Flamborough Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for FLAMBOROUGH in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

  • Post Office, Money Order, Telegraph, and Savings Bank, Annuity, and Insurance Office, Flamborough, Hull. Mails arrive at 8-10 a.m., and are despatched at 4-40 p.m. William Woodhouse postmaster.
Miscellany of trades
  • Atkinson Rt., grocer and vict., Rose and Crown
  • Auston Mrs. Grace, grocer
  • Bailey Henry, grocer
  • Bailey John, shoemaker
  • Bailey Mathew, tailor and draper
  • Bayes Francis, fish merchant
  • Bayes Richard, junr., fish merchant
  • Bayes Richard, senr., fish merchant
  • Beilby William, fish merchant
  • Bilton Jordan, cowkeeper and coal dealer
  • Blanchard Miss Catherine
  • Booth Thomas, boot and shoe maker
  • Cain Joseph, pensioner
  • Cappleman Joseph, boot and shoe maker
  • Chadwick Tanton, boot and shoe maker
  • Church George, chief coastguard
  • Cottrell-Dormer Mrs. Frances Eliz., Danes dyke
  • Cross George, boot and shoe maker
  • Cross John, boot and shoe maker
  • De Renzy Annesley Chas. Castriat, physician and surgeon, The Red house
  • Dobson Thomas, boot and shoe maker
  • Dufty Mr. Arthur Richd. Sykes, Beacon house
  • Duke Dawson, fish merchant
  • Duke John, tea and coffee rooms
  • Duke Samuel, fish merchant
  • Fell Edwd., agent for the Prudential Assur. Co.
  • Friend William, coastguard
  • Gilbank James, fish merchant and grocer
  • Hall George, bricklayer
  • Hall Henry Bride, fish merchant
  • Harrison Francis William, grocer
  • Harrison George McCollan, grocer
  • Harrison Robert, coastguard
  • Hood Charles, lighthouse keeper
  • Hope Mrs. Mary, blacksmith
  • Hopwood Robert Moore, boat builder
  • James Thomas, gunner
  • Jefferson Mr. Robinson
  • Jefferson Miss Sarah, grocer and draper
  • Kirby William, grocer
  • Lang Thomas, grocer
  • Mainprize Leonard, cowkeeper
  • Major George, tailor and draper
  • Major William, fish merchant
  • Martin Joseph, butcher
  • Mayman Vickerman, draper
  • Mills George, coastguard
  • Nordass Thomas, builder and brick maker
  • Pratt Mr. Thomas
  • Purvis Miss Sarah, dressmaker
  • Rawnsley Samuel, schoolmaster
  • Readhead Robinson, ironmonger
  • Rigby Rev. Henry William, B.A., Vicarage
  • Robson James, boot and shoe maker
  • Rogers George, vict., Ship Inn
  • Salvidge Joseph, fish merchant
  • Samson Joseph, fish merchant
  • Sawdon Mrs. Fanny, dressmaker
  • Sunley Richard, joiner and wheelwright
  • Taylor Harry Harland, butcher
  • Taylor Robert, coastguard
  • Todd John Cooper, vict., Dog and Duck
  • Traves Benton, grocer
  • Traves Thomas, carriage proprietor
  • Traves Warcup, blacksmith
  • Waddington Humphrey, vict., Thornwick Hotel
  • Wand William, joiner
  • Warcup John, grocer
  • Wiles Mr. George, South villa
  • Wiles William & George, blacksmiths
  • Wilson Richard, police constable
  • Woodhouse Mr. George
  • Woodhouse George, fish merchant
  • Woodhouse Thomas, fish merchant
  • Woodhouse Wm., grocer and provision dealer

  • Beal George, Raincliffe
  • Cape Henry, and Temperance Hotel
  • Coates Richard Thornwick, and butcher
  • Coates William
  • Coates William, Flamborough Head
  • Huddleston Matthew
  • Huddleston Richard, South Sea farm
  • Lamplough Benjamin, Manor house
  • Reed George, Church farm
  • Shipley Robert
  • Stonehouse William, North cliff
  • Woodcock Tom, Hartendale
  • Woodhouse James, Croft's farm
  • Woodhouse John Thomas, North moor
  • Wright Mrs. Harriet, Ocean view

Fishermen and Boat Owners.
  • Collins James
  • Collins John
  • Colly George

  • Beal Coulson, to Bridlington daily
  • Hall Robert, to Bridlington daily
  • Hall Thomas Gibbon, to Bridlington daily, also carriage proprietor

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.