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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HEMINGBROUGH in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.


  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank; Charles Jenkinson, sub-postmaster. Letters,
  • via Howden, arrive at 8-10 a.m., and are despatched at 4-15 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Andrew Mrs. Sarah Ann, gardener
  • Anson William, vict., Crown Hotel
  • Banks William, Esq., Hemingbrough hall
  • Baswell John, market gardener
  • Britton James, market gardener
  • Cheesbrough John, master, Board school
  • Clayton James, coal merchant, Paradise cot.
  • Clayton Tom, blacksmith, &c.
  • Cooke George, vict., Half Moon
  • Dale Peter, vict., Britannia Inn
  • Darley John, blacksmith
  • Donkin Samuel and Annie, grocers, &c.
  • Farrow Thomas, manager, Brickworks
  • Fell Henry, chapel keeper
  • Fowler Thomas, grocer
  • Garland John, market gardener
  • Gillah Quarton, cattle dealer
  • Gilliam Joseph
  • Hanley Edward, grocer
  • Hardy James, carrier to Selby (Monday)
  • Hindsley William B.. market gardener
  • Howcroft Joseph, tailor
  • Howden Thomas, gardener
  • Hudson Wm. Barker, joiner and wheelwright
  • Jenkinson Charles, grocer, Post office
  • Kettlewell John, shoemaker
  • Laycock Robert, market gardener
  • Mason Nicholas, castrator and farrier
  • Milner Michael, tailor, High street
  • Morley Thomas, tailor
  • Parkinson George, butcher, Old Vicarage
  • Paton Rev. James, The Vicarage
  • Pratt Thomas, fisherman, The Landing
  • Robinson William, tailor
  • Simpson Chas., master mariner & shipowner
  • Smith James, miller, The Post mill
  • Talbot George, contractor, The Villa
  • Tennant Mrs. Elizabeth, Field house
  • Terry Mr. Joseph
  • Tune Thos., bricklayer and builder and parish clerk
  • Tutty Mark, hay cutter and gardener
  • Tyson Isaac Oliver, brick & tile manufacturer
  • Wheldrick Charles, butcher and cattle dealer
  • Yardley Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Yardley William, cattle dealer


  • Blenkhorn Wm. (and steam thrasher owner)
  • Borrill Gilbert (and fruit merchant)
  • Brown David, Woodhouse
  • Carr Henry
  • Cawkill Hewison
  • Clayborough Joseph
  • Cross George, Old Tithe house
  • Durham Miss Ada (and carrier and shoemaker)
  • Harrison Hugh (yeo.), The Cottage
  • Harrison Joseph, Hemingbrough grange
  • Jackson William (yeo.), Bleak house
  • Kelsey Robert John
  • Laverack Wilson
  • Lee Walter Gardham, Hagg terrace
  • Lockwood John
  • Markham George (farm bailiff)
  • Terry George, White house
  • Terry Joseph George
  • Thompson Margrave
  • Varey Henry
  • Walker James


  • Letters via Howden.

Miscellany of trades

  • Brearley Henry, Esq., Brackenholme
  • Jewitt William, gardener, Brackenholme
  • Lyons Stephen, blacksmith
  • Menzies Mrs. Julia, Woodhall
  • Menzies Stuart Alexander, Esq., Woodhall
  • Small John, gardener, Woodhall Old hall


  • Banks William, Babthorpe
  • Bramley Thomas, Woodhall
  • Maddison Henry (farm bailiff), Brackenholine
  • Watson Alfred, Hagthorpe hall


  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank at A. J. Butler's, Cliffe. Letters via Selby arrive at 7-15 a.m., and are despatched at 6-10 p.m. in summer, and 5-0 p.m. in winter.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbott John, stationmaster, Hemingbrough station
  • Allen Thomas, potato dealer, Cliffe common
  • Allen William, gardener, Cliffe
  • Bentley & Co., Limited, maltsters, Cliffe
  • Berridge Richard, police constable, Cliffe
  • Blakey Rt., gardener & caretaker, Turnham hall
  • Burton Arthur F., Esq., Turnham hall
  • Butler Arthur J., grocer and draper, Post office
  • Carr Mrs. Ellen, Cliffe
  • Cooke William, blacksmith
  • Dodsworth George, market gardener
  • Fell Joseph, foreman, New Hay
  • Gibson William & Son, rope & twine makers, New Hay
  • Greenfield Mr. William, Mill house
  • Hill William, market gardener, Lund
  • Horsefield John, foreman, Cleek Hall farm
  • Jennings Thos., stationmaster, Cliffe common
  • Johnson George, railway inspector, Cliffe
  • Kirlew William, bricklayer, &c.
  • Marshall Mrs. Frances, Cliffe house
  • Messinger & Longbottom, Cliffe common Malt kiln
  • Middleton Lepton, joiner & wheelwright, Cliffe
  • Phillips Thomas, joiner & wheelwright, Cliffe
  • Pratt George J., joiner & wheelwright, Cliffe h Whitwell cottage
  • Pratt George, senr., vict., New Inn, Cliffe
  • Pratt James, market gardener, Cliffe
  • Pratt Robert, saddler & harness maker, Cliffe
  • Richardson James, market gardener
  • Riley Samuel, butcher, Cliffe
  • Sayner John, shoemaker, &c.
  • Sherburn George, market gardener
  • Sherburn Mrs. Sarah, Cliffe common
  • Spivey George, builder, Cliffe
  • Tasker Mr. John, Cliffe common
  • Tasker Thos., vict., Railway Tavern, Cliffe com.
  • Taylor Mr. Francis, Cherry orchard
  • Thompeon John Cordukes (solicitor, Selby), Cliffe hall
  • Walker Mr. James, New Hay
  • Walker Joshua, schoolmaster and assistant overseer, Cliffe
  • Watson Mr. William, Cliffe
  • Whiteley William, market gardener, Cliffe
  • Williamson Mr. William, Cliffe
  • Yardley John Ellis, salmon fisher, New Hay


  • Backhouse Robert, Lund
  • Bell John (yeo.), Lund
  • Brigge George (yeo.), Cliffe
  • Brigge George Williamson (yea.), Cliffe
  • Burton Thomas, Cliffe
  • Bussey Charles Robert, Cliffe
  • Bussey Robert, Lund
  • Craike Henry Joseph (and nurseryman)
  • Foster John, Chantry Field house
  • Freer William, Cliffe
  • Fridlington John, Woodhouse
  • Gleddall William (yeo.), Cliffe common
  • Gott Mark (yeo.), Cliffe
  • Guest William, Cliffe common
  • Haller Joseph (yeo.), Cliffe common
  • Jacques Mr. George, Common end
  • Jacques William, Cliffe
  • Kelsey George, Cliffe
  • Kettlewell William, Cliffe
  • Laverack Camage, Cliffe
  • Lewis Geo., Cliffe High common, & White moor
  • Lobley William, Cliffe
  • Long James, Cliffe
  • Nicholson William (yeo.), Rose cottage
  • Parkinson William, Cliffe
  • Pickup William, Gowl hall
  • Riley Thos. Wm., Oakwood house, & at Osgodby
  • Shepherd John, Common end
  • Snarr Thomas, Whitemoor farm, Cliffe
  • Spilman William
  • Stables Hugh, New Hay grange
  • Tomlinson John, Beech Tree house, Cliffe
  • Vause Charles, New Hay
  • Ward Edward, Barle Lane end
  • Wetherell Fred, Newlands farm
  • Wetherell Thomas, Cliffe cottage
  • Winter Geo. (yea., & mkt. gardnr), Field house
  • Wright William (yeo.), Prospect house
  • Yeoman John, Cliffe


  • Letters arrive via Selby at 5-15 a.m., despatch, 5-15 p.m. in summer, and 4-15 p.m. in winter.

Miscellany of trades

  • Haddlesey John William, hay cutter
  • Johnson Herbert Henry, market gardener
  • Patterson Miss Mary, mistress, Board school
  • Rhodes James, miller, Wind mill
  • Snowden John, wheelwright
  • Tomlinson Thomas, vict., Cross Keys, and shopkeeper
  • Wheldrick Joseph, horse dealer, Manor house


  • Atkinson William P., Holmes house
  • Bradley John and William
  • Bramley John
  • Bramley Thomas, Dyon house
  • Bussey Robert William, Selby
  • Cotton William, Red Cock hall
  • Darley Thomas, Hill farm
  • Hall William (yeoman)
  • Haller John, Lara bridge
  • Hirst George (& road surveyor), Hall farm
  • Law James, Nortoft
  • Morrell Edward (trustees), South Duffield lodge
  • Palfreyman Michael (and grocer)
  • Shaw Robert, Low Moor house
  • Wheldrick William (yeoman and cattle dealer), Manor house


Miscellany of trades

  • Brookebank George, Willow Garth cot
  • Pateman Geo., stationmstr., Menthorpe station


  • Barker James, Bowthorpe hall
  • Binks Walter, Menthorpe
  • Chaplin Robert (yeoman), Menthorpe
  • Dilcock William (farm bailiff), Menthorpe hall
  • Foster John, Menthorpe hall and Selby


  • Letters via Selby arrive about 7-0 a.m., despatch at 7-0 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Briggs Riley, Esq., Osgodby hall
  • Corney Richard, blacksmith
  • Douglas Harry, head gamekeeper, White house
  • Smith Mr. William
  • Tilburn Wm., vict., Wadkin Arms, & shopkpr
  • Welbron Thomas, steam thrasher


  • Brigge Fred. Riley, White Moor farm
  • Hirst Thomas, Osgodby bridge
  • Kettlewell Thomas (and miller)
  • Lewis George, White Moor farm
  • Lewis John, White moor
  • Revell Charles
  • Riley John (and land agent)
  • Siddall James
  • Smith Thomas
  • Taylor Mrs. Hannah and Henry
  • Tindall George (and assistant overseer)


  • Post Office; William Leek, sub-postmaster. Letters, via Selby, arrive at 6-30a.m., and are despatched at 7-5p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Asprey Henry, toll collector, Bridge house
  • Baxter William, pig dealer
  • Birdsall Joseph, cowkeeper
  • Blanchard William, joiner and wheelwright
  • Braithwaite Thos., grocer and market gardener
  • Burkitt Miss Ellen, 1 Barlby bank
  • Burton Jas. Thos., potato dealer and farmer
  • Connell Joseph, butcher
  • Crosland William, solicitor's clerk
  • Dean Rev. Edward, B.A., vicar
  • Douglas Alfred
  • Hebson Richard, Posthorn cottage
  • Hodgson Mr. John, Prospect villa
  • Horton Fred., vict., Bay Horse Inn
  • Hubie Mrs. Jane, Barlby Grove house
  • Leek William, shoemaker, Post office
  • Milnes Mr. Jabez, Bank house
  • Moon Mrs. Harriet, Bank view
  • Powell Mr. Robert, Howden road
  • Roberts Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Robinson Thomas, blacksmith
  • Simpson Charles, grocer, 2 Barlby bank
  • Smith George Henry, bricklayer
  • Stokes Charles, shoemaker
  • Storr Rd., land surveyor and assistant overseer
  • Stoyle G. H., conductor in charge of the war department powder magazine
  • West George, engine driver, Barlby bank
  • Wild Mr. John, The Red house
  • Woodall George, vict., New Inn
  • Wright Mrs. M. A., Barlby villa


  • Appleyard Edward & Henry, Bank farm
  • Beevers Benjamin
  • Briggs Fred. (Osgodby)
  • Brown William, Manor house
  • Dodsworth John (yeoman), Turnhead house
  • Falkingham Robert, Chapel farm
  • Garnett William, Cherry orchard
  • Reaston Thomas (yeoman), Barlby house
  • Rhodes Fred
  • Scatchard Edward, Mount pleasant
  • Smith Charles (and shopkeeper)
  • Smith Geo. (& hay & straw dlr.), Bloom cottage
  • Stringer Joseph Blanchard (yeo.), Barlby hall
  • Vickerton John (yeoman)

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.