Cherry Burton, Benefactions transcription


Cherry Burton parish:

Cherry Burton, Benefactions transcription:

The List of Benefactions in St. Michael's Church, Cherry Burton.


HODGSON JOHNSON of this Parish, gave by will dated May 5th 1722 to four poor people inhabiting Cherry Burton to each of them yearly Ten shillings to be put into the hands of the Overseer of the poor of Cherry Burton for the time being to be bestowed in Coals or other Fuel for them against winter to be paid out of the rents of the House and Closes in Cherry Burton lately called William Pearson's House and Closes every Fifth day of November.

ELIZABETH JOHNSON of Beverley, gave by will dated Sep't. 11th 1740 to the Minister, Churchwardens, and Overseers of the poor of Cherry Burton, the sum of Forty Pounds, the interest of which to be distributed at Christmas equally to four of the poorest Inhabitants.

DAVID BURTON FOWLER Esqr. of the Inner Temple London and of Yarm in the North Riding of this County, gave by will dated Jan'y 6th 1825 to such poor Widows as were not at the time of his decease receiving singular Parochial relief the sum of Fifty Pounds to be paid according to the discretion of his Great Nephew David Robinson Esqr.

June 16th 1838

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson