Hemingbrough parish:


Hemingbrough, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. Mary's Church, Hemingbrough.

The Minster Church
of St. Mary Hemingbrough


Rectors of St. Mary's Parish Church MINISTERS
1217/18-58Robert Marsh [de Marisco]
dean of Lincoln 1258-62/3
1258 ?Henry of Durham [de dunelmo] 1653William Cornwall ?
? 1272Richard of Middleton ? 1662Anthony Fido
1272-87Hugh de Evesham
cardinal 1281-7
1287-94Bogo de Clare
treasurer of York Minster 1285-92/4
1294-1309John de Drokenesford
bishop of Bath and Wells 1309-29
1309-1317Stephen de Maulay
archdeacon of Cleveland 1289-1317
1317-20Henry of Stamford, O.S.B.
prior of Finchale:elected bishop of
Durham 1316 but not confirmed
1664-7Arthur Squire M.A.
1320-48/9Jocelin Jean d/Ossat
[Gaucelinus Joannes de Ossa
cardinal 1316-48/9
1667-8Michael Doughty B.A.
1349-75Alan of Shotlington 1670John Wetherall
1375-1409Thomas Walworth, Lic.C.L.
canon of York 1386-1409;
vicar general of archbp. of York 1389
1670-77Thomas Revell
1409-1412Richard Pickering 1678-80Thomas Waterhouse B.A.
1412-26John Rickinghall, LL.D.
bishop of Chichester 1426-9
1680-82John Rayner B.A.
  1682-1705Charles Maslin
  1708-41Marmaduke Teasdale B.A.
Provosts of the Collegiate Church 1742-68William Potter M.A. father
  1769-78/9William Potter M.A. son
1427-8John Radburn 1779-93John Mallison
1428-9John Harpour 1793-94Isaac Tyson
1429-40John Withers 1794-1824William Caile
1440-58Thomas Caudell 1825-60John Ion M.A.
1458-71Thomas Portington
treasurer of York Minster 1477-85
1880-1905James Paton
1471-5Lionel Woodville
bishop of Salisbury 1482-4
1905-15William Peter Wright M.A.
1475-80James Preston, S.T.P.[i.e.D.D.] 1915-19John Francis Wilkinson L.Th.
1480-1515Thomas Babthorpe M.A. 1919-29Henry Percy Peacock
1515-31Robert Marshall M.A. 1930-33Charles James Branch-Evans
1531-47William Whitehead M.A. 1933-37Joseph Craig
[Collegiate Church dissolved 1547] 1937-70Felix Amcotts M.A.
  1973-75Ernest Robson Turnbull
  1975-81George Newham Coultas
CURATES 1982-85John Frederick Taylor
canon of York
  1985-91Geoffrey Owen Wilbourne
1547-74Gabriel Morland
holder of 6th vicar-prebend since 1537
1991-95Brian William Harris B.D.
1574/9-85[-1617]John Brooke  
1586-1602Thomas Knighton  
1602-48William Lindley M.A. Priests in Charge
1618 ?William Jackson  
   1996 - Anne Paskett
A Priest is there and a Church

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson