Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: BARMBY ON THE MARSH.     Church dedication: CHAPEL.

Howdenshire wapentake. -Population, 473, vide Howden; Church-room, 300; Net value, £30. -The Prebendary of Barmby was the second Prebend in the Church of Howden, and a Vicarage was ordained therein, 2nd Kal. August 1322.

Patron, the Vicar of Howden.

Torre gives a catalogue of the Vicars. Valued in 1707 at £20; and in 1818 at £36. 10s. per annum.

Augmented in 1779, with £200; in 1797, with £200; and in 1810, with £200 -all by lot.

The Parliamentary Commissioners recommended the Chapel to be made parochial, and Asselby annexed thereto. -Vol. xvii. page 226.

No glebe house.

The Register Books commence in 1783 for baptisms and burials. Marriages take place at Howden.

Richard Garlthorpe's charity, by deed, dated 19th Edward IV. Rent of 58a. 0r. 30p. of land, and common rights, let, at the time of the Report, for £23. 17s. 7d. per annum, and rents-charge of £1. 17s. 2d. per annum, out of which £10 per annum is paid to the reading minister towards his maintenance ; two sums of £1. 6s. 8d. to the poor the week before Easter and the week before Christmas ; and the residue applied to the repairs of the Chapel, and the banks, stayths, and waterworks within the town. The Commissioners reported, that the custom which then prevailed in the conducting of this charity was open to much objection, and that the lands were not let to the best advantage, the feoffees being appointed exclusively by the tenants of the charity lands, and generally chosen out of their own body, thereby vesting the charity in persons who were obviously interested in opposing any alteration therein. -Four feoffees are chosen annually.

John Blanchard's charity, given 21st September 1712. Rent of house and cottage, twenty acres of land, and six marsh-gates, let, at the time of the Report, for £60. 2s. per annum. The whole is appropriated (subject to the payment of 40s. per annum, distributed to the poor in the Chapel on St. John the Baptist's day) to the minister for teaching a school ; the children to be taught reading, writing, and accounts ; but it appears that, at the time of the Report, the school was suspended.

David Tacker's charity. rent charge of 40s. per annum to the poor on the 1st January.

Henry Cowlam's charity, by will, dated in 1709. Rent of 3a. 0r. 20P. of land and a house, let, at the time of the Report, for £3. 10s. per annum for the poor. The Commissioners reported that the money had been irregularly distri buted, and recommended (as all the trustees were then dead) that the heir of the surviving trustee should surrender the premises to new trustees. - Vide 18th Report, page 533.

Post town: Howden.

Torre's MS. (Peculiars), page 1088. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Bernebi), pages 61, 62.

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