Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for HOWDEN in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Bridge-gate, William Andrews Justice, Post Master.
  • Letters to all parts are despatched to Selby, by horse post, every afternoon at ½ past three, and arrive every morning at ½ past nine.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Clark Thomas, esq. (barrister) Knedlington
  • Dunn Robert, esq. Market place
  • Guy Rev. Thomas, Bridge gate.
  • Salthouse Philip, esq. (magistrate) Salthouse
  • Worsop Richard Arthur, esq. Flatgate

Academies & Schools,

  • Free Grammar School, Church yard-George Schofield, master
  • Horrocks Robert, (day) Hale street
  • Maw Holliday (day) Bridge gate
  • National School, Pinfold street Thomas Edmunson, master


  • Dinsley William, Bridge gate
  • Dyson William, Back street
  • Earnshaw George Rawden, Bridge gate
  • Harrison Hugh, Bridge gate
  • Pierson John, Market place
  • Spofforth Robert, Bridge gate


  • Pratt Jonathan, (& appraiser) Hale gate
  • Shepherd John, Bridge gate
  • Walker John, Hale gate
  • Walmsley Robert, Wood lane

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Beck William, Bridge gate
  • Fetch William, Hale gate
  • Fish Thomas, High Bridge street
  • Maw Holliday, Market place


  • Schofield, Clarkson and Clough, High Bridge street (draw on Spooner; Attwoods & Co. London)


  • Jackson Thomas, Bridge gate
  • Peart John, Bridge gate
  • Wood William, Hale gate

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Arnill George, Hale gate
  • Fields John, Church yard
  • Goulding William, Church yard
  • Grasby William, Hale gate
  • Green Robert, Hale gate
  • Jackson Edward, Back street
  • Jackson John, Hale gate
  • Pease John, Bridge gate
  • Sarginson John, Bridge gate
  • Stevenson George, Bridge gate
  • Storey David, Vicar lane
  • Vollans Edward, Back street

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Fox Thomas, Vicar lane
  • Hutchinson Joseph, Market place
  • Matthewman William, Marketplace


  • Carter John & Son, Back street
  • Crow William, Back street


  • Foster David, Hale gate
  • Goodworth John, Back street
  • Johnson William, Back street
  • Townsend John, Market place


  • Blanchard Robert, Market place
  • Clarburn Robert, High Bridge street
  • Drinkall John, Market place
  • Favell John, Hale gate
  • Mason Joseph, Market place
  • Rushforth William, Bridge gate
  • Wilson Joseph, Hale gate

China Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Chambers William, Market place
  • Dunn George, Vicar lane

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Atkinson George, Market place
  • Goodall Thomas, Market place
  • Johnson William (and importer of leeches) Bridge gate


  • Dunn George, Market place
  • Pearse Thomas, Back street
  • Thorpe William, Back street

Corn Millers,

  • Clarkson William, Hale Mill
  • Leighton Robt, Flat-Field Mills
  • Morritt William, Assleby

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Dickson Henry, Back street
  • Ostler Thomas, High Bridge street

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County, William Andrews Justice, Bridge gate
  • Phoenix, Robert Banks, Market place
  • Royal Exchange, George Atkinson, Market place
  • Sun, George R. Earnshaw, Bridge gate
  • Yorkshire, John and William Carter, Market place

Flax Dressers,

  • Chambers William, Market place
  • Fearn William, Bridge gate

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Auty George, Church yard
  • Bentley William, High Bridge street
  • Mann William, Corn-market hill
  • Palmer John, Church yard
  • Taylor George, Bridge gate
  • Taylor John, Swine lane
  • Wilson Alexander, Hale gate

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Banks Robert, Market place
  • Coates Joseph, Market place
  • Cook Ellis, Market place
  • Johnson William, Bridge gate
  • Ullathorne Francis, Church yard
  • Wetherell James & Jonathan, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Akitt William, Bridge gate
  • Dunn John, Market place
  • Raby Robert, Market place
  • Townsley Benjamin, Hale gate

Hop & Seed Merchants,

  • Carter John & William, (& commission agents) Market place & at Goole
  • Hutton Francis, Bridge gate


  • Half Moon (commercial & posting house) Elizabeth Foster, Market place
  • Red Lion, Thomas Northard, Hale gate
  • Wellington, George Galtress, Bridge gate


  • Briggs George, Market place
  • Hutchinson Joseph, Market place
  • Matthewman William, Market place

Joiners & Cabinet Masks,

  • Armstrong John, Hale gate
  • Fletcher John, Corn-market hill
  • Pratt John, Hale gate
  • Sanderson George, Bridge gate
  • Shepherd John (and upholsterer) Bridge gate
  • Windle Thomas, Bridge gate

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Burtle John & Thomas, Bridge gate
  • Coates Joseph, Market place
  • Fitch John & William, Market place
  • Peirson Ellen, Bridge gate
  • Thompson John, Market place
  • Ullathorne Francis, Church yard
  • Wetherell James & Jonathan, Market place


  • Carter John & Son, Back street
  • Crow William, Back street
  • Hutton Francis, Back street

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Meryick Elizabeth, Northolmby street
  • Pearson Mary, Church yard
  • Peirson Ellen, Bridge gate
  • Renardson Elizabeth, Northolmby street
  • Shepherd Sarah, Northolmby street
  • Stevenson Mary, Bridge gate

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Dyson Thomas, Market place
  • Meggitt Robert, Market place


  • Baker William, Church yard

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Briggs George, Market place
  • Meggitt Robert. Market place
  • Sugden John, Bridge gate

Saddlers and Collar Makers,

  • Ardington John, Flat gate
  • Buckanan John, Hale gate
  • Johnson Abraham, St. Helen's square
  • Perkins John, Bridge gate

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Armstrong John, Hale gate
  • Brook Wither, Bridge gate
  • Cocker Robert (and rag dealer) Bridge gate
  • Empson Charles, Bridge gate
  • Empson John, Bridge gate
  • Holdsworth Sarah, Market place
  • Rushforth William, Bridge gate
  • Suggitt George, Bridge gate
  • Wilkinson Joshua, Bridge gate

Stay Makers,

  • Adamson Samuel, Northolmby street
  • Rennison Sodan, Bridge gate
  • Tindall Joseph, Church yard

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Briggs Elizabeth, Hale gate
  • Chambers Ann, Market place
  • Fox Jane, Market place
  • Little Elizabeth, Bridge gate
  • Morfitt Elizabeth, Market place


  • Dosson James, Romley house
  • Elletson John, Hale gate
  • Gaggs Thomas, Market place
  • Pass Joseph, Hale gate
  • Turton Thomas, Bridge gate


  • Crow Robert, Bridge gate
  • Dinsdale Richard, Church yard
  • Hutchinson William, Hale gate
  • Lavrick Thomas, Back street
  • Leaf Edward, Market place
  • Thompson James, Church yard
  • Watson Peter, Camppell row

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Banks Robert, Market place
  • Cook Ellis, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Anchor, Robert Berry, Booth ferry
  • Anchor, James Waterhouse, Knedlington
  • Angel, James Hewson, Bridge gate
  • Black Bull, Moses Jowett, Bridge gate
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, James Voase, Bridge gate
  • Black Swan, Jonathan Waterworth, Bridge gate
  • Blue Bell, William Blissitt, Howden dyke
  • Blue Pig, Margaret Padget, Bridge gate
  • Britannia, Joseph Ducker, Bridge gate
  • King's Head, Robert Crow Bridge gate
  • King's Head, Thomas Clayton, Howden dyke
  • Neptune, Wilson Belt, Bridge gate
  • Rose & Crown, George Auty, Church yard
  • Seven Stars, Thomas Iveson, Market place
  • Sloop, Joseph Taylor, hale gate
  • Steam Packet, Charles Singleton, Howden dyke
  • Waterloo, Charles Ledsham, Bridge gate
  • White Horse, John Bottle, Market place
  • Whittington & his Cat, John Townsend, Marketplace

Watch & Clog Makers,

  • Richardson John, Market place
  • Walker Thomas, Market place


  • Little John, Bridge gate
  • Little Thomas & Edward, Bridge gate
  • Seaton Joseph, Bridge gate

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Carter John & William, Market place
  • Hutton Francis, Back street
  • Voase & Schofield, Bridge gate


  • Allinson John, millwright and machine maker, Bridgegate
  • Bowman John, veterinary surgeon, Camppell row
  • Dibb Samuel, whitesmith, Bridgegate
  • Featon Jonathan, hat manufactr. Market place
  • Gowland William, basket maker Hale gate
  • Harcroft John, flour and, bacon dealer Market place
  • Holliday John, corn factor, Market place
  • Huson James, brick & tile maker, Kilpin pike
  • Justice William Andrews, printer and stationer, Bridgegate
  • Meggitt Catherine, point and oil dealer, Market place
  • Newton Samuel, rope and twine maker, Market place
  • Pavor Thomas, earthenware manufacturer, Kilpin pike
  • Sanderson John, porter dealer, Bridge gate
  • Schofield & Co. timber merchants, Howden dyke
  • Sugden George, law stationer, Bridge gate
  • Sugden John, corn inspector, Bridge gate
  • Thompson & Brothers, sacking, hop and nail bag manufacturers, Barnby
  • Webb Catherine, distributer of stamps Hale gate
  • Willoughby William, stone mason, Hale gate
  • Wright John, tanner, St. John street
  • Zachary William, governor of workhouse, Pinfold street


  • To Barnby, John Smith, from the Angel, Bridgegate, every Saturday.
  • To Bubwith, John Brabs, from the White Horse, Marketplace, every Sat.
  • To Ellerton, Richard Selby from the Blue Pig, Bridge gate, every Sat..
  • To Foggathorpe, Robert Clegg, from the Blue Pig, Bridge gate, every Thurs.
  • To Holme, Jonathan Smith, from the Angel, Bridgegate, every Saturday.
  • To Hull, William Empson, from Camppell row, every Thursday-George Cook, from Bridgegate-and Robert Buttle, from Northolmby street, every Monday.
  • To North Cave, Peter Blanchard, from the White Horse, Market place, and William Hunt, from the Angel, Bridgegate, every Saturday.
  • To Rawcliffe, Charles Phillips, from the Black Bull-and Thomas Luty, from the King's Head, every Saturday.
  • To Sandham, William Biscomb, from the Angel, Bridge gate, every Saturday.
  • To Selby, Richard Ellerton, from the Blue Pig, Bridge gate-William Ellison, from the White Horse, Market place-and William Bew, from the Angel, Bridgegate, every Saturday.
  • To Snaith, John Townsend, from the Wellington, Bridge gate, every Saturday.
  • To Spaldington, James Gyleat, from the Angel, Bridge gate, every Saturday.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Hull, Joseph Taylor's Packet from Salthouse, every Tuesday and Friday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003