Elvington Directory of Trades and Professions for 1857


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ELVINGTON in Post Office Directory of 1857.

  • S Wormald Esq. now ownwer of the principle estate, including Manor House, manor and fishery. Brinkworth Hall is the property of John Womald Esq. and is occupied by Mr Dodsworth. 'The Villa' near the village was the property of the late George Charles Cheape Esq. now been purchased by the Reverend John Erskine Clarke
Private Residences:
  • The Misses Clarke The Villa
  • Mrs Ann Emerson
  • Reverend Thomas Maude rector
  • Miss Ann Elizabeth and Susannah Spence
  • Edmund Atkin butcher
  • William Bellerby shopkeeper
  • John Bowman vet
  • William Bowman farmer
  • John Brown shopkeeper
  • William Brown farmer
  • Henry Burn timber merchant
  • Jmaes Burniston farmer
  • William Burniston farmer
  • Benjamin Carr farmer
  • Henry Carr farmer
  • William Carr farmer
  • William Cooper farmer
  • John Cross carpenter
  • John Dickson surgeon
  • Thomas Dodsworth farmer Brinkworth Hall
  • Christopher Dresser butcher
  • Mrs Ruth Duckett shopkeeper
  • James Foster shoemaker
  • Thomas Hudson farmer
  • John Lightowler carpenter
  • Thomas Lotherington bricklayer
  • Thomas Lolley farmer
  • James Mitchell farmer
  • Thomas Moate farmer
  • Mark Nicholls farmer
  • Henry Raney blacksmith and Grey Horse PH
  • William Reynolds farmer
  • Joseph Theakston boot and shoe maker and beer retailer
  • Robert Tindale farmer
  • William Whittaker tailor and draper
  • William Williamson farmer and brick and tile maker

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006