Yorkshire strays in Flamborough for the 1901 census.




Yorkshire strays in Flamborough for the 1901 census

In the table below are all the residents of Flamborough at the 1901 census who were born in Yorkshire, but not Flamborough - there are about 225 in all.
Most seem to be quite local, but there are some from the further reaches of the County. If anyone is interested in any of the families, please contact me by email and I can send full details of the households they belong to, and any other information I have about the families.

I have left out the employer/own account etc details. Where I am aware of a maiden name I have included it after the married name. I have transcribed the names as best I can, but there may be some mistakes, as with some place names which were not familiar to me. Any corrections, or additional information about these people gratefully received.

SurnameChristian namerel to headmarital
if given
if given
Place of birth
AGARSFrancisheads57Ordinary agricultural labourerBempton
ATKINSONHenryheadm46Ordinary agricultural labourerOcton Lodge
ATKINSONDinahwife (of above)m42 Flixton
ATKINSONFredson (of above) 13 Octon
ATKINSONLouisa E.daur (of above) 9 Flixton
ATKINSONErnestgr-son (of above) 8 Flixton
ATKINSONElsie A.gr-daur (of above) 4 Flixton
ATKINSONTomservs14Carter on farmOcton
ATKINSONHannahnieces11 Scalby
ATKINSONRobertheadm44Inn keeper and grocerThwing
ATKINSONMary E.wife (of above)m41 Hull
BAILEYSelinaservs21General servant (domestic)Fraisthorpe
BAILEYPrecillawifem47 Haisthorpe
BAKERThyrzaserv 17Kitchenmaid (domestic)Ecclesfield
BALDWINMary J.wifem27 Hull
BALDWINJames J.son (of above) 3 Hull
BALDWINCharles H.son (of above) 1 Hull
BOOTHThomasheadwid74Retired shoe makerPickering
BRAMBLESGeorge H.servs18Waggoner on farmMuston
BROWNGeorgeservs18Teamster on farmBridlington
BROWNRachelwife (of above)m26 Burniston
BROWNMary A.wife (of above)m60 Buckton
BROWNAlicedaur (of above)s26 Lissett
BROWNFredson (of above)s16Farmer's sonFolkton Wold
BROWNVernon B.gr-son (of above)s5 Folkton
BRYANGeorgeheadm74Living on own meansMuston
BRYANElizabethwife (of above)m60 Bridlington
BULLOCKAbramheadm50Head gardenerYork
BULLOCKGeorge H.son (of above)s14 York
BULLOCKThomasheadm45Coachman (domestic)Elvington
BURTONJamesheadm39Labourer on farmDriffield
CAISTHROU (?)Williamvisitors27MarinerKnottingley
CAPEJohn Williamheadm36Inn KeeperBridlington
CAPEHarriettwife (of above)m35 Middleton
CAPECharlesheadm29Bricklayer's labourerBridlington
CARTERHarriettservs16General servant (domestic)Bridlington
CHADWICKThompsonnephews7 Bridlington
CHADWICK (ROBSON)Fanny J.wifem45 Weaverthorpe
CHAPMANRobertheadm32Labourer on farmFolkton
CHILDFredboarders6 Leeds
COCKERILLGeorgeheadm36Farm labourerHunmanby
COLLEY (STORRY)Margaretwifem51 Driffield
COLLINGSWilliamheads52Coal dealerBridlington
COLLINGS (WARVILL or WYVIL)Marymother (of above)wid72 Barmston
COLLINGWOODSarah A.wifem38 Scalby
CRAWFORDJohnboarderwid77Retired fishermanFiley
CROSS (ROBSON)Maudwifem41 Weaverthorpe
CROSS (BRECKON)Sarahheadwid77 Kirbymoorside
DANBYBenjaminheadm42Fish merchantUlrome
DOWSONJessyservs15General servant (domestic)Rudstone
DUDRIDGEMaude E.wifem25 Ferriby
DUKESarah J.wifem64 Roulston
DUKE (RENNISON)Sarahwifem61 Bridlington
DUKESarah A.wifem37 Bridlington
DUKEEmilywifem48 Bridlington
EDMONDMarywifem59 Sewerby
EDMONDMary A.gr-daur 2 Thwing
EDMONDAlbertnephew 7 Thwing
EDMONDSidneynephew 5 Thwing
EDMONDArthurnephew 3 Thwing
EDMONDJohnnephew 1 Hull
ELVIDGEMatthewservs32foreman on farmThwing
FARTHINGLilianboarders22Help (lady's)Towthorpe
FELLSelinavisitorm42 Weaverthorpe
FELLAlbertvisitor 1 Yeadon
FELLJane E.wife 51 Bempton
FENBY (BRYAN)Mariawifem78 Bridlington
FENBYWilliamservs25Labourer on farmNafferton
FORDMary Janeservs18housemaid (domestic)Langtoft
headMary A./FOSTER, or FISTERwid 51farmerCayton
son (of above)William R./FOSTER, or FISTER s25 Hunmanby
daur (of above)Annie/FOSTER, or FISTER s23 Muston
daur (of above)Edith W./FOSTER, or FISTER s20 Muston
son (of above)Glaves/FOSTER, or FISTER s19Farmer's sonMuston
GARBUTTMary Hannahlodgers38DressmakerWeaverthorpe
GARBUTTAnn M.T.wifem55Living on own meansSheffield
GARTONEdwardservs41gardener (domestic)Rudstone
GIBBONSarah A.wifem55 Roos (Holderness)
GILBANKAnn E.wifem51 Driffield
GULLENMary E.gr-daurs16 Reighton
HALLWilliam E.gr-sons20DriffieldHandicap - spinal complaint
HALLHarriettwifem47 Bridlington
HARDYRichardheadm40living on own meansBradford
HARDYMary A.wife (of above)m35 Bradford
HARRISONElizabeth B.boarders32Draper's assistantYork
HEADLEYLaura A.wifem27 Bridlington
HEADLEYMauddaurs7 Hull
HEBDENGeorgeheadwid46Agricultural labourerBuckton
HODGSONThomasheadm57Farm bailiffHurst
HODGSONMargaretwife (of above)m51 Downholme
HOPWOODRobert M.headm64Boat builderScarborough
HOPWOODMary A.wife (of above)m65 Scarborough
HUDDLESTONEMatthewheadwid80FarmerKillingwood (?)
HUDDLESTONEMaud M.wifem32 Helaugh Manor, Tadcaster
HUDDLESTONERichardfatherwid82 Market Weighton
HUDDLESTONETomheadm43Labourer on farmFiley
JACKSONRobertheadm80living on own meansWinstead
JACKSONJanewife (of above)m78 Elstronwick
JERRETTMildredservs17Domestic servantEast Ayton
JUBBSarah A.niecewid24 Hull
KINGSTON (SHAW)Mary A.wifem24 Hunmanby
KIRBYWilliamheadm40Pig dealerBurton Fleming
KIRBYCharles H.son (of above) 16JoinerHull
KITCHINGMabelgr-daurs11 Speeton
LANGDALEAgustusvisitors22Living on own meansScarborough
LANGTONSarahwifem25 Rillington
LAWSONElizabethheadwid71living on own meansRouthbar
LOWTHERRalphheadm51Farmer etc.Appleton-le-Moors
MAJOR (GARBUTT)Annheadwid50 Southcoates (Hull)
MALLORYAdaservs18General servant (domestic)Bridlington
MASSDENElizabethheads58Living on own meansSheffield
MUNROPercy A.gr-sons12 Leeds
LONGGeorgenephews9 Scarborough
LONGWillie H.nephews9 Scarborough
LOVELLFrances Hannahheads36Living on own meansBurton Agnes
MAINPRIZE (HALL)Jane A.wifem38 Filey
MAINPRIZE (APPLEBY)Estherwifem47 Scarborough
MAJOR (BROOKS)Janemotherwid82 Sewerby
MASONMary J.servs30General servant (domestic)Buckton
MUNROEAnnie W.heads22ConfectionerHull
NEUDRICK (?)John A.servs21Waggoner on farmWinteringham
NIGHTINGALEPollyservs17Domestic servantKilham
NOBLERobertheadm31Farm labourerReighton
NORDASSMary J.wifem26 Hull
NORDASSAnnwifem36 Filey
OGLEThomasheadm32Labourer (bricklayers)Hutton Bussel
PARKERWilliamservs45Cattleman on farmSkerne
PETCHHarryservs14Teamster on farmGanton
PICKERINGWilliamservs19Stockman on farmBridlington
POCKLEYElizabethwifem29 Scarborough
POCKLEY (HALL)Elizawifem49 Easington
PRESTONThomas P.headm48Living on own meansBurythorpe
PRESTONAlicedaur (of above)s18 Kennythorpe
PRESTONDoradaur (of above)s16 Kennythorpe
PRESTONMargaretdaur (of above)s7 Burythorpe
RACEThomasheadm26Landlord of public houseScarborough
RACEClara E.wife (of above)m25 Scarborough
READHEADPhyllisheadwid65Grocer - shopkeeperBeeford
READHEADMarywifem25 Hunmanby
RIGBYHenry W.headm Clergyman (Church of England)Doncaster
RIGBYLouisa W.wife (of above)m39 Ripon
ROBINSONJamesheadm36Cattleman on farmBempton
ROBINSONElizawife (of above)m33 Rudstone
ROBINSONRacheldaur (of above)s10 Sewerby
ROBINSONGeorge B.son (of above)s3 Rudston
ROBSONJohnheadm58Highway foremanBuckton
ROBSONJohnheadm47Road labourerKilham
ROBSON (COOK)Rebeccawifem52 Falsgrave
ROEErnestservs20Carter on farmYorkshire, parish not known.
SAWDENWilliam H.headm Bricklayer's labourerBoynton
SCHOFIELDDanielheadm31Hotel keeperMeanwood, Leeds
SCHOFIELDMarywife (of above)m31 Leeds
SEDMANMary J.wifem38 Ulrome
SELLERSGladysnieces6 Hunmanby
SHEPHERDGeorgeserv 14Page (domestic)Easthorpe
SHIPLEYLouisawifem52 Fordon
SMITHAnnie G.wifem43 North Dalton
SMITHArthur H.son 7 East Lutton
SMITHGertrudedaur 5 East Lutton
SMITHEmilyservs20Housemaid (domestic)Boroughbridge
SMITHJohnheadm37Labourer on farmBridlington
STATHERElizabeth W.moth-in-lawm63 Middleton-on-the-Wolds
STEPHENSONJohnservs18Teamster on farmFiley
STERRIKERMargaretwifem29 Bridlington
STONEHOUSEMarywife (of above)m39 Winteringham
STONEHOUSEElizabethmother (of above)wid80 Harwood Dale
STONEHOUSESamuelservs21Waggoner on farmNorth Dalton
STORKMary A.wifem43 Goodmanham
STORKGeorge H.sons21Ordinary agricultural labourerBeverley
SUNLEYJohn T.headm33General carrierNorth Ormesby
SUNLEY (STATHER)Agnes M.wife (of above) 33DressmakerLund
THOMPSONEdithservs15Kitchenmaid (domestic)Beverley
TAYLORElizawifem30 Bridlington
THOMPSONElizabethmotherwid77 Driffield
THORNTONThomas D.headm58FarmerGembling
THORNTONSarahwife (of above)m50 Thwing
THORNTONGeorge M.son (of above)s18Farmer's sonRudstone
THORNTONHerbertgr-son (of above)s8 Rudstone
THURLOWFrederickheadm45InnkeeperRudston Parva
THURLOWJemimawife (of above)m44 Binnington
TOWSEJohn G.headm46FarmerThixendale
TOWSEMary A.wife (of above)m46 Cranswick
TOWSEJane A.daur (of above)s22 Yapham
TOWSEEmily E.daur (of above)s20 Yapham
TOWSEMary A.daur (of above)s18 Bempton
TOWSERobert H.son (of above)s17Farmer's sonBempton
TOWSEFrancesdaur (of above)s14 Thwing
TURNERFrederickheadm41Draper, shopkeeperBradford
TURNERMary A.wife (of above) 39 Bradford
TRAVES (SAUNDERSON)Minniewifem23 Hull
TWIDDLEHarryheadm30HindNorth Burton
TWIDDLEElizawife (of above)m31 Langtoft
TWIDDLEArthur H.son (of above)s6 Skerne
TWIDDLEDoris W.V.daur (of above)s3 Haisthorpe
WAITESElsie Harveydaurs6 Bridlington
WAUDWilliam O.headm Joiner etc.Warthill
WILESGeorgeheadwid72Living on own meansBridlington
WILESJane E.servs21General servant (domestic)Bridlington
WILESSelina A.servs21General servant (domestic)Bridlington
WILESGeorge nurse child s1 month b. Bridlington
WILKINSONJohn W.servs14Horseman on farmBempton
WILSONConstancenieces6 Beverley
WILSONMadgeboarders4 Beverley
WILSONNaomiwife (of above)m31 Langtoft
WILSONAnniedaur (of above)s16 Langtoft
WISESarah A.headwid65 Hull
WITTYJamessons15 Middleton
WOODCOCKAdawifem41 Hunmanby
WOODHOUSECatherinewifem60 Greasby
WOODHOUSEIsabellawifem43 Buckton
WOODHOUSEMaryheadwid76Living on own meansFiley
WRIGHTMary J.headm41 Watton
WYRE (possibly WYKE)Claraboarders19Teacher in schoolBerrington

I hope these strays have been of use to some of you out there.
One observation that struck me in compiling the list was that virtually all the people born outside the village were connected with farming and domestic servants etc. rather than the fishing industry, which is the principal one in the village. Only two fishermen were born outside the village, and both of those had parents born in Flamborough. It reminded me of the piece regarding Flamborough in Gordon Holme's 1922 book 'Around Yorkshire'. He said, 'Almost within living memory the promontory outside the great artificial dyke was a corner of Yorkshire to be visited with caution. The inhabitants were excessively clannish, and there was a very pronounced dislike of strangers. Even today the fisher-folk of Flamborough preserve, in a very remarkable fashion, characteristics which show that they have, for a long while, mixed with very little other stocks. No doubt others can think of other equally isolated parts of the County.

Transcribed from fiche at Kew,
Ref: RG 13/4523
Transcribed by:
Martin Cross, ©2002