Hornsea Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for HORNSEA in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

County Councillor for Hornsea Division
  • T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., Elim Lodge.

  • T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., chairman; A. Maw, C. Roxby, J. Heslop, Rev. J. Twamley, H. Hulse, W. F. Sutton, J. P. Loten, C. E. A. Lyon, G. Heslop, J. Sedman, A. R. Loten
  • Clerk - T. Hornsey, junr.
  • Treasurer - R. Stratten
  • Medical Officer of Health - E. C. Thompson
  • Surveyor, Inspector, and Collector - P. Gaskell
  • Waterworks Engineer - J. E. Holme
  • Cemetery Keeper - Lewis Landermore The Board meets on the first Monday in each month at the board room, Southgate, at 7-3Op.m. The Burial and Sanitary Committee and Waterworks Committee meet on the Thursday, and the Highway Committee on the Friday previous to Board day. The Lighting Committee meet occasionally when required

  • J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., C. B. A. Lyon, W. Dyson, and H. Hulse
  • Hon. Clerk - J. B. Ridges
  • Attendance Officer - A. H. Scholefield

  • W. Bethell, Esq., J.P., chairman; H. S. Constable, Esq., J.P., J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., Rev. E. L. H. Tew, Rev. J. Twamley, F. Hodson, G. Heslop, H. T. Bateson, & C. Roxby, treas.

  • 1st E. R. of Y. Artillery Volunteers, W.D.,R.A. (No. 3 Battery), Drill Hall - W. Fowler Sutton, captain; Rev. T. W. Kelly,acting-chaplain; Sergt.-major E. C. Hill, instructor
  • Coast Guard Station - W. Buttimer, chief officer; Edward Corrick, William Foster, Geo. McKinley, and Charles Palmer, boatmen
  • Conservative Club, Public Rooms
  • Cycling Club - Charles Whiting, sec; Richard Webb, captain
  • Hornsea & District Liberal Club, Back Southgate - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., president; Rd. Webb, secretary
  • Hornsea Gas Light and Coke Co., Ltd. - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; Thos. Hornsey, junr., secretary; Thomas Cope, manager
  • Hornsea Nurses' Home - Mrs. Frances Anningson, matron
  • Hornsea Pier Co., Ltd. - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; W. J. Sawden, secretary Richard Thorpe, caretaker
  • Hornsea Polling District Conservative Association - Capt. Constable, J.P., president; J. P. Loten, secretary
  • Hornsea Town Cricket Club - Thomas Parker, secretary; Richard Jordon, captain
  • Masonic Hall (Alexandra Lodge, No. 1,511) - Bro. George Spink, secretary. Meet on the third Wednesday in each month
  • Old Hall Cricket Club - Wm. Field, secretary; John Heslop, captain
  • Police Station - G. Tripp, sergeant; Francis Ellerington, constable
  • Promenade Improvement Committee - F. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., chairman; C. E. A. Lyon, hon. treas.; A. R. Loten, hon. sec.
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Rev. E. L. H. Tew, hon. sec.; Edwd. While, coxswain
  • Shipwrecked Mariners' Association - W. Buttimer, hon. agent
  • Victoria Convalescent Home - F. Hodgson, hon surgeon; Miss H. Goodall, sister-in-charge
  • Volunteer Life Saving Brigade - Wm. Johnson, captain

  • Assessors & Collectors of Income Tax - J. Barr and C. Roxby
  • Collector of Poor Rates - J. Barr
  • Churchwardens - J. Heslop, C. B. A. Lyon, A. Maw, and C. Roxby
  • Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator - Fredk. Hodson, Newbegin
  • Parish Clerk - H. L. Miskin
  • Poor Law Guardian - G. Heslop
  • Overseers - H. Barr and J. Warcup
  • Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - J. Barr; deputy, R. K. Barr
  • Steward of Manor Court - H. W. Bainton; bailiff, G. Heslop
  • Town Crier - Aaron Usher

  • United Ancient Order of Druids (VictoriaPerseverance Lodge, Hull District, No. 475) - T. B. Anderson, secretary; held monthly at Victoria Hotel (Estab. 1862. 233 members)
  • United Order of British Workmen (Fruitful Vine Lodge) - George Randall, secretary; held monthly at Victoria Hotel (Established 1873. 27 members

  • Parish Church (St. Nicholas) - Rev. E. L. H. Tew, M.A., vicar; 10-30 am, and 6-30 p.m. Holy Communion on first and third Sunday in each month, after Morning Prayers; other Sundays at 8 a.m. Litany, Holy Baptism, and Catechism on the first Sunday in the month at 3 p.m.; Litany on third Sunday at 4p.m. Holy days - communion at 8a.m. Morning Prayer at 11 am. Wednesday and Friday - Litany at 12-5 p.m. Daily - Morning Prayer, at S a.m.; Evening Prayer, 5-30 p.m. in winter, 4-30 p.m. in Summer. Saints' Days - 7-30 p.m.
  • Congregational - 10-30 am., 6-30 p.m.;Thursday, 7-30 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist - Revs. F. G. Wallis and J. W. Everingham; 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Thursday, 7-30 p.m.; Monday, Prayer Meeting, at 7-30 p.m.; Saturday, Band Meeting, at 7-30 p.m.
  • Wesleyan - Revs. W. G. Hall and R. Garbett; 10-30 am, and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7-30 p.m.; Friday, Prayer Meeting, 7-30 p.m.

  • Bus - Barker's, to Beverley, from Victoria Hotel, on Saturday, at 7 a.m.
  • Railway Stations - Terminal, and Hornsea Bridge. W. Train, stationmaster

  • To Hull, R. Carr and B. Banks, Tuesday and Friday, at 6 am. To Beeford, G. Shawcross, on Tuesday
  • Post Office, Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance, Express Delivery, and Inland Revenue License Office. Mrs. Paulina Alman, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive via Hull, daily, at 7-5 am, and 3-5 p.m., week-days; deliveries at 7-30 a.m., and 3-10 p.m. The Letter Box is cleared for despatch at 10-25 a.m., 5-5 p.m., and 7-5 p.m. (winter, 6-25 p.m.) Sundays at 5-5 p.m.

    Letter Boxes, New Road, cleared at 10-15 am., 4-0 p.m., and 6-40 p.m. (winter 6-0 p.m); Sundays, 4-50 p.m. Cliff Lane, 7-50 a.m., 3-45 p.m., and 6-30 p.m. (winter 5-30 p.m.); Sundays, 4-35 p.m. Terminal Station, 10-45 a.m., 4-0 p.m., and 7-20 p.m. (winter 6-40 p.m.) - weekdays only.

    The office is open daily for ordinary business from 7-0 a.m. till 8-0 p.m. Money Order and Savings Bank husiness, 9-0 a.m. till 6-0 p.m.; Saturdays till 8-0 p.m. Telegraph business, 8-0 am, till 8-0 p.m. Postal Orders issued from 7-0 a.m. till 8-0 p.m., and paid from 9-0 a.m., to 8-0 p.m. On Sundays, for the sale of stamps, delivery of letters to callers, and telegraph business, 8-0 am, until 10 a.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Adamson Mr. James J., Eastgate
  • Alman Frank, shop manager, Southgate
  • Anderson Mr. Wm. Andrew, 4 Alexandra ter.
  • Atkinson Miss Mary, Mount cottage
  • Barr John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; collector of poor rates, and assessor & collector of income tax, Eastgate
  • Bass Mr. Henry Charles, Stanley lodge
  • Beall Mrs. Harriet, Eastgate
  • Beckett Mr. Robert James, 1 Gothic terrace
  • Bettison Mrs. Rebecca, 3 Grosvenor terrace
  • Bolton Mr. Edward, 5 Flambro' terrace
  • Booth Mr. John Medley, 3 South terrace
  • Brandham Mrs. Phillis, 2 Swiss terrace
  • Brown George, shepherd, Weather hill
  • Bull Mr, Thomas, Southgate
  • Buttimer William, chief officer, Coast Guard station
  • Byass Mrs. Elizabeth, Newbegin
  • Byass Mrs. Rebecca, Newbegin
  • Campbell Mr. William, Cliff lane
  • Carr Henry, saddler & harness maker, Market place; h Preston
  • Cattley Mrs. Anne Mary, Marine villa
  • Cherry John, manager, Hydraulic Engineering and Brick and Tile Works, Hornsea Bridge; J. A. Wade, proprietor
  • Chew Miss Maria Louisa, 2 Wilton terrace
  • Cope Thomas, manager, Hornsea Gas works
  • Craven Miss Mary Anne, Westgate
  • Cubby Rev. Wm., 5 Marine terrace; h Swine
  • Dabb Mr. William, Gascoigne villa
  • Darwin Mr. John, Newbegin
  • Dawson Mrs. Anne Rebecca, 3 Swiss terrace
  • Dawson Mr. Richard, 6 Suffolk terrace
  • Denniss, Mr. Henry, Cedar lodge
  • Dimbleby Mrs. Louisa, 9 Wilton terrace
  • Dossor Mr. William Clark, Eastbourne house
  • Durham Mrs. Elizabeth, Atwick road
  • Dyson Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Grosvenor terrace
  • Dyson Mr. William Henry, Eastgate
  • Dyson Mr. William, Oriel house
  • Everingham Rev, Joseph Wm. (Prim. Meth.), The Elms
  • Field Mrs. Mary, Albany house
  • Field Mr. William Porter, Middleton lodge
  • Forster Mr. Charles Edward, Ivy lodge
  • Foster Mr. Heaton, The Pillars
  • Foster Mrs. Mary Jane, 2 Eastbourne terrace
  • Freeman Mr. John, 2 Rise terrace
  • Fullam Mrs. Ellen, Westgate
  • Ganderton Mr. Arthur B., The Gowans
  • Garbett Rev. Richard (Wes.), 4 Cliff villas
  • Garton James, shopkeeper, Market place
  • Gaskell Peter, architect and surveyor, inspector and collector to Local Board, 3 Wilton ter
  • Gibbs Mr. John, 9 Headland view
  • Gibson Mr. Harold H., 14 Grosvenor terrace
  • Gibson Mr. William, The Leylands
  • Goodall Miss Halty, sister-in-charge, Victoria Convalescent Home
  • Grantham John, machinist, Newbegin
  • Greenfield Misses Charlotte and Juliana, 1 Carlton terrace
  • Gregson Mr. Joseph, 3 Flamborough terrace
  • Gregson Mr. Thomas, Flamborough house
  • Hall Rev. Walter G. (Wes.), 13 Grosvenor ter
  • Haller Mr. George Raisbeck, 2 Carlton terrace
  • Harman Robert, farm foreman, Mere side
  • Harman William, cottager, Souttergate
  • Hayes Charles Weldon, vict.'s manager, Tower cottage, Newbegin
  • Heaton Mr. George, Mere side
  • Hewerdine Ernest Gilbert (George Jeff & Co.), wine and spirit merchant; h Spring lawn
  • Hill Sergeant-Major Edward Chas., instructor to No. 3 Battery, 1st E.R. of Y.A.V., W.D., R.A., Drill hall
  • Hirchfield Mr. Max, Emlyn lodge
  • Holme John Ed., engineer, Waterworks
  • Holmes Thomas Barton, Esq., J.P., county councillor for Hornsea Division, E.R., and chairman, Hornsea Local Board, Elim lodge
  • Hornsey Richard, farm manager, 5 Bank ter
  • Hudson Mr. Michael Charles and Miss Lucy Jane, Terrace house
  • Inchbald Mr. Peter, 5 Grosvenor terrace
  • Jackson & Son, proprietors, Lansdowne Gas works; h Hull
  • Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth S., 3 Alexandra terrace
  • Jackson Mr. Walter, Newbegin
  • Jeff George & Co., wine and spirit merchants and ale and porter bottlers, Imperial stores; and at Hull
  • Keeling Miss Maria, 6 Cliff villas
  • Keyworth Mr. William Day, 2 Marine terrace
  • Kidd Mr. Samuel George, 7 Suffolk terrace
  • Kirby Mrs. Mary, 1 Suffolk terrace
  • Kirkus Mr. Henry Smith, 1 Wilton terrace
  • Kitchen Joseph, railway porter, 1 Eastbourne terrace
  • Knowles Mr. MacGregor, Fairfield
  • Lamb William John, timber and oil merchant, 15 Grosvenor terrace
  • Laverack Mr. Herbert, Mountain villa
  • Liggins Mr. Thomas, 10 Wilton terrace
  • Loft Mrs. Fanny, 3 Grosvenor terrace
  • Loftus Mr, Thomas, Newbegin
  • Lonsdale Mr. John Henry, 1 Cliff terrace
  • Lotherington Mr. John, Mere cottage
  • Lyon Mr. Charles Edward Augustus, The Lair
  • Maw Mr. Alfred, Grosvenor lodge
  • Maycock Mr. Joseph, 4 Eastbourne terrace
  • Montgomery Mr. John, 2 Pembroke villas
  • Mundell Mr. Benjamin, Mere Side cottage
  • Musgrave Mrs. Sarah Louisa, 2 Gothic terrace
  • Myas Miss Jane, Westgate
  • Nattriss John, insurance agent, and farmer at Marten, Stanley villa
  • Naylor Isaac, evnglst. (Prim. Meth.) Island view
  • Nichol Mrs. Mary, 6 Swiss terrace
  • Nicholson Mrs. Emily Elizabeth, Summercourt
  • Nightingale Mr. Joseph, 6 Grosvenor terrace
  • Parker William, corn miller (wind) and baker, Hornsea mill
  • Payne Mr. James George, Ventnor house
  • Pearce Parfitt, foreman porter, Bridge station
  • Pearson Mrs. Ann, 10 Grosvenor terrace
  • Pickering Mr. Christopher, Holme lea
  • Pickernell Mrs. Annie Maria, Southgate
  • Redfearn Mr. George, 6 Wilton terrace
  • Redman Mr. William, 3 Suffolk terrace
  • Ringrose-Ion Mr. John Watling and Mrs., Southgate, and Hillstead, Torquay
  • Robinson Mr. Jonathan 2 South terrace
  • Robinson William, saddler's manager, Southgate
  • Sanderson Mr. John A. B., 4 Cliff terrace
  • Saunders Mrs. Eliza, Eastgate
  • Schultetus Mr. Wilhelm A. C., 1 Alexandra ter.
  • Sedman Mr. John, 1 Lynton villas
  • Shaw Mr. Charles, Tower house, Newbegin
  • Sherwood Mrs. Jane, Newbegin
  • Shooter Wilfred Lionel, gravel and stone merchant, The Lindens, Railway street
  • Simpson Mr. James, 1 Marine terrace
  • Smith Mr. Thomas James, 7 Wilton terrace
  • Smith W. H. & Son, bookstail, Terminal station
  • Sollitt Mr. William G., 3 Carlton terrace
  • Stone Mrs. Charlotte A., Sunbeam house
  • Straker Mrs. Rachel, Mere walk
  • Sutton Mr. William Fowler, Brampton house
  • Tew Rev. Edmund Lawrence Hemstead, M.A., The Vicarage
  • Thirsk Mr. Thomas, Lansdowne cottage
  • Thirsk Mr. William, 5 Swiss terrace
  • Thomas Mrs., Cedar cottages
  • Toobe Mr. Heinrich Louis Benno, 2 Alexandra terrace
  • Toogood Mr. James, 3 Eastbourne terrace
  • Train William, stationmaster, coal and goods agent, and refreshment room (temperance), Terminal station
  • Tripp George, sergeant, Police station
  • Twamley Rev. James, M.A., rector of Goxhill, Southfield
  • Usher Joseph Thirsk, gravel merchant, Back Westgate
  • Wade Joseph Armytage, Esq., J.P. for Hull, Hornsea house
  • Walker Francis, mngr., Lansdowne Gas works
  • Walker Mr. Henry Joseph, Glenholme
  • Walker William Edward, hairdresser, toy dealer, and tobacconist, Southgate
  • Wallis Rev. Fredk. Geo.(Prim. Meth.), Westgate
  • Warcup Mrs. Hannah, Westgate
  • Warcup Mr. Isaac, Westgate
  • Warner Miss Jane, Mere side
  • Warwick Mrs. Annie V., Newbegin
  • Watson Miss Hannah, 1 South terrace
  • Webb Mr. Richard Edwin, 5 Suffolk terrace
  • Wells Charles Frederick (B. L. Wells & Son), auctioneer, 2 Suffolk terrace; and at Hull
  • Wells Mr. Charles, Westgate house
  • Wheldale Robert, manager, Imperial stores
  • Whipp Mr. Albert, Stanley villas
  • Whipp Mrs. Penelope, Cedar cottages
  • Whiteside Mr. Walter Charles, Wortley house
  • Whiting Mrs. Isabella, Westgate
  • Whiting Mr. William, Newbegin
  • Wilburn Mr. Harry, 4 Headland view
  • Wood Mrs. Ada P., 6 Flamborough terrace
  • Wright Mr. John, 4 Wilton terrace


Academies & Schools.
  • Bellerby Mrs. Sarah Ann (dame), Southgate
  • Hall Miss Emily K. (day), Public rooms
  • Holly Lodge (boys' classical & commercial - day & boarding); Henry Elsom (Lond. Univ.), principal; F. Bradford, assistant master
  • Leyland's (boys' day & boarding); John B. Ridges, M.A., principal; A. H. Scholefield, B.A., assistant master
  • National (mixed); IsaacGilman, master; Misses L. B. Crowe and E. E. Stephenson, assistants ; Infant - Miss Sarah Beau, mistress
  • Russell Mrs. Ombler (dame), Market place
  • Skinner Miss Mary (girls' day and boarding), Grosvenor house
  • Stone Miss Letitia R. (day - music, &c.), Sunbeam house

Bakers & Confectioners
  • Hall Allan (and refreshment rooms), Guild hs., Newbegin
  • Hobson Mrs. Edith, Southgate
  • Lott John, Newbegin
  • Norman John (and gravel merchant), Southgate

  • Hornsea Penny Savings (open Saturdays, 7 to 8 p.m., winter, 3 to 4 p.m.), Public rooms
  • Post Office Savings
  • York City & County Banking Co. Ltd. (sub-branch) (open Monday's, 12 to 3 p.m.) (draw on Lloyd's, Ltd.), Market place

  • Salmond Wilfred, Market place
  • Smith David, Market place
  • Stephenson Robert, Southgate

  • Akester Jos. Ainley, Newbegin
  • Holmes Jas. T., Hornsea mere - (See Advt.)

Boot & Shoe Makers.
  • Arksey Thos. John, Bk. Southgate
  • Barton William, Southgate
  • Burnett Saml., the family boot warehouse, Newbegin - (See Advt.)
  • Garton Thomas, Southgate
  • Garton William, Newbegin
  • Howlett James, Market place
  • Lonsdale John, Market place
  • Robinson Wm. (& newsagent), Southgate
  • Scott Chas. (& letter carrier), Newbegin

Builders (Bricklayers).
  • Bennett George, Newbegin
  • Denton John (stone mason), Westgate
  • Grantham Henry, Southgate
  • Huise (Henry) & Stephenson (Wm. Bennett), 1 Rise ter

Builders (Joiners.)
  • Allman George, 3 Marine ter
  • Barr Henry & Wm. Kemplay, Eastgate
  • Beall Robert Bell, Westgate
  • Foley Thomas, Mere side
  • Pickering Robert, Southgate

  • Bulson John (and farmer),
  • Burn Joseph Hume (and gravel merchant), Newbegin
  • Clark Thos. Wharf (and cattle dealer), Market place
  • Smith Thomas, Market place
  • Stephenson George, junior, Southgate

Cab Proprietors.
  • Barker Robert, Westgate
  • Dukes William, Newbegin
  • Hall (Thomas) & Son (Robert), Southgate
  • Langley Frederick, Southgate

  • Banks Edward, Mere walk
  • Carr Miss Rose, Eastgate
  • N.E. Railway Co. (general), W. Train, agent


(Marked * is also dentist.)
  • Heslop John, Market place
  • Loten Bros. (Arthur Richard and * Thos.) (and grocers), Grosvenor view & Market pl

Chimney Sweepers.
  • Johnson Chas., 9 Ocean ter
  • Outram James Frederick,Back Westgate

Coal Dealers.
  • Coulson William, Southgate
  • Langley Frederick, Southgate
  • N.E. Railway Co. - W. Train, agent
  • Train Geo. Ed., (and lime and gravel agent), Southgate

Corn & Flour Dealers.
  • Hall & Son, Southgate
  • Hobson John, Southgate
  • Huntsman Seth (and carter) Back Westgate

  • Bingham Joshua, Hornsea Burton
  • Hansom Benj., Seaton road
  • Harker John C. (and livery stbls.), White hs., Southgate
  • Robinson Thomas, Lelley lane

Drapers (Linen and Woollen).
  • Drinkrow Robert Stephenson (& milliner & gentlemen's mercer), Market place and Newbegin
  • Fisher Richard Gibson (and general outfitter and agent for P. & P. Campbell's Dye works, Perth), Market place
  • Foster Walter, (baby linen) Newbegin; h Hull
  • Johnson William (and tailor), Southgate
  • Laking Cook (and stationer and bookseller), Newbegin
  • Pearson William R. (and millinery, fancy goods and carpet warehs.), Newbegin

  • Anthony Miss Jane, Newbegin
  • Atkinson Miss Frances J., Southgate
  • Carr Mrs. Lucy, Newbegin
  • Drinkrow H. S., Market place
  • Dunn Miss Emma, Newbegin
  • Garton Mrs. Annie, Southgate
  • Granger Miss Lucy, Southgate
  • Grantham Miss Christiana Newbegin
  • Leeson Miss Eliz., Southgate
  • Peers Miss Amelia S.,Southg'te
  • Pickering Mrs. Lucy, Southgate
  • Stones Arthur (and fancy goods dlr. & photogphr.), Southgate

  • Ake Henry, Southorpe grange
  • Bateson Harry Taylor, Old hall
  • Bell Robert; h Atwick
  • Bulson John, Southgate
  • Feaster Frederick Dennison, Brockholme
  • Grainger Jos. John (at Seaton), Newbegin
  • Harrison Mrs. Emma,Southgate
  • Heslop Geo., Southorpe farm
  • Holmes Jas., Bewholme lane
  • Hornsey Mrs. Ann, Trinity House farm (& Beverley & Pexton farms), Hornsea Burton
  • Hornsey Thos. jnnr. (and clerk to Local Board and sec. to Hornsea Gaslight and Coke Co., Ltd.), Hornsea Burton
  • Jackson Charles, Northfield
  • Johnson Robt. (and foreman), Southorpe
  • Land Jonathan (and carter and gravel mercht.), Atwick lane
  • Newton Ed. Mason, Bewholme lane
  • Norman George, Eastfleld
  • Sissons Francis, Northorpe
  • Smith James (bailiff to J. A. Wade, Esq.), Eastgate
  • Walker John (and bathing machine owner and gravel merchant), Swiss terrace
  • Whiting Geo., Hornsea Burton

  • (Owners or part owners of boats.)
  • Bacchus Wm., Hornsea Burton
  • Davison Rt. (and shopkeeper), Newbegin
  • Davison Seaman, Newbegin
  • Day Francis, Westgate
  • Hanwell John E., Southgate
  • Jarratt Thomas Hodgson (and shopkeeper), Market place
  • Naylor George, Southgate
  • Norman Joseph, Hillerby ln
  • Simpson Anthony, Southgate
  • Usher George William, Back Southgate
  • Usher George, Newbegin
  • White Edward, Southgate

  • Barker Samuel, Southgate
  • Chapman Richard, Southgate
  • Russell (Wm.) & Flavell(Chas.) (& mrkt. gardeners and florists, nurserymen and seedsmen), Newbegin

Grocers, Tea, and Provision Merchants.
  • Carter Frederick (and ærated water manufactr.), Central stores, Market place
  • Gooderson John (and ale and porter mercht.), Southgate
  • Henderson Mrs. Annie Eliz. (& stationer & newsagent), Market place
  • Leak Miss Hanh. (and baker), Market place
  • Parker Wm. (and baker and cnfctnr.), Hornsea & District Supply stores, Market place
  • Robinson James Bethel (and confectioner, tobacconist, & newsagent), Newbegin house
  • Stephenson Geo., senr.,Southgate

Hotels and Inns.
  • Marine Hotel; Porter Henry Usher,(& gravel merchant)
  • Mere Hotel (family and commercial); John Emerson, proprietor; h Hedon; Miss Annie Windass, manageress
  • New Hotel (family & commercial); Miss Jane Scott
  • Rose and Crown Hotel; Chris. Stephenson.
  • Victoria Hotel; Thos. Fowler

Insurance Agents.
  • Clerical, Medical, and General (Life); J. R. Henson, 4 Carlton terrace
  • Eastern Counties (Fire); T. B. Anderson, Southgate
  • North British and Mercantile (Fire and Life); J. Heslop, Market place
  • Norwich and London (Accdt.); J. Heslop, Market place
  • Pearl (Life) ; W. Barton, Southgate
  • Prudential (Life); C. Scott, Newbigin; T.B. Anderson, Southgate
  • Railway Passengers (Accidnt.); J. R. Henson, 4 Carlton ter
  • Royal Exchange (Fire & Life); C. F. Wells, 2 Suffolk ter
  • Sun (Fire) ; J. Nattriss, Stanley villa
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); J. Barr, Eastgate

Ironmongers and Tinners. (* = Tinner only.)
  • Alman John (Mrs. Paulina), Post office
  • *Hanwell John, Southgate
  • Miskin Horace L. (and parish clerk), Newbegin
  • Smith David, Market place

  • Hall Mrs. Betsy, Hillerby ln
  • Keith Mrs. Mary
  • Tiplady Mrs. Michael, Newbegin
  • Walker Mrs. Elizabeth Baron, Southgate

Lodgings and Apartments.
  • Allman George, 3 Marine ter
  • Anthony Miss Jane, Newbegin
  • Anthony John, Eastgate
  • Bassingdale Wm., Mere side
  • Bennett Miss Annie, 11 Grosvenor terrace
  • Bulson David, Sea view
  • Burnett Samuel, Newbegin
  • Coulson James, 2 Cliff villas
  • Dorsey Mrs. Ann, Hendon villa
  • Dukes William, Newbegin
  • Dunn Miss Emma, Newbegin
  • Dunn George, 5 and 6 Headland view
  • Duxbury Wm., Lake cottage
  • Evison Mrs. Ann, Sea view
  • Foster Ralph, 1 Headland view
  • Goodacre Wm. (and gardener), 8 Headland view
  • Granger Mrs. Jane, Southgate
  • Hall Edwd. Wilson (& carting agent to N. E. Ry. Co.), Myrtle villa
  • Hall William, Eastgate
  • Harker John Clappison, White house, Southgate
  • Harker William, Block house
  • Harrison Mrs. Eliz., Newbegin
  • Henderson John A., Lake view
  • Hill Rd. Wilson (& gardener), 1 Oxford villas
  • Hodgkinson Jas. (and refreshment rooms), Southgate
  • Hydes Jph., Lynton cottages
  • Jackson Mrs. Sarah Ann, Newbegin
  • Kelsey Miss Emily, 5 Wilton ter
  • Kelsey Mrs. Sarah, 8 Wilton ter
  • Kitchen Mrs. Eliz., 1 Eastbourne terrace
  • Loten J. P., Grosvenor view
  • Matthewson Miss Margaret, 4 Flamborough terrace
  • Moore Mrs. Hannah, 4 Marine terrace
  • Morton Rt., 7 Headland view
  • Moss Edwd. (& livery stables), Eastgate
  • Nicholson Miss Mary, 2 Cliff terrace
  • North Thomas, Newbegin
  • Ogram George, Newbegin
  • Peers George Henry, 3 Headland view
  • Peers Wm. (and carter and gravel mrcht.), Marine hs
  • Pickering Mrs. Lucy, Southgate
  • Pool Miss Mary, Newbegin
  • Ranson Miss Mary Ann, 2 Headland view
  • Robinson William, Southgate
  • Rothwell Arthur (and grocer's manager), 3 Grosvenor view
  • Roxby Chas., 9 Grosvenor ter
  • Russell Mrs. Alice, Southgate
  • Russell Mrs. Mary, Southgate
  • Salmond Thomas, 5 Cliff ter
  • Salmond Wm., Market place
  • Scott Charles, Newbigin
  • Stainsby Chas., 2 Oxford villas
  • Tiplady Michael, Newbegin
  • Westerdale Mrs. Eliz., Newbegin
  • Witty John, The Elms
  • Woodhouse Mrs. Frances, Sea view
  • Wray Edward (and railway porter), Navy cottage

Painters & Plumbers.
  • Barr Rt. Kemplay, Market pl
  • Loten John Page & Sons (John H. & Charles W.) (and refreshment rooms), 1 Grosvenor view, and at Skirlaugh
  • Loten Robert Page, Newbegin

  • Peers John B., Southgate
  • Peers John N., Back Southgate

Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths.
  • Henson John Rossell, M.A., LL.M. (Camb.) (and agent to Life, Fire, and Accident Assurance Companies), 4 Carlton terrace, and at Hull
  • Pearce Thomas, 5 Cliff villas, and at Hull
  • Redfearn Thomas Butler, 4 Grosvenor ter, and at Hull

  • Hodson Frederic, Newbegin
  • Thompson Edward Charles, Newbegin

Watch and Clock Makers.
  • Anderson Thomas Barker (and tobacconist), Southgate
  • Jackson Aaron, Market place

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