Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for FOLKTON in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.


Miscellany of trades

  • Postal Address, Folkton, Ganton, York.
  • Parliamentary Division, Buckrose.
  • County Council---East Riding.
  • Parish Council (see Flixton for both).
  • St. John the Evangelist Church---Rev. J.E. Wilkinson, rector.
  • National Schools.---Between Folkton and Flixton for both villages, Headmaster, A.W. Steels.
  • Post Delivery 10 a.m., letter box dispatched 4.15 p.m.
  • Nearest Telegraph Office, Hunmanby, 3 miles.
  • Nearest Railway Station, Cayton, 2 miles, NER. (Hull and Scarborough Line.)

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson, B.. brewer.
  • Barker, T.D., bricklayer.
  • Birdsall, Candler, farmer and publican, Bell Inn.
  • Birdsall, Benjamin, farmer.
  • Birdsall, Frank, market gardener and carrier.
  • Buckle, T.G., blacksmith.
  • Chapman, Richard, grocer.
  • Cope, W., farmer.
  • Found, Moses, farmer.
  • Greenley, Edmund, carrier.
  • Greenley, John, farm labourer.
  • Hoggart, George, farmer, Rectory Farm.
  • Hudson, Geo., farmer.
  • Lyon, M., groom and gardener.
  • Medd, R.W.
  • Peacock, Edward, farmer.
  • Pinder, Jno., hind, Folkton Wold.
  • Pindar, H. N., shepherd.
  • Poole, Robert, postman.
  • Prince Sawdon, carrier.
  • Richardson, Wm., gamekeeper and farmer.
  • Rowntree, J.H., Manor House.
  • Spare, John.
  • Temple, Tom, wheelwright.
  • Temple, Wm., shepherd.
  • Wilkinson, Rev. J.F., The Rectory.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EAST FLOTMANBY in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

General information:

  • Postal Address, Hunmanby, R.S.O.
  • Telegrams, Hunmanby, 2 miles.
  • Letters delivered 10.30 a.m., and collected in the afternoon, (for other information see Folkton and Flixton).

Miscellany of trades

  • Danby, Francis, farmer, West Flotmanby.
  • Harper, J.W., hind, Flotmanby Wold.
  • Hopper, John, farmer, East Flotmanby.
  • Midgley, Benjamin, West Flotmanby.
  • Reveley, Henry, hind, East Flotmanby.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for FLIXTON in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

Miscellany of trades

  • Postal Address, Ganton, York.
  • Parliamentary Division, Buckrose.
  • Church (Folkton).
  • National School (for Flixton and Folkton) between the two villages,
  • Headmaster---A.W. Steels.
  • County Council, East Riding.--- W.K. Triffitt.
  • Parish Council (Flixton and Folkton).--- Chairman W.K. Triffitt, Geo. Hoggarth, Jno. Welborn, Jno. Temple, Moses Found, Wm. Richardson, B. Wintringham, Francis Birdsall and Thomas Mook. Clerk---A.W. Steels.
  • Wesleyan Chapel (Filey Circuit).
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel (Sherburn Circuit).
  • Nearest Railway Station, Cayton (2½ miles), Hull and Scarborough line.
  • Post, pillar box, collection 4.30 p.m., delivery 10 a.m.
  • Nearest Telegraph Office, Hunmanby (3 miles).

Miscellany of trades

  • Allen, F.K., shepherd.
  • Allison, Robert, roadman.
  • Bayes, Frank, farm labourer.
  • Bott, Tom, farmer.
  • Brown, Edward, blacksmith.
  • Clarke, Jno. Wm., farmer.
  • Cockerill, Mrs. F.
  • Cocksworth, Harrison, carrier.
  • Cocksworth, John, drainer.
  • Cocksworth, Thomas, farmer.
  • Chapman Thos., Warren Farm.
  • Consett, Wm., shepherd, Black House Farm.
  • Cowton, Geo., farm labourer.
  • Cowton, Martin, milkman.
  • Dalby, A., farm labourer.
  • Dale, J., farm labourer.
  • Dawson, A., farm labourer.
  • Dobson, John, farm labourer.
  • Dobson, Mrs. M.
  • Found, Daniel, groom.
  • Found, John, farmer.
  • Found, Mrs.
  • Gardner, Samuel, farmer.
  • Green, Geo. T., farm labourer.
  • Green, Geo., farm labourer.
  • King, John, drainer.
  • Ireland, R., shepherd.
  • Johnson, E., publican, Fox and Hound Inn.
  • Lyons, W., hind, Bumble Bee Hall.
  • Mayman, John, farm labourer.
  • Mook, Thos., farmer.
  • Mook, John H., farmer.
  • Mook, Mrs. Jane, publican, New Inn.
  • Nawton, Thomas, farmer.
  • Philipson, Geo., farmer.
  • Pinkney, John, tailor.
  • Pool, Edmund, farmer.
  • Pool, Mrs. Maria, farmer.
  • Richardson, Pashby, farmer, Flixton House.
  • Richardson, Robert, farm labourer.
  • Richardson, Mrs. J.
  • Richardson, Miss.
  • Rogers, John.
  • Rowntree, Fred, shepherd.
  • Savile, Sydney, farmer, View Hill.
  • Scott, Miss A.
  • Sellers, John, farmer and milk dealer.
  • Sharp, Mrs., charwoman.
  • Stannard, H., farm labourer.
  • Steels, A.W., headmaster, National School, and Assistant Overseer.
  • Stephenson, Moses, farmer and carrier.
  • Stubbs, C.W., farmer.
  • Temple, John, butcher and farmer.
  • Tindall, John, tailor.
  • Tindall, Mrs. Sarah, grocer.
  • Tomlinson, Mrs.
  • Triffitt, Wm., farmer, Manor Farm and Bumble Bee Farm.
  • Ward, Robt., farm labourer.
  • Watson, Jno. Wm., farmer, Flixton Carr.
  • Wellborn, John, farmer.
  • Winteringham, Beecroft, grocer and shoemaker.
  • Yoewell, John, farm labourer.

Transcribed by Pam Smith.