Hemingbrough parish:


Hemingbrough, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War II Roll of Honour in St. Mary's Church, Hemingbrough.

1939       †       1945

Names of those from this Parish on Active Service
for their King and Country

Sapper Peter AmcottsRoyal Engineers Eva JeffriesW.R.N.S. Private Charles BarkerKing's Own Yks Light Inf Sapper Ronald Jeffries †Royal Engineers
Corporal Clara M. BurtW.A.A.F. Private Lilian JenkinsonA.T.S. A/C Ernest AnsonRoyal Air Force Private Edward Jenkinson 
Sig. Charles E. CarrRoyal Corps of Signals Private Ellis  Captain Harry AllenbyRoyal Engineers Driver John William TindallRoyal Army Service Corps
Corporal Stephen Cecil Cahalin  Private Alan HolmanBorder Regiment A/CI A. AnsonRoyal Air Force Lance Bombardier D. Hatfield[A.A.] Royal Artillery
Private Louis A. CurzonPioneer Corps Private H. LambertK.O.S.R. Private Donald BaxterKing's Own Yks Light Inf A/B George NewsomeRoyal Navy
Sapper William FellRoyal Engineers Sergeant L. LambertParachute Regiment Squadron Leader Harry BallRoyal Air Force A/C Ronald ForthRoyal Air Force
Private Francis R. FaithwaiteHampshire Regiment Private J. LambertR.A. Corporal Norman BallRoyal Air Force Driver Donald LawtonRoyal Army Service Corps
Private Harry GarnettWest Yorks Private O.J. MorrellR.A.O.C. Private Alfred Britton5th West Yorks Private Andrew LawtonYorks
Police Constable Norman GarnettPolice Reserve Private M. KemshallA.T.S. Private Joe BowkerRoyal Army Medical Corps Private Charles McCartney +Duke of Wellington's
Private Alec GatenbyBlack Watch Lilley  Sapper Joeseph (sic) Richard BoyleRoyal Engineers Private Francis McCartneyYorks and Lancs
Gunner John StephensonRoyal Artillery Corporal S. MitchellTroops Supply Company Private Charles BarkerDuke of Wellington's Private Dennis McCartneyArgyle & Sutherland Hld's
Driver Jessie SmithA.T.S. Private William Morrin  2nd Lieutenant F.L. Cooper[A.A.] Royal Artillery Private David Mills5th West Yorks
Corporal Kathleen HaslopA.T.S. Private W. NormanRoyal Army Pay Corps Gunner Edward CreaseyRoyal Artillery Private Leonard James MorrellEast Yorks
L/Corporal Peggy HinchcliffeA.T.S. Corporal George RoundingK.O.Y.L.I. Guardsman Thomas A. CreaseyScots Guards Leslie Middleton 
Private Constance HudsonA.T.S. Sapper Leslie RoundingRoyal Engineers Gunner Robert CastleRoyal Field Artillery Private Robert John Mollison6th East Yorks
Eleanor HudsonW.A.A.F. Private Alwyn SmalesParachute Regiment Sapper David Randolph CreaseyRoyal Engineers A/C Archibald McCartneyRoyal Air Force
Madge HoleyW.A.A.F. Sapper Harry PearsonRoyal Engineers Gunner Eric BullymentRoyal Artillery Private Harry PlowesRoyal Scots
A/Lw Winifred Marjory GoultonW.A.A.F. L A/C Kenneth PatrickRoyal Air Force Private George DurhamWest Yorks Private Albert Sampler 
A/C Clarence RileyRoyal Air Force Sergeant Henry Patrick +Royal Air Force Corporal Harold DurhamMilitary Police Private Harry WardRoyal Army Medical Corps
Flying Officer Pilot Geoffrey W. BurtRoyal Air Force A/CW Margaret ScottW.A.A.F. Gunner Wilfred DurhamRoyal Artillery Sapper Thomas WardRoyal Engineers
Private Daisy BoothA.T.S. A/C Hilda SaynorW.A.A.F. Private Robert DarleyField Hygiene Section A/C Henry StablesRoyal Air Force
Gunner Cyril JohnsonRoyal Artillery Private Verina SimpsonW.A.A.F. Driver Frank DurhamLincolnshire Regiment Corporal Charles ScottRoyal Artillery
A/C George DriffillRoyal Air Force Private John StablesTank Corps Artificer Wilfred DanbyRoyal Air Force Sergeant Pilot G.A. Simpson +Royal Air Force
Driver Stanley JamesonRoyal Engineers Private N.M. TuneA.T.S. Private Harold FletcherArmy Pay Corps Staff Sergeant Joshue L. SwiftRoyal Engineers
Roy Donnelly  Private Ronald M. TuneR.E.C. Corps Sergeant O. Falkingham D.F.M.Royal Air Force Driver Stanley SweetingRoyal Air Force
A/C Thomas WetherellRoyal Air Force Private M.E. WoodcockA.T.S. Private Thomas William GatenbyDuke of Wellington's Captain Courtley G. Stables[A.A.] Royal Artillery
L A/C C. FrenchRoyal Air Force Private Richard W. WatlingRoyal Scots Guardsman Barker HudsonGrenadier Guards Driver Harold Haigh StaffordRoyal Army Service Corps
Sergeant Kenneth DriffillRoyal Air Force Private Cyril WeatherallRoyal Corps of Signals A.B. Jack A. GoultonRoyal Navy A/B Fred Terry +Royal Navy
Private Stephan SaynorRoyal West Kent Private Arthur WardPioneer Corps L A/C Charles GatenbyRoyal Air Force Corporal Samuel TomlinsonSeaforth Highlanders
A/C Basil GillRoyal Air Force Private Winnie Webster[W.A.A.] A.T.S. Private Harold HillRoyal Corps of Signals Private Harold TomlinsonKing's Own Yks Light Inf
F/O Herbert A. DonaldsonRoyal Air Force Guardsman William Wilkin †Coldstream Guards (sic) A/C Richard HatfieldRoyal Air Force Harry Turner 
Private W. Hill  Gunner Kenneth WilkinRoyal Artillery Fred Harrison  Leslie TuneRoyal Army Service Corps
Tpr. C.T. BarkerR.A.C. Private Harry TateNorth Lancs Guardsman Jack Hinchcliffe ++Coldstream Guards Albert Tomlinson 
Corporal E. BulmerR.A.F. Gnd D. BlowesR.A. Private Norman HarrisWest Yorks Sapper J. Richard TuneRoyal Engineers
Private G. Hingley †Leicester's L. Donaldson  Private Harold HingleyWest Yorks Private Leonard TurnerKing's Own Yks Light Inf
Private Wilfred HudsonWest Yorks Driver John T. WoodRoyal Artillery Gunner Fred HuttonRoyal Artillery Private Horace WatsonDuke of Wellington's
Captain Stanley HaslopWest Yorks Private Reginald R. Webster +Leicester's Guardsman Harold N. HodgsonColdstream Guards Private Claude Welburn10th West Yorks
† Wounded       †† Died of Wounds       + Killed in Action       ++ Died on Active Service

Brethren, pray for us

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson