Hollym parish:


Hollym, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-1918 War Memorial on the outside wall of St. Nicholas' church.

To the glorious memory of those
who fell in the Great War

E Boasman S Bilton
G L Boasman L Bilton
T C Coverdale W Eldret
L Coverdale G White
A Douglas
"Theirs but to do and die"
To those who served in the Great War

C Boasman J Brant
E Bilton W Brant
H Birkett J Clark
C Coverdale F Fleming
F Coverdale A Fisher
H Coverdale R Greenwood
M Coverdale A Greenwood
E Coverdale E Hobson
G Day J E A Hobson
E Day J V Hobson
S Eldret T Randall
T D Pearcy G A Randall
J H Pearcy W Randall
T Wallis C H Randall
L Sharp J L Randall
H Leonard A J Randall
"They that had fought so well
came through the Jaws of Death
back from the Mouth of Hell"

Data transcribed by
Sandra Welburn
from photography by Colin Hinson