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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for FILEY in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Members : - N. Maley, Esq., CC., chairman; Messrs. William Cammish, Joshua Fountain, James Haworth, Edward Martin, John Ross, Fitz-Geo. Rowe, T. S. Skinner, Z. A. Ward, C.A. The board meets the first Tuesday in each month, in their room in Belle Vue street
  • Clerk - J. G. G. Gofton
  • Collector - Thomas Wilson
  • Inspector of boats and carriages - Wm. Lawson
  • Medical Officer - Dr. Hugh Orr
  • Sanitary Inspector & Surveyor - R. J. Stevenson


  • Assistant Overseer - R. B. Gofton, 4 West par
  • Bellman or Town Crier - R. Stork, King street
  • Bill Poster - T. Gibson, Queen street


  • Constitutional, John street - J. B. Robson, hon. sec.; A. T. Lawson, Esq., president; Messrs. A. T. Clay, Henry Darley (of Scarborough), John Phillips, Wm. Filling (of Gristhorpe), and Capt. Henry Unett, vice-presidents; Robert Dobson, chairman; (committee of 50 members)
  • Liberal, Alma terrace - Denton Rickaby, sec.; N. Maley, Esq., president and chairman; John Jones, treasurer ; (committee of 9 members)


  • Cricket, ground, near Station - W. F. Smith, hon. sec., 2 Undercliffe; L. H. Hinchliffe, treasurer
  • Football, ground, Muston road - Fleetwood Hinchliffe, hon. secretary, Hope street
  • Lawn Tennis, ground, back of The Crescent - J. B. Robson, hon. treasurer; R. C. Hope, hon. secretary


  • St. Oswald's (Parish church) - Rev. A. N. Cooper, M.A., vicar; Messrs. C. G. Wheelhouse and Wm. Cammish, churchwardens; R. M. Long, organist; Francis Fox, parish clerk; Joseph Watkinson, sexton; Henry McIntyre, verger
  • St. John, the Evangelist (chapel of ease), West street - Messrs. D. Brown and R. Cammish, churchwardens
  • Wesleyan, Chapel, Union street - Rev. Thomas Wilde
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Union street; the Revs. J. A. Alderson and Michael Laycock
  • Plymouth Brethren, services held in the Albert ball, Chapel street


  • General Post Office, 3 Murray terrace, Filey, R.S.0., Yorks; Samuel Towse, postmaster. Weekday arrivals at 6-54 a.m. from York, Scarborough, and Midland T.P.O., and at 5-30 p.m. from York; Week-day Despatches at 9-30 a.m. to York, at 5-45 p.m. to York and Scarborough, and at 7-40 p.m. to Hull. Sunday arrivals at 9-0 a.m. from York, Midland T.P.O., and Hull Sorting Tender. Sunday despatches at 5-0 p.m. to Hull Sorting Tender and York. Office hours: 7-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.
  • Letter and Pillar Boxes - Beach, cleared at 9-20 am, and 5-20 p.m., and 4-0 p.m. on Sundays; Church street, cleared at 9-15 a.m. and 5-25 p.m., and at 4-10 p.m. on Sundays; Crescent, cleared at 9-20 a.m. and 5-20 p.m., and at 4-0 p.m. on Sundays; Crown Hotel, cleared at 9-20 a.m. and 5-25 p.m., and at 4-10 p.m. on Sundays; N.E.R. Station, cleared at 9-10 am. and 5-30 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Alderson Miss Elizabeth, 1 Rutland terrace
  • Alderson Rev. J. A. (Primitive), 4 Union street
  • Ash Messrs. Alfred & William, Agbrigg house, and at Wakefield
  • Beaumont Mrs., Hope street
  • Brown David, bird stuffer, 1 Murray street
  • Brown Hy.,painter, paperhanger, and decorator, Chapel street; h 29 Hope st. - (See Advt.)
  • Brumpton Mrs. Eliza, 10 Hope street
  • Burr Brothers (Wm., David, & Jas.), chimney sweepers, salt and soot merchants, &c., Mitford street
  • Cambridge Mrs. Mary, Murray street
  • Cammish Mrs. Ann, 9 West parade
  • Cammish Mrs. Emma, 18 The Crescent
  • Cammish Miss Mary Jane, 5 West street
  • Cammish Mr. Robert, West wing
  • Chapman Charles, lodging house keeper and public baths proprietor, Ackworth house
  • Clark Miss, 1 Rutland terrace
  • Clarkson John, police sergeant, Hope street
  • Claxton Mr. Thomas, 2 Alma terrace
  • Clay Arthur Travis, Esq., Wax holme, and Brigg house, Rastrick
  • Cook Mr. John, King street
  • Cooper Rev. Arthur Neville, M.A., The Vicarage
  • Crawford Mrs. Ann, Ebenezer house
  • Crawford Wm. (Crawford & Swan); h Queen street
  • Crimlisk Mrs. Eliz., refreshments, Queen st
  • Dixon Mrs. Eliza, Queen street
  • Dowsland Mr. Wellborn, 1 Anglo villas
  • Duck Mrs. Ann, 2 Clarence parade
  • Ellis Francis, chief officer, H.M. Coastguard; h 28 Hope street
  • Ely Mrs. Caroline, Rose cottage
  • Farrow Mr. George W., 2 Undercliffe
  • Fieldhouse Mrs. Eliza, Queen street
  • Filey Post, published on Saturdays; Richard Maurice Long, manager, 3 Cliff terrace
  • Filey Water and Gas Co.; James Pine, of Scarborough, secretary
  • Fisher Walter, photographer, Queen street
  • Forest Miss, 6 Clarence terrace
  • Fowler Mrs. Ellen, Oswald house
  • Gofton Glaves, farm manager, 5 West parade
  • Gofton John Glaves, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, &c., Hope street
  • Gofton Samuel, clerk and bathing machine owner, 11 Hope street
  • Graburn Miss Mary Theresa, 1 St. Martin's vls
  • Guy Mr. John Pattinson, Belvedere
  • Halliday Mrs. Annie, bookseller and fancy goods dealer, 6 Reynolds st and Belle Vue st
  • Hankes Mrs. Caroline Mary, Upcliffe house
  • Hargrave John Wm., mineral water manufacturer, Rutland st; h 40 Esplanade, Scarborough
  • Harrison Mrs. Frances, Sea breezes
  • Harrison Richard Richardson, station master and goods agent
  • Hartley Mr. Richard William, Swiss villa
  • Harvey Charles, bandmaster, 4 Clarence par
  • Huggon Thomas, cowkeeper, market gardener, &c., Mill cottage
  • Jackson Miss Emily, schoolmistress, 6 Church street
  • Johnson Mrs. Mary, Church street
  • Jones John, fishing tackle and brick manufacturer, Queen street
  • Jukes Mr. Edward C., 29 The Crescent
  • Kay Miss Lucy A., schoolmistress, 3 West st
  • Kennedy J. B., surgeon dentist, 15 Hope street, and at Scarborough
  • Latimer Mrs. Hannah Maria, 9 The Crescent
  • Lawson A. T., Esq., J.P., 8 The Crescent
  • Lawson Mrs. Anne, Ivy villa
  • Laycock Rev. Michael (Primitive), 5 Union st
  • Legard Mr. Algernon Willoughby, 12 The Cres
  • Limpus Mr. John, Ravine terrace
  • Long Mr. William George, 3 Cliff terrace
  • Lorriman Richard, plumassier, 24 Hope street
  • Mabbott Mr. John, 14 Hope street
  • Maley Nicholas, Esq., C.C., Scarborough road
  • Martin Mr. Edwin, The Ravine
  • Monkman Mr. Henry, 2 Union street
  • Nicholson Mrs. Annie, 11 The Crescent
  • Pashby William, roper, King street
  • Philliskirk Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, King st
  • Pym Mrs. Gambier, 10 The Crescent
  • Ramsden Mrs. Martha Ellen, 2 St. Martin's vls
  • Richardson & Son, solicitors, Church street, and at Bridlington
  • Richardson Mrs. Eliza, 6 John street
  • Robson Mayo, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 2 South Cliff villas
  • Ross & Son, ironmongers, &c., Regent house
  • Ross Mrs. Eliz. (Ross & Son); h Regent house
  • Ross John (Ross & Son); h West View house
  • Rudston Miss, Kingston cottage
  • Sayers Mrs. Ann, 3 West parade
  • Scotter Rd., grocer's assistant, 9 Alma terrace
  • Simpson Mrs. Ann, Queen street
  • Simpson Mr. Thomas, 8 West parade
  • Smith Mrs. Ann, Cliff house
  • Smith Wm. Foster, schoolmaster, 2 Undercliffe
  • Snow W. & Sons, drapers, Prospect house
  • Stevenson Rd. Jesse, road surveyor, Murray st
  • Stockdale Robert Harvey, feather merchant, 5 Hope street
  • Suggit Mrs. Zillah, Wenlock house
  • Swann Matthew John (Crawford & Swann); h Dudley house
  • Sweetman Mrs. Matilda, 19 Hope street
  • Taylor Miss Annie, 23 The Crescent
  • Thompson Mrs. William, Langford villa
  • Tout Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Cliff terrace
  • Towse Alfred B., grocer, 6 Windsor terrace
  • Unett Captain Henry, Downcliffe house
  • Waddingham Mr. George, 1 The Crescent
  • Walton Miss Ellen, 6 East parade
  • Ward Mr. Edward, 1 East parade
  • Ward Ziba, Esq., C.A., Crescent Hill house
  • Webb Thomas, tinplate worker, King street
  • Wheelhouse Claudius Galen, F.R.C.S., Cliff point
  • Wigley Mr. William, The Beach
  • Wilde Rev. Thomas (Wesleyan), 7 Rutland ter
  • Williams Alfred, agent, Prudential Assur. Co., 4 Chapel road
  • Williams Rev. John Mack, B.A., The Cottage
  • Wilson Thomas, saddler, Reynolds street
  • Yorkshire Wolds Creamery (The), Murray st Edward Keighley, proprietor


Academies & Schools.

  • Church of England Schools, East parade; (mixed) Wm. Foster Smith, mstr.; (infts.) Miss Emily Jackson, mistress
  • Dibb Misses Kate Georgina and Eleanor Mather, 42 The Crescent
  • Holmes Mrs. Mary, Brookeville, 36 The Crescent
  • McCallum Miss Lucy, Clarence house
  • Wardhaugh Wm. C.M. (day and boarding), 2 Clarence ter
  • Wesleyan Schools, West street; (mixed) Jph. Edwards, mstr. (infants) Miss Lucy A. Kay, mistress
  • Whitfield Samuel (grammar), Rutland street; h 25 The Crescent


  • Gofton John Glaves, 6 Rutland terrace

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Bentley Robert, John street
  • Bulmer Mrs. S., Albion house
  • Carr Thomas, Queen street
  • Chew Mrs. Mary, Queen st
  • Jenkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Reynolds street
  • Lorriman Charles, Church st
  • Smith Fred, 2 Murray street
  • Thompson Mrs. Maria, 21 Hope street
  • Woods Mrs. Mary Agnes, Reynolds street


  • Yorks. Penny Bank (branch), North street; Rt. Cammish, treasurer; Nicholas Maley, Esq., C.C., actuary
  • Yorkshire City & County Banking Co., Ltd., branch from Scarborough, West street

Blacksmiths and Agricultl. Implement Makers.

  • Bulmer Charles, senr. (white), Forge house
  • Hall Richard, 1 Church street
  • Taylor Rt., Chapel street; h 6 Albion place

Boat Builders.

  • Cambridge John, 3 Chapel st
  • Cappleman Rd. & Wm., Beach cottage
  • Chapman John Wm., Queen st

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Blades Jefferson, 2 Ravine ter
  • Carr Alfred, S Reynolds street
  • Hirst Henry, 27 Hope street
  • Ireland Joseph, Hope street
  • Johnson John, Church street
  • Marriner Robert, Hope street
  • Rickaby Denton, Queen street
  • Rickaby Jonah, Queen street
  • Rowe Fitz-George, 7 Union st and 8 Rutland street
  • Wyrill Robert, 7 Church street

Builders & Bricklayers.

  • Berry Thomas, Murray street and Church street
  • Fox Francis, 6 Church street
  • Fox John Sumpton, Church st
  • Watkinson Jno. Clark, 9 Chapel street
  • Woods George, Reynolds st


  • Barnett William, 8 Union st
  • Chew Robert, King street
  • Dixon Jas. Harrison, 2 John st
  • Garnett John, 3 Alma terrace
  • Hutton John Wm., Murray st
  • Ingamells Geo., 9 Reynolds st
  • Monkman James, 30 Hope st

Cab and Carriage Proprietors.

  • Bedlington Hy. Pullen, Crown Hotel
  • Bulmer Chas., jun., Albion hs
  • Bulmer James, Queen street
  • Burr David, Chapel street
  • Burr William, Reynolds street
  • Fountain Josh., Foord's Hotel
  • Proctor Edwd., 3 The Crescent
  • Railton James, 2 Melville ter
  • Richardson John, Queen st
  • Stonehouse Abraham, King st
  • Varley James, Royal Crescent Hotel

Cart Owners.

  • Bulmer James, Queen street
  • Burr Bros., 1 Reynolds street
  • Fant James, 7 Chapel street
  • Huggon Thomas, Mill cottage
  • Johnson Fredk., 18 Chapel st
  • Killingbeck George, Summervile terrace
  • Wiseman Robt., Gofton's yard, Church street


  • Rickard William, A.P.S.(family & dispensing), John street and Queen street, and at Hunmanby, R.S.O.
  • Stathers Alfred, 5 Union st

Coal Agents.

  • Harrison R. R., Rlwy. station
  • Wilson David, Hope street

Coal Merchants and Dealers.

  • Cammish Wm., King street
  • Cookman George, Bank house,West street
  • Pashby William, King street

Dairymen, Cowkeepers and Milk Sellers.

  • Barnett John, King street
  • Huggon Thomas, Mill cottage
  • Pashby Mrs. Agnes, Church st
  • Shepherd Danl., White house, Station road
  • Stonehouse Abraham, King st
  • Wilson Mrs. Mary, Manor farm, King street

Donkey Owners.

  • Burr Bros., Reynolds street
  • Gage George, King street


  • Crawford Newman, Commerce house
  • Crawford Robert, Albert house
  • Dixon Carr, 6 Union street, and at Flamborough
  • Snow W. & Sons, Prospect hs


  • Crosier Miss Jane, 11 Alma ter
  • Ferguson Mrs. Ann, 2 Cliff ter
  • Novice Mrs. Fanny, Queen st
  • Taylor Miss Alice, 6 Ravine ter


  • Barmby William (and miller), Scarborough road
  • Bulmer James, Queen street
  • Colling George, Queen street
  • Smith Mrs. Robert, Church Cliff house
  • Varley Jas., Royal Crescent Hotel
  • Wilson Mrs. Mary, Manor farm, King street

Fish Curers.

  • Colling Bayes and Thomas, Church street
  • Stockdale Samuel, 5 Hope st

Fish Merchants.

  • Colling Bayes and Thomas, Church street
  • Crawford & Swann, Queen st
  • Crawford Dunn, Talbot house
  • Robinson Jas., Undercliffe cot
  • Stockdale Samuel, 5 Hope st

Fishing Boat Owners.

  • Baxter Wm., Richardson's yd
  • Cammish Edm., Sand Hill ln
  • Cammish Richard Thomas, Sand Hill lane
  • Cammish Wm., Richardson's yard
  • Haxby Richard, 3 Union st
  • Hunter Thomas, Queen street
  • Jenkinson Matthew, Chapel yd
  • Jenkinson William, Queen st
  • Jenkinson Wm., 21 Queen st
  • Ross William, Chapel road


  • Crawford William, John street and Queen street
  • Sharp Mrs. Susan, North st
  • Simpson, Mrs. Mary Jane, 7 Reynolds street

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. (See also Market Gardeners, &c.)

  • Bellwood Thomas, 3 Murray st
  • Clark Samuel, Queen street
  • Cunningham John, 3 John st
  • Holmes George, Queen street
  • Langdale C., Murray street
  • Simpson Mrs. Mary Jane, 7 Reynolds street
  • Stork Robert, Queen street
  • Walker Henry, North street and Scarborough road
  • Watson Walker Wm., Hope st

Game and Poultry Dealer.

  • Cogill Mrs. Sarah, 4 Hope st

Glass & China Dealers.

  • Peckitt James, 16 Queen st
  • Wilson Mrs. Mary Ann, Murray street

Grocers and Provision Dealers

  • Baker William, Queen street
  • Cammish Wm., Queen st
  • Crawford Robert, Albert house
  • Ellerker Robert Dixon also baking powder manuacturer & patent medicine dealer), Union street
  • Elliott John, 4 Murray street
  • Headley William, 1 Alma ter
  • Ibberson Miss Teresa, Murray street
  • Nellist John, Murray street, and at Muston
  • Newton William, 16 Hope st
  • Peckitt James, 16 Queen st
  • Ross John, Chapel street
  • Scatter Mrs. Eliz., Chapel st
  • Towse Saml., P.O.,3 Murray ter


  • Baylis Henry, 15 Hope street
  • Pashby Cornelius, Queen st; h Wenlock place

Hotels and Inns.

  • Crown, Queen street; Henry Pullen Bedlington
  • Foord's, Queen street; Joshua Fountain
  • Grapes, Queen street; Robert Parker
  • Hope and Anchor, 10 Church street; Cleathing Fox
  • Imperial Stores, 6 and 7 Hope street; Thomas Brunton
  • Royal Crescent, The Crescent; James Varley
  • Ship, Queen st; Henry Lassey
  • Star, Mitford st; Walter Budd
  • Three Tuns, Murray street; Misses Hannah and Elizabeth Barker

House, Estate, and Insurance Agents.

  • Ellis Richard, 1 Belle vue
  • Gofton John Glaves, 6 Rutland terrace
  • Gofton Rt. Brown, 4 West par
  • Haxby Frederick, Rutland st, and 17 The Crescent
  • Robson John Binnington, 1 South Cliff villas


  • Bulmer Chas., senr., Forge hs
  • Ross & Son, Hope street

Joiners, Wheelwrights, Builders, and Undertakers.

  • Chew John, Chapel road
  • Cooper Thos., 4 The Crescent
  • Ellis Richard, 1 Belle vue
  • Gardner Rt., Scarborough rd
  • Haxby Frederick (and cabinet maker), 17 The Crescent
  • Sawden Abel, Rutland house


  • Barr Mrs. Annie. Chapel road
  • Coultas Mrs. Maria and Miss Jane, 10 Chapel street
  • Hoggarth Mrs. Mary Jane, Queen street
  • Shepherd Mrs. Mary, White house, Station road

Livery Stable Keepers.

  • Barker Misses Hannah and Elizabeth, Murray street
  • Bedlington Henry Pullen, Crown Hotel
  • Bulmer Chas., junior, Albion Mews
  • Fountain Josh., Foord's Hotel
  • Varley James, Royal Crescent Hotel


  • Abbott Samuel, 3 Belle vue
  • Anton William, 5 Clarence ter
  • Atkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 15 and 19 The Crescent
  • Banning Misses Annie and Elizabeth, 4 Melville ter
  • Bates Mrs. Mary Ann, 7 The Crescent
  • Brown Thomas, 8 Windsor ter
  • Bulmer Mrs. Sarah, Albion hs
  • Cammish William, Queen st
  • Cappleman Thomas Warcup, Murray street
  • Cappleman Wm., 8 Alma terrace
  • Chapman Charles, Ackworth house
  • Codling Mrs. Sarah, 1 East par
  • Cogill Henry, 1 Prospect pl
  • Colley Mrs. Grace, 5 The Crescent
  • Colley Wm. Bulmer, 1 West st
  • Cooper John, Sea Breeze cot
  • Cooper Thos., 4 The Crescent
  • Cooper Walter, 2 Windsor ter
  • Crawford Matthew, 7 Alma ter
  • Crosher Mrs. Eliz., 4 West st
  • Cullin John, 15 & 16 The Cres
  • Dobson Robt., St. Kitt's house
  • Dowsland Wellborn,1 Anglo vls
  • Durant Mrs., 8 Ravine ter
  • Dyer Richard, Matlock house
  • Ellis Richard, 1 Belle vue
  • Ethell Mrs. Mary, Sumerville terrace
  • Ezard Rd., 2 Prospect place
  • Fenby Thomas, 2 East parade
  • Ferguson Mrs. Ann, 2 Cliff ter
  • Ferguson Mrs. Faith, 1 Undercliffe
  • Fletcher Mrs. Jane Elizabeth, 4 Windsor terrace
  • Foster Mrs. Henrietta, West Parade house
  • Gibson Miss Eliza, 2 The Cres
  • Gibson Hy., 24 The Crescent
  • Gibson Mrs. Margt., Osborne house, The Crescent
  • Gibson Wm. Jph., 6 Cliff ter
  • Gibson Wm., 82 The Crescent
  • Gofton Miss Betsy, 5 Rutland ter
  • Gofton John Glaves, 6 Rutland terrace
  • Gofton John Smith, 2 Belle vue
  • Greaves Mrs. Thomas, 84 The Crescent
  • Groves Rt., 18 & 14 The Crescent
  • Hall Mrs., 8 Melville terrace
  • Hall Mrs. Selina, The Crescent
  • Haxby Miss Annie, 28 The Cres
  • Haxby Mrs. Eliz., 17 The Cres
  • Haxby Fred., jr., 20 The Cres
  • Haxby Jenkinson, Clarence vw
  • Hepton Francis, 4 Rutland ter
  • Hornby Mrs. Mgt., 5 Reynolds street
  • Hunter Mrs. Sarah, 3 Hope st
  • Huntley Wm., The Beach
  • Ingamells Geo., Sumerville hs
  • Ingleby Mrs. Sar., Crompton hs
  • Jenkinson Geo.,2 Hope cottages
  • Jenkinson Mrs. Rachel, 2 Hope street
  • Johnson Mrs. Mary, 30 The Crescent
  • Killingbeck Geo., Sumerville terrace
  • Lawson Mrs. Anne, Ivy villa
  • Marriner Thos., 2 Anglo villas
  • Middlewood George, 1 Windsor terrace
  • Milner Miss Mary, 6 West st
  • Milner Mrs. Sarah, 22 The Crescent
  • Monro Mrs. Louisa, Hawthorne house
  • Preston Mrs. Annie, 27 The Crescent
  • Priestman John, 1 West par
  • Procter Mrs. Eliz., 8 Hope st
  • Procter Mrs. Sarah, 31 The Cres
  • Proctor Edwd., 8 The Crescent
  • Prudames Mrs. Mary, 6 The Crescent
  • Railton James, 2 Melville ter
  • Richardson George, Queen st
  • Rickaby Ralph, 5 Windsor ter
  • Rooke John Frankish, 8 Clarence terrace
  • Salt Miss, 2 West parade
  • Sanderson Robert Edwin, 8 Rutland terrace
  • Sawden Milner, 7 Clarence ter
  • Scott Wm., Sumerville terrace
  • Scriviner Mrs. Mary Ann, 8 Rutland terrace
  • Sexton Thos., 1 Hope cottages
  • Sharp George, Ravine terrace
  • Shaw John, 2 Rutland terrace
  • Skerry Mrs. Naomi, Queen st
  • Skinner Thomas Stephenson, Beach house
  • Smart Edward joseph, 35 The Crescent
  • Smith George, 2 West street
  • Smith Miss Mary, Belle Vue st
  • Smith Thomas, 2 North ter
  • Sowden Jas., 21 The Crescent
  • Spink Mrs. Mary Jane, 1 Melville terrace
  • Stockdale Miss Rachel, 40 The Crescent
  • Taylor George, 8 Clarence par
  • Watkinson Wm., 2 Clarence vw
  • Webb Thomas, Queen street
  • White Mrs. Ann, Murray st
  • Whitfield Mrs. Ann, 25 The Crescent
  • Willis William Huttum, 88 The Crescent
  • Winson Charles, Fern house

Market Gardeners, Seedsmen, & Florists.

  • Bellwood Thomas, 3 Murray street
  • Greaves Thos., Royal Crescent gardens
  • Langdale C., Victoria gardens
  • Walker Henry, Carnatic lodge


  • Avison Mrs. Grace (& ladies & children's outfitter), Murray street
  • Rance Miss Emma, Hope st (and fancy repository, 5 Alma terrace

Organists and Teachers of Music.

  • Edwards Jph., 16 The Crescent
  • Long Richd. Maurice, 3 Cliff terrace
  • Prudames Miss Ruth, 6 The Crescent

Painters, Paperhangers & Decorators.

  • Auton Wm. (and plumber and glazier), 5 Clarence terrace
  • Brown Hy., Chapel st and 29 Hope street - ( See Advt.,)
  • Gibson Wm., Rutland street and 32 The Crescent
  • Perryman Wm. John, 8 North terrace and Chapel street

Pleasure Boat Owners.

  • Seales Edward, Spring row
  • Wyvill Croumpton, 6 Providence place

Sculptors and Monumental Masons.

  • Berry Thomas, Murray street; h Church street
  • Fox John Sumpton, Church st


  • Cammish John, Ravine top
  • Cappleman Peter, White's yd
  • Colley Wm., Queen street
  • Colling Wm., 3 Mariner's pl
  • Crimlisk Francis, 8 Chapel st
  • Crimlisk John, Chapel street
  • Douglas Arthur, 3 Mitford st
  • Freeman Wm., 4 Mariner's pl
  • Haxby Matthew, 5 Chapel st
  • Haxby Richard, 6 Chapel st
  • Jenkinson Edmund Ross, 12 Reynolds street
  • Jenkinson George, 1 Hope st
  • Jenkinson Matthew, Chapel yd
  • Richardson John, 4 Reynolds st
  • Sayers Heland, White's yard
  • Skelton Robert, 1 Ocean place


  • Richardson & Son, Church st; and at Bridlington
  • Sutcliffe & Sutcliffe, West st


  • Haworth Jas., M.R.C.S. &L.M.(Lond.), L.F.P. & S., certifying factory surgeon, and author of "Filey as a Watering Place," &c., East Clarence house
  • Haworth John Thos.,L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., & L.M. (Edin.), L.F.P. & S., East Clarence House
  • Orr Hugh, L.R.C.S, L.R.C.P., L.S.A., medical officer of health to Local Board, and Filey Parish (Scarborough Union), Grove house

Tailors and Drapers.

  • Cook Thomas Garbutt, 12 Hope street and Queen st
  • Creaser George, 4 John street, and Queen street
  • Gofton William, 13 Hope st; h Cliff terrace
  • Jenkinson Geo., 2 Hope cot
  • Rudd Richard, Ocean place

Tobacconists and Newsagents.

  • Appleby James, 9 Hope street
  • Long Rd. Maurice, North st.

Watchmakers, Jewellers, and Opticians.

  • Cooper Nathaniel, 5 Murray st
  • Hinchliffe Lee, Hope street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

  • Brunton Thos., 6 & 7 Hope st
  • Towse Samuel, agent for W. & A. Gilbey, also ale & porter merchant, 3 Murray terrace
  • Varley James, The Crescent


  • Frederick Johnson, to Scarborough, on Mondays and Thursdays, and to Bridlington on Saturdays, 18 Chapel street

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