Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for DUNNINGTON in Post Office Directory of 1857.


Private Residents:

  • Barker Thomas Mr Manor house
  • Kirby Nathaniel
  • Lund Rev. William
  • Lund Mrs
  • Mills Robert William Fenwick Esq. Eastfield house
  • Randolph Rev. Edward J MA Rectory


  • Abbey Thomas Greyhound Inn and agricultural implement and machine manufacturer
  • Acomb George farmer and shoemaker
  • Allison James farmer
  • Banister William shopkeeper
  • Barker John agricultural and implement manufacturer
  • Barker Jas. agricultural and implement manufacturer
  • Barker Roger farmer Manor house
  • Barker William Blacksmith's Arms and agricultural and implement manufacturer
  • Beal John Cross Keys and farmer
  • Bell Charles farmer
  • Bell James tailor and draper
  • Bell John tailor and draper
  • Bell Sarah (Mrs) sub postmistress
  • Boynton Edwrad carpenter
  • Buckle John farmer
  • Buckle Robert jun. farmer and butcher
  • Buckle Robert sen. farmer
  • Buckle Thomas farmer
  • Busfield John farmer
  • Clarkson Samuel farmer and freeholder
  • Craig John gardener
  • Creaser Thomas blacksmith and farmer
  • Etty Henry yeoman
  • Fowler James farmer
  • Frankish William farmer
  • Gell Robert farmer Grimston hill farm
  • Gowthorp John shopkeeper
  • Grainger John farmer
  • Hainsley - farmer and freeholder Billings farm
  • Hart Henry farmer Dunnington Lodge
  • Holmes William bricklayer
  • Hornby Richard Harrison Dunnington House Private Asylum
  • Hornshaw William carpenter and wheelwright
  • Johnson John shoemaker
  • Megginson Rachael (Mrs) farmer
  • Metcalf John farmer
  • Middleton Elizabeth (Miss) schoolmistress
  • Mintoft Catherine (Mrs) beer retailer and shopkeeper
  • Mintoft John shoemaker
  • Morley John farmer
  • Nicholls Francis bricklayer
  • Nelson William tailor and registrar of births and deaths
  • Nicholls William carpenter and wheelwright
  • Oxtaby Hannah (Mrs) cornmiller
  • Rawcliff Henry shopkeeper
  • Richardson Robert shopkeeper
  • Robinson George shopkeeper
  • Sellers William shopkeeper
  • Smith Thomas butcher
  • Warnford John farmer
  • Wilkinson Mary (Mrs) farmer
  • Wyld John farmer
  • Young David farmer

Post Office:

  • Mrs Sarah Bell receiver,
  • London and other letters are received through York by foot-post, arrive at 10am and dispatched at half past 5pm.
  • York is its nearest money order office

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006