Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for EASINGTON in Post Office Directory of 1857.


Private Residents:

  • Miss Martha Fewson Lockham
  • Mrs Bride Hall


  • John Atkinson farmer
  • John Blenkin farmer
  • Thomas Branton carrier
  • William Branton farmer
  • Henry Gibson Bride farmer
  • John Bride farmer
  • John D Bride shoemaker
  • William Bride shopkeeper,tailor and parish clerk
  • John Bulson butcher and farmer
  • William Cammidge bricklayer
  • George Charlton shopkeeper
  • Michael Charlton shopkeeper
  • Robert Charlton boot and shoemaker
  • William Child farmer Rectory Farm and Lockham
  • Francis Clubley farmer
  • Henry Clubley farmer
  • John Clubley farmer Fritholme House
  • John Cockerill tailor
  • William Cookman farmer and coal merchant
  • Robert Corkerline boot and shoemaker
  • Alexander Crawforth farmer
  • William Cuthbert miller
  • George Dennison farmer
  • Francis Dent farmer
  • James Dunn farmer North Field House
  • William Fawcatt bricklayer
  • John Fenwick omnibus proprietor
  • Henry Foster farmer Dimlington
  • John Giles boot and shoemaker
  • Bride Hall blacksmith
  • Thomas Hodgson farmer
  • Peter Hutty farmer Out Newton
  • Thomas Johnson tailor
  • William Johnson farmer
  • William Johnson tailor and shopkeeper
  • John Lawton coal merchant
  • Philip Lawton tailor and beer retailer
  • Robert Leadley carrier
  • William Leonard farmer Out Newton
  • Robert Longman blacksmith
  • John Marshall farmer Out Newton
  • Robert Mason farmer
  • John Mason farmer and coal dealer
  • George Medforth wheelwright and farmer
  • Miss Ann Pears straw bonnet maker
  • Edward Pears school master and rate collector
  • Thomas Quinton boot and shoemaker and beer retailer
  • John Richardson farmer Out Newton
  • David Tennison wheelwright
  • Lawrence Smith Thompson grocer,draper and post master
  • Michael Tiddy chief boatman of coast guards
  • William Towls farmer Dimlington
  • Harrison Walker Granby
  • Richard Wallis farmer Out Newton
  • William and James Wilkinson farmers
  • George Wilkinson tailor
  • William Wilson farmer
  • Thomas Winteringham beer retailer Out Newton


  • Letters through Patrington which is the nearest money order office


  • Thomas Branton on Thursday
  • Robert Leadley on Monday
  • Omnibus to Patrington John Fenwick every day except Sunday

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006