Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HORNSEA in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.


County Councillor for Hornsea Division

  • T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., Elim Lodge.


  • T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., chairman; A. Maw, C. Roxby, J. Heslop, Rev. J. Twamley, H. Hulse, W. F. Sutton, J. P. Loten, C. E. A. Lyon, G. Heslop, J. Sedman, A. R. Loten
  • Clerk - T. Hornsey, junr.
  • Treasurer - R. Stratten
  • Medical Officer of Health - E. C. Thompson
  • Surveyor, Inspector, and Collector - P. Gaskell
  • Waterworks Engineer - J. E. Holme
  • Cemetery Keeper - Lewis Landermore The Board meets on the first Monday in each month at the board room, Southgate, at 7-3Op.m. The Burial and Sanitary Committee and Waterworks Committee meet on the Thursday, and the Highway Committee on the Friday previous to Board day. The Lighting Committee meet occasionally when required


  • J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; T. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., C. B. A. Lyon, W. Dyson, and H. Hulse
  • Hon. Clerk - J. B. Ridges
  • Attendance Officer - A. H. Scholefield


  • W. Bethell, Esq., J.P., chairman; H. S. Constable, Esq., J.P., J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., Rev. E. L. H. Tew, Rev. J. Twamley, F. Hodson, G. Heslop, H. T. Bateson, & C. Roxby, treas.


  • 1st E. R. of Y. Artillery Volunteers, W.D.,R.A. (No. 3 Battery), Drill Hall - W. Fowler Sutton, captain; Rev. T. W. Kelly,acting-chaplain; Sergt.-major E. C. Hill, instructor
  • Coast Guard Station - W. Buttimer, chief officer; Edward Corrick, William Foster, Geo. McKinley, and Charles Palmer, boatmen
  • Conservative Club, Public Rooms
  • Cycling Club - Charles Whiting, sec; Richard Webb, captain
  • Hornsea & District Liberal Club, Back Southgate - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., president; Rd. Webb, secretary
  • Hornsea Gas Light and Coke Co., Ltd. - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; Thos. Hornsey, junr., secretary; Thomas Cope, manager
  • Hornsea Nurses' Home - Mrs. Frances Anningson, matron
  • Hornsea Pier Co., Ltd. - J. A. Wade, Esq., J.P., chairman; W. J. Sawden, secretary Richard Thorpe, caretaker
  • Hornsea Polling District Conservative Association - Capt. Constable, J.P., president; J. P. Loten, secretary
  • Hornsea Town Cricket Club - Thomas Parker, secretary; Richard Jordon, captain
  • Masonic Hall (Alexandra Lodge, No. 1,511) - Bro. George Spink, secretary. Meet on the third Wednesday in each month
  • Old Hall Cricket Club - Wm. Field, secretary; John Heslop, captain
  • Police Station - G. Tripp, sergeant; Francis Ellerington, constable
  • Promenade Improvement Committee - F. B. Holmes, Esq., J.P., chairman; C. E. A. Lyon, hon. treas.; A. R. Loten, hon. sec.
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Rev. E. L. H. Tew, hon. sec.; Edwd. While, coxswain
  • Shipwrecked Mariners' Association - W. Buttimer, hon. agent
  • Victoria Convalescent Home - F. Hodgson, hon surgeon; Miss H. Goodall, sister-in-charge
  • Volunteer Life Saving Brigade - Wm. Johnson, captain


  • Assessors & Collectors of Income Tax - J. Barr and C. Roxby
  • Collector of Poor Rates - J. Barr
  • Churchwardens - J. Heslop, C. B. A. Lyon, A. Maw, and C. Roxby
  • Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator - Fredk. Hodson, Newbegin
  • Parish Clerk - H. L. Miskin
  • Poor Law Guardian - G. Heslop
  • Overseers - H. Barr and J. Warcup
  • Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - J. Barr; deputy, R. K. Barr
  • Steward of Manor Court - H. W. Bainton; bailiff, G. Heslop
  • Town Crier - Aaron Usher


  • United Ancient Order of Druids (VictoriaPerseverance Lodge, Hull District, No. 475) - T. B. Anderson, secretary; held monthly at Victoria Hotel (Estab. 1862. 233 members)
  • United Order of British Workmen (Fruitful Vine Lodge) - George Randall, secretary; held monthly at Victoria Hotel (Established 1873. 27 members


  • Parish Church (St. Nicholas) - Rev. E. L. H. Tew, M.A., vicar; 10-30 am, and 6-30 p.m. Holy Communion on first and third Sunday in each month, after Morning Prayers; other Sundays at 8 a.m. Litany, Holy Baptism, and Catechism on the first Sunday in the month at 3 p.m.; Litany on third Sunday at 4p.m. Holy days - communion at 8a.m. Morning Prayer at 11 am. Wednesday and Friday - Litany at 12-5 p.m. Daily - Morning Prayer, at S a.m.; Evening Prayer, 5-30 p.m. in winter, 4-30 p.m. in Summer. Saints' Days - 7-30 p.m.
  • Congregational - 10-30 am., 6-30 p.m.;Thursday, 7-30 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist - Revs. F. G. Wallis and J. W. Everingham; 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Thursday, 7-30 p.m.; Monday, Prayer Meeting, at 7-30 p.m.; Saturday, Band Meeting, at 7-30 p.m.
  • Wesleyan - Revs. W. G. Hall and R. Garbett; 10-30 am, and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7-30 p.m.; Friday, Prayer Meeting, 7-30 p.m.


  • Bus - Barker's, to Beverley, from Victoria Hotel, on Saturday, at 7 a.m.
  • Railway Stations - Terminal, and Hornsea Bridge. W. Train, stationmaster


  • To Hull, R. Carr and B. Banks, Tuesday and Friday, at 6 am. To Beeford, G. Shawcross, on Tuesday


  • Post Office, Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance, Express Delivery, and Inland Revenue License Office. Mrs. Paulina Alman, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive via Hull, daily, at 7-5 am, and 3-5 p.m., week-days; deliveries at 7-30 a.m., and 3-10 p.m. The Letter Box is cleared for despatch at 10-25 a.m., 5-5 p.m., and 7-5 p.m. (winter, 6-25 p.m.) Sundays at 5-5 p.m.

    Letter Boxes, New Road, cleared at 10-15 am., 4-0 p.m., and 6-40 p.m. (winter 6-0 p.m); Sundays, 4-50 p.m. Cliff Lane, 7-50 a.m., 3-45 p.m., and 6-30 p.m. (winter 5-30 p.m.); Sundays, 4-35 p.m. Terminal Station, 10-45 a.m., 4-0 p.m., and 7-20 p.m. (winter 6-40 p.m.) - weekdays only.

    The office is open daily for ordinary business from 7-0 a.m. till 8-0 p.m. Money Order and Savings Bank husiness, 9-0 a.m. till 6-0 p.m.; Saturdays till 8-0 p.m. Telegraph business, 8-0 am, till 8-0 p.m. Postal Orders issued from 7-0 a.m. till 8-0 p.m., and paid from 9-0 a.m., to 8-0 p.m. On Sundays, for the sale of stamps, delivery of letters to callers, and telegraph business, 8-0 am, until 10 a.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adamson Mr. James J., Eastgate
  • Alman Frank, shop manager, Southgate
  • Anderson Mr. Wm. Andrew, 4 Alexandra ter.
  • Atkinson Miss Mary, Mount cottage
  • Barr John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; collector of poor rates, and assessor & collector of income tax, Eastgate
  • Bass Mr. Henry Charles, Stanley lodge
  • Beall Mrs. Harriet, Eastgate
  • Beckett Mr. Robert James, 1 Gothic terrace
  • Bettison Mrs. Rebecca, 3 Grosvenor terrace
  • Bolton Mr. Edward, 5 Flambro' terrace
  • Booth Mr. John Medley, 3 South terrace
  • Brandham Mrs. Phillis, 2 Swiss terrace
  • Brown George, shepherd, Weather hill
  • Bull Mr, Thomas, Southgate
  • Buttimer William, chief officer, Coast Guard station
  • Byass Mrs. Elizabeth, Newbegin
  • Byass Mrs. Rebecca, Newbegin
  • Campbell Mr. William, Cliff lane
  • Carr Henry, saddler & harness maker, Market place; h Preston
  • Cattley Mrs. Anne Mary, Marine villa
  • Cherry John, manager, Hydraulic Engineering and Brick and Tile Works, Hornsea Bridge; J. A. Wade, proprietor
  • Chew Miss Maria Louisa, 2 Wilton terrace
  • Cope Thomas, manager, Hornsea Gas works
  • Craven Miss Mary Anne, Westgate
  • Cubby Rev. Wm., 5 Marine terrace; h Swine
  • Dabb Mr. William, Gascoigne villa
  • Darwin Mr. John, Newbegin
  • Dawson Mrs. Anne Rebecca, 3 Swiss terrace
  • Dawson Mr. Richard, 6 Suffolk terrace
  • Denniss, Mr. Henry, Cedar lodge
  • Dimbleby Mrs. Louisa, 9 Wilton terrace
  • Dossor Mr. William Clark, Eastbourne house
  • Durham Mrs. Elizabeth, Atwick road
  • Dyson Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Grosvenor terrace
  • Dyson Mr. William Henry, Eastgate
  • Dyson Mr. William, Oriel house
  • Everingham Rev, Joseph Wm. (Prim. Meth.), The Elms
  • Field Mrs. Mary, Albany house
  • Field Mr. William Porter, Middleton lodge
  • Forster Mr. Charles Edward, Ivy lodge
  • Foster Mr. Heaton, The Pillars
  • Foster Mrs. Mary Jane, 2 Eastbourne terrace
  • Freeman Mr. John, 2 Rise terrace
  • Fullam Mrs. Ellen, Westgate
  • Ganderton Mr. Arthur B., The Gowans
  • Garbett Rev. Richard (Wes.), 4 Cliff villas
  • Garton James, shopkeeper, Market place
  • Gaskell Peter, architect and surveyor, inspector and collector to Local Board, 3 Wilton ter
  • Gibbs Mr. John, 9 Headland view
  • Gibson Mr. Harold H., 14 Grosvenor terrace
  • Gibson Mr. William, The Leylands
  • Goodall Miss Halty, sister-in-charge, Victoria Convalescent Home
  • Grantham John, machinist, Newbegin
  • Greenfield Misses Charlotte and Juliana, 1 Carlton terrace
  • Gregson Mr. Joseph, 3 Flamborough terrace
  • Gregson Mr. Thomas, Flamborough house
  • Hall Rev. Walter G. (Wes.), 13 Grosvenor ter
  • Haller Mr. George Raisbeck, 2 Carlton terrace
  • Harman Robert, farm foreman, Mere side
  • Harman William, cottager, Souttergate
  • Hayes Charles Weldon, vict.'s manager, Tower cottage, Newbegin
  • Heaton Mr. George, Mere side
  • Hewerdine Ernest Gilbert (George Jeff & Co.), wine and spirit merchant; h Spring lawn
  • Hill Sergeant-Major Edward Chas., instructor to No. 3 Battery, 1st E.R. of Y.A.V., W.D., R.A., Drill hall
  • Hirchfield Mr. Max, Emlyn lodge
  • Holme John Ed., engineer, Waterworks
  • Holmes Thomas Barton, Esq., J.P., county councillor for Hornsea Division, E.R., and chairman, Hornsea Local Board, Elim lodge
  • Hornsey Richard, farm manager, 5 Bank ter
  • Hudson Mr. Michael Charles and Miss Lucy Jane, Terrace house
  • Inchbald Mr. Peter, 5 Grosvenor terrace
  • Jackson & Son, proprietors, Lansdowne Gas works; h Hull
  • Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth S., 3 Alexandra terrace
  • Jackson Mr. Walter, Newbegin
  • Jeff George & Co., wine and spirit merchants and ale and porter bottlers, Imperial stores; and at Hull
  • Keeling Miss Maria, 6 Cliff villas
  • Keyworth Mr. William Day, 2 Marine terrace
  • Kidd Mr. Samuel George, 7 Suffolk terrace
  • Kirby Mrs. Mary, 1 Suffolk terrace
  • Kirkus Mr. Henry Smith, 1 Wilton terrace
  • Kitchen Joseph, railway porter, 1 Eastbourne terrace
  • Knowles Mr. MacGregor, Fairfield
  • Lamb William John, timber and oil merchant, 15 Grosvenor terrace
  • Laverack Mr. Herbert, Mountain villa
  • Liggins Mr. Thomas, 10 Wilton terrace
  • Loft Mrs. Fanny, 3 Grosvenor terrace
  • Loftus Mr, Thomas, Newbegin
  • Lonsdale Mr. John Henry, 1 Cliff terrace
  • Lotherington Mr. John, Mere cottage
  • Lyon Mr. Charles Edward Augustus, The Lair
  • Maw Mr. Alfred, Grosvenor lodge
  • Maycock Mr. Joseph, 4 Eastbourne terrace
  • Montgomery Mr. John, 2 Pembroke villas
  • Mundell Mr. Benjamin, Mere Side cottage
  • Musgrave Mrs. Sarah Louisa, 2 Gothic terrace
  • Myas Miss Jane, Westgate
  • Nattriss John, insurance agent, and farmer at Marten, Stanley villa
  • Naylor Isaac, evnglst. (Prim. Meth.) Island view
  • Nichol Mrs. Mary, 6 Swiss terrace
  • Nicholson Mrs. Emily Elizabeth, Summercourt
  • Nightingale Mr. Joseph, 6 Grosvenor terrace
  • Parker William, corn miller (wind) and baker, Hornsea mill
  • Payne Mr. James George, Ventnor house
  • Pearce Parfitt, foreman porter, Bridge station
  • Pearson Mrs. Ann, 10 Grosvenor terrace
  • Pickering Mr. Christopher, Holme lea
  • Pickernell Mrs. Annie Maria, Southgate
  • Redfearn Mr. George, 6 Wilton terrace
  • Redman Mr. William, 3 Suffolk terrace
  • Ringrose-Ion Mr. John Watling and Mrs., Southgate, and Hillstead, Torquay
  • Robinson Mr. Jonathan 2 South terrace
  • Robinson William, saddler's manager, Southgate
  • Sanderson Mr. John A. B., 4 Cliff terrace
  • Saunders Mrs. Eliza, Eastgate
  • Schultetus Mr. Wilhelm A. C., 1 Alexandra ter.
  • Sedman Mr. John, 1 Lynton villas
  • Shaw Mr. Charles, Tower house, Newbegin
  • Sherwood Mrs. Jane, Newbegin
  • Shooter Wilfred Lionel, gravel and stone merchant, The Lindens, Railway street
  • Simpson Mr. James, 1 Marine terrace
  • Smith Mr. Thomas James, 7 Wilton terrace
  • Smith W. H. & Son, bookstail, Terminal station
  • Sollitt Mr. William G., 3 Carlton terrace
  • Stone Mrs. Charlotte A., Sunbeam house
  • Straker Mrs. Rachel, Mere walk
  • Sutton Mr. William Fowler, Brampton house
  • Tew Rev. Edmund Lawrence Hemstead, M.A., The Vicarage
  • Thirsk Mr. Thomas, Lansdowne cottage
  • Thirsk Mr. William, 5 Swiss terrace
  • Thomas Mrs., Cedar cottages
  • Toobe Mr. Heinrich Louis Benno, 2 Alexandra terrace
  • Toogood Mr. James, 3 Eastbourne terrace
  • Train William, stationmaster, coal and goods agent, and refreshment room (temperance), Terminal station
  • Tripp George, sergeant, Police station
  • Twamley Rev. James, M.A., rector of Goxhill, Southfield
  • Usher Joseph Thirsk, gravel merchant, Back Westgate
  • Wade Joseph Armytage, Esq., J.P. for Hull, Hornsea house
  • Walker Francis, mngr., Lansdowne Gas works
  • Walker Mr. Henry Joseph, Glenholme
  • Walker William Edward, hairdresser, toy dealer, and tobacconist, Southgate
  • Wallis Rev. Fredk. Geo.(Prim. Meth.), Westgate
  • Warcup Mrs. Hannah, Westgate
  • Warcup Mr. Isaac, Westgate
  • Warner Miss Jane, Mere side
  • Warwick Mrs. Annie V., Newbegin
  • Watson Miss Hannah, 1 South terrace
  • Webb Mr. Richard Edwin, 5 Suffolk terrace
  • Wells Charles Frederick (B. L. Wells & Son), auctioneer, 2 Suffolk terrace; and at Hull
  • Wells Mr. Charles, Westgate house
  • Wheldale Robert, manager, Imperial stores
  • Whipp Mr. Albert, Stanley villas
  • Whipp Mrs. Penelope, Cedar cottages
  • Whiteside Mr. Walter Charles, Wortley house
  • Whiting Mrs. Isabella, Westgate
  • Whiting Mr. William, Newbegin
  • Wilburn Mr. Harry, 4 Headland view
  • Wood Mrs. Ada P., 6 Flamborough terrace
  • Wright Mr. John, 4 Wilton terrace


Academies & Schools.

  • Bellerby Mrs. Sarah Ann (dame), Southgate
  • Hall Miss Emily K. (day), Public rooms
  • Holly Lodge (boys' classical & commercial - day & boarding); Henry Elsom (Lond. Univ.), principal; F. Bradford, assistant master
  • Leyland's (boys' day & boarding); John B. Ridges, M.A., principal; A. H. Scholefield, B.A., assistant master
  • National (mixed); IsaacGilman, master; Misses L. B. Crowe and E. E. Stephenson, assistants ; Infant - Miss Sarah Beau, mistress
  • Russell Mrs. Ombler (dame), Market place
  • Skinner Miss Mary (girls' day and boarding), Grosvenor house
  • Stone Miss Letitia R. (day - music, &c.), Sunbeam house

Bakers & Confectioners

  • Hall Allan (and refreshment rooms), Guild hs., Newbegin
  • Hobson Mrs. Edith, Southgate
  • Lott John, Newbegin
  • Norman John (and gravel merchant), Southgate


  • Hornsea Penny Savings (open Saturdays, 7 to 8 p.m., winter, 3 to 4 p.m.), Public rooms
  • Post Office Savings
  • York City & County Banking Co. Ltd. (sub-branch) (open Monday's, 12 to 3 p.m.) (draw on Lloyd's, Ltd.), Market place


  • Salmond Wilfred, Market place
  • Smith David, Market place
  • Stephenson Robert, Southgate


  • Akester Jos. Ainley, Newbegin
  • Holmes Jas. T., Hornsea mere - (See Advt.)

Boot & Shoe Makers.

  • Arksey Thos. John, Bk. Southgate
  • Barton William, Southgate
  • Burnett Saml., the family boot warehouse, Newbegin - (See Advt.)
  • Garton Thomas, Southgate
  • Garton William, Newbegin
  • Howlett James, Market place
  • Lonsdale John, Market place
  • Robinson Wm. (& newsagent), Southgate
  • Scott Chas. (& letter carrier), Newbegin

Builders (Bricklayers).

  • Bennett George, Newbegin
  • Denton John (stone mason), Westgate
  • Grantham Henry, Southgate
  • Huise (Henry) & Stephenson (Wm. Bennett), 1 Rise ter

Builders (Joiners.)

  • Allman George, 3 Marine ter
  • Barr Henry & Wm. Kemplay, Eastgate
  • Beall Robert Bell, Westgate
  • Foley Thomas, Mere side
  • Pickering Robert, Southgate


  • Bulson John (and farmer),
  • Burn Joseph Hume (and gravel merchant), Newbegin
  • Clark Thos. Wharf (and cattle dealer), Market place
  • Smith Thomas, Market place
  • Stephenson George, junior, Southgate

Cab Proprietors.

  • Barker Robert, Westgate
  • Dukes William, Newbegin
  • Hall (Thomas) & Son (Robert), Southgate
  • Langley Frederick, Southgate


  • Banks Edward, Mere walk
  • Carr Miss Rose, Eastgate
  • N.E. Railway Co. (general), W. Train, agent


(Marked * is also dentist.)

  • Heslop John, Market place
  • Loten Bros. (Arthur Richard and * Thos.) (and grocers), Grosvenor view & Market pl

Chimney Sweepers.

  • Johnson Chas., 9 Ocean ter
  • Outram James Frederick,Back Westgate

Coal Dealers.

  • Coulson William, Southgate
  • Langley Frederick, Southgate
  • N.E. Railway Co. - W. Train, agent
  • Train Geo. Ed., (and lime and gravel agent), Southgate

Corn & Flour Dealers.

  • Hall & Son, Southgate
  • Hobson John, Southgate
  • Huntsman Seth (and carter) Back Westgate


  • Bingham Joshua, Hornsea Burton
  • Hansom Benj., Seaton road
  • Harker John C. (and livery stbls.), White hs., Southgate
  • Robinson Thomas, Lelley lane

Drapers (Linen and Woollen).

  • Drinkrow Robert Stephenson (& milliner & gentlemen's mercer), Market place and Newbegin
  • Fisher Richard Gibson (and general outfitter and agent for P. & P. Campbell's Dye works, Perth), Market place
  • Foster Walter, (baby linen) Newbegin; h Hull
  • Johnson William (and tailor), Southgate
  • Laking Cook (and stationer and bookseller), Newbegin
  • Pearson William R. (and millinery, fancy goods and carpet warehs.), Newbegin


  • Anthony Miss Jane, Newbegin
  • Atkinson Miss Frances J., Southgate
  • Carr Mrs. Lucy, Newbegin
  • Drinkrow H. S., Market place
  • Dunn Miss Emma, Newbegin
  • Garton Mrs. Annie, Southgate
  • Granger Miss Lucy, Southgate
  • Grantham Miss Christiana Newbegin
  • Leeson Miss Eliz., Southgate
  • Peers Miss Amelia S.,Southg'te
  • Pickering Mrs. Lucy, Southgate
  • Stones Arthur (and fancy goods dlr. & photogphr.), Southgate


  • Ake Henry, Southorpe grange
  • Bateson Harry Taylor, Old hall
  • Bell Robert; h Atwick
  • Bulson John, Southgate
  • Feaster Frederick Dennison, Brockholme
  • Grainger Jos. John (at Seaton), Newbegin
  • Harrison Mrs. Emma,Southgate
  • Heslop Geo., Southorpe farm
  • Holmes Jas., Bewholme lane
  • Hornsey Mrs. Ann, Trinity House farm (& Beverley & Pexton farms), Hornsea Burton
  • Hornsey Thos. jnnr. (and clerk to Local Board and sec. to Hornsea Gaslight and Coke Co., Ltd.), Hornsea Burton
  • Jackson Charles, Northfield
  • Johnson Robt. (and foreman), Southorpe
  • Land Jonathan (and carter and gravel mercht.), Atwick lane
  • Newton Ed. Mason, Bewholme lane
  • Norman George, Eastfleld
  • Sissons Francis, Northorpe
  • Smith James (bailiff to J. A. Wade, Esq.), Eastgate
  • Walker John (and bathing machine owner and gravel merchant), Swiss terrace
  • Whiting Geo., Hornsea Burton


  • (Owners or part owners of boats.)
  • Bacchus Wm., Hornsea Burton
  • Davison Rt. (and shopkeeper), Newbegin
  • Davison Seaman, Newbegin
  • Day Francis, Westgate
  • Hanwell John E., Southgate
  • Jarratt Thomas Hodgson (and shopkeeper), Market place
  • Naylor George, Southgate
  • Norman Joseph, Hillerby ln
  • Simpson Anthony, Southgate
  • Usher George William, Back Southgate
  • Usher George, Newbegin
  • White Edward, Southgate


  • Barker Samuel, Southgate
  • Chapman Richard, Southgate
  • Russell (Wm.) & Flavell(Chas.) (& mrkt. gardeners and florists, nurserymen and seedsmen), Newbegin

Grocers, Tea, and Provision Merchants.

  • Carter Frederick (and ærated water manufactr.), Central stores, Market place
  • Gooderson John (and ale and porter mercht.), Southgate
  • Henderson Mrs. Annie Eliz. (& stationer & newsagent), Market place
  • Leak Miss Hanh. (and baker), Market place
  • Parker Wm. (and baker and cnfctnr.), Hornsea & District Supply stores, Market place
  • Robinson James Bethel (and confectioner, tobacconist, & newsagent), Newbegin house
  • Stephenson Geo., senr.,Southgate

Hotels and Inns.

  • Marine Hotel; Porter Henry Usher,(& gravel merchant)
  • Mere Hotel (family and commercial); John Emerson, proprietor; h Hedon; Miss Annie Windass, manageress
  • New Hotel (family & commercial); Miss Jane Scott
  • Rose and Crown Hotel; Chris. Stephenson.
  • Victoria Hotel; Thos. Fowler

Insurance Agents.

  • Clerical, Medical, and General (Life); J. R. Henson, 4 Carlton terrace
  • Eastern Counties (Fire); T. B. Anderson, Southgate
  • North British and Mercantile (Fire and Life); J. Heslop, Market place
  • Norwich and London (Accdt.); J. Heslop, Market place
  • Pearl (Life) ; W. Barton, Southgate
  • Prudential (Life); C. Scott, Newbigin; T.B. Anderson, Southgate
  • Railway Passengers (Accidnt.); J. R. Henson, 4 Carlton ter
  • Royal Exchange (Fire & Life); C. F. Wells, 2 Suffolk ter
  • Sun (Fire) ; J. Nattriss, Stanley villa
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); J. Barr, Eastgate

Ironmongers and Tinners. (* = Tinner only.)

  • Alman John (Mrs. Paulina), Post office
  • *Hanwell John, Southgate
  • Miskin Horace L. (and parish clerk), Newbegin
  • Smith David, Market place


  • Hall Mrs. Betsy, Hillerby ln
  • Keith Mrs. Mary
  • Tiplady Mrs. Michael, Newbegin
  • Walker Mrs. Elizabeth Baron, Southgate

Lodgings and Apartments.

  • Allman George, 3 Marine ter
  • Anthony Miss Jane, Newbegin
  • Anthony John, Eastgate
  • Bassingdale Wm., Mere side
  • Bennett Miss Annie, 11 Grosvenor terrace
  • Bulson David, Sea view
  • Burnett Samuel, Newbegin
  • Coulson James, 2 Cliff villas
  • Dorsey Mrs. Ann, Hendon villa
  • Dukes William, Newbegin
  • Dunn Miss Emma, Newbegin
  • Dunn George, 5 and 6 Headland view
  • Duxbury Wm., Lake cottage
  • Evison Mrs. Ann, Sea view
  • Foster Ralph, 1 Headland view
  • Goodacre Wm. (and gardener), 8 Headland view
  • Granger Mrs. Jane, Southgate
  • Hall Edwd. Wilson (& carting agent to N. E. Ry. Co.), Myrtle villa
  • Hall William, Eastgate
  • Harker John Clappison, White house, Southgate
  • Harker William, Block house
  • Harrison Mrs. Eliz., Newbegin
  • Henderson John A., Lake view
  • Hill Rd. Wilson (& gardener), 1 Oxford villas
  • Hodgkinson Jas. (and refreshment rooms), Southgate
  • Hydes Jph., Lynton cottages
  • Jackson Mrs. Sarah Ann, Newbegin
  • Kelsey Miss Emily, 5 Wilton ter
  • Kelsey Mrs. Sarah, 8 Wilton ter
  • Kitchen Mrs. Eliz., 1 Eastbourne terrace
  • Loten J. P., Grosvenor view
  • Matthewson Miss Margaret, 4 Flamborough terrace
  • Moore Mrs. Hannah, 4 Marine terrace
  • Morton Rt., 7 Headland view
  • Moss Edwd. (& livery stables), Eastgate
  • Nicholson Miss Mary, 2 Cliff terrace
  • North Thomas, Newbegin
  • Ogram George, Newbegin
  • Peers George Henry, 3 Headland view
  • Peers Wm. (and carter and gravel mrcht.), Marine hs
  • Pickering Mrs. Lucy, Southgate
  • Pool Miss Mary, Newbegin
  • Ranson Miss Mary Ann, 2 Headland view
  • Robinson William, Southgate
  • Rothwell Arthur (and grocer's manager), 3 Grosvenor view
  • Roxby Chas., 9 Grosvenor ter
  • Russell Mrs. Alice, Southgate
  • Russell Mrs. Mary, Southgate
  • Salmond Thomas, 5 Cliff ter
  • Salmond Wm., Market place
  • Scott Charles, Newbigin
  • Stainsby Chas., 2 Oxford villas
  • Tiplady Michael, Newbegin
  • Westerdale Mrs. Eliz., Newbegin
  • Witty John, The Elms
  • Woodhouse Mrs. Frances, Sea view
  • Wray Edward (and railway porter), Navy cottage

Painters & Plumbers.

  • Barr Rt. Kemplay, Market pl
  • Loten John Page & Sons (John H. & Charles W.) (and refreshment rooms), 1 Grosvenor view, and at Skirlaugh
  • Loten Robert Page, Newbegin


  • Peers John B., Southgate
  • Peers John N., Back Southgate

Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths.

  • Henson John Rossell, M.A., LL.M. (Camb.) (and agent to Life, Fire, and Accident Assurance Companies), 4 Carlton terrace, and at Hull
  • Pearce Thomas, 5 Cliff villas, and at Hull
  • Redfearn Thomas Butler, 4 Grosvenor ter, and at Hull


  • Hodson Frederic, Newbegin
  • Thompson Edward Charles, Newbegin

Watch and Clock Makers.

  • Anderson Thomas Barker (and tobacconist), Southgate
  • Jackson Aaron, Market place

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