Harpham parish:


Harpham, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. John's Church, Harpham.

Parish of
Burton Agnes with Harpham
Names of the Men from this Place
Who served in the Great War 1914-18

H. Allison10th E. Yorks. W.E. FoundE.R.Fortress Cay. H. MetcalfeNorthumberland F. W. ShepherdsonRoyal Eng.
W. AllisonE.R.Y.Y. R.H. Frankish3rd E. Yorks. W.C. MorrisNorthumberland F. J. SimpsonRifle Brigade
K. AdamsA.S.C. J. GardhamWaggoners Res. C.H. MorrisR.F.A. C. ShipleyAustralian Cont.
H. Banks †5th E. Yorks. F. GartonA.S.C. I. MeltonK.O.Y.L.I. R. Skelton5th E. Yorks.
C. BaileyA.V.C. J. Hakner †5th E. Yorks. A. Milner  G. SmithWaggoners Res.
T. BakerWaggoners Res. Jos. HaknerN. Hants. D. NicholsonWaggoners Res. A. SouthwickR.H.A.
J. BirbeckNorthumberland F. C. HarrisonYeoman Rifles G.W. Nettleton †3rd E.Y. C. Sissons 
Griffith BoyntonR.N. T. HarrisonKings R. Rifles W. NoddleGordon Highlanders A. TaylorWest Surrey
H. BulmerWaggoners Res. T. HarrisonYeoman Rifles A. NoddleR.A.M.C. W. TaylorR.F.A.
G. BrownR.H.A. A. HarlandR.N. T. NoddleColdstream Guards F. TheakstoneR.N.
C.W. Butcher14th E. Yorks. C. HarlandCanadian Force P.C. PenningtonSport'mn E. Theakstone2nd Life Guards
R. BrignellA.V.C. F. HarlandR.F.A. R.W. PenningtonPublic Sch. J. Thompson14th E. Yorks.
N. Barker †Yorks. C. Heptonstall †5th E. Yorks. W.A. PostillA.S.C. T. Thompson 
H. CarterWaggoners Res. H. Heptonstall  J. Pull13th E. Yorks. F. TurnerE.R.Y.Y.
R. CollinsonWaggoners Res. F. HoggardR.F.A. G. PitcherR.A. C. Ullyott †Inns of Court
CollingwoodWaggoners Res. J. JordanWaggoners Res. T. Reid5th E. Yorks. R.D. UllyottE.R.Y.Y.
Nancy CoatesV.A.D. France C. KerryWaggoners Res. C. Reid †5th E. Yorks. C. VickermanE. Yorks.
F. CooperWaggoners Res. W. KerryA.S.C. C. ReedR.F.A. F. VickermanE. Yorks.
M. CobbWaggoners Res. E. Kirby5th E. Yorks. Cyclists J.D. RobinsonE.R.Y.Y. W. Vickerman †A.S.C.
T. Dowson †Aust'n Ex. Force J. KitchenWaggoners Res. W. RipleyWaggoners Res. F. Ward †Northumberland Fus.
W. Dowson2nd E. Yorks. F. LegardR.G.A. J. Rounding5th E.Y. Cyclists S. WardM.G.C.
L. DowsonWaggoners Res. E. LegardM.T. G. Rugg  E. Washington5th E. Yorks.
W. DowsonWaggoners Res. H. LegardR.E. A. SawdonWaggoners Res. T.L. Wickham-Boynton5th Yorks.
G. DuffillR.H.A. W. Legard14th E. Yorks. J. SellarsWaggoners Res. C. WilsonR.F.A.
E. DuncanE. Yorks. W.H. LegardE. Yorks. F.E. SellarsWaggoners Res. A. WoodmanseyWaggoners Res.
J. ElcockWaggoners Res. H. Marshall5th E. Yorks. G.W. Sellars18th Hussars B. WoolardWaggoners Res.
C. EstillK.O.Y.L.I. A. Morrel4th E. Yorks. W. ShipleyWaggoners Res. E. WrightD.L.I.
Harold E. Shipley †  T. Yates R.G.A. J.W. Shipley 

† These made the Great Sacrifice

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson