Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for GREAT DRIFFIELD in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Middle-street, Christopher Laybourne, Post Master.
  • Letters for London and the South are despatched at two in the morning, and arrive at half-past seven in the evening.
  • Letters for Bridlington, &c. are despatched at half-past seven in the evening, and arrive at two in the morning.
  • Letters for Malton and the West are despatched at two in the afternoon, and arrive at twelve at night.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Allen Rev. George, Nafferton
  • Allen Rev. Richard, Little Driffield
  • Anderson David, gent. Riverhead
  • Atkinson Mrs. Ann, Burlington street
  • Boyes Bryan, esq. Beverley road
  • Boyes Thomas, esq. Riverhead
  • Brodrick Mrs. Ann, Middle street
  • Brown Mrs. Jane, Middle street
  • Cairnes Lieut. J. E. Chapel lane
  • Colley Francis, gent. Middle street
  • Conyers Miss Ann, Doctor lane
  • Cross Thomas, gent. Middle street
  • Cross William, gent. Middle street
  • Dalby George, gent. Westgate
  • Dobson Mrs. Elizabeth, Market place
  • Drinkrow John, gent. Westgate
  • Drinkrow Miss Mary, Middle street
  • Earle Rev. John, Bridge street
  • Forge Francis, M.D. Burlington street
  • Frewin Thomas, gent. Bridge street
  • Gray Miss Naomi, Middle street
  • Harrison Christopher, esq. Southorp lodge
  • Harrison John, gent. Middle street
  • Harrison Robson, gent. Middle street
  • Haydon Rev. William, Frodingham
  • Hennings William, gent. Burlington street
  • Horsley Mrs. Ann, Middle street
  • Ibbotson Rev. Thomas, Bridge street
  • Jennings Rev. Henry, Beverley road
  • Kirk Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Kirkby Mrs. Jane, Middle street
  • Knowsley Robert, gent. Burlington street
  • Laybourn Charles, gent. Nafferton
  • Laybourn Jacob, esq. Nafferton
  • Marsh Thomas, gent. Burlington street
  • Metcalf Mrs. Ann, Bridge street
  • Milburn Henry, gent. Burlington street
  • Newsom Mrs. Alice, Mill street
  • Normanton Rev. James, George street
  • Norrison Francis, gent. Burlington street
  • Ottley William, gent. Burlington street
  • Reynard Horner, esq. Sunderlandwick
  • Simpson Robert, gent. Market place
  • Terry Mrs. Middle street
  • Watson William, gent. Burlington street
  • Witty Mrs. Jane, Burlington street

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Conyers Elizabeth (ladies' boarding) Middle street
  • Dobson John, Mill street
  • Earle Rev. John (boarding) Bridge street
  • Forge Richard, Doctor lane
  • Johnson Robert, Nafferton
  • Lidster John, Frodingham
  • National School, Mill street- Samuel Stead, master
  • Smith Thomas, Nafferton
  • Thompson Jane (ladies' boarding) Middle street


  • Botterill John, Middle street
  • Conyers Edmund Dade (& coroner) near the Church
  • Foster John, Burlington street
  • Jennings Richard, Middle street
  • Scotchburn Thomas, Middle street

Bakers & Confectioners,

  • Blakeston John, Prospect row
  • Keddy James, Middle street
  • Lyon Matthew, Middle street,
  • Nuttle Frances, Middle street
  • Sharp Samuel, Middle street
  • Stockwell William, Middle street
  • Taylor John, Westgate
  • Ward John, Middle street


  • Bower, Duesberry, Hall & Co. (draw on Curries and Co. London) agent,
  • Robert Dandy, Market place
  • Harding, Smith & Stansfield, Middle street-(draw on Sir John Lubbock & Co. London)


  • Dundas Henry, Middle street
  • Fox Robert, Middle street
  • Graham William, Riverhead
  • Huntsman Robert, Frodingham
  • Morris William, Nafferton
  • Pickering William, Frodingham
  • Pool David, Harland lane
  • Rennison Joseph, George street
  • Robinson Luke (and wheelwright) Frodingham
  • Walker Francis, Nafferton

Bone Dust Manufacturers,

  • Dodsworth Benjamin, Riverhead
  • Scotchburn Thomas, Riverhead

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Huddleston George (and hosier) Market place
  • Laybourne Christopher (& printer) Middle street
  • Turner William, (& printer) Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barker Valentine, Nafferton
  • Bell Henry, Frodingham
  • Bentley Charles, Middle street
  • Boddy John, Middle street
  • Byram William, Nafferton
  • Calam John, Middle street
  • Cattle William, Middle street
  • Cotton Richard, Middle street
  • Cotton Thomas, Church lane
  • Dove Matthew, Westgate
  • Frankish Robert, Burlington street
  • Harrison Thomas, Nafferton
  • Hillaby John, Nafferton
  • Idell Ralph, Frodingham
  • Ireland Francis, Nafferton
  • Jefferson John, Middle street
  • Kilvington Paul, Frodingham
  • Kilvington William, Frodingham
  • Lamplugh Christiana, Middle street
  • Pinder James (and clog & patten) Middle street
  • Ransom Thomas, Middle street
  • Robson John, Mill street
  • Thompson Thomas, Middle street
  • Wilkinson John, Doctor lane
  • Wood Thomas, Middle street

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Bentley Henry, Middle street
  • Hayes Edward, Middle street
  • Smelt Thomas, Middle street

Brewers and Maltsters,

  • Collier John, Riverhead
  • Howdon Thomas, Middle street
  • Pape William (maltster only) Burlington street
  • Seller Richard, Westgate

Bricklayers & Plasterers,

  • Clark William, Middle street
  • Dandy John, Middle street
  • Hebb Christopher, Frodingham
  • Johnson William, Nafferton
  • Longbottom Charles, Nafferton
  • Pickering William, Market place
  • Watson Robert, Nafferton
  • Watson William, Nafferton

Brick Makers,

  • Pickering William, Market place
  • Waddingham Alexander (and lime burner) Burlington street


  • Agars William, Nafferton
  • Beckett Thomas, Frodingham
  • Blakeston John, Westgate
  • Branton William, Nafferton
  • Calvert John, Middle street
  • Dunn Jeremiah, Frodingham
  • Foster Francis, Nafferton
  • Hopper George, Burlington street
  • Jewison Robert, Market place
  • Parratt John, Middle street
  • Porter William, Riverhead
  • Robinson William, Middle street
  • Snowball Samuel, Middle street
  • Vickerman William, Nafferton
  • Waddingham Thomas, Market place

Cabinet Makers,

  • Grassam John (& furniture broker) Middle street
  • Shepherdson George, Middle street
  • White George, Burlington street
  • Wilson Francis, Middle street

China, Glass & Earthen-Ware Dealers,

  • Gill Thomas, Nafferton
  • Randall Thomas, Middle street
  • Woodmansey John (& toy) Middle street

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Creasser Edward, Market place
  • Sherwood George, (& wholesale dealer in salt) Middle street


  • Fletcher John, Middle street
  • Midgley John, Middle street
  • Nicholson John, Middle street

Corn & Coal Merchants,

  • Dawson Thomas, Riverhead
  • Harrison James and Sons (& seed) Riverhead
  • Porter William, Riverhead
  • Shaw Jonathan, Riverhead
  • Sheppard James, Riverhead
  • Thompson Henry, (& seed) Riverhead
  • Wilkinson William, (coal only) Nafferton

Corn Millers,

  • Dawson Thomas, Riverhead
  • Dickon William, King's Mill
  • Fidler Robert, near River head
  • Scotchburn Thomas, Bell Mill
  • Sever John, Dygarth
  • Simpson John, North-end
  • Thompson Henry, Nafferton Mills


  • Anfield Thomas, Middle street
  • Fletcher John (and leather cutter) Middle street


  • Dickenson Thomas, North end
  • Downing George, Westgate

Fire &c. Office Agents,

  • Phoenix, William Porter (& sub-distributer of stamps) Market place
  • Protector (fire) and Hope (life) Robert Dandy, Market place
  • Yorkshire, William Turner, Middle street

Grocers and Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Barker Samuel, Nafferton
  • Clark Thomas, Frodingham
  • Dandy Robert, Marketplace
  • Jarratt William, Middle street
  • Kell David, Frodingham
  • Kell Sarah, Frodingham
  • Porter William, Market place
  • Robinson John, Middle street
  • Sherwood Robert, Nafferton
  • Sherwood Thomas, Nafferton
  • Turner & Stainton, Market place
  • Ward Robert, Nafferton
  • Whitty Jennet, Frodingham
  • Wrangham Robert Joseph, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Robinson Thomas, Middle street
  • Stockwell William, Middle street


  • Lamplugh & Robinson (& furriers) Middle street
  • Wrangham Robert Joseph, Market place

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bell, -- Barker, Nafferton
  • Bell, William Scott, Riverhead
  • Black Bull, James Bursell, North end
  • Black Swan, Abraham Pickering, Market place
  • Blue Bell, William Scott, Little Driffield
  • Blue Bell Inn (posting & commercial) Samuel Witty, Market place
  • Buck, John Walker, Middle street
  • Cross Keys, James Fairbothem, Nafferton
  • Cross Keys Inn, William Atkinson, Middle street
  • Gate, William Jefferson, Frodingham
  • Golden Fleece, Robert Wastling, Middle street
  • Greyhound, Marmaduke Dickinson, Middle street
  • Horse & Jockey, William Monkman, North end
  • Jolly Sailors, William Grice, Middle street
  • King's Head, --- Grundell, Nafferton
  • Letters, William Kirk, Middle street
  • Red Lion, Mary Fidler, Frodingham
  • Red Lion Inn (& excise office) Mary Witty. Middle street
  • Rose & Crown, Thomas Wardell, Little Driffield
  • Sloop, William Porter, Riverhead
  • Star, George Pinder, Burlington street
  • Star, Francis Stephenson, Frodingham
  • Wagon & Horses, William Dossor, Middle street
  • Wheat Sheaf, John Ashton, Little Driffield
  • White Horse, William Moody, Middle street
  • White Horse, -- Storry, Nafferton


  • Atkinson Thomas, (& iron merchant) Middle street
  • Smelt Thomas, Middle street


  • Bradley Matthew, Nafferton
  • Holtby William, Burlington street
  • Piercy James, Riverhead
  • Truslove George, (& builder) Middle street
  • Walker John, Middle street
  • White George, Burlington street

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bellshaw Thomas, (and flax dresser) Middle street
  • Spanton Richard, Nafferton

Machine Makers and Millwrights,

  • Booth James, Burlington street
  • Folley Mark (portable) Middle street
  • Johnson John (and dealer in mill stones) Riverhead.
  • Sanderson James, Middle street

Milliners & Dress Makes,

  • Dandy Mrs. J. (& furriers) Middle street
  • Harland Mary, Middle street
  • Hotham Sarah, Prospect row
  • Reaston Mary, Burlington street

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Farthing Michael, Back street
  • Hardington Jane, Nafferton
  • Pickering John, Middle street
  • Pickering William, jun. Back street
  • Pickering William, Beverley lane

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Dinsdale Thomas, Frodingham
  • Dry Richard, Middle street
  • Dry Robert, Middle street
  • Jackson Thomas, Bridge street
  • Metcalfe William, Mill street
  • Pinder Andrew, Middle street
  • Woodmansey John, Middle street

Rope & Twine Spinners,

  • Bellshaw Thomas, Middle street
  • Penrose Richard, Frodingham
  • Tenby William, Frodingham
  • Winter John, Nafferton

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Lancaster George, Frodingham
  • Sedman William, Middle street
  • Sherwood John, Middle street
  • Wilkinson William, Nafferton

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Armstrong George, Middle street
  • Dandy Elizabeth, Nafferton
  • Dandy Mary, Bridge street
  • Hardbattle Thomas, Middle street
  • Holgate Abraham, Middle street
  • Holtby William, Burlington street
  • Humphrey Roger, Middle street
  • Johnson Samuel, (& glover) Middle street
  • Levitt George, Nafferton
  • Nicholson John, Riverhead
  • Proctor Thomas, Church lane
  • Robson John, Mill street
  • Stephenson Benjamin, Middle street
  • Usher Harriet, Middle street
  • Wilson Francis, Middle street
  • Wright Francis, Middle street

Stone & Marble Masons,

  • Collingwood John, Middle street
  • Hickson John, Middle street

Straw and Leghorn Hat Makers,

  • Barker Hannah, Mill street
  • Dandy Mrs. J. Middle street
  • Dry Harriet, Middle street
  • Holmes Mary, Church lane
  • Sanderson Mercy, Middle street
  • Stork Ann, Middle street
  • Ullyot Elizabeth, Mill street


  • Forge Francis, M.D. Burlington street
  • Grundon Mark, Frodingham
  • Harrison Washington, Middle street
  • Horwood Joshua, Bridge street
  • Jackson Francis, Middle street
  • Savile Joseph, Nafferton
  • Williams J. F. Frodingham


  • Baron Matthew, Middle street
  • Bilton Samuel, Nafferton
  • Bursell James, North end
  • Dandy Joseph, (& draper) Middle street
  • Escritt William, Middle street
  • Hewart R. Middle street
  • Holmes Robert, Church lane;
  • Houghton John, Bridge street
  • Imeson Matthew, Middle street
  • Johnson John (and draper) Burlington street
  • Meek George, Middle street
  • Morris William, Doctor lane
  • Newlove George, Middle street
  • Peck Robert, jun. Frodingham
  • Sellers William, George street
  • Sproxton George, (& draper) Middle street
  • Sproxton Richard, Middle street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Harrison James & Sons, Riverhead
  • Jarratt William, Middle street
  • Robin John, Middle street

Tea Dealers,

  • Ross William, Middle street
  • Turner William, Market place

Watch & Clock Makers, and Jewellers,

  • Dobson Frank (and fishing tackle dealer) Market place
  • Jefferson John, Middle street
  • Labourne Christopher, Middle street


  • Alton George, Burlington street
  • Fallowdown Peter, Frodingham
  • Hornby John, Middle street
  • Morris Robert, Nafferton
  • Petch Joseph, Frodingham
  • Reaston John, Middle street

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Dawson Thomas, Riverhead
  • Harrison James & Sons, Riverhead
  • Harrison Walter, Middle street
  • Lamplugh Robert, Middle street
  • Sheppard James, Riverhead
  • Turner William, Market place


  • Boyes John, jun. carpet manufacturer, Wansford
  • Cherry Thomas, gun & pistol maker, Middle street
  • Dennis John, law stationer, George street
  • Fox William, tanner, Paradise house
  • Gibson Edward, iron & brass founder, Riverhead
  • Goodrick Robert, stay maker, Middle street
  • Hamer John, overlooker of the canal, Riverhead
  • Jackson William, dyer, Middle street
  • Jefferson Berriman, nail maker, Malton road
  • Jefferson John, toy & musical instrument dealer, Middle street
  • Mathers James, basket maker, Mill street
  • Medforth Robert, horse dealer, Nafferton
  • Parret Harper, bacon factor, Burlington street
  • Reaston John, land surveyor, Middle street,
  • Stainton William, timber & raft merchant, Middle street
  • Walker William, fellmonger, Little Driffield.
  • Woodmansey John, auctioneer, Middle street


  • To Hull, the Royal Union (from Scarborough) calls at the Blue Bell, every day at noon.
  • To Scarborough, the Royal Union (from Hull) calls at the same Inn, every morning at ten.


  • To Bainton, James Wallis, from the Cross Keys, every Thursday.
  • To Beeford, - Stephenson, from the Buck, every Thursday.
  • To Beswick, -Beckett, from the Cross Keys, every Thursday.
  • To Bridlington, J. Leighton from the Cross Keys, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Butterwick, -- Green, from the Buck, every Thursday.
  • To Cranswick, George Summerson, from the Wagon & Horses, and Dinah Booth, from the Buck, every Thursday.
  • To Foston, William Hall, from the Wagon and Horses, every Thursday.
  • To Friday Thorpe, - Harland, from the Cross Keys every Thursday.
  • To Frodingham, Wm_ Jefferson, from the Wagon & Horses, every Thursday.
  • To Gembling, Thomas Watson, from the Wagon and Horses, every Thursday.
  • To Hull Richard England & Philemon Ashton, from their houses, and Waugh and Ashton (from Scarborough) calls at the wagon and Horses, every Monday and Thursday-& John Harland, from his house, Middle-st, every Monday.
  • To Kilham, John Harland, from his house; every Monday Wednesday and Friday; goes through Nafferton.
  • To Malton, P. Ashton, every Wednesday morning and Friday, evening.
  • To Nafferton, -- Johnson, from the Cross Keys, and --Robson, from the Wagon & Horses, every Thursday.
  • To Rudston Thomas Taylor, from the Star, every Monday & Thursday and John Hopper, from the Cross Keys, every Thursday.
  • To Scarborough, John Bell, from his house, and Waugh and Ashton (from Hull) call at the Wagon and Horses every Wednesday and Friday
  • To York, Woodhouse, Bayes and Co. (from Bridlington calls At the Cross Keys, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Hull, the Progress, Gratitude, Grace, Fancy, and Hope - One of these vessels leave the River-head every or 5 days.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003