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Goodmanham parish:

Goodmanham, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in All Saints Church, Goodmanham.


1225Robert HERIS 
 John de HOVEDEN
 Thomas de GRIMSTONResigned
1269William de SEWELL
 Martin de GRIMSTON
1280Andrew de GRIMSTONResigned
1298Thomas de GRYMSTON
1304Thomas de GRYMSTON
1309Richard de GRYMSTON
1324John de GRYMSTON
1334Mauger de GRYMSTONResigned
1343Henry de FYSHEBURNacolita, †
1344Roger de STREUDEBYacolita, Resigned
1347William de MORECOTESacolita, Resigned
1347Henry de BRYNKHURSTCapellanus, †
1348John de SUTTON
1349William de GRYMSTON
1349Robert Lewys de LAXTONCapellanus
1359William de STRODEM.A.
1359Thomas de REVYLLResigned
1359William de GRYMSTONResigned
1360Thomas de GODMUNDHAMResigned
1364William de GRYMSTON
 Alexander AERLEResigned
1388John de BRIGGS
1399Thomas CLYFT
1418William GRYMSTON
1472Thomas PORTYNGTONResigned
1473John GRYMSTONResigned
1480Nicholas GRYMSTON
1485Walter GRYMSTON
1496Henry GRYMSTON
1522Robert CLYDYNG
1565Henry GRYMSTON
1592Thomas DODSONM.A. †
1612Walter ASHTONB.A. Resigned
1629William BERYNGERB.A.
1634Richard POTTERS.C.B. †
1660Robert CLERKEM.A.
1668Thomas SWYNBURNEM.A. Resigned
1673William SMYTHM.A. †
1718Leonard ASH B.A. †
1748William CLARK
1779John CLARKB.A. †
1819William BLOWB.A. †
1870John BLOWResigned
1881Robert C WILLISB.A. Resigned
1896J A BRIDGESB.A. Resigned
1898Arthur C BRAUNDM.A. †
1938John S PURVISM.A. Resigned
1941Frederick * MITCHELLB.A.
1945John Massingberd MUNDY[Priest in Charge]
1946John Massingberd MUNDYRector
1951Ernest MARSHM.A.
1962Eric DENYERM.A.
1966Edward B RYANB.A. Dunelm. R.D.
1977Malcolm EXLEY

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson