HESSLE: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1829.


"HESSLE, an ancient manor in the parish of its name, and in the division of Hullshire, in the east riding: the village is situated on the banks of the Humber, across which is an ancient ferry, and five miles W.S.W. of Hull. The church is dedicated to All Saints; it is a vicarage, of which the Rev. Edmund Garwood, M.A. is the incumbent. There are a small hospital and a free school, the endowments of which are slender; and one upon the national system; there is also a school of industry. Near Hessle, is Hesslewood house, a mansion belonging to J. R. Pease, Esq. and there are besides, many other genteel residences in the immediate vicinage of the village. Considerable quantities of chalk stone are obtained in this parish, and Paris white is manufactured of an excellent quality. The population, in 1821, was 1,021. Kirk Ella, a village, five miles W.N.W. of Hull, is the residence of many of the merchants of the latter town. The church is dedicated to St. Andrew, of which the Rev. William J. Wilkinson is vicar. The population of Kirk Ella and West Ella townships, in 1821, was 368."

"ANLABY, is a village and township, in the parishes of Hessle and Kirk Ella, three miles west of Hull, containing, by the returns made at the last census, 307 inhabitants."
Note: The directory entry for Anlaby in Pigot's 1829 Directory is included with Hessle.

[Transcribed from Pigot's National Commericial Directory for 1828-29 ]
by Colin Hinson ©2007