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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for COTTINGHAM in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Receiving - house at Robert Patterson's, Northgate.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Akam Miss Martha, Hallgate
  • Bailey Mr. John, Hallgate
  • Barker Rev. Ralph, Vicarage
  • Briggs Robert, esq. Newgate
  • Codd George, esq. Newgate
  • Codd Mr. Samuel, Harland rise
  • Coulson Geo. esq. Cottingham castle
  • Deans Rev. William, Church yard
  • Deighton Mr. John, Thwaite
  • Dryden William, esq. Northgate
  • Field Mrs. ---, Beck cottage
  • Gee Joseph, esq. Newgate
  • Hall William, esq. Thwaite
  • Haworth Benj. esq. Hull Bank house
  • Hentig John William, esq. Thwaite
  • Hepplewhite Mrs. Finkle st
  • Hicks Rev. Ths. Finckle st
  • Holland Mr. Macklin, Heppleworth grange
  • Horsley John, esq. Hallgate
  • Kay William, esq. Newgate
  • Lamb Mr. John, Hallgate
  • Lambert Mr. William, Thwaite
  • Lightfoot Samuel, esq. Spring head
  • Mann Mr. Samuel, Mint house
  • Moxon Mrs. ---, Newgate
  • Moxon Mr. William Chas. Newgate
  • Priest Mr. Robert, Hallgate
  • Raikes Robert, esq. Park
  • Rennards Mr. Thomas, Skidby
  • Ringrose Mr. John, Church yard
  • Ringrose Mr. Samuel, George st
  • Ringrose William, esq. Hallgate
  • Roberts Mr. Thomas, Thwaite
  • Roe Rev. Martin, Broad lane
  • Sykes Frederick, esq. Newgate
  • Sykes Mrs. Raywell
  • Thompson Mr. William, Finckle st
  • Todd Mr. John, Northgate
  • Travis Misses, Thwaite
  • Unthank Mr. ---, Thwaite
  • White John, esq. Northgate
  • Wilkinson Wm. Watson, esq. Hallgte
  • Wright General ---, Newgate

Academies and Schools,

  • Bromley Margaret, Market green
  • Free School, Hallgate --- Thomas Coverdale, master
  • Green William and Sons (gent's boarding) Northgate
  • Infants' School, Hallgate --- Mary Coverdale, mistress
  • Kent Robert, Newgate


  • Ross Francis, Hallgate
  • Stonehouse John, Hallgate


  • Green John, Hallgate
  • Humble William, King st
  • Martin John, West green
  • Wardell Thomas, Northgate

Boot and Shoe makers,

  • Akam Joseph, Broad lane
  • Akam William, Broad lane
  • Butler John, Hallgate
  • Crozer Robert, Broad lane
  • Horsfield John, Hallgate
  • Horsfield Robert, King st
  • Hotham John, King st
  • Ranson Robert, Broad lane
  • Richardson John, King st


  • Boynton Joseph, West green
  • Coverdale Henry, King st
  • Coverdale John, Broad lane
  • Stark William, Northgate


  • Harrison William Fisher, King st
  • Martin John, Broad lane
  • Pitt Andrew, Broad lane
  • Stokes Thomas, Hallgate
  • Wade John, Newgate

Cabinet Makers,

  • Ford John, Hallgate
  • Westerman Joseph, Market green

Chymists and Druggists,

  • Gunnee William, Hallgate
  • Saunderson and Co. Hallgate

Grocers and Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Robinson Bethell ( and stamp distributer) King street
  • Wallis George, Broad lane
  • Waltham Joseph, Hallgate
  • Wheat John, King st

Hair Dressers,

  • Bilton Thomas, Hallgate
  • Lyth James, Hallgate

Inns and Public Houses,

  • Angel, William Tennent, King st
  • Blue Bell, Thos. White, West green
  • Cross Keys, Ths. Allison, Northgate
  • Duke of Cumberland, Wm. Mutch, Market green
  • Duke of York, Thos. Kirk, Thwaite
  • King William, Wm. Allison, Hallgate
  • Plough, Jno. Broadbent, Bear houses
  • Tiger, John Harrison, King st
  • Waggon and Horses, Wm. Barnby, Bear houses

Joiners and Wheelwrights,

  • Allison William, Newgate
  • Dalby Daniel (and coach maker) Market green
  • Dales David, West green
  • Dickinson Thos. (& coach maker) King st
  • Green William, Northgate
  • Levitt Thomas, Beck bank
  • Scruton William, George st
  • Smith William, George st

Land Surveyors,

  • Spenceley Thomas, Finkle st
  • Witty William, (& agent) Hallgate
  • Witty William, jun. Newgate

Market Gardeners,

  • Allen William, Northgate
  • Alvin Quarton, George st
  • Archbutt John, Thwaite
  • Archbutt William, Thwaite
  • Boothby Thomas, Hallgate
  • Boothby William, Hallgate
  • Briggs James, Common side
  • Broomby William, Common side
  • Clark Robert, Northgate
  • Coldbreath Robert, Thwaite
  • Crozer William, Northgate
  • Dalby John, Thwaite
  • Donkin William, Beck bank
  • Gledhill John, George st
  • Hardy Robert, Newgate
  • Kirk Robert, Beck bank
  • Kirk Robert, jun. Newgate
  • Kirton William, Fenkle st
  • Martin Abraham, (& nursery) Northgate
  • Parker John, Crescent st
  • Riseam Ann, George st
  • Riseam George, Hallgate
  • Robinson William, Thwaite
  • Scott William, Thwaite
  • Snell Henry, Thwaite
  • Stather Robert, Hallgate
  • Stephenson John, Hallgate
  • Stephenson William, Northgate
  • Teasdale John, Newgate
  • Wilson John, Fenkle st
  • Wilson Robert, King st
  • Wilson Robert, Newgate
  • Witty Edward, Thwaite
  • Wride John, Finkle st
  • Wride Joseph, Northgate


  • Allison Thomas, North mills,
  • Burgess George, West green

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Carr Sarah, Hallgate
  • Leaper Mary, Hallgate

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Andrew Thomas, King st
  • Hardy John, Northgate
  • Hutton Ann, King st
  • Kirk William, King st
  • Longbone John, Thwaite
  • Marsh Thomas, Thwaite
  • Smith William, Hallgate


  • Fielding Mark Stephen, Hallgate
  • Taylor Joseph, Northgate
  • Watson Samuel, Hallgate


  • Ager Thomas, King st
  • Crozer John, King st
  • Crozer John, Northgate
  • Ion Thomas, Hallgate
  • Leaming William, Hallgate
  • Patterson Robert, Northgate
  • Rashell Thomas, Broad lane
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Hallgate


  • Agar Daniel, well sinker, Thwaite
  • Bolton Samuel, fellmonger and worsted manufacturer, Providence place
  • Bushby John, plumber & glazier, King st
  • Carr Wm. Hardy, brewer, &c. Broad lane
  • Collinson Samuel, farrier, Northgate
  • Day Wm. rope and twine maker, Back st
  • Garton, Little & Co. snuff mfrs. Snuff mills
  • Harrison John, painter, King st
  • Hildyard John, tea dealer, King st
  • Kay Edward, swine dealer, Finkle st
  • Kelsey Thos. brazier & tinman, Hallgate
  • Ross Francis, china & glass dlr, Hallgate
  • Tadman William, saddler, Broad lane
  • Taylor Joseph, keeper of the 'Retreat' for insane females
  • Wilkinson John, assistant overseer, governor of the
  • workhouse, and collector of assessed taxes, Church yard
  • Wilkinson Thomas, parish clerk, Hallgate
  • Wilson Thomas, retailer of beer, King st


  • To Hull, coaches, from the Tiger, every morning at nine and evening at seven, and from the King William , every morning (Sunday excepted) at nine, and every Sunday evening at seven


  • To Beverley, John Newton, Charles Morrod, & Johnson Morrod, every Sat.
  • To Hull, John Newton, Chas. Morrod, & Johnson Morrod, every Tues. & Fri.
  • To Market Weighton, John Newton and Charles Morrod, every Wed.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000