Hornsea, Vicars transcription


Hornsea parish:


Hornsea, Vicars transcription:

The List of Rectors and Vicars in Hornsea church.

Hornsea, St. Nicholas, with
Long Riston, St. Margaret (Rectory)

In Hornsea at the time of Domesday survey, there was a
church and also a priest.

The Church and Manor were given by Odo, Earl of Champaigne to
the Abbey of St. Mary's, York, to which it was appropriated and a
Vicarage ordained therein, 9th October 1423. At the dissolution, the
Patronage came to the Crown.

Since the 14th Century, the living of Hornsea has been held with that
of Riston, about 5 miles off (Torre)


Time InstitutedYearNamePatronHow Vacated
1232M Laurence de LincolnAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
19 May1249Dns Gilbert de Kirketon, clAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
12 Oct1250M Ric. De Hinton, pbrAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
8 June1291Dns Robt. De Roygate, subdeaconAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
7 May1301Dns Will. De Melton, deacon,
afterwards Apb of York
Abbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
9 Mar1317/8M. Adam de Nesse, subdeaconAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
 Dns Reymund de FerersAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby death
20 Mar1346/7Dns David de Wellore, capEdw. III Abbey vacby resig. for pr of Bp. Auckland Ch
12 May1359DittoEdw. III Abbey vac
18 Nov1366M. Will de FakenhamAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby resig. for Ch. Of Rockingham
11 Dec1366M. Robt de CaldewellAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's York
 Henry Godebarn (mentd 1376)
 Anthony St Quintin


14 Jan1423/4Dns Will. Lase, pbrAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby resig
26 Dec1430Dns John Belamy pbrAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby resig
8 Feb1450/1Dns Will. Barun, als Killom, pbrAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby resig
25 Mar1474M John Proctour als WodAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby resig for Ch. Of Hansworth
22 Aug1486M Will OtweyAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby death
10 Jan 1499/1500M Robt Savage Bachr of DegreesAbbot & Convent of St. Mary's Yorkby death
1 May1513John Metsham, pbr
1560John JacksonQueen Elizby resig
27 June1566Robt JacksonQueen Elizby resig
26 June1578Robt Elyvenby or ChimleyQueen Elizby resig
7 Aug1607Theoph Chimley B.A.James Iby death
6 Oct1631John Gatherwayte M.A.Charles I
 Laur. Newton clk by resig
3 Aug1637Sam LyndleyDean & Chapter Yorkby death
2 April1662Tim Rhodes M.A.Charles IIby death
22 Aug1665Ric Pinder M.A.Dean & Chapter Yorkby death
9 Mar1666/7Thomas Raikes M.A.Charles IIby death
21 May1675Will Lambert M.A.Charles IIby death
22 May1722Richard Marsden M.A.George Iby deprivation
3 May1729Jaques Sterne L.L.D.George IIby death
4 Aug1759Robert Cotes B.D.George IIby death
8 Aug1782Robert Croft M.A.George IIIby death
16 April1831Anthony Wm Eyre B.A.William IVby death
14 Mar1849Wm Lindsey Palmes M.A.Queen Victoriaby resig, 8 Feb 1872
2 Jan1873Edmund Laurence Hemstead Tew. M.A.Queen Victoriaby resig, 6 Feb 1897
8 Mar1897Chas. Edward LittleQueen Victoriaby pref. 15 April 1913
29 May1913John Harrington M.A.George Vby pref. 11 July 1931
11 Oct1931Walter Hollis B.A.George Vby resig 6 Nov. 1950
16 Dec 1950Stephen Rowland Skemp B.A.George VIby pref. for Stanmore 8 Jan 1962
6 June1962John de Beverley Bateman M.A.Elizabeth IIby pref. March 1978

The additional list of Vicars (see also Photo)

St. Nicholas Parish church Hornsea
St. Lawrence Parish Church Atwick

List of Vicars

Time InstitutedYearNamePatronHow Vacated
20 Sept.1978E. J. GunnElizabeth IICession 31 July 1959
22 Jany1990B.H. WilcoxElizabeth IIby pref. July 1997
24 June1998Richard Rice-OxleyElizabeth IICessation 31st July 2006
6th Dec. 2006Phillip Lamb

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson