Howden Registers - Baptisms for Barmby and Laxton 1763-1779.


Transcription of the Howden Registers - Baptisms for Barmby and Laxton 1763-1779.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.

DateName(s) and relationship
30/04/1763Elizabeth, Dau : to Thomas Crust. Apr. 30.
05/05/1763Mary, dau. to Joseph Thompson. May 5.
06/05/1763Elizabeth, dau. to Jonas Tyson. May 6.
10/07/1763Elizabeth, dau : to William Middlewood. July 10.
18/07/1763Joseph, son to John Steel. July 18.
28/07/1763William, son to William Emmerson. July 28.
15/08/1763August 15. Elizabeth, dau : to John Harrison.
28/09/1763September 28. Hannah, dau. to Thos. White.
18/10/1763October 18. Robert, son to Robert Wilson.
31/??/1763.... 31. Rebecca, daft : to William Andrew.
30/04/176430 April. Elizabeth, dau. to Thomas Crust.
11/07/176411 July. John, son to John Harrison.
14/08/176414 August. Hannah, dau. to Joseph Rogers.
09/09/17649 Septr. Sarah, dau : to Robert Johnson.
03/10/17643 Octr. Thomas, son to John Breeton.
07/10/17647 Octr. John, son to Edward Cobb.
26/12/176426 Decr. Mary, dau. to John Harrison.
03/01/17653 Jany. Samuel, son to Samuel Green.
16/04/176516 April. Hannah, dau : to William Delanoy.
04/05/17654 May. Robert, son to John Noble.
25/06/176525 June. Robert, son to John Steel.
12/08/176512 August. Richard, son to William Fox.
15/09/176515 Septr. Joseph, son to John Harrison.
17/10/176517 Octr. Robert, son to John Dennis.
31/10/176531 Oct James, son to William Middlewood.
17/11/176517 Novr. Sarah, dau. to Joseph Andrew.
30/11/176530 Nov Frances, dau. to Jonathan Ball.
30/11/176530 Nov Thomas, son to William Andrew.
16/01/176616 Jany. Hannah, dau. to John Martindale.
23/03/176623 March. Hannah, dau : to Thomas Robinson.
31/03/176631 Mar Hannah, dau : to Robert Wilson.
09/05/17669 May. John, son to Edward Cobb.
09/05/17669 May Joseph, son to Hannah Turton.
01/06/17661 June. Watson, son to Nathaniel Hord.
20/07/176620 July. John, son to John Benson.
22/07/176622 Jul Thomas, son to John Pickard.
25/07/176625 Jul Mary, dau : to William Volance.
07/09/17667 Septr. George, son to John Watson.
26/10/176626 Octr. Catharine, dau : to William Fox.
26/11/176626 Novr. Henry, son to William Riley.
17/12/176617 Decr. Mary, dau : to John Bauden.
17/02/176717 Feby. Robert, son to Thomas White.
20/04/176720 April. Elizabeth, dau : to Wm. Delanoy.
07/05/17677 May. Sarah, dau : to John Steel.
07/05/17677 May Mary, dau : to Thos. Cass.
08/05/17678 May Hannah, dau. to Wm. Emmerson.
02/06/17672 June. Mary, dau. to Robert Johnson.
09/06/17679 June Elizabeth, dau : to Henry Vitty.
16/06/176716 Jun Hannah, dau : to John Noble.
22/06/176722 Jun Thomas, son to Thomas Crust.
13/06/176713 Jun Thomas, son to John Harrison.
04/08/17674August. Hugh, son to John Harrison.
20/09/176720 Septr. Mary, dau : to George Houdle.
20/01/176820 Jany. Hannah, dau. to John Dennis.
21/02/176821 Feby. Jane, dau : to John Bell.
05/05/17685 May. Eleanor, dau. to William Volance.
05/05/17685 May Eleanor, dau. to Edward Cobb.
06/05/17686 May Robert, son to John Balden.
06/05/17686 May Thomas, son to Robert Wilson.
02/02/17692 Feby. George, son to Thomas Pickard.
06/02/17696 Feb Mary, dau : to Nathaniel Hurd.
24/04/176924 April. Thomas, son of John Steel.
11/05/176911 May. Mary, dau : to William Volens.
11/05/176911 May Ann, dau : to Henry Vitty.
16/07/176916 July. John, son to John Robinson.
31/07/176931 Jul Richard, son to William Andrew.
14/08/176914 Augt. Ann, clan : to John Noble.
15/08/176915 Aug Mary, dau. to Joseph Fletcher.
13/09/176913 Septr. William, son of Robert Leadam.
04/03/17704 March. Hannah, dau. to George Howdale.
14/03/177014 Mar Jane, dau : to Robert Brown.
20/03/177020 Mar Jane, dau : to John Baudon.
29/03/177029 Mar Elizabeth, dau : of William Fox.
07/05/17707 May. Ann, dau : to Robert Johnson.
10/05/177010 May Thomas, son to Thomas Cass.
14/05/177014 May Hannah, dau : to John Harrison.
28/06/177028 June. Mary & Elizabeth, Daus. to Robt. Wilson.
20/12/177020 Decr. Elizabeth, Dau : to Robert Leatham.
06/01/17716 Jany. Mary, dau : to Mary Dennis.
26/01/177126 Jan Elizabeth, dau : to Willm. Vollens.
01/04/17711 April. Hannah, dau : to John Robinson.
13/04/177113 Apr John, son to John Noble.
10/05/177110 May. James, son to Joseph Rodger.
02/06/17712 June. Jane, dau : to Matthew Tewby.
25/06/177125 Jun William, son to Willm. Dillanoy.
14/07/177114 July. Jane, dau : to Henry Vitty.
16/07/177116 Jul Elizabeth, dau : to John Steel.
07/08/17717 Augt. Michael, son to Tho Pickard.
26/11/177126 Novr. Elizabeth, Dau : to Thos. Thompson.
08/12/177178 Decr. Henry, son to Edward Cobb.
26/12/177126 Dec Jane, dau : to Robert Leedham.
02/01/17722 Jany Elizabeth, dau : to John Bauden.
22/03/177222 March. Alice, dau. to Robert Johnson.
22/04/177222 Aprill. Robert, son of Robert Todd.
07/05/17727 May. Sarah, dau : Nathaniel Hord.
07/05/17727 May Joseph, son to Joseph Cotterell.
07/07/17727 July. Elisabeth, dau : to William Riloe.
21/07/177221 Jul Margaret, Dau : to the Revd. Mr. Jno. Malison.
11/08/177211 Augt Bettey, Dan : to John Noble.
06/09/17726 Sept. John, son to John Pickard.
08/09/17728 Sep John, son to John Pocklington, Junr.
25/10/177225 Octr. John, son to Mathew Tuby.
28/10/177228 Oct George, son to George Howdale.
24/11/177224 Novr. Thomas, son to Sarah Pennington.
25/11/177225 Nov Hannah, dau : to George Hatfield.
26/12/177226 Dec. William, son to William Vollans.
30/12/177230 Dec Elisabeth, dau : to Robert Leatham.
06/05/17736 May. Robert, son of Thomas Robinson.
20/06/177320 June. Ann, dau : to John Steel.
25/11/177325 Novr. Thomas, son to Thomas Thompson.
20/01/177420 Jany Robert, son to Robert Johnson.
24/03/177424 March. John, son of Robert Todd.
15/05/177415 May. Jsaac, son to William Dillanoy.
19/05/177419 May Hannah, dau. to William Hunt, of Brindlees.
01/06/17741 June. Hannah, dau : to Robert Leatham.
05/06/17745 Jun William, son to Hannah Young.
17/07/177417 July. Matthew, son to Matthew Tueby.
17/07/177417 Jul Ann, dau : to Nathaniel Hord.
07/08/17747 Augt. Frances, dau : to James Watson.
22/08/177422 Aug Sarah, dau : to John Bauden.
20/09/177420 Sept. Elizabeth, dau : to Richard Waterhouse.
04/10/17744 Oct. John, son to William Volens.
13/11/177413 Nov. George, son to George Hatfield.
04/01/17754 Jany. John, son to Thomas Brockbank.
23/01/177523 Jan Bettey, dau : to Robert Bauden.
11/05/177511 May. Richard, son to William Atkinson.
11/05/177511 May Robert, son to Robert Leetham.
11/05/177511 May Hannah, dau : to John Nohle.
16/05/177516 May Hannah, dau : to John Pocklington.
23/06/177523 June. Joshua, son to Thomas Robinson.
26/07/177526 July. Ann, dau. to John Watson.
15/11/177515 Nov. Mary, dau : to Robert Todd.
27/12/177527 Decr. Jane, clan. to Henry Vitter.
01/01/17761 Jany Sarah, clan. to John Steel.
15/01/177615 Jan Robert & John, sons to Robt. Baldon.
16/01/177616 Jan Mary, dau : to Robert Wilson.
18/01/177618 Jany. Hannah, dau : to William Vollans.
09/05/17769 May. Robt : son of John Steel.
09/05/17769 May Sarah, dau : of Thomas Brookbank.
10/05/177610 May Thomas, son of Robt. Johnson.
22/05/177622 May John, son of Thomas Tompson.
02/06/17762 June. Robt. son of Joseph Pocklington.
21/07/177621 July. William, son of George Howdale.
28/07/177628 Jul Eliz : dau. of Wm. Harrison.
24/09/177624 Septr. Ann, dau : of John Noble.
24/09/177624 Sep Mary, dau : of John Bell.
18/11/177618 Novr. Elizabeth, dau : of Thomas Buttle.
20/11/177620 Nov John, son of John Watson.
20/11/177620 Nov Thomas, son of Wm. Hunt, of Brind Lees.
04/05/17774 May. Mary, dau : to Richard Chambers.
08/05/17778 May Nancy, dau : to Robert Brown.
08/05/17778 May Mary, dau : to Henry Vitty.
08/07/17778 July. William, son to Nathaniel Hord.
26/10/177726 Octr. George, son to Robert Tuke.
02/11/17772 Nov. William, son to John Steel.
26/12/177726 Dec. Jonathan, son to Joseph Pocklington.
09/01/17789 Jan Elizabeth, dau : to Joseph Wilson.
12/01/177812 Jan Hannah, dau : to John Pocklington.
05/02/17785 Feb. Richard, son to Robert Ledam.
03/05/17783 May. David & Hannah, Son & dau. to Robert Todd.
07/05/17787 May Michael, son to John Noble.
07/05/17787 May Thomas, son to Edmund Busby.
07/05/17787 May Mary, clan : to George Hatfield.
07/05/17787 May Elizabeth, dau : to Anthony Thompson.
08/05/17788 May William, son to Thomas Robinson.
08/05/17788 May James, son to Robert Johnson.
08/05/17788 May George, son to Matthew Tuby.
08/05/17788 May Hannah, dau. to Thomas Steel.
17/05/177817 May Mary, dau : of Martha Bell.
25/05/177825 May Elizabeth, dau : to William Hall.
30/09/177830 Septr. Richard, son to Thomas Thompson.
15/10/177815 Octr. Sarah, dau : to William Dillanoy.
22/10/177822 Oct Robert, son Robert Bordon.
24/11/177824 Nov. John, son to William Harrison.
04/12/17784 Dec. John, son to Robert Willson.
16/01/176316 Jany Hannah, dau. to Robert Gardam, of Saltmarsh.
19/01/176319 Jany .... William, son to William Taylor.
12/02/176312 Feby John, son to John Pinder, of Laxton.
06/04/17636 April. Elizabeth, dau : to Abraham Haigh, of Saltmarsh.
01/05/17631 May. William, son to William Thompson, of Laxton.
22/05/176322 May George, son to John Ellis, of Yokefleet.
17/07/176317 July. Hannah, dau : to John Norwood, of Saltmarsh.
11/09/176311 Septr. Sarah, dau : to James Gillyot, of Saltmarsh.
26/10/176326 Octr. Robert, son to John Haram, of Laxton.
11/03/176411 Mar. George, son to Thomas Teaty, of Yokefleet.
15/04/176415 April. Thomas & Joseph, sons to Lewis Jewitt, of Yokefleet.
11/06/176411 June. Henrietta Maria, Dau : to Mr. Arthur Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh.
29/07/176429 July. Anna Maria, Dan : to John Batty, of Laxton.
19/08/176419 Augt. Joseph, son to Moriah Moot, of Yokefleet.
07/10/17647 Octr. Ann, dau : to Thomas Brown, of Yokefleet.
11/11/176411 Novr. Sarah, date : to Samuel Hall, of Yokefleet.
26/11/176426 Nov Ann, dau : to William Bell, of Saltmarsh.
13/01/176513 Jany. Charlotte, dau : to William Taylor, of Laxton.
05/04/17655 April. George, son to John Ellis, of Yokefleet.
14/04/176514 Apr Clare, dau : to John. Taylor, of Laxton.
27/05/176527 May. Michael, son to John Norwood, of Saltmarsh.
02/06/17652 June. Jemima, Dau : to William Thompson, of Laxton.
23/06/176523 Jun Mary, dau. to John Bell, of Cotness.
30/06/176530 Jun John, son to George Cook, of Laxton.
15/09/176515 Septr. Sarah, dau. to John Pinder, of Laxton.
20/10/176520 Octr. Richard, son to Richard Tomlinson.
20/10/176520 Oct Phoebe, Dau : to James Gillyot.
24/11/176524 Novr. Maria, dau : to William Layborne, of Laxton.
12/01/176612 Jany. Thomas, son to Thomas Rhodes, of Saltmarsh.
19/05/176619 May. John, son to John Norwood, of Saltmarsh.
09/07/17669 July. Newlove, dau : to John Haram, of Laxton.
21/09/176621 Septr. George, son to John Stather, of Saltmarsh.
12/10/176612 Oct. Edward, son to Edward Throstle, of Yokefleet.
06/12/17666 Decr. Joshua, son to Edward Parrot, of Yokefleet.
13/12/176613 Dec .... William, son to Thomas Newham, of Yokefleet.
08/06/17678 June. Phoebe, dau : to James Gillyot, of Saltmarsh.
08/06/17678 Jun Charles, son to William Dove, of Saltmarsh.
14/06/176714 Jun Ann Elizabeth, Dau : to Wm. Jarrott, of Yokefleet.
28/06/176728 Jun Benjamin, son to William Wand, of Yokefleet.
02/08/17672 Augt William, son to Thomas Rhodes, of Saltmarsh.
03/08/17673 Aug Catharine, dau. to Abraham Haigh, of Saltmarsh.
27/09/176727 Septr. Thomas, son to John Norwood, of Saltmarsh.
27/09/176727 Sep Jesse, son to John Ellis, of Yokefleet.
08/10/17678 Octr. Jacob, son to Jacob Maslin, of Saltmarsh.
18/10/176718 Oct Elizabeth, dau : to Christopher Thompson, of Saltmarsh.
25/10/176725 Oct William, son to William Leyburne, of Laxton.
06/03/17686 March. William, son to Edward Throstle, of Yokefleet.
22/04/176822 April. Ann, dau. to Cornelius Gillyot, of Yokefleet.
03/05/17683 May. William, son to Benjamin Wager, of Saltmarsh.
21/05/176821 May George, son to Joseph Robinson, of Cotness.
22/05/176822 May Alice, dau : to William, Bell, of Saltmarsh.
24/07/176824 July. Hannah, dau : to John Taylor, of Laxton.
27/07/176827 Jul Joseph, son to John Haram, of Laxton.
07/08/17687 Augt Ann, dau : to William Thompson, of Laxton.
02/10/17682 Oct. William, son to William Taylor, of Laxton.
02/10/17682 Oct Robert, son to Robert Carr, of Laxton.
23/10/176823 Octr. John, son to Thomas Oatley, of Yokefleet.
27/11/176827 Novr. John, son to Richard Tomlinson, of Laxton. .
18/12/176818 Decr. Rylah, son to George Craven, of Laxton.
05/02/17695 Feby. George, son to William Hatfield, of Laxton.
12/02/176912 Feb Elizabeth, dau : to John Bell, of Cotness.
24/04/176924 April. Sarah, dau : to Thomas Rhodes, of Saltmarsh.
18/06/176918 June. Mary, dau. to John Battee, of Laxton.
25/06/176925 Jun Ruth, dau. to John Norward, of Saltmarsh.
03/07/17693 July. Thomas, son to Abraham Haigh, of Saltmarsh.
02/08/17692 Augt. William, son of Paul Harrison, of Laxton.
06/08/17696 Aug Ann, dau : to George Cooke, of Metham.
03/09/17693 Septr. Thomas, son to Thomas Newham, of Yoakfleet.
17/09/176917 Sep Claree, Dau : to William Parrot, of Yoakfleet.
09/10/17699 Octr. Ann, dau : to James Gilyeat, of Saltmarsh.
25/10/176925 Oct William, son to William Dove, of Saltmarsh.
27/11/176927 Novr. Ann, dau : to Edward Parrat, of Yoakfleet.
18/02/177018 Feby. William, son to Willm. Stockdale, of Laxton.
11/03/177011 March. Elizabeth, dau : to Francis Holyday, of Saltmarsh.
27/05/177027 May. Mary, dau : to Thomas Wotley, Yoakfleet.
04/06/17704 June. William, son to William Bell, Saltmarsh.
17/07/177017 July. Benjamin, son to Benjn. Wager, Do.
17/07/177017 Jul Robert Trussle, son to Edw Thrussle. Do.
15/08/177015 Augt Benjamin, son to John Haram, Laxton.
23/09/177023 Septr. Ann, Dau : to William Woad, Yoakfleet.
23/09/177023 Sep John, son to Thomas Tutil. Do.
30/09/177030 Sep Joannah, Dau : to Willm. Thompson, Laxton.
10/10/177010 Octr. Elizabeth, dau : to John Pindar, Laxton.
18/11/177018 Novr Mary, dau : to Cornelius Gillead, Yoakfleet.
10/03/177110 March. Amelia, dau : to John Tutill, Saltmarsh.
03/02/17713 Feby Margret & John (twins), Children to Richd. Pindar.
17/02/177117 Feb John, son to John Steel, of Laxton.
04/04/17714 April. Sarah, dau : to Robert Carr, Laxton.
22/04/177122 April. John, son to John Kell.
05/05/17715 May. William, son to Wm. Collin, Yokefleet.
09/05/17719 May Mary, dau : to John Norward, Saltmarsh.
10/05/177110 May Elizabeth, dau : to Jacob Maslin, Saltmarsh.
03/06/17713 June. William, son to William Hetfield, Laxton.
14/07/177114 July. Benjamin, son to David Leng, Yokefleet.
15/09/177115 Septr.Thomas, son to Robert Hindes, Saltmarsh.
19/01/177219 Jany Robert, son to George Craven, Laxton.
26/01/177226 Jan John & Mary (twins), children of Wm. Thompson, Laxton.
16/02/177216 Feby Cornelius, son to Cornelius Gilead, Yokefleet.
16/02/177216 Feby Hannah, dau. to Thomas Peach, Asselby.
05/04/17725 Aprill. Thomas, son to Richard Tomlinson, Laxton.
17/05/177217 May. Susana, dau : to Cornelius Duckles, Yoakfleet.
17/05/177217 May Hannah, dau : to James Gilyeat, Saltmarsh.
17/05/177217 May Mary, dau. to Ann Buttle, Yoakfleet.
07/06/17727 June. John, son of Thomas Newham, Yoakfleet.
07/06/17727 Jun Mary, dau. to Edward Throstle, Yoakfleet.
19/07/177219 July. Hannah, dau. to Robert Car, Laxton.
16/09/177216 Septr. George, son to George Atkinson, Metham.
01/10/17721 t Oct. Mary, dau : to William Waud, Yoakfleet.
16/10/177216 Oct Margarett, dau : to William Perrot, Yoakfleet.
16/10/177216 Oct Mary, dau. to William Perrot, Yoakfleet.
16/10/177216 Oct Francis, Dau : to William Bell, Saltmarsh.
06/12/17726 Dec. Robert, son to Robert Overend, Laxton.
20/12/177220 Dec Cornelius, son to Cornelius Stovin, Yoakfleet.
06/01/17736 Jan. James, son to Richd. Pinder, Laxton.
28/01/177328 Jan Robert, son to John Steel, Laxton.
10/02/177310 Feb. . John, son of William Hatfield, Laxton.
04/04/17734 April. Mary, dau : of William Collin, Yoakfleet.
12/05/177312 May. Benjamin, son to Thomas Pits, Laxton.
12/06/177312 June. William, son to William Bristoe, Yoakfleet.
04/07/17734 July. Nancy, dau : to Abraham Haigh, Saltmarsh.
11/07/177311 Jul Hannah, dau. to William Crow, Laxton.
22/08/177322 Augt. Susanna, dau. of Elisabeth Perrot, Yoakfleet.
03/10/17733 Oct. William, son of Mary Thompson, Saltmarsh.
03/10/17733 Oct Catherine, dau : to Charles Empson, Saltmarsh.
03/10/17733 Oct William, son to Francis Holiday, Saltmarsh.
03/10/17733 Oct Susanah, dau : to Robert Walls, Laxton.
20/10/177320 Oct Elisabeth, dau : to Cornelius Gilyeat, Yoakfleet.
24/10/177324 Oct Thomas, son to Robert Watson, Saltmarsh Grange.
28/11/177328 Novr. John, son to William Longfield, Saltmarsh.
27/03/177427 March. Abraham, son to Edward Thrussle, Yoakfleet.
20/04/177420 April. William, son to Robert Overend, Laxton.
29/05/177429 May. Jane, dau : to Thomas Tutil, Yoakfleet. .
29/05/177429 May. Dinah, dau : to Robert Pearson, Laxton.
18/07/177418 July. Ann, dau : to John Rhodes, Saltmarsh.
09/08/17749 Augt. Hannah, dau : to George Atkinson, Metham.
02/10/17742 Octr. Thomas, son to John Cowper, of Laxton.
09/10/17749 Oct Thomas, son to Thomas Otley, of Yoakfleet.
08/11/17748 Novr. Mary, dau : to Thomas Newham, Yoakfleet.
27/11/177427 Nov Hannah, dau : to Robert Thompson, Saltmarsh.
10/01/177510 Jany Cornelius, son to Cornelius Sarginson, of Yoakfleet.
15/01/177515 Jan Sarah, dau : to Mary Neivit, of Yoakfleet.
29/01/177529 Jan Thomas, son to William Cay, of Laxton.
19/02/177519 Feby. Francis, son to John North, of Laxton.
19/02/177519 Feb Anna, Dau : to William Dove, of Saltmarsh.
19/02/177519 Feb Hannah, dau : to Elizabeth Johnson, Saltmarsh.
05/03/17755 March. John, son to Robert Carr, of Laxton.
23/04/177523 April. David, son to Wm. Bristoe, Yoakfleet.
23/04/177523 Apr John, son to Robert Hind, Saltmarsh.
28/05/177528 May. Mary, dau : to Edward Parrot, Yoakfleet.
19/06/177519 June. Ann Stacia, dau. to Richard Pinder, Laxton.
02/07/17752 July. Thomas, son to Thomas Leek, Saltmarsh.
26/07/177526 Jul Robert, son to Robert Watson, Saltmarsh.
26/07/177526 Jul Edward, son to William Labran, Laxton.
06/08/17756 Augt. Mary, dau : to William Crow, Laxton.
13/09/177513 Septr. Thomas, son to Cornelious Gilyeat, Yoakfleet.
10/02/177610 Feby. George, son to George Simpson, Saltmarsh.
17/03/177617 March. Susana, dau : to John Rhodes, Saltmarsh.
17/03/177617 Mar John, son to Abraham Haigh, Saltmarsh.
17/03/177617 Mar Sarah, dau : to Robert Thompson, Saltmarsh.
07/04/17767 April. Mary & Hannah, Daus. of Ann Taylor, Yokefleet.
07/04/17767 Apr James, son of Mary Thompson, Saltmarsh.
07/04/17767 Apr Marmaduke, son of Ann Buttle, Saltmarsh.
07/04/17767 Apr Mary, dau. of Eliz. Johnson, Saltmarsh.
28/04/177628 Apr Elizth. Dau : of James Watris, Yokefleet.
12/05/177612 May. Wm son of Wm. Cay, Laxton.
19/05/177619 May Sutcliff, dau : of John Jackson, Laxton.
26/05/177626 May George, son of Thos. Freeman, Laxton.
23/06/177623 June. John, son of James Gilyeat, Saltmarsh.
23/06/177623 Jun Charles, son of Charles Empson, Saltmarsh.
30/06/177630 Jun Sarah, dau : of Thomas Foster, Waterside House.
07/07/17767 July. Barnet, son of Barnet Lee, Laxton.
25/08/177625 Augt. Wm, Son of Thomas Leek, Saltmarsh.
24/11/177624 Novr. Betty, dau of Peter Wilby, Laxton.
15/12/177615 Decr. John, son of Samuel Glew, Yokefleet.
30/07/177630 July. John, son of Thomas Newham, Yokefleet.
30/12/177630 Decr. Ann & Catharine, daus. of John Dalby, Yokefleet.
26/01/177726 Jany John, con of Wm. Wilkinson, Laxton.
01/04/17771 April. Martin, son of Wm. Labron, Laxton.
20/04/177720 April. Betty, clan. to William Wand, Yokefleet.
11/05/177711 May. John, son to John Cowper, Laxton.
18/06/177718 June. Elizabeth, dau. of Mary Leak, Laxton.
27/07/177727 July. Hannah, dau : to Edward Parrot, Yokefleet.
25/08/177725 Augt. Catharine, dau : to William Crow, Laxton.
25/08/177725 Aug Leah, dau : to William Bristoe, Yokefleet.
07/09/17777 Septr. Thomas, son to Robert Carr, Laxton.
05/10/17775 Octr. Thomas, son to Thomas Tutill, Yokefleet.
25/01/177825 Jany Ann, dau : to Thomas Freeman, Laxton.
08/01/17788 Jan Robert, son to Robert Thompson, Saltmarsh.
15/03/177815 March. Mary, dau : to Amaziah Duckles, Yokefleet.
05/04/17785 April. James, son to James Waterhouse, Yokefleet.
17/04/177817 Apr Robert, son to Robert Hinds, Saltmarsh.
28/04/177828 Apr Elizabeth, clan. to Benjamin Hill, Metham.
25/05/177825 May. Joseph, son to Abraham Haigh, Saltmarsh.
30/05/177830 May Francis, son William Hetfield. Laxton.
07/06/17787 June. Ann, dau : to Thomas Leak, Saltmarsh.
07/06/17787 Jun Thomas. son to Francis Halliday, Saltmarsh.
08/06/17788 Jun Ann, clan : to John Johnson, Saltmarsh.
23/06/177823 Jun Hannah, dau : to Francis Graves, Yokefleet Grainge.
12/07/177812 July. Elizabeth, dau. to Cornelius Sargison, Yokefleet.
28/07/177828 Jul John, son to John Roads, Saltmarsh.
06/09/17786 Septr John. son to John Leng, Yokefleet.
04/10/17784 Oct. Elizabeth, dau : to Jonathan Bradley, Yokefleet.
28/10/177828 Oct Sarah, clan : to William Cay, Laxton Grainge.
11/11/177811 Novr. Mary, dau : to William Carr, Yokefleet.
11/11/177811 Nov William, son to William Collin, Yokefleet.
06/12/17786 Decr Ann, dau. to Francis Gipson, Yokefleet.
14/02/177914 Feby Elizabeth, dau. to Barnad Lee, Laxton.
14/02/177914 Feb Richard, son to Mary Thompson, Saltmarsh.
21/02/177921 Feb Robert, son to Robert Otley, Yokefleet.
07/03/17797 March. Amziah, son to Samuel Glew, Yokefleet.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1913
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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