Hornsea, Yorkshire, England. Geographical and Historical information from 1750.


Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.

"HORNSEA, a parish in the E.R. of Yorkshire, (given as "Hornsey"), 150 cm. 175 mm. from London, is almost surrounded by a small arm of the ocean. The Ch. having a high steeple, is a notable sea-mark, Not very many years ago there was a street here, called Hornsey-Beck, all washed away by the sea, except one or two houses; and they say the same fate happened to Hide, a village on the N. side of the T. Its Mt. is on M. On the S. W. side of it is Hornsey-Meer."

[Transcribed by Mel Lockie © from
Stephen Whatley's England's Gazetteer, 1750]