Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HOWDEN in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.




  • Saltmarshe Col. Philip, Saltmarshe Hall, chairman Clarke T. S., Esq., Knedlington Manor, Howden Creyke Ralph, Esq., Rawcliffe Hall, Selby Dunnington-Jefferson J. J., Esq., Thicket Priory, York Dunnington-Jefferson Captain M., York Empson A. R., Esq., Yokefleet Hall, Howden Empson J. W., Esq., Yokefleet Hall, Howden Hood The Hon. A. F., Airmyn Hall, Goole Saltmarshe Major Philip, R.H.A., Saltmarshe, Howden Scholfield R. S., Esq., Sand Hall, Howden
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - Mr. George England, Howden and Goole
  • Petty Sessions are held at the Shire Hall, Howden, on the last Saturday in each month. The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division :- Asselby, Balkholme, Barmby-Marsh, Belby, Bellasize, Blacktoft, Brackenholme, Breighton, Bubwith, Cheapsides, Cotness, Eastrington, Gilberdyke, Gribthorpe, Hemingbrough, Howden, Kilpin, Knedlington, Laxton, Metham, Newport, Portington, Saltmarshe, Scalby, Skelton, Spaldington, Thorpe, Willitoft, Yokefleet


  • Chairman - Col. Saltmarshe, Saltmarshe Hall
  • Vice-Chairmen - -Mr. Wm. Hutchinson, C.C., and Mr. Wm. Banks
  • Clerk to the Guardians, Rural Sanitary Authority, Assessment and School Attendance Committees - Mr. H. Green, solicitor
  • Treasurer - E. Storry
  • Medical Officer of Health - Dr. Vicars H. Fisher
  • District Medical Officers - Howden and Workhouse, Hy. Tireman; Wallingfen, D. Ferguson; Bubwith, J. W. Caley; Holme, William Davidson
  • Superintendent Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - H. Green, solicitor
  • Registrars of Births and Deaths - Howden, R. J. Latham; Wallingfen, Dr. Ferguson; Holme, Dr. Davidson; Bubwith, Dr. Caley
  • Registrar of Marriages - R. J. Latham
  • Overseers of the Poor - T. Coulson, T. Fitch, G. Young, and J. W. Camp; assistant overseer, W. L. Rowntree
  • Relieving Officer, Collector, Vaccination, &c., Officer - John Simpson
  • Workhouse - W. H. Rylatt, master ; Mrs. Rylatt, matron The Guardians and Rural Sanitary Authority meet at the Board Room on alternate Saturdays at 11-30a.m.


  • The Board of Guardians.
  • Clerk - H. Green, solicitor, Howden
  • Treasurer - E. Storry, Howden
  • Inspector of Nuisances - J. S. Lockwood


  • Judge - His Honour F. A. Bedwell, M.A.
  • Clerk - J. W. Bentley
  • Registrar and High Bailiff - H. Green
  • Bailiff - J. W. Camp

    The Court is held bi-monthly, and the following places are within its jurisdiction- - Asselby, Aughton, Balkholme, Barmby-on-the-Marsh, Belby, Blacktoft, Bloom Hill, Bennetland, Bellasize, Bromfieet, Bowthorpe, Brackenholme, Breighton, Brind, Brind Leys, Bubwith, Bursea, Cavil, Clementhorpe, Cotness, Cheapsides, Drewton, Eastrington, Ellerton Priory, Everthorpe, Faxfleet, Foggathorpe, Gilberdyke, Gibthorpe, Greenoak, Howden, Hemingbrough, Hive, Harlthorpe, Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Hotham, Kilpin, Knedlington, Linton, Laxton, Latham, Loftsome, Metham, Menthorpe, Newland, Newport, Newsholme, North Cave, New Village, Owsthorpe, Portington, Saltmarshe, Sandholme, Skelton, Scalby, Spaldington Outsides, Staddlethorpe, Thorpe, Wallingfen, Willitoft Woodall, Wressell, Yokefleet


  • Clerk to the Bishopsoil Drainage Trust - G. England, solicitor, Howden and Goole
  • Coroner for the Liberty of Howden, Howdenshire, and the town of Howden - Hy. Green, solicitor
  • Steward of the Manor of Howden - -Hy. Green, solicitor
  • Receiver of Quit Rents and Bailiff to the Manor Court - J. W. Camp
  • Road Surveyor - John Anderson
  • Inspector of Police - Thomas Weal


  • Howden Conservative Association - R. S. Scholfield, Esq., J.P., president; Captain Whittle, secretary, treasurer, and registration agent, Crofton house, Beverley
  • Howden Liberal Club - G. H. Anderton. Esq., C.C., president; Wm. Sutherby, treasurer; E. Shaw and J. H. Rhodes, hon. secs.
  • Ancient Order of Shepherds - William Drury, secretary, Pinfold street
  • Good Intent Lodge of Oddfellows (Howden District, Kingston Unity) - George Bovill, secretary, Marsh end
  • Industry Lodge of Oddfellows (Howden District, Kingston Unity) - Geo. Calvert, sec., Flatgate
  • Juvenile Society (Howden District, Kingston Unity of Oddfellows) - John Nutbrown, sec., Station road
  • Independent Order of Archers - John Hinsley, secretary, Flatgate
  • Freemasons (St. Cuthberts Lodge, No. 630) - Bro. W. L. Rowntree, secretary
  • Howdenshire Horticultural Society - Captain Jefferson, president; Thomas Fitch and H. Green, general secretaries
  • Howdenshire Choral Society - Rev. W. Hutchinson, president; Dr. Fisher, sec.; Herr F. H. Muller, conductor, C. S Fosberry, organist.
  • Newsroom, Churchside - T. S. Clarke, Esq., president; J. T. Emmott, secretary and treasurer
  • Howden Literary and Scientific Society - G. H. Anderton, Esq., presdt.; J. T. Emmott, sec.
  • Howden Gas Co. - H. Green, secretary; Wm. Cowell, manager
  • Howden Water Co., Ltd. - P. N. Binns, sec.
  • Howden Market Hall Co., Ltd. - Joshua Dunn, chairman; J. S. Lockwood, secretary


  • Parish Church (St. Peter's) - Rev. W. Hutchinson, M.A., vicar; Rev. G. C. Cree, B.A., curate
  • Catholic Church, Knedlington road - Rev. P. O'Brien, priest
  • Congregational Church, Bridgegate - Rev. J. Lewis, minister
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, St. John street - Rev. Jacob Wilson, minister
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Wesley place, Hailgate - Rev. S. Sunderland (superintendent) and Rev. D. Gill, ministers


  • Airmyn and Boothferry - Mrs. Jarratt, White Horse Barmby, Asselby, and Knedlington - , Joseph Fenton, Black Swan Goole, Hook, and Howden Dyke - Mr. Binnington, White Horse Holme - Geo. Castle, White Horse; Mr. Clarke, White Horse; Robert Smart, White Horse Kilpin, Laxton, Yokefleet, Blacktoft, and Faxfleet - Mr. Chappell, Red Lion Laxton and Kilpin - Mr. Hatfield, Wheat Sheaf Newsholme, Wressell, Breighton, and Bubwith - Thomas Green, White Horse N.E. Ry., Highfield, and Bubwith - Mr. Cawkill, White Horse Sandholme, Eastrington, and Hive - Mrs. Overend, Blacksmith's Arms Willitoft, Foggathorpe, and Latham - Joseph Thompson, White Horse Wressell and Newsholme - George Thompson, White Horse


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, High bridge; T. F. Spivey, postmaster. Letters arrive from London and all parts at 7-0 am., and from Hull and all parts at 4-20 p.m. Despatches to London and all parts at 10-30 a.m. and 8-15 p.m.; to Goole and district at 10-0 p.m. Sundays - Despatches to all parts at 8-15 p.m.; to Goole and district at 10-0 p.m. Wall Box, Station road, cleared at 4-0 and 8-0 p.m.; Sundays at 8-0 p.m.



  • Agar Frederick M., stationmaster, Howden station (NER.)
  • Akitt Wm., parish clerk, Corn Market hill
  • Anderson Henry Blanchard, The Hall, Flatgate
  • Anderson John, road surveyor, Mulberry house
  • Benfield George Edward, volunteer instructor, Hailgate
  • Beverley Robert Francis, brick and tile manufacturer, Howden brickworks
  • Blackburn Mrs. Eliza, Parson Lane house
  • Blackburn Wm. Henry, surveyor, accountant, house and estate agent, Churchside
  • Blanchard Thos., under surveyor, surveyor's yd
  • Bland Charles (W. & C. Bland), draper, &c. h Churchside
  • Bland William (W. & C. Bland), grocer, &c.; h Churchside
  • Booth Miss Amelia, High bridge
  • Bradley Tom, wagonette proprietor, Bridgegate
  • Briggs Mrs. S. E., Hailgate
  • Brindle George, stationmaster, Howden station (H. & B. Ry.)
  • Bromley Miss Margaret, Hailgate
  • Bryant Mrs. Ann Jane, Hailgate
  • Buckle Miss Lucy Elizabeth, The Chestnuts
  • Burnd Mrs. Eliza, dyer's agent, Bridgegate
  • Camp John William, bailiff for County Court and Manor Court, and receiver of quit rents, Hailgate
  • Carter Mrs. Lucy, Highbridge house
  • Clough Misses S. & J., Park cottage
  • Cook Mr. William, Hailgate
  • Cowell William, gasworks manager, Hailgate
  • Cree Rev. Edward C., B.A., curate, Hailgate
  • Dales Mrs. Alice, Hailgate
  • Driffill William, agent, British Workman's Assurance Co., Northoimby street
  • Duck Mrs. Bathia, Hailgate
  • Dunn Mrs., Knedlington road
  • Eland Miss Henrietta Melia, Albert terrace
  • Elliott William, tinsmith, Hailgate
  • Faulkner Mrs. Maria, Bridgegate
  • Fielding Charles Edward, potato merchant, Bishopgate street
  • Fitch John Stowe (T. & J. S. Fitch), draper; h Hailgate
  • Fitch Mrs. Maria, Churchside
  • Fitch Thomas (T. & J. S. Fitch), draper; h Manor house
  • Fosbery Charles S., master, Grammar school, and organist, West street
  • Gaggs Mrs. Hannah, Pinfold street
  • Gill Rev. Daniel (Wesleyan), Wesley place
  • Glew Bros. (Wm. & Jas., junr), engineers and agricultural implement makers, Bridgegate
  • Glew James, senr., auctioneer, &c., Bridgegate
  • Goulden Mrs. Mary, Hailgate
  • Gray Mrs. Mary Ann, Flatgate
  • Grebby Edwin, general dealer, Sleight's cottage
  • Green Miss Mary, Flatgate
  • Greensides R. S., auctioneer and valuer
  • Greensides Robt. Stephenson, manager, Henry Blow's provision stores, Hailgate
  • Hackett Mrs. Catherine Jane, Bridgegate
  • Haigh Mrs. Elizabeth, Bridgegate
  • Harper Mrs. Sarah, Pinfold street
  • Henderson Mr. Robert, Albert terrace
  • Hodgson Mrs. Harriet, Flatgate
  • Hutchinson Miss Eliza, Rose villa
  • Hutchinson Rev. William, M.A., The Vicarage
  • Ibbetson Mrs. Mary, Hailgate
  • Jackson Mr. Francis, Angel lane
  • Jaques Mr. John, St. John street
  • Jipson George, fish dealer, Bridgegate
  • Johnson Stephen, skin merchant, Hailgate; and Hull
  • Johnson William, architect, &c., Hailgate
  • Johnson, Luke, whitesmith and bellhanger, Bridgegate
  • Kettlewell Mrs., Bridgegate house
  • Kettlewell Mr. Robert, Bishopgate street
  • Leeds Provincial Building Society (branch) W. H. Blackburn, secretary, Churchside
  • Lewis Rev. James (Congregational), Hailgate
  • Lockwood John S., sanitary insp., Bishopgate st
  • Lucas John, market hall keeper; h Hailgate
  • Marshall Mrs. Hannah, Hailgate
  • Mawmill John, Prudential agent, Hailgate
  • Miller Wm. Eaton, gas collector, Hailgate
  • Morris Mrs. Jane, Kensington villa
  • Owen Mrs. Elizabeth, Pinfold street
  • Powls John, mail cart contractor, Churchside
  • Reed Geo. Wm., millwright & engnr., Hailgate
  • Rhodes John Hy., solicitor's clerk, Hailgate
  • Richards John, asst. supt. Prud. Co., Flatgate
  • Ringrose Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, Hailgate
  • Roberts Joseph Frederick, music teacher and organist, Derwent cottage
  • Rowntree William Little, assistant overseer for Howden, Hailgate
  • Rylatt William Henry, workhouse master (Howden Union), Knedlington road
  • Saunders Thos. Everatt, fishmonger, Hailgate
  • Simpson John, relieving officer for Howden, Park view
  • Singer Mnfg. Co., Hailgate; Arthur Watts, agent
  • Slater Mr. James, Halfway house
  • Small Miss Justice, Hailgate
  • Spivey Thomas F., chemist and postmaster, Post office, High bridge
  • Storry Mr. Edwin, Laughton lodge
  • Sugden Mrs. Elizabeth, Northolmby street
  • Sutherby William, agent to County Fire and Provident Life offices, Bridgegate
  • Tanner Mrs. Emily, Hailgate
  • Taylor Mrs. Maria, Northolmby street
  • Taylor Mrs. Mary Ann, Flaigate
  • Taylor Mrs. Sarah, Bridgegate
  • Thompson Ed. Harrison, com. trav., Alma hs
  • Thornton George, beerhouse, Hailgate
  • Todd Robert Blacker, Hailgate
  • Todd Mr. Thomas, Hailgate
  • Tomlinson Thos. Stansill, cooper, Market place
  • Tune Mr. James, Albert terrace
  • Turner Mr. John Mainprize, Flatgate
  • Wadsworth George, Pinfold street
  • Walker John Jackson, police sergt., Hailgate
  • Ward Mrs. Jane, district nurse, Northolmby st
  • Waterhouse Mrs. Eliz., furniture dlr., Bridgegate
  • Watson Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, Hailgate
  • Weal T., insp. of police, Police statn., Pinfold st
  • West Mr. William, St. John street
  • Whitaker Daniel, excise officer, Pinfold street
  • Willbe Mrs. Hannah, Hailgate
  • Wilson Mrs. Betty, Hailgate
  • Wilson Mrs. Hannah, Flatgate
  • Wilson Rev. Jacob (Prim. Meth.), St. John st
  • Wright James, chimney sweeper, Hailgate


Ale & Porter Merchts.

  • Briggs Robert, Hailgate
  • Simpson & Co., Bridgegate, and Market Weighton

Bakers & Confectioners

  • Draycott William, Bridgegate
  • Howdle Alfred, Market place
  • Jipson William, Market place
  • Powell William, High bridge
  • Simmons Mrs. Jane, Market pl
  • Sugden Mrs. Fanny, Market pl
  • Taylor Mrs. Mary Jane,Churchside
  • Walker Mrs. Mary. Bridgegate


  • Savings Bank, Churchside; Robert Briggs, actuary
  • York, City, County Banking Co., Ltd., Market place; Chas. Wilkinson, manager
  • Yorkshire Banking Co., Ltd., Market place ; T. & J. S. Fitch, agents (Draw on Williams, Deacon, & Co.)


  • Andrew Mrs. Ann, Pinfold st
  • Langhorn Wm.& Geo., Flatgate
  • Standage William, Bowman's Hotel yard; h Hailgate

Booksellers, Stationero and Newsagents.

  • Gardiner & Ce. (& publishers of the Howdenshire Gazette) Market place
  • Smith W. H. & Son, railway bookstall (H. & B. Ry.)
  • Stockill William, Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • Buttle George Hy., Bridgegate
  • Cook John, Market place
  • Fitch Henry (& china dealer), Bridgegate
  • Goulden John Hy., Bridgegate
  • Harrison Henry (& fruit dlr.), Churchside
  • Hinsley John, Market place
  • Howdie John Edwd., Market pl
  • Howdie Thomas, High bridge
  • Moore Ralph, Bridgegate
  • Robinson Isaac (& rural postman), Flatgate
  • Sutherby Robert (and leather factor), Market place
  • Taylor George (and rural postman), Churchside
  • Waterhouse John, Bridgegate

Builders & Contractors

  • Hill Joseph, Hailgate
  • Moore David, Flatgate
  • Shaw Geo. Hy., St. John st


  • Favel Jno. Bowman, Bridgegate
  • Favel Tom, Market place
  • Fitch Thomas, Market place
  • Hill Thomas, Market place
  • Lawton Thomas, Hailgate
  • Sunderland Fred, Vicar lane
  • Sunderland Robert, Market pl
  • Taylor Anthony, Market place
  • Watson Ed., High bridge

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.

  • Butler Thomas, Market place
  • Johnson Charles, Hailgate

Cart Owners.

  • Foster John, Marsh end
  • Waterhouse Mrs. Jane; Northolmby street
  • Waterhouse Tom, St. Helen's sq

Chemists & Druggists.

  • Latham Robert John (and registrar for births, deaths, and marriages for Howden Sub-District), Market place
  • Loam Jas. Gilbert, Bridgegate
  • Selley William, Bridgegate
  • Spivey Thomas F., Post office, Market place

Coal Merchants.

  • Hill Richard, Hailgate
  • Pullan Eli, H. & B. Ry. yard; h The Laurels
  • Shaw Nathaniel, H. & B. Ry. yard; h Eastrington

Corn Merchant.

  • Kettlewell Hy., Bridgegate hs

Corn Factors.

  • Dawson Edward, Hall mill
  • Young Gregory, Bridgegate


  • Barker Robert, Hailgate
  • Bradley Mrs. Kate, Bridgegate
  • Collins James, St. John street
  • Ingham Wm. Jas. Pinfold st
  • Morley John, Crow nest
  • Morritt Fredk., St. John street
  • Padgett William, Wood lane
  • Scott Holliday, Flatgate

Drapers (Linen and Woollen).

  • Bland William & Charles (and wholesale & retail grocers), Churchside
  • Everingham George Galland (and outfitter), Market place
  • Fitch T. & J. S. (& milliners), Market place
  • Sowersby Jonathan, Market pl

Fancy Repositories.

  • Rigby Mrs. Keturah Churchside
  • Tabrah Mrs. Cath., Market pl


  • Blakey Thos., Wood Lane farm
  • Blyth Jph. (& mail contractor, Howden to Goole), Howden dyke
  • Bruines Robert, Hall's farm
  • Camp Mrs. Elizabeth (owner), St. John street
  • Claybourn Robert, Hailgate
  • Corner James, Sleights farm
  • Corner William, Sleights
  • Coulson Thomas, The Groves
  • Everatt John, Barnhill hall
  • Green George, The Parks
  • Ibbetson Wm. Sykes, Pinfold st
  • Jackson Robt., Thomas's villa
  • Kay Tom Edwin (and miller), Flatfields mill
  • Myers George, Owlett hall
  • Newham William, Kensington gardens
  • Scruton William James (yeo.), Flatfield house
  • Shaw George Henry (yeo. and fruit grower), St. John street and Marshend farm
  • Smith Harry, Thorpe hall
  • Tutty Wm., Booth Ferry cot.
  • Wiles James, Brind common
  • Wilson Chas. (poultry farmer), Summer house
  • Wilson George, Newfields

Gardeners, Nurserymen, and Seedsmen.

  • Bentley Thomas, High bridge
  • Laverack George, Buttfield hs
  • Mann Mrs. Dinah, Bridgegate
  • Moorge Henry, Flatgate
  • Rhodes Henry (and fruit preserver), Bridgegate
  • Rhodes Thomas (and florist), West View house
  • Shaw Geo. Hy., St. John st
  • Temple Alex., Derwent nursery
  • Waterworth Thomas, Hailgate

Grocers, Tea Dlrs., &c.

  • Bailey Mrs. Emma, Hailgate
  • Bland W. & C. (wholesale and retail, & drprs.), Churchside
  • Blow Henry, Hailgate; R. S. Greensides, manager
  • Duckles Miss Emma, Hailgate
  • Howdle Alfred, Market place
  • Kay William, Market place
  • Lightfoot Jas., Market place
  • Powell Joseph, Bridgegate
  • Sherbourne George, junr., Pinfold street
  • Simmons Mrs. Jane, Market pl
  • Waterworth Wm., Bridgegate
  • Young Gregory; wholesale warehouse, St. Helen's sq; shop, Bridgegate
  • Young William, Hailgate


  • Drury Edward, Market place
  • Vincent Frederick,Bridgegate


  • Armstrong Thos., Bridgegate
  • Thompson Rt. Albert (& tobacconist), Market place


  • Foster John, Bridgegate
  • Matthews Thomas, Hailgate

Hotels, Inns, &c.

  • Angel Hotel, Bridgegate; Cornelius Smith
  • Black Bull Inn, Bridgegate; James Hunter
  • Black Swan Inn, Corn Market hill; John Bearpark
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, Bridgegate; Simpson & Co., (Albert Burrows, manager)
  • Bowman's Hotel, Bridgegate; Mrs. J. L. Walmsley
  • Britannia Inn (The), Bridgegate; Alexander Stuart
  • Cross Keys, Flatgate; Wm. Chapman
  • Dog and Duck Inn, Market place; William Cobs
  • Half Moon Hotel, Market pl; Edwin Murphy
  • King William IV. Inn, Bridgegate; William Parish
  • Neptune Inn, Pinfold street
  • New Garden Inn, Selby road; Robinson Wilson
  • Red Lion Hotel, Hailgate; Mrs. Sophia Leak
  • Royal Oak, Sleights; Thomas Cook
  • Sheffield House, Station road; Thomas Thompson
  • Station Hotel (The); John Smith
  • Station Road Hotel; Mrs. Betsy Phillips
  • Steam Packet Inn, Howden dyke; Mrs. Mary Ann Blyth
  • Wellington Inn, Bridgegate; Miles Hutchinson
  • Wheat Sheaf Inn, Hailgate; John Joy
  • White Horse Inn, Market pl; William Clarkson


  • Croudson Alf. Briggs, Mrkt pl
  • Wood William, Bridgegate

Joiners & Wheelwrights.

  • Calvert George, Flatgate
  • Levitt James, Hailgate
  • Moore Henry, Flatgate
  • Nurse John, Derwent terrace
  • Waterhouse Geo., St. John st
  • White John (and builder), Bridgegate


  • Dawson Edward, Hall mill
  • Kay Tom Edwin (and farmer), Flatfields mill
  • Kettlewell Alf., Flatfields mill


  • Everingham Geo. Galland (and draper), Market place
  • Fitch T. & J. S. (and drapers), Market place

Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers.

  • Armstrong A., Bridgegate
  • Dealtry Tom Taylor, Market pl
  • Hawke Charles, Bridgegate
  • Rhodes Arthur, Churchside
  • Watson Robert, Bridgegate
  • Wilson William, Hailgate

Plumbers, Glaziers & Gasfitters.

  • Andrew Thomas, Hailgate
  • Sugden William, Bridgegate

Provision Merchants.

  • Blow Henry, Hailgate; R. S. Greenside, manager
  • Young Gregory, Bridgegate; wholesale warehouse, St. Helen's square


  • Gardiner & Co., Gazette office, Market place
  • Stockill Wm., Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

  • Ardington Edward, Bridgegate
  • Harrison Thos. B., Bridgegate
  • Winter Henry, Market place


  • Howden Grammar School, Churchyard; Charles S. Fosbery, master
  • National Schools, Pinfold st.; jno. Thos. Emmott, master; Miss M. Ross, infant mistress
  • Spink Miss Emma (boarding), Hailgate
  • Sugden Miss Mary (ladies) Sunnyside
  • Wesleyan School, Flatgate; Jos. Wm. Botterill, master; Miss S. Usher, inft. mistress


  • Gray Robert, Pinfold street
  • Harrison Thos., N.E.R. station
  • Jipson George, Bridgegate
  • Padget Hannah, Station road
  • Pittock Mrs. Emma, Hailgate
  • Tabrah Mrs. Eliz., Market pl


  • Binns Percy Noel, Hailgate
  • England & Son, Hailgate
  • England Geo. (E. & Son), clerk to Magistrates, to Bishopsoil Drainage Commissioners, to Eastrington Burial Board, to the Trustees of Loftsome Bridge, and to the Trustees of Garlthorpe's Charity, Howden and Goole
  • Green Hy. (and registrar and high bailiff of County Court; steward of the Manor of Howden; coroner for the Liberty of Howdenshire; clerk to the following School Boards: Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Spaldington, Bubwith, Eastrington, and Barmbyon-the-Marsh; clerk to Guardians of Howden Union & Rural Sanitary Authority, to Howden & District Highway Board, &c., &c.;superintendant registrar, and secretary to Howden Gas Co.); office, Churchside; h Hailgate house
  • Shaw Edward (& clerk to the Newport Wallingfen School Board), Bridgegate


  • Chestnutt Jno, B.A., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Ed., Derwent hs
  • Fisher Vicars H., M.B., Univ. Dublin (& medical officer of health), Bridgegate
  • Tireman Hy., M.R.C.S., Eng., and L.S.A., Lon., medical officer Howden Union Workhouse and District, Hailgate


  • Armstrong Thos., Bridgegate
  • Everingham, George Galland (& outfitter), Market place
  • Fox John, Hailgate
  • Johnson Ch. Luke, Bridgegate
  • Leaf Edward, Bridgegate
  • Pheasant James, Highbridge
  • Vincent Thos. (& bill poster), Vicar lane
  • Ward Moses, Market place

Watch and Clock Makers, &c.

  • Bastow Chas. Oscar, Market pl
  • Richardson Thos., Market pl

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

  • Simpson & Co., Bridgegate and Market Weighton
  • Simpson Joe, Market place

Veterinary Surgeons.

  • Brigham John, M.R.C.V.S., Bridgegate
  • Leaf John, Bridgegate


  • Letters via Howden. Letter Box cleared at 5-20 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Everatt Thomas Richard, joiner, &c.
  • Gilling Miss Jane, schoolmistress
  • Lumby John, land agent to T. S. Clarke, Esq.
  • Palmer William, grocer
  • Plaster Sydney, joiner
  • Sarginson John, fellmonger & vict., Black Swan
  • Scott Thomas, market gardener
  • Scott Walter, joiner and fruit buyer
  • Shaw John William, builder and contractor
  • Storr Charles, shoemaker
  • Taylor Geo., wheelwright, &c., Nursery house
  • Taylor James, gardener, Mount pleasant
  • Taylor Mrs. Mary


  • Barker Richard, also Old hall, Knedlington
  • Brabbs George
  • Chantry William Joseph (and overseer)
  • Clark Matthew & William
  • Dennis George
  • Everatt Henry, Asselby house
  • Everatt John (and miller, wind)
  • Everatt John, junior
  • Everatt Richard
  • Farrah George
  • Lapish John Henry
  • Lapish William
  • Levitt James
  • Mitchell John (and overseer)
  • Palmer John Smith land market gardener)
  • Shaw John William
  • Winter William


  • Letters via Eastrington, Brough, Yorks.


  • Anson Joseph (owner)
  • Brown John, Whin hill
  • Bruines Mrs. Ellen (& Son, George), Newland
  • Fisher Edwin (and overseer), Manor farm
  • Foster Thomas, West Linton
  • Franklin William
  • Hornsby Richard, Balkholme hall
  • Johnson George, East Linton (and Laxton)
  • Laverack Robert
  • Powis Thomas
  • Robinson Mrs. Annie (& Son, William) Newland
  • Wilson Joseph


  • Letters via Eastrington, Brough, Yorks.


  • Brown John
  • Walker William & Joseph


  • Post Office at Howden Dyke, Mrs. M. Fleming, sub-postmistress. Letters via Howden arrive at 6-30 a.m. and are despatched at 5-45 p.m.

Miscellany of trades
Marked 1 reside at Kilpin; 2 at Kilpin Pike; and 3 at Howden Dyke.

  • 2Abbey David, master mariner
  • 3Anderson Henry B., timber merchant
  • 2Anderton Geo. Herbert, Esq., C.C. for Howden, Kilpin lodge
  • 1Beal John, gardener (& owner), Elm Tree ho.
  • 2Caisley William, shipbuilder, &c.
  • 2Eyre Wm. Whitaker, timekeeper & assistant overseer
  • 3Fleming Mrs. Mary, grocer, Post office
  • 3Huntington Richard, foreman, timber yard, Kilpin Pike
  • 1Kettlewell Wm. Henry, fruit & potato dealer
  • 3Mann R. T., florist
  • 3Mann Rd., chemical manure manufacturer
  • 3Mellon William Warnock, analyst, The Ouse Chemical works
  • 1Moore George, cowkeeper
  • 3The Ouse Chemical Manure Works, Howden Dyke; G. H. Anderton, proprietor
  • 3Tutty Charles, grocer, Woodbine cottage
  • 3Watson Joseph, vict., Anchor Inn
  • 2Webster Harry, grocer
  • 3Winter Thomas, bookkeeper and cashier


  • 1Austwick Mrs. Maria, Elm Tree farm
  • 1Bayston Thomas, The Hall farm
  • 1Buller William, Duncoates farm
  • 1Dowson John
  • 1Foster Edward, Priory farm
  • 1Hunt Thomas
  • 1Steels John (and yeo.), Bell cross
  • 1Ward Edward
  • 1Ward George


  • Letters, via Howden, arrive about 7-30 a.m. Wall Letter Box is cleared at 5-35 p.m. The nearest Post and Money Order Office is at Howden.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bramley Edward, head gamekeeper
  • Clarke Thomas Sinclair, Esq., M.A. and J.P., Knedlington manor
  • Eccles Wm., ferryman and vict., Percy Arms
  • Jubb Mrs. Charlotte, fruit grower
  • Muller Fred. B., Mus. Bac., Knedlington cottage
  • Remmer George, head gardener
  • Waterhouse William, pig dealer


  • Barker Richard, Old hall
  • Cawkill Thomas
  • Dennis John
  • Dunwell John, Villa farm, Booth
  • Everatt John (and miller, Asselby)
  • Hind Mrs. Ann
  • Walker George, Booth
  • Ward William Holmes


  • Letters via Howden (East Yorks.).

Miscellany of trades

  • Armstrong Nicholas, foreman, Swing bridge
  • Brown Jph., head gardener, Sand Hall lodge
  • Caisley William, shipbuilder and timber merchant, Howden dyke
  • Chester Reuben, ship carpenter and coal dlr.
  • Collinson Miss Julia, schoolmistress
  • Cooper Robert, master mariner
  • Hutton John, vict., Jolly Sailor
  • Jackson George Ward, cowkeeper
  • Jackson James Ward, wheelwright, &c.
  • Milner Joseph & Son, seedsmen and florists
  • Reedman John, head gamekeeper, Keeper's lodge
  • Scholfield Robert Stanley, Esq, J.P., and vice-chairman, East Riding County Council, Sand hall


Miscellany of trades

  • Hairsine Edward, River side
  • Hart Anelay, Sand Hall and Ferry farms
  • Hart George, Pasture farm
  • Moore Robert (and overseer), Manor house
  • Precious Thomas (and potato merchant)
  • Townsley Thomas

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.