Hornsea, War Memorial transcription


Hornsea parish:


Hornsea, War Memorial transcription:

The former 1939-45 War Memorial at Hornsea.

The left hand and centre panels (see also Photo)

The centre and right hand panels (see also Photo)

A garden of remembrance
We will remember them
1939 1945

Atkinson E  Ford J S  Lax A L  Murfitt R  Smith C  Webb J W
Baker V Cosnold P A Leiberman F E J Naylor G Smith W B Wilkinson C
Bird S F Hanson D H W Loten A K Norman F Smith P B Wilkinson K
Burbridge R Ingram J W Markham L Page J Tiplady M Williams H S
Cappleman J Keighley F Mappitt P Platt B Walker G A Wright G
Cockett J Langdale P L Murfitt H Shepherd R Wetherell D Young D
Bean J C Harland R W        

Civilian Casualties . Earle A . Moore A E . Stewart G . Williams E A

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson