Hessle, War Memorial transcription


Hessle parish:

Hessle, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I Memorial in All Saints churchyard, Hessle.

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)

with thanksgiving the
true and faithful men
who in the years of war
went forth from Hessle
The names of those who
returned not again are
here inscribed to be
honoured for evermore
1914 - 1918

Side two (see also Photo)

Side three (see also Photo)

Side four (see also Photo)

Side five (see also Photo)

Side six (see also Photo)

Side seven (see also Photo)

Side eight (see also Photo)

Walter Acey
Walter Almond
Alfred Bayston
Fred Bayston
Arthur Beadle
Henry S Beadle
James Bell
Charles E Bennett
Norman Bielby
Arthur Bilsdon
Arthur Blagg
Stanley Blagg
George L Blakeston
Herbert Bontoft
James Bontoft
Albert Brett
Charless Burton
Albert L Chadwick
Alfred H Clark
John Clark
James Cleaver
E Edward Collishaw
Frank Cotton
John Crombie
Colin T Curtis
Robert Curtis
Richard Dearing
Charles Dickenson
E Clifford Earle
John Edwards
William Ellis
Edward England
Geo A Featherstone
Joel S Forbes
Edgar Fussey
Edgar O Gale
John W Gibson
Horace Goddard
C E (Teddie) Graves
George W Gray
Sidney Harness
William Harness
Ernest Harrison
Richard E Hart
Oswald Hillerns
Leslie Hinson
Frederick Jackson
George H Jessup
Sydney Jewitt
Albert Johnson
J W George Johnson
Reginald P Jones
H Arthur Lowthorpe
F Cyril C Manley
William E Manley
Alan Mathison
William H McKinley
Ernest W Monkman
Randolph R Nicholson
T Hamilton Nicholson
Harold Oughtred
John W Palmer
Walter Parker
Harold Platt
Percy Platt
John R Plummer
Frank Poulter
Ralph A Raettig
Fred Rawson
Alfred Robinson
Charles O Robinson
Ernest V Robinson
G Herbert Robinson
Albert Sharp
Harry L Sharp
James W Sheperdson
David Sibborn
Tom Sibborn
J Reginald Simpkins
James Slater
John W Speck
Thomas Spittlehouse
Harry Stevenson
Arthur J Sutton
Arthur Teale
Cyril F Tennison
George W Tether
William Tulley
C Walter Tune
H Douglas Tune
Joseph Tyson
Charles W D Usher
Alfred Walker
John Wardle
Horace Ware
Robert J Waugh
William J Wharton
A Stanley Whittingham
Bert Whydle
William Wilson
Robert Wood
Samuel Wood
Harold A Wray
Thomas Wray

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson