Cottingham parish:


Cottingham, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial in Cottingham Churchyard.

The front of the Memorial (see also Photo)

In proud and grateful memory
of the Cottingham men who fell
in the Great War 1914 - 1918

2nd Lt C Ashton W Cuthbertson
E Atkinson H Dawson
M Barber A Dickenson
A Barker T H Fawcett
J Barr A Fewster
A Bielby H Field
C Bilton A Gill
W Bond C W Gill
E J Bragg A Gibson
H Bromby F Glew
R Bursell T Grant
2nd Lt A Burstall J T Grantham
L Buttery C E Grantham
C A Campey D Coundrill
H Cooper C Hall
T W Coupland J Haldenby

The left hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

C Haldenby
S Holliday
L C Horsaman
Capt W P Horsley MC
E Harrison
F Hodgson
J Hutcheson
C Jackson
R Jackson
J W Johnson
J I Jibson
J W Kirk
H Kirk
J A B Latham
Lt T E Locking
R W Longbone

2nd Lt H Matthews V Miller
H Matthews F Patrick
J Metcalfe W R Pool
2nd Lt A W Millard F Pybus

The right hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

E Pybus
A Robinson
Lt W W Sawden
R Bewell
J H Scott
W H Smith MM
H Stadeler
A Stadeler
F Stephenson
D R Stephenson
H Summers
W Stather
F H Taylor
A Teesdale
S Teesdale
W R Thompson

A Thompson Capt G H Watson
G Thrussell R Watson
A E Trafford S Watson
A Walker L Webster

The back of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

S Welbourn Lt W C Wright
H Whitehead G Wright
B Wigby H Wright
F Wilberforce T Wright
C H Wollas MM F W Wright
G W Wright A R O'Connell
D Moody M Coverdale
R Moody F Brumby
H Kirk 2nd Lt H Thompson
C F Westmorland J Charlesworth
S Rhodes E Baram

"Their name liveth for evermore"

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson