Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HEDON in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.



  • Mayor - William Lambert White.


  • Godfrey Richard Park
  • James Watson
  • William Beal


  • Arthur Fewson
  • James Soutter
  • John Gibson
  • John Heron, junr.
  • R. Allan Park
  • Robert Carrick
  • T. Boyes Johnson
  • William Lambert White
  • William Marshall


  • Town Clerk - Arthur Iveson
  • Treasurer - James Stewart Soutter
  • Auditors - C. J. Barrow and W. H. L. Warn
  • Inspector of Nuisances - Robert Leak
  • Medical Officer of Health - Thomas Walton, Mason street, Hull
  • Sergeant-at-Mace - Howard Markham
  • Town Crier - Robert Whitaker
  • Assessors and Collectors of income Tax - Frederick Dean and John Heron, junr.


  • For Middle Holderness Petty Sessional Division. Sir F. A. Talbot Clifford-Constable, Bart., (chairman), Ferriby Owen Dale, Esq,, M.P., Albion street, Hull J.E. Wade, Esq., Brantingham, Thorp Edmund P. Maxsted, Esq., Hessle Walter C. Jalland, Esq., Holderness house, Hull A. K. Dibb, Esq., Kirk Ella Lieut.-Col. Hobart, York Lieut.-Col. William Lambert White, Hedon
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - Godfrey Richard Park, Hedon and Hull. PETTY SESSIONS are held monthly in the Town Hall, Hedon.


  • Office, Fletchergate.
  • Judge - His Honour F. A. Bedwell
  • Registrar and High Bailiff - Arthur Iveson
  • Assistant Bailiff for Hedon - John Gibson

    The Court is held bi-monthly at the Town Hall, Hedon. The district includes the following places: Aldbrough, Benningholme, Bewick, Bilton, Burstwick, Burton Constable, Burton Pidsea, Camerton, Carlton, Fosham, Cherry Cob Sands, Coniston, Cowden (Great), Cowden (Little), Danthorpe, Easington, East Newton, Ellerby, Elsternwick, Etherdwick, Fitling, Flinton, Frodingham (South), Ganstead, Garton, Grimston, Halsham, Hedon, Hilston, Hollym, Holmpton, Humbleton, Keyingham, Kilnsea Lelley, Marton, Ottringham, Out-Newton, Owstwick, Owthorne, Patrington, Patrington Haven, Paull, Paull Holme, Oxgoddes, Boreas Hill, Plowland. Haverfield, Preston, Ridgmont, Rimswell, Ringbrough, Roos, Ryhill, Skeckling, Skeffling, Skirlaugh (North), Skirlaugh (South), Sproatley, Spurn, Stone Creek, Sunk Island, Swine, Thirtleby, Thorngumbald, Tunstall, Waxholme, Weeton, Welwick, Welwickthorpe, West Newton, Winestead, Withernsea, Withernwick, and Wyton.


  • Rev. John Horsfall Richardson, M.A., chairman; Arthur Iveson, Robert Leak, John Heron, senr., and W. H. L. Warn.
  • Clerk to the Board, G. Richard Park, solicitor


  • County Councillor for Hedon Division - John Emerson, Hedon
  • Registrar of Births and Deaths (Hedon District, Sculcoates Union) - T. Boyes Johnson, Post Office
  • Medical Officer (Hedon District, Sculcoates Union) - John Lowthian Jackson, M.B., C.M., Hedon
  • Assistant Overseer - T. Boyes Johnson, Post Office
  • Inland Revenue Officer - Jas. Goodwin, New rd
  • Hedon Church Institute - R. Alan Park, sec.
  • Hedon Gas Light & Coke Co., Ltd. - G. Rd. Park, secretary; F. Dean, collector; J. Kettleborough, manager.
  • Church Institute - R. Alan Park, secretary; S. Spragg, caretaker
  • Hedon Railway Station - Jno. Mowforth, station master
  • Hedon and Holdernees (914th) Star-Bowkett Building Society - Meetings held at the Institute ; Henry Casson, secretary


  • Parish Church of St. Augustine - Rev. John Horsfall Richardson, M.A., vicar; Frederick Jno. Batty, organist and parish clerk. Services, Sundays, 10-30 am, and 6-30 p.m.
  • St. Mary and St. Joseph (Catholic), Baxtergate - Rev. David James Smith, priest. Services, Sundays, 8-30 and 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; week-days, 8-30 am.
  • Baptist, Magdalengate - Services, Sundays, 10-30 am, and 6 p.m.
  • Wesleyan Methodist, George street - Rev. Ernest O. Barratt, minister. Services, Sundays, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist, Baxtergate - Services Sundays, 10-30 am. and 6 p.m.


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank - Mr. T. Boyes Johnson, postmaster. Letters arrive via Hull, week-days, at 7-50 am, and 2-45 p.m.; Sundays, 9 a.m.; and are despatched, week-days, 11-25 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Sundays, 5-35 p.m.

Anderson Mr., timber merchant (Hull), Haven house

  • Barratt Rev. Ernest 0. (Wesleyan)
  • Beet Hy., nail and chain maker, Souttergate
  • Bilton Mr. Robert, St. Augustine gate
  • Blashill Mr. Joshua, Souttergate
  • Carrick Robt., solr., (Watson, Sons, and Carrick, Hull); h Burnham house
  • Casson Henry, clerk
  • Casson John, manager, New road
  • Cautley Mrs. Mary E., King's place
  • Coates Joseph, railway inspector
  • Dean Frederick, solicitor's clerk, assessor and collector of income tax, collector to Hedon Gas, Light, and Coke Co., Ltd., Market place
  • Dowson Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper
  • Dunn Mr. Robert, St. Augustine gate
  • Emerson Jno., financial, land, and estate agent (16, Dock street, Hull); County Councillor for Hedon Division; Twyors house
  • Fargus Miss, St. Augustine gate
  • Goodwin James, inland revenue officer, New rd
  • Hepple Mrs. Jane, King's place
  • Heron John, junior, assessor and collector of income tax, &c., Market hill
  • Hopkinson Miss Elizabeth, Magdalengate
  • Hoyles George, chemist (Hull), New hall
  • Hunter Richard, corporation weigh clerk, Haven side
  • Ingleby Mrs. Hannah, Fletchergate
  • Iveson Arthur Percival, solr. (Iveson & West); h Fletchergate
  • Iveson Arthur, solicitor (Iveson & West), town clerk of Hedon, registrar of the 16th Circuit of the County Court, clerk to the Commissioners of Income Tax for South Holderness, clerk to the United District of Thorngumbald and Ryhill School Board, to Burstwick-cum-Skeckling School Board, assistant overseer for the parishes of Burstwick, Paull, Ryhill, and Thorngumbald; h Fletchergate
  • Johnson Thomas Boyes, postmaster, assistant overseer for Hedon, registrar of hirths and deaths for Hedon distct. of Sculcoates Union, Post Office
  • Kay Rev. Edwd. Birt, B.A., vicar of Marfleet, Souttergate
  • Kettleborough John Hy., rural letter carrier
  • Kettleborough Joseph, gas manager, Gas works
  • Kirk Mrs. Frances, Market place
  • Lickiss James, junr., carrier, Market hill
  • Lickiss John, harbour master, Churchgate
  • Lucas Rev. William, vicar of Ottringham, Market hill
  • Mackereth Mrs. Eliza, Souttergate
  • Markham Howard, sergt.-at-mace, St.Augustine gate
  • Marshall Wm. Arthur, mrkt. gardr., Baxtergate
  • Moore John, steam thrashing machine proptr., Hedon road
  • Mountain Mrs. Elizabeth, George street
  • Mowforth Jno., station master, N.E.R., Hedon station
  • Myers James, roper, Fletchergate
  • Park Godfrey Rd., solicitor (Park & Son, Hull), clerk to the County Justices, clerk to the Commissioners of Keyingham Level Drainage, clerk to the Hedon School Board, &c., Market hill
  • Park Robt. Alan, solicitor (Park & Son, Hull), Laurel villa, Hull road
  • Pawson Mrs. Ann, Souttergate
  • Peck George, manager, New road
  • Rennardson Herbert, joiner, New road
  • Richardson Mrs. Eliza, New road
  • Richardson Rev. John Horsfall, M.A., Vicarage
  • Rimmington Mrs. Mary, Sheriff hall
  • Robinson Rebecca, carrier
  • Sales John, police-sergeant, Market hill
  • Simpson Rt. Lamplough, auctnr., Harbour farm
  • Smith Rev. David James (Catholic), Presbytery, Baxtergate
  • Smith David, tea dealer, Souttergate
  • Soutter James Stewart (J. & J. S. Soutter), chemist and grocer; h Lelley
  • Soutter The Misses
  • Spice Mr. Frederick, Westlands
  • Stamford Miss Betsy, King's place
  • Stone Mr. Hy. Kitching, St. Augustine gate
  • Thompson Hy. Barker, clerk, Market hill
  • Tomlinson Mrs. Catherine Souttergate
  • Wade Frederick Henry, clerk, Market hill
  • Watson Jas., solicitor (Watson, Sons, & Carrick, Hull); h Holyrood house
  • West Thomas Henry, solicitor (Iveson & West), Holyrood
  • Whitaker Robert, hairdresser & beerseller, St. Augustine gate
  • White Wm. Lambert, Esq., J.P., sugar mcht. and fruit broker (White & Son, Hull), Mayor of Hedon, Lieut.-,Col. of the 2nd East Riding of Yorkshire Artillery Volunteers, Western Division Royal Artillery, and member of the Committee of Management for the Hull Infirmary, Lambert house
  • Wilson Mr. Thomas, Fletchergate
  • Wright Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, Clarence house
  • Wright James, clerk


Academies & Schools.

  • Board School, Market hill; Wm. Todd, master; C. C. Westerdale, & Miss Lucy Todd, assistants
  • Teasdale Miss (private mixed), Magdalengate


  • Dale - (for Singer's sewing machines), George street
  • Dobson Saml. (general. com.), Churchill house
  • Iveson & West (to the Liverpl. & London, & Globe Ins. Co.)
  • Iveson Arthur Percival, (Royal Insurance Co.)
  • Johnson Miss A. (dyer's agent)
  • Park Godfrey Rd. (County Fire and Provident Life offices)
  • Warn Wm. H. L. (forStevenson's dye works, and sewing machines), Market place


  • Horsman Mrs. Ann, George st.
  • Mendham Robt., Market place

Bookseller & Stationer.

  • Parnell Geo. Thos. (printer & bookbinder), Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • Dean Robert, Souttergate
  • Ellerton Frederick Thos., St. Augustine gate

Bricklayers & Builders.

  • Heron John, sen., Souttergate
  • Leak William, Baxtergate
  • Robinson Wm. Jno., George st

Brick and Tile Mnfr.

  • Handley Geo., Hedon tilery; h Baxtergate


  • Robinson John, St. Augustine gate
  • Wright Thomas Eggleston, Market place

Cattle Dealers.

  • Foster John, Souttergate
  • Gibson John (county court bailiff), Middle lane
  • Robinson John, St. Augustine gate
  • Wright Thomas Eggleston, Market place


  • Soutter James and James Stewart (and wine mcht.), St. Augustine gate

Coal Merchants

  • Barron Cleophas John (& corn factor), St. Augustine gate
  • Batty E. P., Souttergate and Haven side
  • Hargrave Samuel, Souttergate
  • Hedon Haven Coal Co., Haven side; Mr. Runton, manager
  • Hodgson Robert (and keel owner), Sheriff highway
  • Stringer Jas. Carter, Fletchergate
  • Woodmansey James, Magdalengate


  • Branton Miss Rhoda,Souttergate

Corn Miller.

  • Dobson Alfred, Hedon mill


  • Beal William, New road
  • Foster Frederick, Fletchergate
  • Gibson John, Middle lane
  • Mowforth John, Station
  • Rowland Thos., Magdalengate
  • Ruddiforth Thos., Baxtergate
  • Stringer Jas. Carter, Fletchergate


  • Johnson Thos. Boyes (tailor)
  • Levitt Emanuel (and general dealer), Souttergate
  • Warn Wm. Hy. Lamacraft, Market place
  • Wright George (tailor), St. Augustine gate
  • Wright Leonard Megginson, Market place

Dressmkrs, & Milliners.

(Marked d dressmakers only).

  • dBatty Miss L.
  • dDix Miss Kathleen,StAugustine gate
  • dEggleston Miss Fanny, Market place
  • dHeron Miss L., Market place
  • Jenkinson Miss Mary Bullough (& general dealer), Market place
  • dSmith Miss Rebecca, New rd
  • dTaylor Miss Margt. George st
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Market place


  • Fewson Arthur (grazier and horse dealer), Old hall
  • Greensides John, Haven side
  • Ingleby Wm. Alfred (and wool dealer), Souttergate
  • Leak Robert, George street
  • Robinson John, St.Augustine gate
  • Smith Daniel, Souttergate

Flour Dealers.

  • Brown Thos., St. Augustine gate
  • Parker Edwin (bread baker), Market place


  • Greaves Geo., St. Augustine gate
  • Sharp Miss Jane, St. Augustine gate
  • Soutter Jas, & Jas. Stewart (wine merchant), St. Augustine gate
  • Todd John, Souttergate
  • Warn Wm. Hy. Lamacraft, Market place
  • Wright Chas., Market place

Hotels, Inns, &c.

  • Borough Arms, Haven side; Mrs. Emily Wright
  • Dog and Duck; Mrs. My. Cook
  • Greyhound (beerhouse), St. Augustine gate ; Robert Whitaker
  • Keel Inn, (beerhouse); James Woodmansey
  • King's Head, Souttergate; Jno. Holloway
  • Queen's Head, St. Augustine gate; William Crosby
  • Rose and Crown, (beerhouse); David Grice
  • Shakespeare, Baxtergate; Mrs. Lydia Mc.Kee
  • Station Hotel; John Oliver
  • Sun Inn, St. Augustine gate; Mrs. Mary Patch
  • Tiger Inn, Market place; Frederick Dean

Joiners and Builders.

  • Batty Fredk. John (organist and parish clerk of St. Augustine's), Market place
  • Curtis Wm., Magdalengate
  • Hodgson John (wheelwright), George street
  • Musgrave David C., Fletchergate
  • Rennardson Rt., Market hill

Monumental Masons and Builders.

  • Everingham Penrose
  • Fewlass Thomas John, St. Augustine gate

Nurserymen and Seedsmen.

  • Marshall William, Market pl
  • Styche James, Ivy lane

Painter, Paperhanger, &c.

  • Shipley William Henry, St. Augustine gate

Plumbers & Gasfitters.

  • Drewery Lot (tinsmith), St. Augustine gate
  • Palmer Thomas, Souttergate

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

  • Caley Alfred
  • Grice Thomas, New road


  • Jackson John Lowthian, M.B. and C.M. (Edin.), (medical officer, Hedon District, Sculcoates Union, and to Burton Constable Lodge of the United Ancient Order of Druids), St. Augustine gate
  • Soutter James, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., & L.S.A. (surgeon to Paull Point Battery, medical officer to Part of West District of Patrington Union, and to the Sproatley District of Skirlaugh Union), Souttergate


  • Drescher Jph. Albt., Market pl


  • Lickiss (Jas., junr.) & Robinson (Rebecca), to Hull, Tuesday and Friday

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