Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HOLMPTON.     Church dedication: PATRON SAINT NOT KNOWN.     Church type: Discharged Rectory.

Area, 1,290 acres. Holderness wapentake, S.D. Population, 239; Church-room, 300 *1; Net value, £152. -This Church, then called a Chapel, was given by Stephen Earl of Albemarle to the Monks of Birstall, and by them sold to the Priory of Kirkstall.

Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

Torre, in page 1481, appears to confound this parish with Hollym, within the parish of Withernsea. He gives a catalogue of the Rectors.

Here was a Chantry, which was valued, at the Dissolution, at £4 per annum.

The Church is not mentioned in Pope Nicholas's taxation. Valued in the King's books, at £4. 3s. 4d.; Synodals, 6d.; and Abbot of Kirkstall, 5s.; in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xvii. page 263, it is stated : " Parsonage, £20; Glebe, £8, subject to 13s. 4d. Crown rent. Out Newton, Risholme, and the lordship of Newell, to be annexed ;" -and in 1818, at £135. 19s. 6d. per annum.

" Holmpton is united with Welwick *2, but by whom I know not, not above sixty years since. Holmpton is a Rectory, and endowed with all tithes, the third sheaf of corn excepted. This third sheaf is taken by one Robert Martin, impropriator of Withernsea, the Withernsea field intermixing with Holmpton. There was an augmentation by one Hildeyard, to the value of 10s. per annum, and land abutted and bounded for the payment thereof, but how long since I know not. However it hath been paid time out of mind, and continued till my entering, then denied by one Sir Robert Hildeyard, who now enjoys the lands : was made a Rectory in 1511. Annual value, £23." Signed, " Josias Tookerman." - Notitia Parochialis, No. 838.

An Inclosure Act was passed 39th and 40th Geo. III.

The glebe house was returned in 1818 as unfit for residence, " being built upon mud, and thatched, and not half large enough ;" but on the 12th September 1821, a faculty was granted to take down and rebuild the Rectory house, and it is now fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1739: partly illegible from damp. -Vide transcripts at York.

Mrs. Nockall's charity, by will, dated 1st November 1766, and codicil thereto (date not given). lnterest of £40, which, together with another small sum of £10, are secured on a promissory note, dated 25th December 1820, made payable to the churchwardens, or the then incumbent of the parish, for teaching poor children, or the relief of the poor in their sickness. The interest is paid at Christmas, and distributed, viz.: £2. 2s. per annum to the schoolmistress, for teaching three poor children under ten-the boys to read, and the girls to read and sew. The children are appointed by the minister and churchwardens, and are changed from time to time, so that each poor child may in their turn receive the benefit thereof. The remainder (8s.) is usually added to the sacrament-money collected at Christmas, and given therewith by the minister and churchwardens to aged and infirm widows, and other sick and impotent poor within the parish. - Vide 9th Report, page 762.

Post town: Pattrington.

Torre's MS., page 1481. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. ii. page 149. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Holmetone), pages 179. 244. Burton's Monasticon, pages 117. 299.

*1 Of which 65 are free sittings, under a grant of £30 from the Society for Enlarging Churches.

*2 Not now the case.

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