft'63 Hewson
'7 Dawson'9 WinteringhamGale
'8 HargraveRaper1664
Nicholson1610 WarrinerRichinson
Cropton'11 PeacockeElfing
'9 Culverwell Rectr.Filthy'68 Carter
BlackelockeWatson'70 Gillon
Woodmansy'13 Bethell'76 Simon
Cannaby'14 BurganWright
'80 BrowneHessyHewson
'1 Rey or Rea'15 Micelethwayte RectrHorsley Garth:
MarreBlanshard, GarthHardy
'3 ConstableSwiftMonkeman
'4 Derrington'16 CoatesGruby
'5 Wilbert'20 CoulsonBedell
Bennet'26 Sparrow 
'6 Hall'32 Ruston 
'9 Heward'33 Vauper 
'91 HunterArcher, Gartholmeextinct or removed.
'2 GrymeRayly 
'3 Gilson'35 Smythson 
Totall 146 whereof above 100 are extinct or removed.

A.D. 1684. On day the 12 of November were seene two sunns in the Firmamt betwixt twelve & one of the clock att BPB Burton.

1692. Decemb. 8th (which was the day of ye Death of the second sqire) about 2 a clocke in ye night was a violent Tempest of Wind whc overthrew ye Chantry Helmes & the Chymney of ye Lodging parlour of the parsonage house, whc was reedifyed the July following: John Johnson Rector.

1896. In February or March were scene Two sons in ye morning Tide.

This Register booke was belonging to Mr Thomas Micelethwayt & was most of it transcribed out of ye old Register by Nicholas Pearson, & that was done out of the proper charge & cost of Mr Tho: Micelethwayte Rectr & being found in his Library was given by Dr John Micelethwayte of London (afterwards Knight & Physician to Kg Charles 2d) to mee John Johnson & belongs not to ye parish but to my executer, to dispose of. Rector of Ch: Burton.

Memorandm upon Sunday Febr : 12b, 1687, there happened about halfe a quarter before foure in ye afternoonc, after sermon, a sudden violent pulsation, or as it were a Mighty Thump in ye earth tht is a kind of earthquake, tht resembled the report of a cannon, wth some noise before & after, & causing the earth & the buildings thereon to shake, but it lasted but a moment in this place. Ita testor. Cherryburton Febr: 12, 1687. John Johnson Rr ibid.

Febr. 24, 1689. This day att the suns rising were seene two suns when the sun was about a quarter of an houre risen, the appearance of the second sun or paralia was seemingly att 60 yards distance on ye north east of ye true sun.

Memorandm. That in March 1691/2 the Incumbent of the Rectory of Cherry Burton John 9 Johnson did plant a certaine number of Ashetrees From the cast stile to the steeple, a good distance from the quarry yards Fence, that for the future No church- warden or Parishioner might lay claime to them, they being entirely planted in the Freehold of the Rectour, Ita testor Johannes Johnson Rectr de Cherry Burton. Apr: 8h, 1692.

Decemb: 8h, 1692. In the night was a violent wind in manner of a Hurrican, out of ye west & south which threw downe the top of ye little parlour chimney, & cast it over ye householder of [illegible] about sixe yards from the foundation, whc was repayred in 1693.

The same day or night dyed the second sqire, as appears by ye books.

1896. In February or March were seene to suns in ye morning tyde by 2 Inhabitants.

Aprill 1st, 1699. The little bell was splitt or rent by ringing a peale att the burial of Willm Caiper, in ye hand of Francis Russell.

Dec : 18, 1702. The Kitchen Chimney of the, of ye parsonage (which had stood arry about 10o yeares in psons mind) fell downe in a calme about 2 or 3 in ye morning & brought downe a whole garter or bay of building next to it without any further harme of any living creature (Laus deo) & was erected from ye foundation & finshd Janu: 17h by ye pryssnt Incumbent, John Johnson.

The end of this Register of the Parish of Cherry Burton, Yorksh. (consisting of 52 pages), Robert Darley Waddilove, M.A. & F.A.S., Rectr and Vicar of Topcliffe, in this County, 1775.
A coppy of A Certificate for Chimneys. Wee the Min' of ye P. of Ch B & Churchwardens of ye same pish in the Eastrid. Comit : Eboric, doe hereby certify unto his Majesties Justices of ye peace for the said Eastrid : that Wee do believe that the Respective houses wherein the persons hereunder named do Inhabit, are not of greater value than twenty sh eg annul, upon the full Improved Rent, And yt neither the psons so Inhabiting, nor any other using the said messuages hath useth or entpysh any lands or Tenants of theire owne or others, of ye value of Ten Ibs, in theire owne possession, or In the possession of any other in Trust for them, & that the said houses have not above one chimney, Firehearth, or stove In them respectively.
The Names.
The Justices.
The Testimoniell
This entry is lined out.

Houndsley Baron June 24, 1675 Instructions for ye Constables by his Makesj Justices of the peace for the Eastriding.

1675. Upon the complaint & outcry of his Majies subjects in these parts that there have beene severall robberyes & other mis- demeanors comitted here, more than have beene in former times, All the Villanies do arise by ye negligence of the Constables & other Officers to whom the Appryhension of Rogues and punishmt of Vagabonds & other loose & disorderly persons do so belong.

His Majies Justices of ye peace att the quarter sessions have therefore thought fitt to take present & pticular order for the punishing suppressing & rooting out all sorts of unlawfull wanderers and beggars: & to have an Account of all loose & disorderly persons in this Riding.

To which Order Ralfe Warton Knight & Durand Hotham two of his Majies Justices of the peace; to mee directed the more imediate care of seing all the statutes & good lawes executed, that have been & are in force for the punishing & reforming such psons.

They two his Majies Justices of ye peace have thought fitt, & that there may be noe excuse of Ignorance on yt pt I have sent you a Brevary (occording to Order) of the Duty & rewards & punishmts in this Affaire.

In his Majies name requiring and commanding you ye Constables, to use ye uttmost diligence in this so Important concerne, or you will answer ye Contrary, wh ye severest execution of all ye penaltyes of ye lawes upon you.

Who are Rogues, Vagabonds, & Sturdy beggars.

1. All psons calling themselves syellars, going about begging.
2. All sea faring men pretending losses of thre ships & goods upon the seas, going about, begging in ye Country, except those who shall have certificate from a Justice att the place of thr landing, who in thre direct way home, may aske relief of charitable psons.
3. All these psons going about the country either begging, or using any subtil craft, or unlawfull games, or playes, or feigning themselves to have knowledge in physiognomy, palmistry, or other like crafty sciences, or prytending they can tell fortunes, or destinyes, or such like fantasticall Imaginations.
4. All psons that utter themselves to be proctors, procurers, or collects for gaols, prisons, or hospitalls. All Fencers, bearwards, comonplayors, of interludes, wandering abroad.
5. All Juglers, pedlars, pettychapmen wandering about.
6. All wandering psons & comonlabrers, being psons of able body, esing loytering & refusing to worke for such reasonable wages as are taxed, or commonly given in such places or pts where such psons do or shall happen to dwell or abide, not having otherwise to maintaine themselves.
7. All psons delivered out of gaols, that beg for thr fees, or otherwise travell begging.
8. All psons that shall wander abroad begging, pretending losses by fire or otherwise.
9. All psons not being fellons wandering, and pretending themselves to bee Egyptians, or wandering in ye habit, forme, or attire of Counterfeite Egyptians.
10. All such psons as shall wander up and down ye country, to sell glasses:
The duty of a Constable & all other psons in appryhending and punishing these wh ye forfeiture for neglect :
1. Every pson shall appryhend or cause to be appryhended such Rogues, Vagabonds, & Sturdy beggars, as he or they shall see or know to resort to thyre houses to beg, gather or receive almes, & him, her or them shall carry or cause to be carryed to ye next Constable upon paine to forfeit Ten shillings.
2. The Constables shall appryhend such Rogues coming into his or thire Jurisdiction, & being assisted wh ye advice of the minister of ye parish, or by the appointment of one Justice of ye peace, shall after such advice or appointmt, strip such a Rogue from ye middle upwd & whip him or her, till his or her body bee bloody-who he shall forthwli send fro pish to pish, by ye officers of every of ye same the next straight way to ye parish where hee or shee was borne, if the same may be knowne, by the partyes confession, or otherwise, if that bee not knowne, to ye pish where hec or shee dwelt last, before his or her punishmt ye space of one whole year, or (that not being knowne) where hee or shee passed last through unpunished.
When ye party is thus punished hee is to have a Testimoniall subscribed wh ye hand, & sealed wh ye scale, of ye Justice of peace, Minr, or Constable of ye parish, or any two of them in this or the like forme.
Comit: Eb: Eastr. 1680
1 A b. Rogue, Vagabond, & Sturdy beggar, borne as he confesseth att ( ) in ye county of ( ) was this ( ) day of ( ) taken vagrant & begging att ( ) in the pts abovesd, & was there lawfully whipped thereat, & first appointed to goe ( ) the direct way by ( ) for whc passage there is allowed ( ) dayes, and no more at his pill.
Subscribed & sealed ye day & yeare abovesd A. B. Minister. S. M. Constable or pishioner.

The Constable's penalty in not punishing or conveighing Rogues is for every default 20sh:

The Constable is likewise to be assistant att two privy searches every yeare, for the finding out of all Rogues, Vagabonds & wandering Idle psons, & to bring yin before his Maj: Justices of ye peace att theirc meetings and there to give an account upon oath in writing, under ye minrs hand of ye pish, what Rogues, vagabonds & disorderly psons have been appryhended in ye same search, & since the last search, and how many have beene punished and sent to the house of Correction : which duty if he pforme not, hee may be further fined any sue under forty shillings.

The Constable's Reward & punishment.
1. Whatever Constable shall apprehend any Rogue, vagab : & bring them to a Justice of ye peace, that Justice of ye peace is Authorized to reward such Constable, by giving him a warrant under his hand & scale to ye Constable of such a pish as ye Rogue vagab: passed through unappryhended, requiring him to pay that Constable the sume of two shillings, for every Rogue so appryhended.

2. Whatsoever ye Constable shall expend in conveighance of Rogues and returning them that being whippt are sent from towne to towne with passes, Hee wh ye Churchwardens & Overseers of ye poor & other Inhabitants, may lay a taxe or Indifferent rate upon all psons chargeable by the Statute of 43 of Qu: Eliz: concerning ye office & duty of Overseers of ye poore, whc rate being confirmed by two Justices of ye peace under theire hands and seales, hee bath power by theire warrant under theire hands and seales to collect & bring & thereout to reemburse himselfe.

Concerning Sentry.
Sentry ought to be kept in every towne by 6 or 4 according to the number of the Inhabitants fro Ascension day, all night from sunsetting to sunrising. And if any stranger passe by them hee shall be arrested till morning, and if no suspition bee found bee shall go quitt. If they find cause of suspition, they shall deliver him to ye Sherriffe. And if they will not obey the arrest they shall bring Huy & Cry upon them.

You are also required to take ptecular notice off all travellrs & others, that Lodge in ye towne, whether in private houses suspected or in publick, and send his Maj: Justices an account of them, theire names, habits, psonages, colour of theire horses, & other pticular descriptions of them & the places of thre habitation, so as they may again bee found, when by his Maj: Justices of ye peace required.

This is a true Coppy according to Order May 1st '75. Transcribed May the last 1688. Robert Wetherell John Johnson.

Novbr 16th 1771 Pd to ye underwritten (out of Dr Johnson's forty shillings R. Ann) Ten shillings each

and Paid at Xtmes following (out of ye Interest of ye forty Pound Left by Mrs Elizabeth Johnson) nine shillings each
Elleker Wm
Novbr 1772 Pd Ten shillings

September the Second Ano Dom 1678

A True Register Recording the Names of all such persons as have been wound up and Buryed in woollen in our Parish of Cherry Burton according to an Act of Parliament in that case made and provided.
The forme of an Affidavit made by the Relation and two wittnesses before one of his maiegtyes Justices of the peace.

We whose names are underwritten do hereby testifie to whom it may concerne that Joseph Wright late of Cherry Burton late deceased was not wrapt wound up nor buryed in any shirt shift nor sheet made of or mingled with flax : hemp : silke : haire : gold or silver nor in any other: then what was made of Sheeps wool onely, nor in any Coffin lined or faced with any cloth stuffe or any other thing whatsoever made of or mingled with flax hemp haire gold or silver: In Witness whereof we have hereunto set to our hands and scale this second day of Septemb. 1678.

Anno: Dom 1678
We whose names are underwritte doe hereby testifie to whom it may concerne that Anne Simons late of Cherry Burton late deceased was not wrapt wound up nor buried in any shirt shift nor sheet made of or mingled with flax: hempe: silke: haire: gold or silver: nor in any other then what was made of Sheeps wool only, nor in any coffin lined or faced with any cloth stuff or any other thing whatsoever made or mingled with flax hemp : haire : gold or silver in witnesse whereof we have hereunto sett to our hands and scales the 17 day of Sep.
John Simons Anne Ashton Mary Aston

1740 The Entries in the parchment leaves begin here, and these Entries are scribbled on the first leaf and part of the second leaf.

Anne Baker did pennance March 26, 1682: publickly. The said Anne Baker layd a Foundation of the Towne Stocks which was sevenpounds payd by John Pindar of Hutton Cranswicke, who was supposed to have gott the said Anne Baker with child, & was Fined sevenpound by Mr John Estoffe, and Mr Toby Hodson, Justicers :

Memoranded, to prevent prescription or composition of the Kirkeleys Anno 1684. The Tythe hay of ye Kirkeleys was sold to Dr Johnson for eight shillings, and in the year 1685, the tythe of ye said hay alone, was sold for ten shillings, and in 1683 for ten shill, & for ten shillings, so the composition charged putts & makes voyd all pretences to Annuall composition, or prescription or custome.

John Johnson Rectr ibid.
Febr. 12, 1687
Memorandum upon Sunday about half a quarter of an houre before foure a clocke in ye afternoone was a mighty pulsation of ye earth, or Earthquake which resembled the sound of a canon, with a rumbling noise going before it, which lasted but a moment of time. It caused buildings to shake, and ye earth to tremble or shake in this Towne. Febr. 12, 1687. lta testo. John Johnson.

1689 Febr: 24 now seene two suns about a quarter of an hour after its rising, the parelia appeared on the north east about 60 yards distance. Robert Barker Rector of Ch.

Cherry Burton Regester.

A Register book for Marriages of Such as are to bee published for marriages within the pish of Cherryburton, containing in it, there Names, and Sirnames, the dayes and years, when they were published from the 21th of October 1653 And so consequently every yeare as followet.
John Johnson late Vicar of BP Burton was inducted in the Rectory of Cherryburton Apr: 28, 1681.
Upon Friday the first day of July 1681
John Simon Masoner, & George Pease Carpenter with the     Assistance of William Richardson and Thomas Elfing, all inhabitants of Cherry Burton, did surveigh The Chancell of Cherryburton church, and also the Parsonage house, Barnes, Stable, and Outhouses Belonging to the Rectory of Cherryburton, in order to a just valuation of the dilapidations from the death of Mr Thomas Gayton I late Incumbent to the Induction of Mr John Johnson the present Incumbent, who was inducted Apr: 28, 1681, into the said Rectory.

And the said John Simon : George Pease, Wm Richardson & Thomas Elfing upon view of the premises According to the best of theire Judgment, do value the dilapidations of the said Quire & Parsonage house, with the Appendages to amount to thirty pounds, to make the house secure for habitation, and in Testimony have hereunto subscribed.

William Richardson Thomas Elfing his + mark John Simon his + mark George Pease his + mark

Memorandum that the Reverand Mr Thomas Gee was Inducted into the Parish Church and Rectory of Cherry Burton the 31th of March In ye year of our Lord 1728 by me Wm Anderson Vicar of Bishops Burton
Mr Gee died 1736
A memorandum That the Reverend Mr Chrer Burton was Inducted Into the Parish Church of Cherry Burton April the twenty first by me Henry Jefferson Rector of South Dalton
Mr Burton died at York July 6th 1740
Memorandum That the Reverend Thomas Barker Master of Arts of Jesus College in Cambridge, Rector of Leven in Holderness and Chaplain to the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Suffolk was inducted into the Rectory of Cherry Burton The Sixth Day of February one Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty By Samuel Johnston B.D. Vicar of St. Mary's in Beverley In the Presence of
William Nelson Henry Munby Fran: Kirby Fran: Baker
Mr Barker dyed at C. Burton 26 Septr 1774.
Memm Robert Darley Waddilove, M.A.; and F.A.S.; of Clare Hall, Cambridge, Vicar of Topcliffe in this County, and Chaplain to the Hone & Right Reverend Dr Robert Drummond, Lord Arch Bishop of this Province, and also to the Rt Honble Thos Lord Grantham, His Majesty's Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at the Court of Spain, was inducted into this Rectory of Cherry Burton (vacant by the Death of Thos Barker 26 Sept 1774) the ninth Day of March one thousand, seven hundred and fifty five* by George Croft, Master of the Grammar School in Beverley, & Fellow of University College Oxford, in the presence of William Browne M.A.
Rector of Silverton & Rowe
& John Baker, Parish Clerk
of C. Burton.

Extract from a MS. Book of A. Bishop Sharp.
No Papists in 1706. North Burton, als Cherry Burton R. St Michael, in the Arch Deaconry of the East Riding, Deanery of Herthill, Hunsley Dec. An Ancient Rectory in the Patronage of the College of Beverley, and upon the Dissolution thereof continued in the Crown till Queen Elizabeth, who presented twice, since that it is come to the Hothams. The Town is in the Jurisdiction of Beverley as to the Probate of Wills etc. It is not charged with Synodals or Procurations : It is valued in my Book at £120. K B £23:6 : 8. 2:6:8. The present Rr is John Johnson, supposed the same that holds South Dalton.
1662 Tho' Gayton . by Sr John Hotham
168t John Johnson . . by Wm Gee Esqr
1703 Robt Barker . by his Brothr p.h. Vice
1727 Tho' Gee . . by Tho' Gee Esqr of York
1736 Christopher Burton . by John Burton of Kirkthorp in the Parish of Warmfield in this county
1740 Thos Barker . by Elizabeth Barker of Beverley p.h.v.
1775 Robt Darley Waddilove by the Reps of Robert Waddilove p.h.v.
Value £350 crede R. D.W.

1779 Augt R.D.W. returned from Spain ; and in Octer was appointed domestic Chaplain to Dr Wm Markham Ld A. Bishop of this Province (who had been his Master at Westr School)
Prebendery of York 22 Feb: 1782
Prebendery of Ripon 25 July 1780
Arch Deacon of the East Riding 3 March 1 786
Dean of Ripon 19 Novr 1791

1703 Mr Robert Barker inducted into ye church & Rectory June ye 10th by me Robert Welburne Vic of Bp: Burton

The entries on the parchment leaves end here, and the following names appear on a few paper leaves at the end of the book :-
Richard Southick
Willm Burn
John Burn
Tho. Richardson 1707 pd x
Joshua Everingam
Ann Robson
Richard Huson
George Mutch
Henry Stork 1707 pd x
John Constable 1707 pd x
Willm Raley
Rob' Genison 1707 pd x
The following entries appear inside the cover at the end of the book:-

In Chancery Between Edmund Henry Barker Complainant and Robert Ray others Defendants Exhibited and deposed to by the Revd Henry Wm Hunter on his examination under a joint Commission for Examination of Witnesses in this Cause the 4 Day of May 1822 Before us

Jona: Gray
Samuell Cowling
Tho. Wm Tottie
John Brook

Also produced etc Benjamin Everingham another Witness 6th May 1822

Jona: Gray
Samuell Cowling
Tho: Wm Tottie
John Brook

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1903
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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