1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Great Driffield


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
39Anderson, DavidGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landRiver-head
40Atkinson, ThomasGreat DriffieldA messuage and 10 acres landNafferton-road
41Atkinson, WilliamGreat DriffieldOccupier of house and land above £50 a-yearBeverley-lane
42Ashton, PhilemonGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
43Aldridge, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landBack-street
44Boyes, BeyanGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landBeverley-road
45Boyes, ThomasGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landEast-lodge
46Baron, JohnGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesMiddle-street
47Baron, MatthiasGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
48Barnett, JosephGreat DriffieldFreehold housesMiddle-lane
49Craven, ThomasGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm £300 a-yearNafferton-road
50Cattle, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
51Collingwood, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold housesMiddle-street
52Conyers, Dade EdmondGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm £50 a-yearGreat and Little Driffield
53Clark, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNorth-end
54Dosser, RobertGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landWest-gate
55Dale, JamesGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMill-street
56Dickinson, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
57Danby, GeorgeGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landWest-gate
58Dickon, WilliamKing's MillFreehold house and milloccupied by himself
59Dry, RobertGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
60Dawson, ThomasPoundsworth MillFreehold houseMarket-place
61Dundass, HenryGreat DriffieldFreehold houseBridge-street
62Dobson, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseWest-gate
63Drinkrow, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landWest-gate
64Escritt, MichaelGreat DriffieldFreehold houseEast-gate
65Edmond, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseat Hunmanby, occupied by G. Cowton
66England, RichardGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm £50 a-yearScarborough-road
67Etherinton, HenryLowgate, HullFreehold house and landoccupied by Henry Jennings
68Forge, FrancisGreat DriffieldFreehold landoccupied by himself
69Fairbotham, RichardGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMill-street
70Foster, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
71Folley, MarkGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landMiddle-street
72Gore, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseChurch-lane
73Goodhind, SamuelGreat DriffieldLife interest in land value £20 a-yearoccupied by John Walker
74Grindall, ChristopherHunmanbyFreehold houseoccupied by John Hickson
75Gore, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
76Harrison, WilliamGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm £100 a-yearDriffield-wold
77Harrison, James, sen.Great DriffieldFreehold house and landRiver-head
78Harrison, ChristopherGreat DriffieldFreehold house and 22 acres landRiver-head
79Horwood, JoshuaGreat DriffieldFreehold houseBridge-street
80Howden, ThomasGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landoccupied by himself and others
81Hornby, RobertGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm £300 a-yearBucton Parva
82Holmes, RobertGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
83Johns, BenjaminGreat DriffieldFreehold houseoccupied by himself
84Jarratt, WilliamGreat DriffieldMalt-kiln and gardenNew-road
85Jewison, RobertGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMarket-place
86Jennings, RichardGreat DriffieldFreehold houseoccupied by himself
87Jennings, HenryGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesBridge-street
88Lamarche, John BernhardHullFreehold houses and landWest-gate
89Lyon, CravenBurlingtonTwo freehold houses and a blacksmith's shopGeorge-street
90Meek, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold housesNorth-end
91Middleton, RobertGreat DriffieldOccupier of house and land £50 a-yearRiver-head
92Newlove, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseoccupied by Robert Shepherdson
93Norminton, JamesGreat DriffieldIn right of the Baptist ChapelChapel-lane
94Norrison, FrancisGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
95Otley, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMarket-place
96Piercy, JamesGreat DriffieldFreehold houseRiver-head
97Parrott, HarperGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
98Potts, GeorgeGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMarket-place
99Pickering, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold house and tan-yardNorth-end
100Pickering, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMarket-place
101Pickering, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold house and landBeverley-lane
102Pinder, ThomasGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMill-street
103Pinder, GeorgeGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
104Robinson, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
105Robson, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMill-street
106Scotchburn, ThomasGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
107Seller, RichardGreat DriffieldFreehold houseWest-gate
108Sherwood, JohnGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesMarket-place
109Simpson, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold house and millNorth-end
110Stainton, WilliamGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesMiddle-street
111Sproxton, GeorgeGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
112Shepherd, RichardGreat DriffieldOccupier of house and land £50 a-yearRiver-head
113Thirlwell, StephenGreat DriffieldFreehold houseoccupied by William Cross
114Turner, Reed and MatthewDanesdaleOccupiers of a farm £200 a-yearDanesdale
115Turner, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMill-street
116Truslove, JohnSledmereFreehold house and shopMiddle-street
117Turner, Byass RobertHertfordFreehold estateoccupied by John Drinkrow and others
118Walker, MosesGreat DriffieldOccupier of a farm above £50 a-yearWansford-road
119Woodcroft, JohnsonGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
120Wilson, RobertGreat DriffieldFreehold houseEast-gate
121Wrangham, Joseph RobertGreat DriffieldOccupier of house and land £50 a-yearMarket-place
122White, JohnGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesNew-road
123White, GeorgeGreat DriffieldExecutor in trust under the will of J. Loftoccupied by J. Collier and W. Sedman
124Wilson, FrancisGreat DriffieldTwo freehold housesMill-street
125Walker, JohnGreat DriffieldFreehold houseMiddle-street
126Waddingham, AlexanderGreat DriffieldFreehold houseNew-road
127Wilson, WilliamGreat DriffieldFreehold houseoccupied by George Alton

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
137Blackstone, MatthewEmswellFarm of 220 acresEmswell
138Botham, GeorgeEmswellFarm of 95 acresEmswell
139Holtby, RichardEmswellFarm of 600 acresEmswell
140Hopper, GeorgeKelleythorpeFarm of 1000 acresKelleythorpe
141Spence, WilliamEmswellFarm of 240 acresEmswell

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
128Allen, GeorgeLittle DriffieldFreehold incumbencyLittle Driffield
129Holtby, DavidLittle DriffieldFreehold house and landLittle Driffield
130Ulyot, GeorgeLittle DriffieldFreehold houseLittle Driffield
131Watson, WilliamLittle DriffieldFreehold houseLittle Driffield
132Foster, WilliamLittle DriffieldFarm of £50 a-yearLittle Driffield
133Walker, WilliamLittle DriffieldFreehold houseLittle Driffield
134Wardell, ThomasLittle DriffieldFreehold houseLittle Driffield
135Hutchinson, JamesLittle DriffieldFreehold houseLittle Driffield

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The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
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